The Matchmaker

Another one of those pointless stories written by your lovable Azu
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The Matchmaker

Prolouge and Chaper One

As usual, it was bright, sunny, and a crisp clear day with no clouds in sight. Garet sat out on his porch, staring out at a funny-shaped bush beside his house, when out of the bush, appeared Ivan. Ivan looked disgruntled and pulled a branch out of his naturally-messy hair with a sigh.

"Garet? Um, Garet, I'm over here. Garet, have you seen - Garet, my face is up HERE. Yeah. Garet, I know you're bored, but have you seen Zephyr? He ran off and I can't find him."

Garet blinked, after hearing his name so many times in only a few sentences. He pointed southward, towards Isaac's home.

"Thank you! ZEPHYR, you little RASCAL!" Garet sighed as 'rascal' was only the beginning of several words that steadily grew worse as Ivan plunged on through the wood. He was thinking of getting up and visiting Isaac, who was sick with the ever-so-common cold, and Mia was still thoroughly tied up in knots, even when his fever went down. Garet wasn't stupid as all people thought he was, his mind was just... In other... places... when they talked to him. He was rather bright at a young age, before the Aleph Boulder struck. Afterwards, he still retained that smartness, but instead began to build up his physical strength. He was not one for strategies, but he was able to plan an enemy's exact movements so that none of his friends would get hurt in the counterattack.

When Ivan had tumbled along to his front door, he was thinking about Isaac and Mia. How they were... Possible. Mia was pretty, with the cute, girlish bangs, long, flowing hair, and eyes that nearly matched Isaac's when it came to blue depths. Isaac still hadn't totally recovered from his father's death. He could use someone to lean upon when the still-fresh scars were brought forth again. Isaac was also so freakishly quiet sometimes, it drove Ivan and he to hysterics. Mia was cheerful and sometimes freakishly perky. They were opposites, but opposites tended to attract, yes? Of course.

So, with a sigh, Garet got up, took five steps, and then it began to pour cats and dogs.


"Goodness gracious, Garet! Isaac's mother only cleaned the floor!" Mia exclaimed as the Mars Adept sputtered and rubbed water out of his eyes. He dropped the umbrella mercilessly to the floor, bringing forth another puddle.

"Can I help it if Mars Adepts just happen to attract rain wherever they happen to go?" He grumbled, shedding the waterproof jacket, only to find a leak in the shoulder. "And I spent three thousand for this! This!"

"It's not anything my mother can fix." Isaac said, as he inspected the hole. "Your mother is busy rather often, isn't she?"

"Yeah. The Sol and Luna Festival will be in a while, and she's helping out a lot this year."

"She must be hoping to find that one left-out girl to introduce her boy to." Mia grinned coyly.

"Ha ha, very funny, guess who's going to be the last one laughing when I happen to find a partner and you don't?"

"Who are you planning to ask anyhow?" Isaac asked curiously. Garet? Interested in the affairs of girls? Amazing!

"Jenna." He said nonchalantly, sitting a chair opposite that of his best friend before the crackling hearth.

"Jenna?" Mia sputtered. She nearly choked on the tea she was sipping. "Jenna! Oh my goodness..."

"You're aiming for Jenna? Garet, that's like aiming for the sun. Chances are she's already taken."

"Yeah?" He asked defiantly. "By who?"

"She's a popular girl. At least the guy population of Vale has to have asked her. It surprises me you haven't even asked her until now."

"Eh, well. It's only a festival, y'know, with dancing and refreshment and all that. If I don't get her, I guess I'll stay home. They say it might rain anyhow. Ivan was saying things like that the wind from the north brings a storm. Or something like that." Garet twiddled his thumbs absent- mindedly. Of course, Isaac was right. He tended to be right most of the time. Jenna was popular, pretty, and everyone drooled at her whenever she walked past them.

"It'd stink to have it rain on the Festival!" Isaac said. Garet raised an eyebrow at this, glancing at Mia, who was staring at her tea with an interest he had never seen in her eyes before.

"Then, who knows? We had it once at the inn, and another time, at old Kenneth's roomy barn once. And Ivan isn't the best weatherman, right? He said it'd be blue and clear one day back in Imil, the next day, you couldn't set a foot outside the gates without getting frozen solid or being blown over by those winds." Garet said, trying to raise Isaac's spirits. The blonde sneezed for a moment, rubbed his nose tiredly, then smiled.

"You're right, Garet. Thank you. If it doesn't rain, it doesn't rain, and if it does, it does. Ivan isn't the best weather-watcher in the world."

"Heh. Anything for a pal. ...Speaking of Ivan, I wonder if her ever found Zephyr..." He glanced out at the stormy weather. "I know he likes storms, but he's totally different when he's IN one."

"If he gets sick, I can get him better." Mia sighed. "Zephyr's too fast for him to catch..."

"Yep. It's like trying to catch the wind." Garet nodded.




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