Victor's POV

"We are severely outnumbered." Justin said "If we don't boot one of the girls they'll boot one of us for sure."

"You make a good point, there's four guys, but five girls…" I hummed "Probably best to even the odds and get rid of Courtney."

"Man you really have it out for her." Duncan said.

"She's got it out for me that's why!" I snapped flopping on the bed "All that matters is that we get rid of one of them, doesn't matter who."

Confessional Cut-In

"I've got Heather and Katie on my side, I feel confident about beating Beth and Lindsey since I doubt either could find their way out of a dark paper bag, which is why Courtney needs to go."

The Next Day

Today the challenge was super hero movies, a rather interesting genre for a challenge.

"There are three things intrinsic to all super hero movies." Chris explained "One, Super Heroes have super powers, two heroes save people, and three super heroes wear tights, which means you all need to make some costumes!"

Chris gestured to a bunch of fabric.

"Make whatever you want from all this spandex and whatever other junk is in that pile, you'll be judged on originality of costume, how rocking your super power is, and how cool your super name is. Best score wins advantage in the next round. Good Luck!"

"Making a costume huh, this should be fun." Katie clapped

"I know making clothes is super cool." Lindsey smiled.

"They're awfully chummy." I sighed under my breath "I need to make something good…"

I threw a few pieces together and came up with something somewhat interesting. Everyone still had to 'model' their costumes. Beth was 'Lumber woman' and her costume was just pieces of wood strapped to her body, Justin was 'Lumber man' and wore the same thing, Harold was some sort of gross fart based hero, Cortney was an awful and loud costumer that gave her Cricket like features, Duncan basically refused to play and just put a eye shaped post-it on his head and Lindsey was just cosplaying Wonder Woman.

"I'm surprised you didn't go with a bald themed hero." I smirked at Heather who was wearing an outfit with a rather boney style that matched her current wig.

"Ha, ha." She deadpanned a laugh.

"My turn!" Katie ran onto the stage.

She was wearing all black with some white swirls on it.

"I'm Hypno-Gal, and if I spin around a bunch I can hypnotize people!"

"You're supposed to be a hero, that's totally a villain power." Chris sighed "But it's kinda original so 5 points!"

"And lastly, Vic!"

I walked out wearing what could best be called a yellow raincoat and a fish mask.

"I'm The Fisher King, half man half fish, all angler." I held out a beaten up fishing rod I found in the pile of trash.

"Hmm, that's not terrible, but a little contradictory, I mean why would a fish, fish for other fish?" Chris said "6 and a half points!"

Despite our originality Lindsey won since Chris liked Wonder Woman and her costume.

The next challenge was to leap a tall building in a single bound with the aid of a trampoline.

Everyone did their bet but most faceplanted on the mattress crash pad.

"I'm up, alright." I jumped off, and hit the trampoline.

I soared through the air and saw that I was starting to fall off course so I used my rod to catch the nearby powerline and fix my fall. Still in the end Courtney had the fastest time on the course of 30 seconds and thus had immunity.

With Courtney having immunity I honestly didn't care who got voted out, so I just cast a vote for Beth since I was just kinda sick of looking at her face.

"Alright heroes and zeroes lets get this show on the road." Chris said "We've got Chris statues for, Courtney, Heather, Harold, Justin, Duncan…"

I paused a bit "Katie and Lindsey."

I looked over, it was just me and Beth now.

"Well isn't this interesting, the last statue goes to…"


"Grr…" I growled a bit "I see how it is, FINE!"

I stomped off.

"I'll get you for this Courtney! I know you're behind this!" I snapped storming into the limo

"Courtney, I got too aggressive and she cut me down before I could axe her, I knew it…" I sighed looking out the window "Huh?"

"Was fun!" Katie waved "But playing your game was getting boring."

"I was wrong huh." I laughed a bit as we drove off "She was playing me all along."


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