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Entry #1:

Dear Diary, who I am referring to as Mr. D.

Dear Mr. D,

Today, I met a new friend! They seem really friendly and nice, so I can tell we're going to be the bestest of friends around! I just know they're going to be so excited and nice when I introduce them to my other friends. They seem really dirty though, so I think I'll get them a bath first, can't be introducing new friends to people who look as dirty as them. But afterwards, when I show them my other friends, we're all going to be the best of friends around in the entire world!




According to what I've heard, the world is round...but is that really true? Earth might have the shape of... rock candy, like that spicy lump of sugar your grandma would rap in a tissue! But...I don't really know for sure. It's not like I've actually seen the shape of the earth. In the same way, I've never actually seen most things what people consider common knowledge. Common Knowledge is what we take for granted. We base our lives around uncertain things, not that it matters to me. I mean, my world isn't even big enough to worry about stuff like the shape of the Earth or common knowledge.





The lone figure sluggishly raised their hand over to the alarm clock that awoke her from slumber. Her room was that of just about what one could expect from any simple teenager's room, and yet was one of the farthest things one could expect too. Most bedrooms would feel like a sanctuary to the average teenage mind, a place where you could go to seclude yourself and be a peace, have the world to yourself for as long as you existed within it's walls. But the room before them was the farthest thing from any sense of sanctuary, or peace for that matter.

It was a prison. A cold, desolate prison like the remainder of their apartment.

In fact, it's pretty small, so small that it's actually a little funny.

This, is my world. This two-bedroom apartment which I live in, is my world. In fact, my life doesn't extend beyond these walls. But it's not like I'm a shut in or anything. I am actually...imprisoned inside this room.

My name, is Komaru Naegi. I'm a completely normal High School girl who lives an abnormal daily life, unlike my sister. Komaru glanced over to one of the very few things that were brought along with her, aside from her clothes. It was a picture of her and her sister, both dressed up and ready for school right before they became separated. It was one of the last happiest moments of Komaru's life, seeing the smile plastered on both their faces. She was just about to start her first year of High School, and her sister was going to enter a prestigious school of Hopes Peak Academy, where success there meant success for life.

Being dressed up for the day, showered and bathed within the bathroom's warm waters, she made her way towards the entrance of the apartment as she stretched her arms out, ready for her daily workout for the morning.

"Alright!" She cheered to herself with certainty before shooting for the doorway to freedom in a mad dash. Like every day, it was locked. It was locked, bolted shut, and no matter how hard she pounded on it, how often she rattled the handle, or screamed for her freedom, it continued to seclude her from the outside world. "Let! Me! Out!" She shouted in fury, banging on the door endlessly. "Let me out of here, hey-!"

Ever since my imprisoned life began, this pointless defiance became my routine. But it was only at the beginning that I seriously yelling and crying.

And just like every day, her pleas and anger would fall only on deaf ears. There was no guarantee anything she was even saying was being heard from on the other side, nobody to respond to her in the slightest. This was how just about every day played out for her from beginning to end; Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, bang against the door and demand her freedom for a few minutes, then eventually give up and just wait for tomorrow to do the same thing all over again. This was her daily routine, which always ended with a grumble, a humph, and the occasional kick to the door in frustration. All of which would end the same with her working up a sweat, and collapsing on the couch where she would relax for the rest of the time.

It's been a year and a half since my imprisoned life began. Can you believe it?! A year and a half! So long that I've become completely used to this life! It's frightening how well humans can adapt. I've learned that firsthand from through this imprisonment. Following the routine as always, she reached over to the stack of magazines she's had as she began reading some of the things of the ever-so-famous fashion model, struggling to keep her sleepy eyes awake as she did. It's not like I've completely given up of course. If I had, I wouldn't do things like change my uniform every morning. It's just... I don't want to get my hopes up. It's through this imprisonment that I've learned too much about the horrifying despair that always follows hope.


"Hm?" The all-too-familiar sound of the doorbell ringing was the only small dot of communication to the outside world. It was practically the only thing that told her that things were still happening at all in the outside world.


"Geeze, it's finally breakfast?" Komaru yelled in a gruff. "It's about time, I'm starved in here!"

But anyway, about this whole imprisonment...Unfortunately, even I, the victim, have no clue whatsoever. Like everyday, Komaru made her way to the dropbox located right next to her doorway. On one of the only bright side of things, the meals provided by her captors were pretty good in serving just about everything they needed for every meal course. Just like today's breakfast, with a nice warm meal of hot toast, yellow tea, and some scrambled eggs with some bacon. It was even decorated slightly with a few pieces of vegetables off to the side like a restaurant, also providing some tablets of butter and jelly for the toast. As far as drinks went, that was solely left to the bottles of water that filled her fridge. In fact, it was the only thing that filled her fridge, making her almost completely dependent on the meals given to her every day. After being taken in by strange people in this strange place...

"I wanted Japanese style this morning..." Komaru mumbled to herself as she fetched the water. I've learned that these meals were the only communication I had with the outside. I haven't seen the culprits face, even heard their voice. I still don't even know why I'm imprisoned here. Regardless of how abnormal this situation is, this is my world and my daily life now, so it can't be helped. See? Sucks right? My story ended before it even began. It's not like I still have hope that something...sudden will happen after all this ti-


"Huh?" Different. That was the only thing that ever caught Komaru's attention these days was if something different happened outside of her "normal lifestyle" now. Not even before she could start her breakfast, her attention was caught by the strange thumping sound coming from the door. Surely it couldn't mean much though, right? Maybe her captors just bumped into it again like before, or maybe her mind was just playing tricks on her again, or-


"Huh? Wha...What happened?" Komaru was at a complete loss for words now. It's been a year and a half since her imprisonment. At first she was sure her mind was playing tricks on her given the numerous times she thought she was being released. Either that or it was the captor's cruel way of pulling pranks on her, making her think for the first few weeks she was eventually going to be lead out. And she wouldn't put it past her if they were just doing the same thing again after all this ti-


There it was again. This was getting out of hand now, even for her captors amusement. Not once, in the last year, had she ever heard this much noise emanating from the door. It was hopeless for her to think of, even more hopeless to believe in, but there was a chance. There was a chance these strange sounds were the one thing she had never seen coming in her life. "Huh! Could it be...has someone come to rescue me?!" Her heart raced as she shot for the door as quick as her feet would carry her. it was too good to be true, part of her thought she was still dreaming but she didn't care anymore! Whether in reality or in her dreams, she couldn't take it anymore!

"Please! I'm begging you," Komaru cried as she pounded on the door in return, "please save me! Eughuhh...eghugh..." she cried. "I don't want to live this life anymore..." She pleaded. She could remember her life easily because it was always the same thing over and over again. Get up, demand to have her freedom, stare out the barred windows to the freedom she was missing, relax while waiting throughout the day for each of her meals, and go to bed by the end of it all. Then she would wake up to repeat the process all over again, as if she was a robot designed to do the same thing without end. This wasn't any way for her to live, it wasn't a way for anyone to live! She choked on her tears once again before pounding on the door one last time. "PLEASE OPEN THE DOOOOOR-!"


That was her response. The sound of twisted metal piercing through the door as her eyes opened once more. There, she didn't see her savior, she didn't see the captors that brought her to this twisted prison years ago. Instead, all she was met with were three metallic claws that nearly impaled her through the eyes, three razor sharp blades that were mere inches away from her skull. May things registered to her simultaneously at that moment, but the one that stood out the most was the truth.

This wasn't a savior.

Whoever it was, whatever it was, they didn't care for her safety. They knew she was right on the other side, they expected her to be. And because of it, they had no quarrel with trying to suddenly impale her on three spiked claws, which began to creak and groan as they suddenly descended through the door, growing a large gash as they did. As if that was needed to tell her this wasn't her savior, the strange shape she saw moving through the other side of the door confirmed that her savior wasn't even human. This dark thing, whatever it was, suddenly gazed upon her with a sharp, glowing, red eye, one she was sure was looking into her very soul for that matter. This wasn't her savior, and this wasn't some rescue operation.

This was an execution.

She squeaked to herself in fear as she backed away a few feet from the door, falling to her butt as she crept back. Little by little, she could hear the door groaning again as the strange assailant began pulling on the metallic door, creaking little by little as he pulled it. Maybe it wasn't as bad as Komaru thought? Maybe whatever this monster was, it couldn't get in here! But that was only wishful thinking for the dying, and she knew it. She could only watch on in fear as the monster slowly but eventually pulled apart the very door itself, tossing it aside into the darkness where her attacker couldn't be seen, where it took no time in correcting the problem as it finally walked through the doorway, revealing itself for the monster it was.

Komaru didn't know what part was more shocking to her- how large the strange creature was, or what it looked like. Before her stood a strange-looking teddybear of black and white, as if symbolizing the balance of Yin and Yang itself. The beast was also around Komaru's own height, not that she stood near it to confirm nor did she want to. She could just tell the hulking monstrosity which took up nearly the whole doorway was big, big enough to rip her to shred with it's mere claws. All she could do was sit there, paralyzed with fear as she gazed at it's revealing head, seeing the face of the horrifying creature for what it was.

In all honesty, the face of the beast was what really threw Komaru off. It looked like something of a simple kid's toy, it's face covered in white and black like the rest of it's body, yet the face itself was distinguishable. The right half of it's white face seemed comforting, playful, with what even looked like a simple button-shaped eye above it's cute little snout. But at the same time, it was complimented, or perhaps ruined, but it's opposing side. The entire left half of the beast was terrifying, with no part of it looking the least bit as welcoming like the rest of it. It's teethed grin was wide and ferocious, showing no sign of comfort or care. And it's eye, it's bright red sheering eye which gave her all the details it needed to tell her this thing was not some savior in wolf's clothing. It was a monster sent to kill her, nothing more, nothing less.

"A-AH-AHHHHH!" Komaru screamed as she tried crawling away back into the kitchen. As she did, the beast scanned it with it's infrared scanner, scanning and displaying a heated-outline of the young girl before her. It was definitely Komaru Naegi, the person he was ordered to dismantle just as he was programed to. And it wasn't about to disobey it's orders, especially against an opponent with no means to protect itself.

"Gyahahaha!" Komaru paid no attention as she quickly crawled under the table, hearing the mechanical beast apparently laughing by the sound of it. Only now did she take the moment to look back once she was hidden far enough under the table where the beast couldn't reach her, or where she would at least be able to escape soon enough depending on what angle it approached her from. But strangely enough, it was gone. There wasn't a single sight of the bear before her, and no indication it was there other than the doorway it destroyed. For a brief millisecond of the Universe, she almost wished she just imagined the killer bear, hoping it was nothing but some strange play on her mind, or at the very least left her alone after it entered.

But like everything with hopeful thinking, it was just as quickly shattered.



"Ahh!" Komaru screamed in terror again as two metallic claws pierced through the table she was under. The beast was on top of her, trying to impale her when her guard was at it's lowest and nearly succeeded in doing so. Both sets of claws missed by mere inches, the nearest one almost nicking her shoulder sleeve at the most.

Wasting no time for it to continue it's assault, she quickly crawled out of her hiding space as she dashed towards the door. Taking a second to look back, she saw the beast again, wiggling it's paws briefly as it tried pulling it's claws out. Fortunately for what few seconds it bought her, the creature appeared to have it's claws stuck in the table, giving her the chance of a few sweet seconds of reprieve as she hastily exited through the door, hearing the familiar clawing sounds of the metal pulling out of the wooden table once more.

What was supposed to be the sight of sweet, beautiful, freedom was nothing more than a hellish nightmare that greeted her upon her escape. All throughout the hallways of where she appeared to be, she saw nothing but chaos in the form of fire. The hallways were burning, fires were bursting out of several opened rooms that she saw between the numerous routes she could take. She almost disturbed herself just imagining what reasons those doors had for being open before remembering the creature chasing after her. She didn't want to imagine the horrific details of what possibly happened to the other people in the halls, what WOULD happen if the creature had eventually caught her of all people. All she was concerned with was running. Running and never looking back as she ran down the hall to her right, just as the creature attempted to jump through the door a second later.

"This isn't happening, this isn't happening..." Komaru mumbled to herself as tears of fear continued to race down her eyes. She didn't want this, she never wanted this! She would happily continue spending the rest of her life behind those doors in despair than being rescued before the situation before her. People were dying, people were indefinitely dead! What was going on here, what was doing this to her, and why NOW of all times? She just wanted to go home, she wanted to see her family again! It was bad enough she was imprisoned by captors that came to her home out of nowhere years ago, now in order for her to achieve freedom she had to be chased by some demented looking bear trying to kill her?! It was a nightmare, in every sense of the form.

But perhaps that Nightmare finally have her a sparkle of hope as she reached the intersection of the hallway. She couldn't continue straight on ahead due to the fire blocking her path, forcing her to go left again followed by another left at the end of that hallway. But after making her way through it once more, she saw the only hope to her salvation.

The Elevator.

She wasted no time bolting for the door, pressing the buttons frantically as she summoned the mechanical device. This had to be it, it had to. This was the final key to not only obtaining the freedom stolen from her, but to escape the menacing bear that was trying to kill her! The tears continued pouring as she looked back briefly. Any second now that bear was going to be here, at the end of the hallway once more like she was. She needed to escape it, she just had to! Nobody wanted to be the victim of a horror scenario like this where they ended up dead because some elevator was too lazy and stupid to save her life too slowly-! And then there it was. The bear. It was almost sinister the way it greeted her with the right half of it's body, making the slow reveal of it's left half all the more terrifying as it showed it's teethe grin and glaring red eye.

No! Komaru screamed inside her head, quickly pressing the button repeatedly. If the bear could grin any wider, it would. But for now, it savored it. It saved the slow and easy pace it took as it approached the frightened teen before itself. Starting off as a brisk walk, it slowly sped up to a small jog. Following that, it sped up it's pace once more as it unsheathed it's buried claws, the blades glistening from the ceiling lights above them. At the same time, Komaru's heart sped up more and more as it heard the loud pitter-patter of feet grow steadily louder with each passing second. At this rate if the bear didn't kill her, her heart exploding from the immense speed up would. And nearly halfway to the target, the bear crackled as it took off full speed at her, ready to rip her head from her shoulders, limb from each limb, and spew the blood from her body in one heaping gory mess of Despair. It would let everyone know, everyone not in despair, what it truly meant to oppose them.


But it was then that salvation was heard. The elevator had finally reached her. Not wanting to leave it to the elevator door alone, Komaru quickly did her best to pry the door open with here mere fingers, trying desperately to open it faster. She needed to get it open and closed just as soon, or else she'd be in a elevator with a mechanical bear trying to kill her. It'd be no different than skinny dipping in a compact shark tank! But there it was, the first sight of room revealing itself through the elevator doors!

Although what she hadn't expected were the several men in black suits and sunglasses standing around what appeared to be another teenage boy. The teen himself seemed to be about a year, maybe two years older than Komaru herself, but still a high schooler. He seemed to be a relatively slim teen, cool and collected as his sunglasses were narrowed like spikes on the end of them. What threw her off the most though was his strange sense of fashion, seeming to be donning a large white buttoned shirt that stretched all the down to his ankles like a lab coat, and a simple orange shirt with brown pants that covered the rest of him. And don't even get her started on the three prongs of hair on his head, all right down the middle as each of them were pulled back.

"I-ergh...wha-?" Komaru didn't even know what to say about what greeted her. Were they here to save her? Were they going to kill her? Were they possibly the people who abducted her all those years ago? The only thing to answer her question was the sight of the older teen raising what seemed to be a megaphone up to her head. Saying it looked like one would be the keyword, except after a few brief seconds it began to glow with a strange blue energy that gathered at the tip of it. "A-Are you here to...k-kill m-" She didn't even get time to ask as the figure suddenly shot forth a large blast of energy, just inches from her head as it past her shoulders. Th sight of it alone was enough to knock Komaru off her feet as she fell back, following along where the shot traveled as it came upon contact with the mechanical bear that almost attacked her, shooting it square in the eye. The monster didn't even have time to touch the ground as it exploded in a glorious ball of fire and debris, parts of it falling all around them as the smoldering remains left only smoke and charred bits of metal in it's wake.

They weren't here to kill her, at least by the looks of it. That was the only sense of relief the girl felt all day as she looked back to her savior. Like any typical teen trying to show off for the girl or anyone around him, he grinned to himself as he twirled the megaphone briefly like a handgun before resting it at his side again.

"Secure the area and check the other rooms for survivors." He commanded.

"Sir!" The black-suited men and women responded as they paced through the hallways as instructed. Komaru briefly forgot about the man in front of her as she just watched the others go about their business.

Within the matter of three minutes, she went from having breakfast to having someone appear at the door, have the supposed savior be a life-sized killer black and white teddybear trying to kill her, was chased throughout her apartment and the burning remains of the complex's hallways, quickly sped through the halls to the other end where the elevator lead the key to her salvation, narrowly became the victim of a b-rated horror film, and was now being rescued by several men and woman and apparently the leader of them who to be barely any older than herself.

God Mondays were weird.

"Need a hand?" The teen offered with a calm smile. Komaru could only nod nervously as he helped her to her feet, checking her over for injuries. "You okay?"

"Y-Yeah..." Komaru muttered, still taking in everything that happened to her within the span of these last three minutes.

"You don't need to worry, we're not the same guys that imprisoned you. Matter of fact, you're the one we're actually here to rescue." So many words brought sweet joy and bliss to the young teenage girl, yet at the same time caused too many questions to spark at once.

"T-Thank you guys for saving me! It's a miracle you arrived when you did." She said with a slight bow. For some reason, the mysterious hero just gave her a strange look of disbelief at this, lowering his shades briefly as he revealed his brown eyes.

"You wanna talk miracles?" He asked rhetorically. "Try being forced to drop a hundred and eighty pounds in three months, THEN talk to me about pain and miracles." He continued to scan the surrounding area as they spoke. "So, I take it you're Komaru Naegi, right?"

"Y-Yes, I-!" Komaru's eyes winded from shock at how casually he stated her name like that, considering she hasn't mentioned a single detail like that and how suddenly he dropped her name like it was common knowledge. "W-Wait, how did you know that?" Like before, he just gave her another cheeky grin as he adjusted his shades.

"Comes with being me. The names Hifumi Yamada, head of the 8th Division science team of the Future Foundation." He declared as he walked over to the intact head of the Monokuma he destroyed. Despite the several broken wires and pieces that blew apart from it, he figured it could still be function with enough work.

That alone already created so many more confusing questions Komaru wanted answered. Who actually was he? What science division is he referring to? And who or what was the Future Foundation? So many answers she wanted yet she knew she wouldn't be able to get the answers for given the current circumstances. "And to answer you're other possible question, we received info that a person of interest was being held captive here..." He paused with a slight frown as he scratched the back of his head. "And why the hell is Monokuma here? Mix that with our sudden appearance and there's no way this could've been a coincidence."

"M-Monokuma?" She assumed that was the name of the thing that attacked her, but even then all that concerned her was what the thing actually was.

"Old spark and fuzzy over here." He commented, kicking the head a little to see if he could get any reaction from it. "The intel told us where that person was being held, and we rushed over right away to save them. Though to be honest, I was sorta expecting her to be here instead..."

"Her?" Komaru repeated curiously.

"Yeah, you know? Your sister, Makoto Naegi." Those three words alone already sent sensations of disbelief all throughout her body.

"M-My-My sister?!" Yamada nearly jumped as she grabbed onto his large white coat desperately, looking him straight in the eyes as she spoke. "What happened to her? How do you know her? Where is she?"

"Whoa whoa whoa! Hey calm down for a minute will ya?" He yelped prying her grip from his jacket. "First off, we were planning to save you after we found Naegi, so don't fret over that. Second, we only just heard you or at least someone was being held in this building, where specifically though we didn't know until now. And third, to what happened to her, we also don't know. She disappeared two months ago from the Future Foundation, we haven't heard from her since." He scoffed again as looked over the black and white head. "All that matters is everyone getting out of here right now. With the riots and breakouts going around, this city is going to be a bloodbath in a matter of days."

"R-Ri-Riot...Bloodbath...?" Komaru trembled just picturing hundreds of crazed prisoners, straight from their jail cells, rampaging through the city as they spread chaos and discord. Obviously, she didn't truly know the details of his words, and frankly it didn't matter in this case. She couldn't tell which word terrified her more, hearing about the riots or saying how this city was going to be a bloodbath days from now. "W-What bloodbath? What riots? Is something happening in the city?"

"You really were imprisoned here for over a year, weren't you?" He commented casually. Given everything he's seen in his life up to this point, nothing surprised him any more, and chances were nothing ever would again.

"And that black and white bear thing that tried to kill me, that Mono-whatever? What was that? What's going on?"

Yamada just sighed. "Ignorance is truly bliss..." He mumbled. "He was like that the first time we met him, though from the looks of it he put on a lot of weight."


"Ok seriously, how much do you not know about what's going on?" It wasn't a matter of annoyance, Yamada really needed to know what she did know and didn't know. It would've proved fruitful in keeping her alive, and perhaps more importantly, learn the whereabouts of Makoto Naegi.

"I-I'm sorry..."

"Ugh..." Yamada groaned to himself as he pinched himself between the eyes. Rule #1 of the Yamada Code: Never let a girl feel responsible for something they can't control, or they'll get sad. Rule #2 of the Yamada Code: Never let Owada find out he made a girl sad or terrible agony would befall him. Luckily he had yet to break that rule, but at the same time, he knew he wouldn't get a second chance if the second rule was ever broken. "It's ok, I'm not blaming you or anything. It would just make everything a lot less confusing to explain."

"B-But you said you know my sister, right? What happened to her?" It was the dire question Komaru desperately needed to know.

She hadn't seen her sister for over a year now, and who knows how she was doing? She didn't even know if she was still alive by this point or kidnapped like she was! Her sister was what many would consider a shy, sheepish person when it came to meeting new people, or at least students and teens around her own age. But no matter what her personality was like, she was always there for Komaru when she needed her most. No matter how scared or sad she was, she always defended Komaru from anything, including things that scared her when she was a little girl, and times when she would get bullied herself by someone.

"She was-"

"Uuugh!" The sudden cry of pain caught both teens by surprise as they suddenly turned back towards the halls.

This was a trap. There was no more arguing over that. This was a trap, and they took the bait like a fish to worms on a hook. One by one, several of the closed doors burst opens, one of the vents of the ceiling popping off as several monokumas poured from the entryways with glee. None of the Future Foundation members were prepared or capable of fighting off the overgrown mechanisms they were attacked, quickly over powered as the bears clawed and bit into their flesh one by one.

"Damn it!" Yamada cussed, fine away at several of the bears attacking the members. "I told them we should've made more hacking guns before doing this..."

"T-There's more of them?!" Komaru yelled in disbelief. One of these things alone terrified her to no ends. She couldn't imagine there being more of them like this!

"Here." Yamada quickly tossed her a similar megaphone like the one he was using to fight with.

"What is this?"

"It's a hacking gun like mine, it's one of the only few methods of fighting these things off." He explained, destroying another two Monokoumas he shot in the eye. Yet no matter how many he shot, two more always appeared in their place.

"F-Fight? You mean you want me to fight with-"

"No, not now." He quickly interrupted, leading her inside of the elevator as quick as her feet could carry her. "Just in case you need to fend for yourself for a bit." He added as he pressed the main floor elevator button. "Listen, across the street you're going to find a diner, there's already more Future Foundation mem-Whoa!" He yelped as he quickly blasted at the Monokuma that almost lunged at him. "There's more people from the Future Foundation waiting inside. They'll take you somewhere safe, just follow them.

"B-But what about you?" Komaru didn't want to just leave someone out just to die while she got away. In fact it didn't make sense why he didn't just follow her into the elevator!

"I'm gonna hold off he Monokumas so they can't mess with the elevator, otherwise a simple cable cut could send you falling to your death since we're ten floors up." He explained.


"Hey, relax." He interrupted with a cheeky grin. "I'm the hero of this story, and the heroes never die." Those were the last words he spoke before charging back into the Monokumas, Hacking Gun a-blazing as the elevator doors slowly shut before Komaru. To be honest, he would've preferred this actually being some sort of anime. It was every fan boy's dream to be the star of their own anime story, but he supposed he would just have to settle for real life for the time being. He could at least say he rescued a cute damsel in distress, at least that he could mark that off his list of life's goals (which dwindled down immensely after the Catastrophe).

Besides, he was feeling optimistic with Hope, and there was no way he could abandon any of the other members if they're still alive, right? And whoever heard of the main hero dying in their story?

...At least that he read...




Komaru was out of breath by the time she exited the building. She didn't see anyone within the confines of the lobby, only furniture and scenery destroyed and torn to shreds by what she could only assume were more Monokumas that were possibly flooding the city as we speak. None of this made any sense to her, and all the same she cared little for it either. All she knew was that people were dying, some crazy group of people suddenly saved her out of nowhere, her sister was missing entirely, and she didn't have a single clue as to what was going on! All she knew were the final instructions given to her about finding the diner where the Future Foundation people were waiting for her. Luckily for her, the search was literally finished in seconds as it came within few mere seconds after leaving the building.

Unfortunately for her, trouble soon followed.

"Ahhhhhhhh!' The sudden scream of terror sent chills down Komaru's spine as she looked down the street. There she was greeted by the sight of hell itself as she could only gasp to herself in response.

There, several to near dozens of Monokuma were surrounding what used to be busy streets of the city, slaughtering dozens upon dozens of innocent people caring not for the destruction or the pathetic vehicles several of them tried to hide in.

"W-What is going on..." She cried to herself. It didn't make sense, any sense at all! How could the entire city be overrun with all these mechanical killing machines just out of the blue like this? Wasn't there any warning of them coming, wouldn't people be able to respond faster to some state of emergency like this? The only thing she could conclude was that this literally just started minutes ago, perhaps around the same time the Monokuma broke her out of the apartment she was trapped in. With that said, it still made things even more mysterious in how they all had to coincide at the exact same time she broke out of her apartment, just like Yamada said.


Her thoughts were interrupted at the sudden crash that shook the ground before her. Turning around, she saw the other end of the street being inflicted with the same horrific scenario that befell the first street she saw. She was frozen with fear as she could only watch one of said Monokuma impale their victim through the roof of the car itself, mounds of pink blood dripping endlessly from his freshly sharpened claws, before continuing to stab into the flesh even more. It was pure horror straight out of a horror movie, one where people could tell would never end in a happy ending, only ending after each and every survivor was dead.

Despite the horror of the situation, she forced her own two feet to drag forward, speeding towards the restaurant as fast they could carry her. "Someone help me!" She cried as she ran across the street. She couldn't afford to just wait around for someone to help her across the street, much less help her at all until she entered the Diner. People were literally dying every second, and if this was happening all over the city they were in then hundreds to thousands of people could be dying right as they speak! There was no way any one was going to come help her out in the open while the bears were slaughtering the masses, not that she could blame them all things considered.

Luckily for her the Restaurant seemed to be relatively peaceful, which was actually more questionable than it was good. Did it mean none of them were aware of the disaster taking place right now outside of these walls? How could they just be minding their own business with no concern or care about the people outside? Better yet, why didn't they just look out the stupid windows where people were being slaughtered?! Whatever the case was, she didn't care. All she was concerned with was pushing through the doorways as fast as she could, panting out of breath after the brief run she just did.

"Welcome," a waitress greeted as she made her way to the register, "table for one?"

"B-b-b-b-be-be-", Komaru was struggling to get the words out, her heart still racing a mile a minute as she struggled to breathe, "b-be-Bear attack!"

"A bear?" There were many things the woman was expecting to hear, but that was the last of them. She nearly jumped as Komaru frantically grabbed onto her shoulder.

"B-Bears! Bears everywhere!"

"M-Miss, now please-!" The woman's pleas were fallen on deaf ears as the strange girl continued to ramble.

"You have to call the military, the paramedics, hurry!" Komaru begged tearing up. "If we don't hurry..."

"Miss please, keep your voice down, you're disturbing the other customers..." Perhaps disturbing wasn't the correct term, but it was definitely a distraction. If it wasn't the tacky ramblings that distracted them from their meals and orders, it was definitely the strange mumblings about bear attacks for sure. And even that wasn't guaranteed considering the girl was going ballistic about requiring military and paramedical expertise to resolve the situation.

"Who cares about that?! Hurry-!"

"Alright, fine, just please be quiet ok?" The woman surrendered to her demands as she made her way over to the phone. "Relax and stay calm..." Maybe things were looking better for Komaru after all. All she need now was to board up the doorways, wait for the lady to get the police here or somebody to help them, then they could just evacuate the city with armed forces assisting them. Each click of the buttons she heard from the phones sent another wave of relaxation through Komaru, telling her the troubles were finally over. "Hello? Police? There's a suspicious girl her-"


"Ahh!" Komaru yelped in fright at the sudden attack. She was so close to safety, she just knew it. Yet, before the lady could finish her call, a large Monokuma suddenly lunged through the window, shattering it to pieces as it attacked the unsuspecting waitress. Komaru quickly ducked her head in fright, only to regret looking ahead as she opened her eyes once more.

It was a massacre. Within the few seconds that one Monokuma attacked the waitress, dozens of other monokumas suddenly invaded the peaceful Diner, shattering windows and killing innocents all throughout the diner one by one. It was a nightmare. This could be nothing more than a nightmare that Komaru couldn't wake up from. That was the only possible explanation for any of this! This day started out the same like any other, and within the last half hour alone all hell literally broke loose within the city!

The next thing she knew, she saw the corpse of the waitress lady being thrown right in front of her, holding her mouth tightly to avoid letting out the terrified scream of despair. She couldn't make a sound, not a single peep. All she could do was crawl back under the table she was near, hidden in the shadows, and pray to whatever god would answer that she wasn't found. That didn't stop the waterfall of tears that trickled down her face of course. How could she, or anyone for that matter, be expected to take this so easily? Even a policeman who survived numerous gun fights on the worst days of his career would not be able to keep their sanity cool and collected after being exposed to this much carnage!


That small vibration of the ground nearly made her jump from fear as she gazed over the table atop of her. Sure enough, there was another Monokuma, observing the surrounding locations and the now-deceased denizens of the diner. It took every ounce of willpower to keep Komaru from screaming right then and there, the pink blood dripping so close to her that it almost touched her toes. Their mission was simplistic, almost as simple as a direction given to any child: kill any and all adults before them and rip them to shreds. Make this place a paradise! And what better way to continue that mission than to head into the kitchen where piles of steam could be seen bellowing from? In fact, that's the same idea every monokuma got as they observed the heat signatures flowing through the air.

"Emergency!" A sudden voice screamed out, catching Komaru's attention. It was hard to tell at first, given her current position, but she could finally see the source of the voice. On the downside, it was coming from a TV announcer, confirming to her that she was one of the only and last survivors left within the Diner, at least that wasn't mechanical. Taking another glance, she noticed how strangely empty the Diner became, all the Monokumas seemingly vanished from place. Perhaps they were all gathered in the kitchen trying to kill whatever chef or chefs remained within the vicinity? All that mattered to her though were the few seconds of peace, carefully crawling out from under the table, but staying low to the ground to avoid any Monokuma's seeing her from outside the Restaurant.

"Riots are breaking out all over Towa City!" The announcer continued. "Oh god...Take refuge immediately! I repeat, citizens of Towa City take refuge!" He screamed panicking. The entire time all Komaru could do was hold the megaphone close to her chest. What was she to do now? She's never felt so helpless in her life before, she doesn't know if anyone's ever felt so helpless in their life before! She was like a child caught in the middle of a war zone, just jumping from place to place while the gunfire and explosions went across the fields constantly.

"Y-Yo-You say that...b-but..." It was hard enough for Komaru to speak aloud, each word trembling with her voice which suffocated her greatly. "W-What should I do...th-they're gonna find me..." She wanted to cry. She wanted nothing more than for everything to leave her alone so she could cry. At least then she would be safe where no one could harm her. Yet the one thing that kept shaking amongst her were her hands, specially the gun she was holding in them. This was her only means of fighting back if they ever came back, ever tried to kill her again."I gotta get out of here..." The sweat poured from her face as the tears slowly came to a still.

She had to do this, she couldn't wallow in the same place for the rest of her life, however short that would be at this point. Breathing in deeply, she clenched the gun tightly in her hands, ready to fight back against any of the Monokumas as needed. Luckily for her, and strangely at the same time, the place was empty save for the corpses, which made things even more strange and confusing. Were they all still within the kitchen, provided they even went there to begin with? Did they all just leave which she knew was farfetched? On the bright side, it did seem empty of the monokumas, which fortunately meant some time to collect her thoughts and catch her breath.

Unfortunately though, fate had other ideas.

"Heh..." A small voice suddenly giggled.

"Huh?" Was that a child's voice? An actual child? Come to think of it, amongst the many dead bodies she's seen, she had yet to see a single kid around here. Maybe they managed to slip by while their parents fended off the monokumas to protect them? That would be the only assumption she could make anyway.

"Hehehe..." There it was again, that childish laughter.

"W-Who's there?" Komaru asked around, unable to tell where the voice was coming from. It only took a few seconds of looking around to find the source of the voice, the TV from earlier that the announcer was speaking from just moments ago. "The TV...?"

The imagery of the TV terrified her, perhaps more than the surroundings at the moment. There, displayed right before her eyes was the sight of, what used to be, the living announcer that warned everyone to seek shelter. Now, al that remained was his corpse lumped over the table with blood splattered off to the sides of him. At some point, he was murdered without Komaru's attention to it. A part of her wonders if it was more peaceful like that, to go out on your own without any knowledge of when or where you were going to be killed, living blissfully until your sudden death.

Then, she saw it. As the giggling continued she saw a little girl, barely any taller than the chairs around her, walking to the center of the screen behind the man's desk. It was a wonder to see any child like that out in the open. In fact, it was almost shocking at how casually she was. Didn't she know the man in front of her was dead? Doesn't she know about all the strange bloody carnage taking place throughout the entire city? Perhaps fate didn't plan on answering those questions for her, because the sight of the man's head being lifted by a red-haired boy with headphones and a bandaid under his left eye completely snapped her out of her confused state of wonder. Now, she was just shocked.

"Bah! Bah! Bah! Bah!" The boy roared, playing with the head of the dead body. "I'm a zombie!" It was then the camera zoomed out once more, showing Komaru a second, what she could only assume to be a boy since it was covered from head to toe in brown leather, holding up the other arm of their "toy" waving it around as the kid did. "Rawr! Rawr! I'm gonna eat ya!" He stated, turning the zombie towards the pink haired child.

"Oh no, please don't eat me!" She playfully pleaded.

"Hey Masaru, do zombies really say rawr like that...?" The leather-covered boy asked in an uncaring tone. "I'm really having trouble getting past that you know..."

"Mhh who cares," The boy yelled back, "I told you only style is important for this sorta thing." He mumbled before facing the pink-haired girl once again. "Rawr, rawr! I'm hungry! I'm gonna eat ya!"

"Eek, no! Please don't eat meeee!" The girl playfully pleaded once more, running away as the monster gave "chase". "Eep, no, no! Please don't violate meeee! Please don't humiliate meeee! " She cried playfully, jumping into the camera's view for a brief moment. "Uh uh, kiddie porn is a no no!" She warned. Komaru didn't even want to know what the girl was talking about, especially if it actually was as bad as the girl was making it sound like.

"Wh-What are these kids doing with that body...?" But all the same, Komaru could only watch the scene before her in disgust and horror. How were these children's being so playful in a situation like this? Better yet, how in the world could they bring themselves to play with someone's dead body like it was nothing more than a toy? Didn't they understand that it wasn't just some toy for kids to play with? It was someone's dead body for crying out loud! Someone who was once living and breathing like they ere, and they were using it no better than a rag doll!

"Hey, what are you doing?" Another young kid spoke up as he made his way on screen. He seemed to be more professional than the other kids despite not being any taller than him, wagging his finger like any proper adult at the misbehaving kids. Aside from the outfit, the other noticeable quality of him aside from his two-pronged spiked hair was the orangish scarf wrapped around his neck. "You need to be more serious!"

"Aww lighten up Nagisa..." Masaru moaned as he rolled his eyes. "Let's just have some fun."

"Didn't I tell you this broadcast was important?" He reminded. "What if big sis found out you were playing like a bunch of children?" That last comment seemed to capture their attention, which he was thoroughly proud of. Finally! He could get the demand and respect he needed to finally get this operation underway!...At least it would if he was the one they were all looking at.

"Rawwwwrrrrr!" A playful yet monstrous roar erupted from behind him, nearly making him jump in surprise. The rest of the kids screamed playfully at the sight of the dead police officer being held in the arms of the mysterious sister Komaru could only assume who they were referring to. She couldn't make out the face yet, but the outfit definitely looked like that of a high school girl, and she could see bangs of pinkish-red hair off to the side of the camera, "I'm a demooooon, I'm going to eat you all up! Rawr rawr rawr!" She grumbled monstrously.

"Oh no!" The playful kids laughed once more as they dropped the body, running from fright at the "zombie police officer" that was being chased to them. Nagisa only sighed to himself as he rubbed his head, knowing he should've expected this sorta thing from even her.

"C'mon guys, seriously. This is the Warriors of Hope Keynote address!" Nagisa pleaded for their attention as e turned back to the camera. Before he could make it far however, he was suddenly grabbed by the ghastly hands of the zombie from behind the table, ones that dragged him behind the table before seeming to claw at him from all angles.

"Mmh, yummy flesh! Yummy child flesh!" The mystery sister spoke up. It took a moment before Komaru realized that the cries of terror coming from behind the table were actually playful laughter at a child being tickled to death.

"Ack-! Ahahaha! haah! S-Si-Sis please! You're g-go-gonna make me pee!" Nagisa pleaded to no avail. It only worsened for the young blue-haired boy as several of the other children suddenly dog piled onto the same spot, sending the entire group into a roller coaster of laughter.

All the same though, Komaru could only cover her mouth in disgust. It wasn't just these kids playing around the corpse of these people, but some teenager too! Who the heck was she? Was she really their big sister? On top of that, could she be the real one behind all this? It would be the only thing she could think of, unable to comprehend how mere children could pull all of this off. That had to be it, she had to be the mastermind!

...But who the heck was she?!

It was only then that the sound of a mechanical chair could be heard going off, the sight of a green haired girl in a mechanical wheelchair finally distracting her from her thought. It probably would've been more of a distraction if the side view of the children running around with the older teen wasn't just as distracting.

"Citizens of Towa City," The girl greeted in a nice and calm manner, "nice to meet you! We are the Warriors of Hope. And we have a game to offer you by our wonderful big sister." She stated, rolling off to the side. The teen herself stopped running as she got to one side, apparently distracted by someone informing her of her sudden role in all this. Taking a moment to catch their own breath, they walked around to the table, kicking off the corpse of what used to be the officer, before casually and happily sliding into the comfortable rotating chair before them.

It was only then that Komaru recognized that face, seeing it a dozen times in her fashion magazines back home and during her imprisonment.

This was Junko Enoshima.

"Hello there Towa City." She greeted with a generous smile. "My name is Junko Enoshima, and starting today, you all get to partake in this wonderful game created by these wonderful Warriors of Hope." She gestured to the four kids who were waving behind her. Starting from Masaru on her far left waving both arms with much enthusiasm, followed by the brown-leather boy who just gave a mellow wave with his sleeved hand. Coming up on her far right was the pink-haired girl, who gave a bit of a twirl before a cute wave. And following that was Nagisa, who gave a firm, simple nod of acknowledgement as he crossed his arms. Looking off to the right, Junko watched as thee wheel chaired girl slowly made her way to them, happily lifting her from her seat as she placed her on her lap before the camera.

"Many of you might be wondering things, such as who am I? Why are these bears trying to kill me? And why do I have such a smelly butt?" She joked, earning a small chuckle from most of the kids near her. "Well, I'm afraid I can't help you with that last part, but luckily, I can more than say for certain," she paused as the camera zoomed in straight into her left eye, "you're going to die like the demons you are."

That utterance, that one single phrase caused Komaru to shake violently, covering herself as if she was cold. This couldn't possibly be right! Was this truly THE Junko Enoshima? The fashion model her and her sister heard tales about with all her famous modeling? Perhaps it would've been a more wondrous detail if it wasn't for the fact she just declared a death sentence for what she could only assume was every person in this city. She confirmed for sure that she was the mastermind behind all this, the one pulling the strings. The only thing she needed answered was what did she want?

"This pig-filled, dirty rotten, scum sucking city where you rodents continue to hide away from the outside world, where you selfishly hide from the despair everyone else is suffering. Quite frankly, you're nothing more than selfish demons. That's why, starting today, we're going to eradicate all the bad men and women of this city, and build a paradise where children ev-"

"Cough..." A sudden voice interrupted.

"Hmm?" Junko and the kids looked around briefly, curious about the origin of the mysterious voice. "Where...children everywhere can-"

"Ugghh...gghghghghhhh...gaaah..." Their attention shifted to Junko's left, all eyeing the floor before them as it trailed along the way.

"Hey look, the officer creep is still alive." Masaru said in a casual tone. All Komaru could see was the weak bloodied hand rising slowly to the top of the table.

"P-P-Please...he-help me..." It begged.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Just hang on, I can fix that." Junko declared before pointing a gun at the floor.


"Huh-!" Komaru almost let out a scream right then and there, her heart skipping a beat at the sudden gunshot that resonated throughout the TV's audio and the diner itself. She could only feel the tears pour from her eyes once again as she hand steadily fell to where it once raised. She couldn't believe it, she could not believe a single piece of it. Even after all she had seen, after all the people killed before her on this day, she just witnessed a girl kill an officer right in front of them, in front of little kids no less! And just like the rest of it, none of them seemed phase. They looked at the officer, who definitely had another hole added to him, like he was just some bum they found on the sidewalk. They didn't even flinch when she fired her gun at him! At most the green-haired girl just covered her ears from the noise!

"Here you go Masaru, go make sure he doesn't interrupt again." Junko commanded calmly as she handed him the gun. Masaru looked no different than any other kid who gets excited when rummaging through their dad's gun cabinet, eagerly pulling the body away from the table with the leather-faced kid's help. "Remember kiddies, never play with guns without big sis' supervision!" She stated in a playful tone. She never even eyed the two as the gunshots continued off screen, only a flash of light blinking from each gunfire for the next five shots.

"I so totally leveled up from that!" He announced with glee as he and the other kid returned to the camera view, several blotches of blood covering himself. He happily handed the gun back to big sis who tapped his head in approval with a warm smile.

"Now then, as I was saying, we're going to make a Utopia for us, where children can live peacefully every day for the rest of their lives! Where no evil people can tell them when to go to bed, to eat their veggies before dessert, where they can be anything they want to! And of course," she paused dramatically as she suddenly twirled the gun again before pointing it at the camera, "that means we need to get rid of every last one of you evil demons."


"Hngh-!" Komaru's heart skipped a beat again as she flinched, expecting another bullet to dislodge from the firearm. Apparently she didn't have the only thought as Junko looked over the gun again in annoyed irritation.

"Hmmm, what's the point of those stupid demons making something that can only fire six times!" She grumbled before tossing the gun off camera into whatever shattering it caused. "You see? You demons are good for nothing! You fight each other, kill each other, steal from others, you just...just...sniff...Waaaahhhhhhhhh!" That was definitely the last thing Komaru expected to see, but like every other thing today, she was met with surprise as Junko herself started bursting with tears gushing out of her eyes in a cartoonish manner. As one could expect, the younger children simply looked on her with worry.

"Oh no! Big sis, please don't cry! Everything's going to be okay!" Masaru begged before glaring at the camera. "You see what you demon asses did! You made big sis cry!"

"Do you wanna hit me some more big sis? That usually cheers you up...?" The leather-kid wondered, more concern with her wellbeing than his.

"Shut up, Jataro, this is serious!" The pink-haired girl shrieked.

"It-It'll be alright big sis, honest!" Nagisa tried to comfort, patting her shoulder.

"Noooo, you're just saying thaaaaaaat!" Junko cried.

"N-No, really it is! I promise we'll eradicate every single adult from this city- no! The world!" He promised. This seemed to calm the former fashionista down somewhat to mere sniffle.

"Tch...sniff...you promise?" She whined, still unsure how to take this.

"I'll make my special treats after this to cheer you up!" The green-haired girl's promise worked almost instantly as Junko went from a depressed crybaby to a happy-as-can-be kid once more.

"Ok!" She chirped, earning a sigh from the fellow "siblings" once more as they faced the camera again. "Now as I said, you're all selfish greedy little demons, and nothing good can come from you. But luckily for you all, being the merciful angel I am, I have a challenge that will make even the filthiest of demons happy as a newborn baby!"

"Let's give three cheers for Big Sis' Junko!" Masaru announced with excitement.

"Yaaa! Yaaa! Yaaaaaaa!" The four kids cheered in unison, raising their fists into the air with with each cheer. Only Nagisa had a small pink blush at this as he looked away while cheering, feeling embarrassed due to the mature nature of his status.

"Hmhmhm, thank you, thank you, you're too kind." She replied, spinning in her back briefly for her and the green haired girl's enjoyment. "But seriously now, let's talk about a special game. In a day or so, everyone still within the city is going to be a very special player, at least the adults anyway, in a very special game. The rules of that game will be detailed with later, but for right now, there is absolutely zero way to get out of this game...except for one..." She teased with a sly grin. "See, there's only one of two ways you'll get out of the game, either by winning or losing, and, I'll be honest, you have a verily good chance of losing."

"But there is one other way, one special way which I'd like to call the Bonus Game! The bonus game will be a simple by-the-book scavenger hunt, really. Over time, the images and names of certain players will be displayed on a blimp. Those demons are going to be extra special bonus points for anyone who catches one dead or alive!" With the click of a remote Junko pulled out from under the table, the camera turned to the side a little as it began displaying black and white wanted posters of various real people. She almost trembled at several of the wanted posters with a large pink X gashed through them, almost wishing she didn't know what they meant. "These demons are going to be the toughest of the toughie, the smartest of the smarties, and the ugliest of the ugly."

"I thought all demons were ugly, big sis?" The green girl commented curiously as she looked up.

"Hmhmhm, good point." Junko chuckled as she patted her head. "Anyway, as some of you may have guessed, any of them with an X over them has already been dealt with, so there's no point getting them or trying to catch them dead or alive. However, to anyone who manages to bring one to a Monokuma or child of the city, and if they like you enough, they may let you out of the game and out of the city altogether, and more importantly, alive!"


"Huh!" Komaru's jaw dropped along with the hacking gun in her hands as everything became still.

There was no way for her could believe it, she didn't even want to believe it! But given every single thing she's heard up to this point, every detail she was aware of up till now, there's no way this one could possibly be fake. Being the last image shown before them, there she saw it- a picture of her own sister, Makoto Naegi, labeled as one of the many demons displayed on the television. Much to her relief the lack of an X over it indicated she was still alive, thank god. However, as if sensing the slightest trickle of hope emanating from every viewer watching this, Junko continued.

"And before you, is the ugliest, filthiest, dirtiest demon known to mankind, and one who's free game when hunting." Junko said with a wide smile. "The conditions for her aren't necessary or wanted by any of the Monokuma's whatsoever. The only condition is: You better bring her in dead..."




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