Hello everyone and welcome! I've had this story in the works for a bit and decided to release it for you all to enjoy. The story will mainly focus on Evie and Harry as they navigate their feelings for each other and overcoming new trials post Descendants-2. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think! I love reading your opinions and your thoughts on the story.

Disclaimer: Characters and names of places, events, etc. are based on the Isle of the Lost Series from Melissa De La Cruz. They are not mine.

Auradon never seemed so peaceful. The unmistakable aura of school and the impending fall season was beginning to surround Auradon Prep. For now, the leaves were a lush, vibrant green that would soon turn into warms hues and shades of brown and orange. The corridors of Auradon Prep were as busy as ever, with new first years arriving and returning students settling back in their dorms and catching up with friends. Often times, the registration office was filled with disgruntled dorm mates or students trying to switch classes around. It seemed like every time you turned around, there was a new problem that had to be dealt with.

Evie herself had never seen the full dosage of fall until she got to Auradon. The Isle had only been a place of gray cold and wetness, all the trees and vegetation dead and devoid of life, but all of it changed when she came to Auradon almost a year ago. Auradon was a sharp contrast to the Isle, with its cheerful and sunny disposition, not to mention all the fresh and tantilizing food it offered. But what Auradon offered her was a second chance in life and a chance to find herself and her place in the world. She let out a contented sigh before she removed her gaze from the window and back to the sewing machine on her desk, where she was currently positioned.

The machine made the only noise in the room, as Mal had been quietly reading on her bed, in preparation for an important visit. Auradon would be hosting Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana from the Bayou de Orleans in Towering Heights in a few weeks, and in order to make a good first impression, she had checked out a few books on the history of the place and traditional customs. She still wished she had her spell book with her to help read through the hundreds of pages bound in leather, but Ben appreciated the effort she was putting in to not use magic for everything.

The months since the Royal Cotillion have flown by in a flurry. Year-end examinations had come and gone, meaning Evie spent more time with her fashion line and making a multitude of dresses for the next big dance and event: Castlecoming. The thought of recruiting someone to help her floated into her mind a few times, but she never found someone up to her standard. She was currently working on Lonnie's dress, which needed to be done soon as Lonnie has scheduled a fitting in a few days, hoping to get a jump-start before everyone else who would need a dress. The new semester was starting in three days, and the event committee (which had included Audrey and Jane) decided to give themselves a head start on preparing for Castlecoming and the upcoming family day event. However, that wasn't what kept her fully busy.

What kept her fully busy was her new position as Royal Adviser, a position offered to her by none other than King Ben. Her Saturday afternoons were now spent sitting in Ben's office discussing the royal happenings around Auradon and all the problems the residents had. The next big event to hit Auradon was the arrival of the new villain kids in two days' time. Ben, Mal, and Evie have had multiple meetings on who needed Auradon and its goodness the most. Through multiple discussions, Evie and Mal had their say, but ultimately, the decision would rest on Ben's shoulders. Evie and Mal just hoped that Ben would make a smart decision. While Ben was incredibly smart, he was also way too trusting and naive when it came to matters pertaining to the Isle, evident by his first trip there months ago.

Because the meetings and her fashion line kept her incredibly busy, she unfortunately ended her relationship with Doug a few days after the Royal Cotillion. The two amicably parted ways and still remain good friends. Evie knew Doug was a great guy and anyone would be lucky to have him, but Evie felt deep down inside her that they weren't truly meant to be together. She saw the love that Ben and Mal had for each other, and while she had loved Doug, she didn't love him the way Ben and Mal love each other.

With a relieved sigh, Evie turned off the sewing machine and slouched back in her chair, finally finished with Lonnie's dress. If her mother ever caught her like this, she would've been grounded for a month. Not that it mattered much because she would always sneak out and return later on; she was and still is a villain's child after all. The sigh caught Mal's attention, and she looked up from the book and looked at her best friend, giving her a small laugh.

"You know", Mal said, "You wouldn't be so exhausted if you didn't work on these dresses twenty-four hours a day. You still have weeks to prepare."

Evie gave her an amused scoff before turning at looking at her. "I know, but given the fact I haven't even made my dress yet, I had to make sure everyone else got theirs done before fittings. Plus, your dress took up most of my time since you of all people have to look better than everyone else, Lady Mal" She teased, sticking her tongue out at the purple-haired girl in a playful manner.

While Mal had grown appreciative of the new look and perks that came with being a Lady of the Court, she still preferred her punk-rebel attire from time-to-time. It reminded her of where she came from and how far she had come. With the Isle being the only home she had ever known for sixteen years, it still brought a small sense of comfort to her.

"Just tell me that you reduced the severe amount of ruffles and capes from it?"

Evie chuckled at her remark. "Don't worry. I wrote down everything you wanted, so just be patient. You'll absolutely love it."

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation. "Come in!" Evie shouted to the person on the other side of the door. The door opened, and there stood Ben, wearing his casual king crown, a huge smile, and he carrying a tablet in his hand. He greeted both girls before sitting down on Mal's bed. He threw an arm casually over her shoulder and pressed a light kiss to her temple.

"So, your highness, to what do we owe the pleasure of your presence?" Evie began the conversation.

"With the new semester coming up so soon, I have been busy planning on which new villain kids are coming to Auradon at the start of the semester." Ben stated.

Mal and Evie's ears perked up at the news. They still had no clue on who would be chosen to come. The list was endless and the arguments for every villain child was strongly support, but the priority was for the ones who needed it most right now.

"As long as it's not anyone I utterly despise with a passion, Ben." Mal said, narrowing her eyes as a warning. It didn't get pass them that her archenemy's name was tossed into the hat, and they spent quite a bit of time discussing what to do with her and her lackeys.

Ben gave her a sheepish look before getting up and pacing in front of the door, the tell-tale sign of nervousness. Mal and Evie both looked at each other, worry starting to etch their faces, and worry was never a good look to have according to Evie. Worry caused far too many wrinkles and acne marks.

"As I said, I believe these four need our help the most. So to begin," Ben powered up the tablet in his hand and tapped on it, opening up the notepad app. "The first new villain kid to join us in Auradon will be Dizzy Tremaine."

Evie let out a delighted squeal at the news. Dizzy was always her surrogate little sister, and every day since Ben firmly stated that Dizzy was coming to Auradon, Evie had been bouncing off the walls, like she was injected with a double shot of espresso. Mal herself couldn't stop the small smile growing on her face. Dizzy had such an infectious mood that even the most cold-hearted villain could feel a sliver of it.

"Dizzy was chosen because she has practically no evil bone in her body. She was constantly picked on by the other villain kids and was often the brunt of their pranks and jokes. She would fit in perfectly here in Auradon. As you said before Evie, Dizzy has so much potential, and Auradon can give it to her." Ben said.

Evie had always known that Dizzy was picked on by the others. Her own mother picked on her for not being evil or bad enough, but no matter what was thrown at her, she never lost touch with who she really was. She took it for what it was and never gave up hope that her efforts would one day be rewarded.

"The next villain kid to join us", Ben said, "Will be Gil."

Mal quickly looked over at Evie, and Evie could practically see her mind trying to put two and two together. She had a gut feeling she knew where this was headed.

Ben was quick to notice the tension and tried to diffuse it as soon as possible. "Gil was never the brightest apple in the basket, and he always seemed to go with the flow of everything. Having him here in Auradon should be an easy transition for him, if you all help him out of course."

Mal gave him a signature forced laugh, while Evie closed her eyes and braced herself for the next two villain kids. She opened her eyes and looked directly at Ben as if to confirm it.

Ben looked at her, which only confirmed her suspicion. "The final two villain kids to join us will be Uma and Harry Hook."

Mal dropped the library book she was currently holding and turned her head towards Evie, not missing the way Evie's smile and eyes lit up slightly when he said the name "Harry Hook"; however, Evie was the least of her concerns right now.

Mal got off the bed and slowly moved towards Ben like a jungle cat stalking its prey before going in for the deadly blow and feasting on the remains.

"YOU INVITED SHRIMPY OF ALL PEOPLE TO AURADON?!" Mal shouted before her eyes flashed a dangerous color of green.