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Her head was tipped back, her back arching as he rested his hand against her, infuriatingly light in his touch. She already regretted teasing him for writing on her skin with his tongue. He was retaliating and she was already putty in his hands, weak and prepared to surrender.

"I could always write those little love notes somewhere else for you, if you wanted," he said, his voice dripping with sin. She couldn't even be annoyed with herself when a small whimper escaped her lips at the promise he offered.

"Though I also kind of want to know where you got this condom from."

Her eyes opened in confusion at the wrinkling that accompanied his words and glanced at the offered item.

"So, which should it be Buggaboo?" Adrien asked, "oral examination or oral explanation?"

"Ugh, are you serious?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow at him and dropping her expression into a pout. The dumb grin he had plastered on his face faltered ever so slightly.

"You and your jokes suck," she told him, internally whining as he removed his hand from her to support his weight better. "I got it from the bathroom. I kinda thought that would've been obvious."

"They keep condoms in the bathrooms here?" He let his vision blur as his mind wandered to the possibility that other people were taking advantage of the closed area of the hotel. He suddenly had the urge to properly inspect the sheets for the first time since they had arrived last night and glanced down at them in mistrust.

When he lifted his eyes back upwards, Marinette was looking at him the same way Kagami sometimes did when he'd been acting silly for laughs during fencing – like he was an utter idiot. He mentally flinched at that thought. Not only did he not want to be thinking about his ex at a moment like this, but he must've also missed something for her to be giving him the deadpan glare.

"I'm pretty certain all big hotels provide something like this in their mini-suites," she told him, gesturing to the room around them. He felt her hand slide beneath the material of his t-shirt at his hip and gave a tiny jerk in excitement before her hand moved upwards instead of where he had hoped for.

"It's usually couples who use them," she said, her fingertips taunting him with smooth little circles against his abdomen, "and there's nothing more awkward than having to take a trip to the nearest convenience store after checking in."

"Oh," he said, a short pant escaping him when she reached out to grip the hem of his final piece of clothing, "You seem to know an awful lot about this."

She snickered. "I've stayed in hotels with some of the girls for pamper weekends before. Never the Grand Paris, but we've had a giggle over the bathroom stock before." She smiled at him devilishly as she tugged the material up and over his head and threw it aside with everything else.

Her eyes hungrily devoured his newly exposed body and he had never felt happier to be on the dinner menu. His breathing was coming out fast and shallow now, barely more than brief pants of excitement and he felt his dick twitch harshly when Marinette's eyes lowered its way again.

Unexpectedly, the corner of her mouth twitched upwards as she supressed a laugh. It took him a brief moment of hurt before he finally realised she wasn't laughing at him at all, but at something she wanted to share with him.

"I remember Alya went over every inch of the bathrooms in the two rooms we had," she giggled, "and stocked up for her and Nino."

When she broke at the humour of the memory, his own laughter bubbled to the surface to join her own, as he imagined his best friend being presented with an intimidating pile of prophylactics from his horny girlfriend.

"How many did she get?" he grinned.

"Only six in the end. She was devastated."

"Only six?" he asked in alarm, "How many do they usually supply?"

"Well, those rooms just had a few loose ones in the cabinet alongside the other usual stuff. This place actually sprung for a proper box though."

"Um, how many in a box?" Adrien asked, hoping he sounded more relaxed than he felt. He really wished he hadn't laughed at the thought of Nino feeling a whole lot of performance anxiety a moment ago.

"Uh, I dunno for sure," she said with a nervous waver, "Does it matter?"

"No," he said, far too quickly for her not to have picked up on it.

He watched as she crossed her arms over her chest in a way she tried to play off as casual, but knowing her as well as he did, he was able to tell she was covering herself because she was feeling insecure.

"Are you getting as nervous talking about this as I am?" she asked in a low whisper as if she was almost afraid of him hearing her, despite there being no one else around for her to be asking.

He exhaled loudly, feeling a huge wave of relief flow over him. "Thank God it's not just me." The adorable giggle she tried to squash made him feel like he could smile as brightly as the sun itself, and he decided to turn the blinding effect of it on her as best as he could manage.

Ultimately it was blown away by the sultry look she threw him in return, as her arms retraced against her body to reach out and rest against his shoulders. He felt his chest constrict as it refused to contain all his love for her and likewise, his dick seemed to pulse in an inability to control its own arousal.

God, he was so fucked.

And he loved every second of it.

"So," she said, with a curious tilt of her head, "If you didn't know there were condoms in the bathroom, what were you planning on doing once we…got to that point?"

As much as he tried not to, Adrien startled noticeably at her words, warming a bright blush to the tips of his ears, and her curiosity instantly intensified.

"Don't tell me you brought some with you to patrol?" she said with roll of her eyes. His refusal to make eye contact and continued lack of verbal response seemed to give her all the answer she needed. "Oh my God! You did, didn't you?" She leaned in close and smirked at him seductively, "You're a bad kitty."

"It's not like that! I just-" He pushed himself up to a kneeling position and she sat back a bit before following suit, still smirking at his flushed face.

"Look, when I turned eighteen, Nino put one in my birthday card as a joke, okay?"

She couldn't help but giggle slightly at the hint of discomfort he was showing at having to tell her this.

"I tried to give him it back, saying he'd get more use out of it than me, considering…you know." He made a vague gesture at himself in reference to his own virginity. "But he said I should just keep it in my wallet instead because you never know, you know?"

"Aw. And you just followed his advice like a good little boy, "she giggled.

"Hey!" he exclaimed with a laugh of his own, pulling her towards him and tickling her in retaliation for her teasing. "Funnily enough it seems to have been the right thing to do, since there might not have been any here! Then what would we have done?"

She squealed as he unleashed a fresh wave of tickles, squirming and trying to plant her knees either side of his own to prevent him getting the better of her. He grinned gleefully at the sound and returned it with another laugh of his own.

With the air as thick as it was with hilarity, neither paid as much attention to their positioning as they might have otherwise. They exhaled in twin gasps as her squirming body intimately grazed against his unexpectedly, both stilling suddenly as they remembered their mutual nudity.

Filled with a sudden bout of confidence, she rocked her hips against his experimentally. He shocked himself at the intensity of the moan he released automatically, burying his head in the juncture between her neck and shoulder.

"Maybe," Marinette gasped, hushing briefly to wet her lips with the tip of her tongue before swallowing heavily and grabbing for the foil packet beside them on the bed, "Maybe you should put this on now."

"You sure?" he asked, glancing up to confirm she was saying what he thought she was.

"If you don't, I have a bad feeling we're gonna do more than we should without one."

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