The waves crashed along the shore. Staring infinitely into the open sea, the figure smiled and inhaled a breath of fresh air. He was in his most peaceful of times.

Along with the view of the lovely ocean before him he sighed and his eyes grew distant with the memories that surrounded this place of his childhood. The countless laughter that followed with his friends, the sweat that dripped down his body during those tournaments he had played in, the countless times he ran along the shore to ease his tired mind; everything was so peaceful then.

When did he decide to come back? Why did he decide to?

The pain in his chest reminded him and he closed his eyes resting his chin on his knees that were drawn up to his chest.

He was the most loneliest he had ever been since the the day he watched that strong back grow distant from his vision. How he wanted to be happy and move forward. How so very much did he want to keep fighting to keep the unsaid promise between them.

How he wanted to see those hazel eyes one last time, feel those lips against his again.

A lone tear fell and his eyes widened.

Sitting up straight he wiped the tear from his face and shook his head. He knew he was fragile inside, he knew he was vulnerable, he was broken somewhere along those lines as well and he didn't want that.

Somewhere deep down inside he felt like he was betraying the sacrifice he made to keep on fighting. He chuckled to himself. Just years ago he was as carefree as the ocean too. He was fighting between borders of contradiction now. Just like a tide on a full moon.

So many emotions had surfaced, so many memories had flooded within him, so many things had interrupted his once calm mind.

Feet sinking into the sand, he stood up and smiled at a distant goal.

"One day, we'll meet again. This time, I'll be truer to myself and to you. No one else."

A plane passed overhead and he smiled. "Until then, we'll keep fighting."

"Fuji! We have a train to catch!" Auburn colored hair coming into his light of sight when he turned around, he smiled.

"Let's go Eiji."

"Who were you talking to?" Eiji's curiosity rose, the sound of the waves not at all silencing his words as he thought they would.

"To a very special person."