She Rocks My World

80's Rocker, Edward Cullen, is the frontman for the enormously popular band, Cullen.

He's every woman's dream; handsome, wealthy, and talented, but the elusive rocker has something to hide until an overwhelmingly gifted, doe-eyed beauty steals his heart at first sight and sound.

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Chapter 30: It's All Making Sense


What a night!

I awake with Edward wrapped around my frame as his head rests on my chest. The phone rings, and a little huff escapes his lips as he moans, "I don't want to answer that."

"I will," I say, reaching for the receiver. "Hello?"

Ali shouts, "Bella, Oh my God." As she screams, I extend the phone away from my ear. "The reviews are amazing. Everyone is calling you and Edward the prince and princess of rock."

Edward mumbles, while turning away, "Only prince and princess?"

"C'mon, Edward, you're too young to be the King. Even you can't beat Elvis!" Ali squeals while singing, "Awwww, still, you're rock 'n roll royalty. By the time you guys end this tour in New York, you'll own the world."

Edward turns to me. "Sounds about right. Marty says the same thing."

I roll my eyes.


It's a bright Sunday morning. Both buses are on the road. The four and a half hour drive from LA to Las Vegas is a straight route. We have time since the concert isn't until Wednesday. I like the idea we have four days to explore. I'll spend time with Amanda, well, we all will, but I would like to see a few shows and sightsee.

Edward and all the guys are on the Cullen bus, working on a few new songs. Eventually, we'll do the same,

Ria, Bitsy and I sit next to one another on the back bed vegging out and looking at pamphlets for things to do in Las Vegas.

I read, "The Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino just started a new review called Legends in Concert. The first impersonator will perform Elvis. It's a big extravaganza. All the music is orchestrated and the songs choreographed 'Vegas-style'."

"Wow, I loved Elvis," Bitsy pants, staring at the brochure. "Hunka hunka of burning love." She fans herself. "I'd like to go."

"Me, too," Ria agrees. "I'm looking forward to watching for a change … being that we'll be in Las Vegas."

Bitsy excitedly giggles, waving a brochure, "Oh, Danny's gonna love this. They have a Chinese buffet, breakfast buffet, all you can eat Italian and seafood."

Ria laughs, "We won't see Danny, Emmett, Garrett or Barry for days."

"Please, Jen can eat all of them under the table," Bitsy spouts.

Jen pokes her head into the doorway. "What am I doing under a table?" Amanda peeks over her head.

"Eating. You can put all those boys to shame in an eating contest," Bitsy brags. "The girl can eat!"

Amanda adds, "She's always been that way, and never gains a pound or grows." Amanda towers over Jen, waving her hand over her head. Jen swats it away. "You guys should have an eating contest. Jen, with all the guys, and she shows them up. They'd flip out."

I sit up. "That's not such a bad idea, Amanda. Great promo for the concert in the desert."

Ria frowns, "Eating outside?"

I argue, "You like the outside."

"But not eating in the desert," Ria huffs.

Amanda laughs. "Why not do the food contest between each act.?"

I hum, "No, that wouldn't work. Emmett and Garrett get messy. Edward would have a conniption fit if they messed up the stage. He's a neat freak."

Bitsy points at one of the pamphlets. "Why not at one of the buffet places? Something like this could draw in people?"

I smile. "And Marty could film it. I'll have to talk to him and Edward about this."

Jen giggles. "Yeah, you can't upset Edward's schedule."

A loud chorus of three, eighteen-wheeler air horns bellows past us, as we watch these massive trucks with the film equipment roll ahead. In the last one, Marty pokes his head out the window, smiling and waving. "Hi, Bella and girls!"

Jen giggles. "That man is a trip and a half."

"He loves his job," Ria reassures. "You have no idea all the bands he has brought to stardom." She points. "Barry and I spoke to him with Edward. Geez, if you only knew the bands he has produced and promoted, you'd flip out."

"Yeah, he's made a lot of people famous," Jen mumbles.

"And money," adds Amanda. "Did you see his pinky ring?"

I smile. "That was given to him by his ten-year-old daughter. I admired it, too, and asked him about it. He was so proud. She made it from clay. And he covered it in 14-Karat Gold to preserve her creation."

"I'd say that was some rock!" Amanda says with wide eyes. "Looks like an elephant's head."

"It is, with a diamond for the eye."

"I like this man's style," Ria says. "Here, we're thinking it's a glob of gold, yet his ring is a keepsake from his child."

"That makes him all right in my book," Bitsy announces.

"Well, you're going to like him better," Ali crawls onto the bed tossing more pamphlets at me. "Here, you go. Marty's daughter gave him that ring seven years ago. She's seventeen. So, she's coming out to hang with you, Amanda."

Amanda asks, "Will she be okay with me?"

Ali reassures, "Debby's a cool girl. You two will get along just fine. Besides, Marty's mother-in-law is in the hospital, and, with his wife gone, his daughter would have been alone. When Edward reminded him about you and offered Debby to join us, Marty was ecstatic."

Amanda smiles. "Really?"

"Amanda, you girls will have a blast. Besides, it'll be easier with your school work," Ali continues. "Studying together?"

Amanda squeals.

"That settles that!" Ali squeals.

Four hours later, we drive down the Strip following the Cullen bus. People cheer as we pass.

I mumble, "They know us."

Ali rolls her eyes. "Of course, they do, Princess B."

Christy walks to the back, announcing, "Bella, Edward's on the CB. He wants to talk to you."

"Thanks, Christy, I'm coming," I answer, jumping out of bed and walking toward the front.

Seth glances over his shoulder while he drives. "Here, Bella." He stretches the mic cord to me.

Edward clearly speaks over the mic, "Bella, you there? Copy."

Seth shows me where to push to talk. "Yes, I'm here, Edward."

"Marty feels that with all the exposure we've had, we need to stay in a hotel. He has a warehouse where we can store the buses. Copy."

"Is that really necessary?" I ask.

"It's purely for security; ours and the buses. The locals won't be a problem, but the tourists could be. He's already booking rooms at the MGM Grand. Copy."


Walking into our room, my eyes widen in amazement. Needless to say, money wasn't an object. There are two floors with this ornate, spiral staircase. I can see the strip through surrounding windows. The furniture surpasses anything I have ever owned. The dark woods blend perfectly with the creamy beige walls.

I'm a simple girl. The realization of fame and success just hits me, and I sit on the first chair in my path, looking around this luxurious, upscale hotel suite. Suite?

I'm a Budget Inn girl or Motel 6.

Edward kneels before me with his hands on the arms of the chair, leaning eye to eye. "What's wrong, Bella? You look pale."

I clear my throat and give him a half smile. "I'm overwhelmed."

"Surely, you have to know you deserve this," he pleadingly says. "This is only the beginning. Wait until we tour overseas."

"I've been a few times throughout Europe and Asia," I lower my voice to a whisper, "But not like this."

He rubs my arms, helps me out of the chair and onto his lap as he sits. "Babe, there's no other place but up for you, for us."

"I understand that. Your home was elegant, and I felt secure."

"You don't feel secure here?" he asks.

I touch his face and smooth his skin. "I feel comfortable wherever I am as long as you are by my side. But all of this kind of caught me off guard." I whisper, "It's the big time."

He holds me close. "And it will become bigger, flashier, and more outrageous. I will be right next to you, Love, every step of the way. I promise to protect you."

I gently kiss him on the lips. "I'm counting on that."

"I wouldn't be anywhere else."

He kisses me; deeply, passionately, and holds me close.

The door bangs open. Emmett charges into the room. "I'd say get a room, but you already got one." He chuckles.

Edward leans his forehead on mine. "Really, Em?"

"I have news I know Bella will want to hear," he taunts.

"What news?" I ask.

He smugly grins. "Rose will be here opening night."

I jump up and grab him. "You're kidding?"

"Nope, Princess B, your best friend has arranged the time off," he proudly informs me by picking me up and spinning me around. "Now, let's go eat. They have an amazing buffet."

I hum, "Speaking about the buffet …"

Everyone joins us in our room after we order room service for fifteen. The dining room area has an oval table that seats eight and another that has room for six. And there are five stools at the kitchen bar. We spread out in the common area, chatting, eating organic pizza, and arranging the eat-a-thon.

We don't mention Jen.

The MGM Grand people excitedly arrange the eating challenge for tomorrow night welcoming any patrons to participate. Marty sets a plan for filming with his crew. And we girls grin, knowing we have our, very own secret weapon.

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