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Never done a series based on a Western Property but I recently started to rewatch Total Drama once I found out it was on Netflix so I figured why not.

Victor's POV

My name's Victor, I'm supposed to be on a reality show. I talk much, well at least not to other people. It's not that I don't have friends I just don't like big crowds of people. I grew up mostly a loner in an orphanage till I was about 13. I decided to sign up for this show because I thought maybe it would help me get out a little more and make a couple friends. I don't like being in front of people, I get stage fright really easy but…I figure if it's not in front of all the people watching on TV I can take a step forward…oh god thousands of people are going to be watching me!

I like it cold so I usually walk around in a sweatshirt with a fur collar and some insulated jeans. I tend to keep my hood up because I find it more comfortable that way.

"Hmm." I stepped off the boat when it pulled onto the dock, I wasn't the first person there, about fifteen or so people were.

"Victor!" the host waved.

I recognized the guy from the news, my mom's really into that celebrity stuff and he had been on it a few times. I looked down the dock and saw an array of other people of vary shapes, sizes and styles. I personally didn't bring much with me, change of clothes, harmonica, fishing pole and that was really it.

"Welcome to Total Drama Island." Chris told me.

"Yeah…" I nodded "Okay."

"You Uhh…don't say much do you."

"Nah, not really." I walked passed him and a few others.

"Whoa…you're lanky." I looked up at the nerdy looking kid with glasses.

After me two girls dressed exactly the same showed up, then a homeschooled farm kid. After that there were a few more people, another dorky like guy, a really handsome guy, A huge guy, a scary muscle woman and a crazy looking girl who biffed it on the dock three seconds in. Then they wanted a group photo.

"This many people on one dock." I stood back a few steps "Seems like a bad idea."

The first shot the lens cap was on and the second shot was out of focus but the last one…got taken after the dock collapse.

"Hey I'm dry." I brushed myself off "Pays to stand a step back, guess I'm lucky."

Next we met at the camp's fire pit area for one last meeting.

"So this is Camp Wawanakwa." Chris explained "It'll be your home for the next six weeks, and the campers surrounding your will be your cabin mates, competition and who knows maybe even your friends."

Everyone had taken a seat, I stay closer to the back with my hands in the pouch of my sweatshirt.

"The camper who stays the longest without getting voted off will win 100,000 dollars!"

"What are the sleeping arrangements supposed to be?" Duncan, the intimidating juvie kid asked pointing at the girls "Cause I'd like a bunk under her."

"They're not co-ed, are they?" Heather, another intimidating looking girl said.

"No, guys get one side of each cabin, girls get the other." Chris told her.

"Kyle can I have a cabin with a lake view since I'm the prettiest?" Lindsay, the pretty…very pretty girl asked.

"Okay while that's true that's not how it works here…and my name's Chris."

"If I don't live with Sadie I'll die!" Katie said.

"I'll get hives, it's true." Sadie nodded.

"Haa…who cares, sleeping in a room with a lot of people is nothing new, I did it for thirteen years." I shrugged.

"Have a lot of siblings?" Leshawna asked.

"You could say that." I nodded.

"So we're splitting you into two teams." Chris said "So if I call your name go stand on the right, Gwen, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Owen, Leshawna, Justin, and Noah. From here on you are official the Screaming Gophers."

"The rest of you on the left, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Izzy, Courtney, Ezekiel, Duncan, Victor, Eva and Harold. You're all the Killer Bass."

"I like fish." I smiled a bit.

"But Katie's a Gopher! I have to be a Gopher." Sadie cried.

"Wait why do they get an extra member?!" Heather yelled "That's not fair."

"Uhh…too bad?" Chris shrugged.

"Complaining already." I sighed.

"Alright Campers, you and your team will be on camera in all public areas during this competition, you can share your inner thought on tape with video diarist in the outhouse confessional." Chris gestures.

Confessional Cut-In

"This should be interesting…I don't hate my team yet, well except Sadie because she won't stop crying and it's getting really annoying."

We headed into the cabins, they had bunkbeds so we got set up without too much issue before heading to the lodge for lunch which was…edible. There was a lot of yelling, you'd swear people had never seen a bug before.

"Not gonna lie…I've had worse." I poked mine "But I've also had better."

"Better just shut up and eat it." Duncan said "We've got our first challenge in a hour."

"I'm not sure if it'll be better or worse to compete on an empty stomach." I sighed pushing it away "I'm gonna go empty."

"I think…I'll second that." Geoff agreed.

"It's the first challenge how hard can it be." DJ said.

"Don't jinx us please." I sighed.


"You jinxed us." I said standing at the top of a cliff.

"Today's challenge is three fold, your first task is to jump off this 1000 ft high cliff into the lake." Chris explained.

"Piece of cake." Bridgette smiled.

"If you look down you'll see two targets, the wider one was stocked with man eating sharks." Chris laughed "The smaller area is the safe zone, that's your target area that we're pretty sure is shark free."

"Pretty sure?" I raised an eyebrow as I tied my hair back, I have long hair that usually stays in my hoodie but when I have that off I tie it up.

"For each team member that survives the jump you'll get a crate. Inside the crate are supplies for part two, building a hot tub. Best Tub wins and gets to have a wicked party, losers will be sending someone home. Let's see Killer Bass you're up first."

"Wow…" Bridgette looked over the edge "Uhh who wants to go first?"

There was a palpable silence among the team.

"Ladies first." Duncan shrugged.

"Seconded." I nodded.

"Alright fine I'll go." Bridgette said "It's not a big deal, just a cliff dive into a circle of pissed off sharks."

The blonde jumped and surprisingly landed in the safe circle without much issue.

"YEAH! I'm next!" Tyler threw himself off the cliff "GAH!"

"Oh he hit the buoy." I noted.

"Alright no point in waitin." Geoff jumped off with Eva and Duncan not far behind.

"Might as well get this over with." I stepped off "Hopefully I just don't die, I'm a good swimmer so it'll be fine…I hope. I mean at least if I die I won't have to live with the embarrassment of being devoured by sharks."

I took a leap, the way down wasn't as long as I imagined a 1000 foot drop would be but I landed in the water, the cold shock enough to snap me awake for a bit but I was alive and I had helped the team so I had already made my mark.

"They didn't jump." Duncan noted when I got to shore.

"Who?" I asked.

"DJ and the princess." He grumbled "They've got the chicken hats on.

"EHH." Tyler shivered next to us.

"Cold?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah." He nodded.

"We're two crates lower than where we should have been." I sighed drying off "And, since when is she on our team?"

I pointed at Katie who had somehow switched spots with Izzy.

"Who cares dude." Duncan shrugged "This is lame."

We ended up with two chickens, DJ and Courtney, but the rest of us jumped unfortunately that wasn't enough to beat the other team since all but one of them jumped. Since they had less chickens they got a bonus pull cart and didn't have to carry their crates.

"I hate this." I said helping Geoff maneuver a crate off the sand.

"It's fine brah don't get stressed out." He told me "Loosen up a bit."

"I'm trying." I sighed pushing a crate "I just wish Courtney's math had been better."

Confession Cut In

"My math told me…blah, blah blah…Courtney's on my list for that one…Right now I'm liking the dudes on my team, but Bridgette is really the only girl I'm getting along with. Katie and Sadie never stop squealing, Courtney's got a bad attitude, and Eva terrifies me. I suppose they aren't all bad, I can tell there's some smarts in Courtney and Eva is strong, Katie could probably be useful if she wasn't attached at the hip to her big boned friend…one of them at least fits in that matching outfit they wear."

"OW! I think I got a splinter." Courtney shook her hand.

"Just shut up and pick up your crate Chicken." Eva told her.

"Hey I'm the only one here with CIT experience, you need me." She told us.

"I didn't realize building a hot tub was part of the CIT criteria." I commented.

"Well we know cliff jumping isn't." Duncan laughed.

"I'm taking a wiz break." Tyler walked off.

"We could all use five to be honest." I stopped pushing and sat on a crate to catch my breath.

"We're already behind." Eva said.

"And we'd just be more behind if someone has a heart attack of pees their pants." I told her "You look like you go to the gym, work time and cool down time, I learned that in health class."

People took the needed bathroom and drink breaks before we got back to pushing. The girls ended up having to stop again because Katie and Sadie got poison ivy on them and Courtney got stung by something, her eye swelling up like a bloated frog's stomach.

By the time we got back we were way behind the Gophers, they already had their crates open and were trying to assemble a hot tub.

"Okay it's not too late." Geoff said "We can do this!"

No one really seemed to be listening except me and Bridgette, Ezekiel was too busy picking his nose, Katie and Sadie were out of commission, Harold was falling asleep from exhaustion and Courtney was trying to take charge herself.

"Look are backs are against the wall and we need a project manager." Courtney said "Since I've actually been a CIT before I'm electing myself, any objections."

"Where's the line start Cyclops?" Duncan asked.

"Again, what does being a CIT have to do with building a hot tub?" I asked.

"Bridgette go find those itchy girls, we need all the hands we can get." She said.

"Any idea which crate has instructions?" I dug around "Or does anyone know how to build one from scratch?"

We attempted to build something resembling a hot tub but it was mostly scrap wood and duct tape.

"Oh we so lost." I sighed pulling my hood closed in embarrassment.

When the cons test ended Chris came around to judge.

"Hmm…" he looked at the Gopher's tub "Awesome hot tub!"

He then moved to ours, poked it with a stick and had the whole thing collapse, spilling water everywhere.

"This…just sucks." He said "I think we have a pretty clear winner, the Screaming Gophers."

"YES!" the others cheered.

"Gophers your safe from elimination and you get to rock this hot tub for the rest of the summer." He said "Killer Bass must suck to be you guys right now, see your sorry butts at the bonfire tonight."

"Vic." Duncan put and arm around me "Buddy…pal."

"What do you want Duncan?" I asked as we walked away "I might not have a lot of friends but I know when I'm being sucked up too."

"Who are you voting for?" he asked.

"Are you suggesting we pool are strengths?" I looked at him as we entered the mess cabin "Personally I don't know if I can handle another few weeks of Courtney, plus she didn't jump."

"Great minds think alike my man." He sat with me "You and me should stick together, we can go far in this came."

"Hmph." I pulled my hood up a bit "Alright, I'll stick with you."

"So like…what do we do now?" Katie asked.

"We have to figure out who to vote off." Courtney explained.

"I think it's the Princess or Brickhouse over here, I mean neither of them jumped." Duncan said "And if the challenges stay physical I like our odds with the big guy."

"But you guys need me-." Courtney started.

"We know you were a CIT." we all groaned.

"So…who would you pick?" Bridgette asked her.

"Well…what about him!" she pointed at Tyler.

"NOOO!" Lindsay yelled for no reason "T-There's no salt…"

"Why would we vote of Tyler?" I grumbled a bit "He's useful, he jumped.

"Shut up you lurker!" she snapped.

"Okay let's all chill out." Geoff said "We're getting way too heated.

"I'm going to take a nap." Duncan got up and walked out.

"You can't leave, we haven't decided who's going yet!" Courtney yelled.

"I just don't get why we lost, they have more girls, Eh." Ezekiel shrugged.

"Oh god." I covered my face.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Bridgette glared.

"Well it's just that guys are much stronger and better at sports than girls are." He said "My dad told me to look out for all the girls here and help'em in case they can't keep up."

"Oh snap!" Geoff laughed.

"Dude just…shut up." I groaned "Stop digging your own grave. Some facts of biology might be on your side but."

Eva started to choke him out.

"Everyone is different you know." I got up to leave.

"Ladies take a breath." Geoff tried to help the poor kid out "I mean it's not like he said all guys were smarter or anything."

"But they are Eh." Zeke said.


After sundown we went to the camp fire where we'd have to vote someone out, originally the plan had been to axe Courtney but with the momentum swing Ezekiel had ended up in the sights of every girl on the team.

"Killer Bass, at camp marshmallows represent a tasty treat to roast by the fire, but at this camp Marshmallows represent life." Chris explained "You all cast your votes and made a decision, there are only eleven marshmallows on this plate, if I call your name come up and take one the camper who doesn't get a marshmallow tonight must immediately walk the Dock of Shame, take the Boat of Losers and that means you're out, and you can't come back…ever."

One by one everyone got up, went into the confessional and casted a vote. I went around number five.

"Stupid or not I don't have it in me to kill the poor kid." I sighed "I want to vote off Courtney."

I went back to my seat and waited for the rest of the team to vote.

"Alright then, the first Marshmallow goes to…" Chris started "Geoff."


"YEAH!" The kid cheered running passed "Place at the table."





"Luck's on my side." I walked over.




With that we were down to two, Courtney and Ezekiel. Personally, I didn't care which one of them went at this point, I would prefer Courtney but it wasn't the end of the world. Chris made them sweat it out a bit."

"The last Marshmallow ogles too…" he waited more "…Courtney."


"Can't say I'm really that shocked." Chris hummed "I saw you picking your nose dude, well Dock of Shame is that way bro."

"Ha…" Zeke sighed and walked away.

"The rest of you, enjoy your marshmallows, you're all safe for tonight." Chris said.

"One down, twenty something to go." I looked into the fire.


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