"Second life?"


"I... Tell me more about it."


"Worm? I... I've read about it, not much and only fanfiction at most."


Earth Bet, 8 Apr, 2011, Location : Unknown

I blinked, once, twice, my vision was bleary and I felt pricking sensation on my eyes not unlike someone that just wake up

I close my eyes again, taking deep breath, then began to hammering my brain, there slight pain in there, I felt like something just forcefully crammed to my head. It wasn't that bad, it like sensation you felt when you stay awake for 24 hours then trying to focus onto something. Not the best sensation mind you, I feel like I about to fall unconscious once again

But the headache slowly diminished as I keep going and trying to focus. I see multiple line of colors in darkness through my closed eyes, spiraling, coiling, knitted and intertwined to each other and surrounding one gigantic pillar without color, plain white almost like a canvas

Part of me realize that the big white pillar must be representing my brain, and those countless lines that coiling and fusing to it must be the "foreign" elements I get through my deal

The more I focused to this vision, the more I feel my headache lessened. I see the white big pillar wrapped by those kaleidoscope colors slowly, from bottom to top, they're coiling around, twisting and intertwining to the pillar like a snake that climbing tree

And when all the colors reach the peak of the pillar, completely engulfing it, I hit by wave of refreshing sensation. It was really good feeling, like a bathing in cold shower in middle of summer, cool, pleasant, and exhilarating

Then I feel my headache gone, and my vision that swam in countless colors start to return to it usual dark. I open my eyes to the World, and I granted sight of machinery

Monitor after monitors lined before me, one that similar like CCTV Control Room, I also notice that there large keyboard beneath me -the computer I realized- and I was sitting in chair instead of laying in ground like I originally thought

I narrowed my eyes, then began to focus my mind, I search for something inside me and I found it, two kaleidoscope colored orbs that floating, one is smaller than the other. I touch the larger one then I feel like facing to multiple path, I pick one specific line and seek what I want to

Perfect Mind, power that grant me fusion of eidetic and photographic memory and also high level intelligence, allowing me to process and think something at inhumane speed, it also allows me to accelerate my mind in regard of thinking

In short, right now I have super computer as my brain

With that power set I stood, my eyes scanning the whole room, analyzing everything I see, memorizing all of them without flaw

Old base judging from the design and the dirt, no, not old, the design was like this. It cave-styled after all, however it still old nonetheless, a base that abandoned. The cause? Unknown, need further information

I briefly glanced to the giant computer in front of me, contemplating what to do, should I walk around the base directly or check it through this. My mind decide in less than second that's it betters to check it first then went exploring, this is my Secret Lair now but who know there might be trap that lurking around

I turn on the computer and began to accessing the important data, searching file after file, I admit I kinda disappointed I do not get ability to be expert in computer or knowing program but that can be compensated by my Perfect Mind as I devour the information and analyzing them in inhumane speed

I feel prickling sensation on my head, not enough to made me feels pain, it more like a flick on my forehead by a finger but I still felt it nonetheless. Is this what they call Thinker headache? Irrelevant though since I hardly feel anything

I keep pressing forward, devouring information after information about my Secret Lair. Apparently this base was used to be some kind of Toybox's base, one that accidentally created somehow and then got abandoned or teleported away, right now my location was unknown, this base doesn't have internet after all, it was pure offline and isolated but judging by the ventilation system it had I think it was underneath of something, a mountain possibly

As for the model for the base... Well, it was really like Watchtower from Justice League. Except it's not that large, more like miniature version of it. It contains, three workshops, one giant living plus meeting room, one monitor room -where I am now- that also include main computer room, six bedrooms with internal bathroom, some kind of miniature garden, dining room that mixed with kitchen, a storage room, testing or training room, power room, and few empty and spacious rooms that unused

Not bad, not bad at all. The Secret Lair is not perfect, right now it was able to function because of emergency generator that only able to work for two months at best, and it doesn't have many things however it certainly has enough space for me to use

Thankfully the computer still count the current date and time, and as I expected, it was 8 April 2011, the day when Canon started, as for the time it was 00:17 AM right now, which mean it only has been 17 minutes ever since my arrival

Talk about literal 8 April 2011

Alright let's make plan, I will be targeted by Slaughterhouse 9 and Endbringer once in the future, which mean my priority is to triumph over them. Killing Jack Slash is the most important thing now as I sure I can survive from Endbringer's attack with my set of powers, it will reveal what I capable to the World of course but by that time come I'm sure I will be ready to face the World

It won't be easy to kill Jack Slash though. With Bonesaw and Siberian on his side... Not to mention Cherish who capable to manipulate emotions and also Hatched Face that able to nullify power. Even Eidolon will think twice before fighting all of them at same time

Jack Slash's Shard is the most bullshit if he faces against Cape, and while my Shard is not come from Eden and Zion I don't want to take a risk to charging against him

Unless I use "Stand" and create projection like Siberian, but even so Hatched Face would be there and made it gone, or is it? Could he affect projection as well?

No... I don't think so, if that true then Siberian won't be able to stay at his side and will pop up whenever they move together

Projection can made me able to kill Jack Slash but there Siberian waiting for me, that is entirely troublesome too. And I want to recruit Bonesaw to my side, her power will be very useful in the future, sure I can copy it but I can't work alone, and Bonesaw is very, very good at her job

I need to copy Panacea's power first though, I don't want get close to that little murderer without safety measure

Speaking about Projection I also need to think what about mine, I mean, does my Projection powerful like her? Perhaps it's not seeing Genesis's Projection is not as powerful as her, so maybe it only as durable as Brute 1 to 3 at most. However, seeing the power I give to my Projection Atmosphere Manipulation complete with Second Trigger thanks to Paramount... Hmm…

I will think about that later, let get back to track, how to kill Jack Slash. Use nuclear blast? No, it can be seen miles away and Siberian can use her invulnerability to cover Jack too. I also need to face him directly, so I can copy Broadcast Shard for emergency things in case I need it to make contact with Zion

No, no, no, I see this through the wrong angle. If I want to kill Jack Slash I can't do it directly, I have to cut his limbs first, I have to strip him off from his real power source, I have to destroy the other Slaughterhouse Nine before went to him

Yeah... Yeah that's it. Plans instantly formed in my mind, how to gather the necessary essence and what I need to enact them

Alright that is enough planning for now, time to use another set of power, first find out my precise location, then I need to create power source so this base can functioning fully, after that I need to build assistant as well to help me to handle this place, "Robotics" can help me in that matters, a robot to maintain this place clean

I also take PRT Info, which mean I must have some data about current PRT state and the employee complete biography including the Heroes and Villains -that discovered- and also about Birdcage

Where is it, where is it, where-oh, there you are. I pick the flashdisk that not far from my position, inserting it to computer, I begin to analyze the data, checking it, and yep, it really like expected

Alright first I need to gather main necessities, foods, money, and everything else. Now I need to find where I am, let see, there only one entrance and one exist in this place. If it really follow the CYOA right now I'm probably near Brockton Bay, underneath of mountain that close to that city perhaps

Speaking about Brockton Bay, there two things I need to think about

Coil and Taylor Hebert

Say what do you want but right now the most dangerous villain is Coil in the Worm, not Lung, not Kaiser, right now Coil is the main threat for me. With Lisa on his side, his precise location is unknown, his ability to split timeline into two and a good deal of manpower, he is very dangerous

Tsk, if only I can grant power as well instead only copying it. Well it doesn't matter, I don't want things to become so easy after all, one thing I can agree with Eidolon is I need a worthy opponent to make things interesting

Not in form of Endbringer of course, that was too extreme, seriously

I need to track Coil first, and I can do that when he kidnaps Dinah, following them won't be hard afterward

And Taylor Hebert

Should I kill her or not? Make no mistake I like her character, ambitious, determined, and have powerful mental strength. However, her moral sense can be nuisance, granted in future she become more jaded and accepting but that still not change her perspective and influence her paranoia further as well

She can become powerful ally, but at same time also annoying one, and when she become enemy...

If I want to cut her down now is the time, kill her when she fought Lung, but...

She will be necessary to face Zion, I need her to be a Khepri if things goes wrong in the end since I don't want to be one, nope, I don't want my mind to be degraded due to the unbounded Shard, thank you very much

Alright for now I will let her be, and just in case I also need to make sure she survived until at least Bakuda got imprisoned, while doing that I also going to copy powers of Brockton Bay's parahuman

And cape name, oh can't forget about that one, I don't want to be named after some silly name like Chubster

Let's see... I'm practically outsider and my Shard is one as well, but at same time I can have all Parahuman powers if I want, though switching them won't be easy and... Hmm...

Oberon King of Fairy to get attention of Glaistig Uglaine so she come for me and I can copy her Shard wouldn't be so bad, granted I have to deal with her but I'm sure I can be persuasive enough. Or Kronos the Primordial God of Greeks? That name can be seen as symbol that I above most parahuman. Myth as far I recall also not choosen, I can use that one and my power pretty much act like that after all

Meh, name can be chosen later, right now, source, money, foods, and materials for Tinkering

I need to build cannon that able to kill Scion after all, and to do that I will need help from a lot of Tinker's Shards. And since I can't use all power at once, building it will take a lot of time

Unless I ask for Cauldron's help but that unlikely, I have no intention to meet them without proper preparation. Not with Contessa on their side, fighting against her who backed by Doormaker -cape that capable to create portal in anywhere- and Clairvoyant -cape that able to see almost everyone. I don't know am I blindspot even to Clairvoyant as well but I certainly don't want to test it if I'm not sure about the result

Maybe after I annihilate Slaughterhouse Nine, they're pretty adamant to keep them alive after all and unfortunately their target is me so yeah, that was big "No" in my list so for now I have to hidden from their sight

Anyway, just to make sure I am safe from other view, it will be better if I went out without seen

I got out from my seat and walk to nearby sofa, taking seat in there, I crossed my legs, I about to switch my power when I realize that I still not in costume and my face is visible

I remove my jacket and wrap it around my face, it would do for now, then I joined my arms in "meditate" posture before closing my eyes and switch my power

Canceling Perfect Mind, I swap it to Breaker power that called Trance, ability that allow me to separate from my body into "spirit"-like state, this actually only can be accessed when I'm sleep, however the Second Trigger version allow me to enter Trance state whenever I want, and thanks to my power that allow me to use it Second Trigger, I able to do that

The sensation was... Not as much as I expected. You know when you enter room with different temperature? Yeah, it was like that

As I feel it wash over my whole body, I feel myself become light, weightless. Opening my eyes I look down to myself and see now I'm really like a ghost, being transparent or thing like that

I shift my gaze to my body that now in meditate state, wow it kinda creepy in some way, I... Fly? Float? Huh, it wasn't as hard as I thought. I fly on top of my body, circling it few times

For some reason I instantly knew how to control this state, it almost like instinctive, now if I recall the Foreign Element also give me instinctual knowledge to use my power, could it be this? Hmm...

Well, I'm no longer in Thinker state and while the Perfect Mind in Second Trigger supposed to increase my intelligence every time I study it seems it still not enough. The difference when I'm in Thinker state and my current state is quite... Conscious?

Let think about that later for now...

I fly upward, passing through the ceiling of the room as if it was never there, while doing so I can't help but bare my grin to the World

Today is 8 Apr 2011, three days before Taylor fighting Lung, which mean I have about three days before things escalating

Plenty enough time

"What is the catch?"


"When people got ROB'ed or something like that they often just take it easily but I don't believe in such thing. Those kinds of things is a bit unrealistic, if ROB like you is truly defined like how people said then there is no way you send me to somewhere just because you're bored."


"So I'm right, what is the catch?"


"That was not ominous at all."


#CYOA v5, Gimel Version#

#Go check it on Imgur or Google it to see the details, the quality a bit suck though#

Name : Rafael Ang

Gender : Male

Age : 18 *original age unknown*

Mode : Gestation

Path : Vigilante, no longer have limited slots for power and can buy as many as you want

Personality & Shard : 15 & 15

Origin, Drop in : +3P & +3S *Gender : Male, Age : 19*

Civilian Identity, No Identity : +2P

Vigilante Nature, Ambivalent : +4P & +4S


Case 53 (1x) *Inhumane eyes, Kakugan from Tokyo Ghoul * : +1S

Worst Day Ever (1x) : +2P & +1S

Slaughterhouse 9 : +4P & 2S

Endbringer Target : +3P & +4S

Total Points : 33P & 29S

Gifts : Second Chance


Blindspot : -3P & -3S

Second Trigger 2x : -8P & -6S

Foreign Element : -3P & -3S

Plot Convenience : -1P

Secret Lair : -2P

Points left : 16P & 18S

Powers :

Trump, Power Sight -1S

Trump, Unlimited Shard Works *Second Trigger* -7S

Trump, Paramount *Second Trigger* -10S

Points left : 16P

Costume, Equipments, and Skills :

Costume, Budget : 0P

PRT Info -5P

Strategy -5P

Parkour -2P

Martial Arts -4P

Points left : 0P & 0S

So... I just started to read Worm recently, not the fanfiction but the actual story. Right now I'm on Arc 8 and I must say one thing, Leviathan is badass. If you ignore the mass murder and slaughter then yes, he is badass. No, more specifically Wildbow is badass. The way he writes the battle, and how despite all powerful and city destroyer parahuman joined together, they still do a shit to Leviathan

Until Scion arrive of course

No, seriously, if I don't know his true nature from all the fanfic, I will cheer aloud when he come, because seriously, Earth Bet is a shitty World, but it still doable because at least they have some hope in form of Golden Jesus!

But noooo! That Golden Jesus in reality is Eldritch Abomination and planet eater that has devoured many World before coming to Earth Bet! God damnit Wildbow! Stop make suffering after suffering!

Anyway, so right now I started to write Worm. I already did with my Naruto's story but I want to make something that a bit... Original. So come CYOA, but after reading many stories I found the character will be too OP. I mean, Kaleidoscope and Power Manipulation? Wew...

So I search a way, trying to find one that more limited, and I found it in form of CYOA 5 Gimel version

It still broken, you already saw my character profile and you all realize it. However, this still require for the main character to struggle at least. For one, he can't just flip up the entire Empire 88 just after he arrive

And seeing Endbringers and Scion is very, very powerful bullshit, yeah, a little cheating is allowed no?

Beside, they will be his real opponent, the main enemy that stand on his path. Not villain or heroes, it was the Endbringer and Scion. And let me tell you, even if he has power like Eidolon or Khepri, if Scion serious, he will kill them without much problem

I want to post this to Spacebattle actually but SB is very intense and I have soft heart, I'm afraid I will cry after got few harsh words T.T

Lol, anyway, this is just the beginning. Next chapter we will see how our protagonist make his move in Brockton Bay. Stay tune and keep reading if you curious about it! And don't forget to give this story Favorite, Follow, and Review

Ja Ne! XD