Victor's POV

Despite being eliminated from Action, I ended up qualifying for World Tour a few months later, things were good, Katie and I had broken up but I had someone new around and I was just pleased to be able to try and win a million bucks again, this time though there were two new players, Sierra and Alejandro.

"You actually came back to this game?" Gwen looked at me.

"Why not, I want to win." I shrugged "I was unceremoniously eliminated last time and I plan to win for once."

"Oh, that's right Katie eliminated you with Courtney didn't she." Gwen nodded "Guessing that didn't go over well."

"A relationship can't survive that." I waved my hand "But I've got a new lady and Katie is off on her won, I'm sure it's fine."

"You move on fast." She rolled her eyes a bit as we got off the bus.

"Ah it's our favorite players." Chris was already there waiting for us "Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Vic and Gwen."

"Do I have to sit next to her?" Gwen pointed at Heather "Her horse ponytail is gross."

"Hey my extensions are human hair!" Heather snapped.

"You learn something new every day." Duncan laughed.

"Hey it's better than being bald." I smiled at her stuffing my hands in my sweatshirt pocket.

We had plenty of people playing alongside us, but I planned to beat them all.

"So, like where's the plane?" Izzy asked.

"Right there." Chris gestured.

He pointed at an old run-down cargo plane.

"We're all gonna die." I sighed as we started boarding, though some of us were a bit more willing than others seeing as Owen hated flying.

When we got on Chris started talking about singing.

"Wait that was an actual thing?" Gwen said.

"I assumed it was just one of those joke clauses they put in rule books to make sure you actually read them." I blinked.

"Duncans don't sing!" the punk yelled.

"Are you gonna be alright?" Bridgette asked me "You know with the whole stage fright thing?"

"Oh that, I'm over it." I shrugged "For the most part, when I watched the reruns and saw myself on TV everyone back home was super supportive including my new girlfriend, guess it was kinda like immersion therapy…though the thought of thousands of people watching me sing terrifies me my new girlfriend is equally terrifying if I don't win the million dollars so I better suck it up."

"When did you get so pathetic?" Heather gave me a nasty look "And to think you used to be an evil schemer."

"I resent being called evil…I'm just a schemer." I huffed.

"Why are you doing this?" Heather asked.

"Cause singing reality shows are huge in the ratings." He said.

"So, our ratings must be trash if we're going for this lazy of a gimmick." I smirked.

He just glared a bit "Let's take a tour shall we, this is the dining area where you can enjoy inflight meals."

"Not for long." Zeke yelled "prepare to be eliminated."

"Not trying to be mean but you do remember you got voted out first last time, right?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah but I've spent every day since making sure that don't happen again, I'm stronger, faster and smarter." He said.

"Chattier too." Chris rolled his eyes "Shut up already so we can get on with the tour and get the bird in the air!"

We walked through more of the plane, there was an 'economy' section for losers and a first-class section for winners, the difference was staggering. Still for a massive plane being shared by twenty or so people it wasn't awful.

"Oh and of course the best part, the elimination ceremony." Chris showed us to the last room "If you don't receive a bag of airline peanuts-."

"I got a peanut allergy." Zeke said.

"If that happens you take the Drop of Shame like this!" Chris threw Zeke out the cargo bay door "And all eliminations are final."

"Tough break." I whistled.

"Oh thanks, that sound reminded me of something." Chris snapped his fingers and a strange bell like chime rang through the plane.

"So, whenever you hear that bell it's musical time!" Chris laughed "So let's hear it."

"What' are we supposed to sing though?" Courtney asked.

"Make it up as you go, more fun that way." Chris told her.

"Wait you were actually serious about this thing?" I blinked when people started singing "I thought this was one of those 'it's just a prank bro' situations."

"You guys are really singing on a plane?" Gwen asked.

"Haven't you always wanted to it can't just be me!" Courtney sang.

"No, it's just you." Duncan and I nodded.

"Come on now you read the season three rules didn't ya?" Chris asked.

"Hmm." I looked it over "I'm no lawyer but it says here…All contestants must sing in each show?! Oh no! Hey I rhymed does that count~"

Gwen and Duncan were both basically forced into singing to avoid elimination, we were through this first one, but pretty much no one was happy about it.

Our first stop on this tour of the globe was going to be Egypt, as expected the desert was hot as balls and the sun was baking our skin.

"Pyramids, who do you afford the locations fees for this?" I wondered.

"Man, it's a scorcher out here huh?" Chris came out being carried on a throne while dressed like a pharaoh "Today's first challenge, Pyramid Over Under."

"Don't we get a break?" Leshawna asked.

"Don't you love this game?" Chris laughed "Look the rules are simple, get to the other side of the pyramid as you see fit, over or under."

"Wait for me yeah!" Zeke ran up "I told ya I ain't losing this time!"

"Didn't we leave you in Halifax?" Chris asked.

"I climbed the landing gear and hid with the cargo."

"Impressive, but you're still out." Chris said "I mean…it's your funeral if you play. Ready, Set, Go!"

I decided to take the upper path, the new guy Alejandro was hopping up it as well, surprisingly fast. I ignored him for now, I'd try and deal with that loser later.

"Having fun yet Duncan?" I laughed as he tried climbing up with both Courtney and Gwen.

"Just peachy!" He grumbled.

"Hmm?" I looked passed and saw Tyler falling down the pyramid "You alright bud?"

"I'm good!" he crawled his broken body over the finish line.

"Not so bad after all." I dusted off.

"Just like that Tyler and Vic join Alejandro on Team 2." Chris said "Oh them too."

Owen and Noah came running out and were placed on our team, soon Sierra the new girl joined us as well to round us out.

Soon we had three teams, Leshawna, Harold, DJ, Lindsey, and Bridgette were Team 1, Me, Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Tyler and Sierra were Team 2, and Cody, Heather, Izzy, Courtney and Gwen were Team 3. Duncan probably would have bene on their team but he threw a fit over the singing thing and stormed off.

"Well that'll make things easier for me, more boring than usual but easier." I shrugged.

"You have three minutes figure out some team names." Chris said.

Team one ended up calling themselves Team Victory, Team Three was Team Amazon since it was mostly girls but our team was too busy arguing about a name and when Sierra made a suggestions Chris ran with it.

"So, Team two will be Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot." She said.

"That's a terrible name!" I yelled.

"I like it!" Chris laughed "Here's your rewards from part one, Team Amazon you've got a Camel, Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Hot you win a goat, and Team Victory you get this stick."

"You added a few Reallys in there." I sighed.

"We came in first why do we get a stick?" Leshawna asked.

"All the rewards will have benefits and drawbacks; don't worry we're just getting started." Chris laughed.


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