The Matchmaker

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The Matchmaker

Epilogue: Mia's Anniversary "Surprise"

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Isaac, hero of the Golden Sun, weilder of the Sol Blade, was probably the happiest man on earth at the moment. He skipped (Yes, skipped, imagine seeing Isaac skip o_0;;) down the path, barely noticing the fact World War Three raged on the hillside in the distance. He skipped up a set of stairs, skipped across a bridge, skipped down a flight of stairs, and then proceeded to skip up to the front door of his house that he shared with his wife, Mia.

"Mia, dear! Happy anniversary!" Isaac shouted from the door. Mia stuck her head out from the kitchen.

"Oh, welcome back, Isaac. Happy anniversary to you, too. Our third, right?" (Note the fact she says it's the THIRD!)

Isaac nodded and pecked her on the cheek before ruffling her hair affectionately.

"So, how are Ivan and Sheba doing?"

"Fine, fine. They'll be coming tonight."

"Tonight? Oh, yes, our anniversary is actually tomorrow..." Mia nodded, stirring the thick, creamy stew on the oven absent-mindedly.

"Ooh, cookies!" She could hear her husband exclaim.

"Isaac, stay away from those -- " She started.

"Hrrmmm?" Isaac peeked back in, two cookies wedged in his mouth. Mia sighed.

"Those were for our guests!"

"Gets?" He blinked.

"Jenna and Garet." She grumbled.

"So'y." Isaac said, yanking one cookie out.

"It doesn't matter, I'll probably have to make another batch for Garet himself, anyhow..."




One would've thought Felix, who was still a bachelor, was yelling at Ivan, but Ivan was still in the Hammet palace, and Sheba would electrocute him if he came anywhere close, anyhow. In fact, he was yelling at --



Felix's victim stumbled and fell into a huge split in the earth, but was abruptly brought back up as the enflamed power of the earth roared back and knocked them into the air. The Venus adept nodded to himself in satisfaction as his victim fell face first into the ground.

"Tell me, then, Alex, what are you doing here?" He strode over and put his foot on Alex's back, keeping him pinned to the ground. Alex coughed out a clump of grass.

"I - I... IwanttoapologizetoMiaandeveryoneIdon'twanttobelabeledasabadguyanymoreanddon' tkillmeeee!" He sobbed.

Felix hesitated, blinking.


"Don't kill me!" Alex sobbed. Felix continued to blink.

"Alex, are you in a right state of mind?" He asked cautiously.

"I'm not a bad man!" The Mercury adept cried out.

"You've done plenty of bad things. And all those pranks you pulled on me... And Jenna... The cheese incident, in particular..."


Felix twitched.

"Let's see what everyone else thinks of that, hm?" Felix leaned down, picked up the mentally unstable Mercury adept and swung him over his shoulder. People gave him odd looks, but he kept his jaw set and continued to Isaac's new home, knowing his sister and her fiance would be around soon enough.


There was a solid, firm knock on the door. Isaac and Mia both looked up, where they were experimenting, err, with, er, cookies, one might say. (^^;; Bad Isaac! Bad Mia!)

"Umm, let me go get that." Isaac said sheepishly. Mia nodded, moving to get the broom. He walked across the room, running a hand through his hair and opening the door to find --


"Hello, Isaac. Do you mind if I come in? I have a few things to discuss." Isaac eyed the blue shock of hair that lay on Felix's thigh.

"That isn't Picard, now is it?"

"No, of course not. He's still in Lemuria. It's -- "

"Alex!" Mia gasped. Isaac looked from the blue shock of hair, to his wife, then back to the shock of hair. He promptly fainted.


"Has he come to? We have plenty of things to talk about..."

"Oh, Isaac, tell me you're okay!"

"Hey, put the vase down -- Jenna! Jenna, I love you and all, but don't you think you could be more... err... Lady-like?"

"And WHAT do you mean by that, GARET?"

"Erm, umm... Nothing, Jen..."

"I'm not a bad person!"

Isaac sighed. Couldn't he sleep a little bit longer?


"Nngg. Hi, Mia, Felix."

"Oh, Isaac, you're okay!"

"I'm not a bad man!"

"Shut up, Alex!" Jenna roared, swinging at him with a pot.

"Jenna, stop it!" Garet lurched and caught her around the waist, and Felix snatched the pot from her.

"I'm sorry, Mia." Felix said to her. She was more worried about her husband's state of health to notice what he was saying, however. He sighed and put the pot away.

"I'm fine, Mia," Isaac insisted, sitting up and shaking his head.

"Now, about Alex?" Jenna growled. She bit at Garet's arm viciously. He meeped and was close to letting her go.

"Jenna, don't forget that deal we have." Felix reminded her, checking his Levatine boredly.

"Shut up, Felix!"

"Ten coins." He said. Jenna sighed and sat down, arms across her chest. Felix seemed to check off something on a notepad, the put it back into a pocket on his coat.

"I'm not a -- " Alex started. Felix whacked him over the head and forced him to sit in a chair without doubling over and withering away into tears.

"I found him wandering around on a hill nearby Sol Sanctum. He doesn't exactly seem to be in a stable condition, mentally. Or emotionally, it seems. What do you want to do with him?" Felix said evenly, his hands on Alex's shoulders. The Mercury adept shivered.

"Let me see him." Mia knelt before Alex. He recoiled at the sight of her.

"Mia...! Please don't hurt me. I don't want to be a bad person anymore!" Alex said, wringing his hands.

"I know, Alex. I know." She took his hands, forcing him to stare into her eyes. "Isaac, what do we do with him?"

"Alex, do you swear not to plot about world domination, kidnap anyone, or get drunk that often?" Isaac asked, ticking them off on his fingers.

Jenna eyed Isaac for a moment as he said the last one, noticing how Garet fidgeted nervously.

"Yes! Anything!" Alex wailed. Mia let go of his hands and brushed away his bangs affectionately.

"I think we can trust him. If he does anything stupid, we can always give him over to Felix and Garet." Mia said off-handishly. Alex shuddered as Felix's grip on his shoulders considerably tightened.

"Pyromaniac." Jenna muttered.

"What was that? I thought YOU were the pyromaniac here." Garet chuckled, kissing her cheek. Jenna harumphed.

"So, who'll he stay with?" Felix asked. Silence dominated the room for a moment.

"We're not keeping him." Jenna said, holding up her hands in defense. Isaac shook his head quickly when Felix's eyes traveled over to him and Mia.

"Let Kraden house him for the time being." Garet suggested.

"Wow. Garet just said something reasonable!" Jenna said, feigning amazement. Garet hissed.

"NOT KRADEN!" Alex howled.

"Let's say it's your punishment for trying to get the Stone of Sages and becoming all-powerful, Alex. And the cheese." He paused, thinking. "Unless you want to become one of Jenna's ingredients for some of her failed recipes." Felix added dryly.


"Hey! My cooking's okay!"

"It's delicious to the man who's lost his taste buds and has a steel stomach, Jen. Face it." Her brother said, rolling his eyes. Jenna reached out to smack him, but Garet held her back.

"Five coins," Felix said, ticking off something on his notepad that had mysteriously appeared again. Jenna snarled like a feral animal.

"I have to agree with him on that one." Garet said, holding her tighter. Jenna continued to growl.

"Come on, Alex. Let's get you to Kraden. I want to eat something, and preferrably something edible, for once." Felix pulled Alex up and pushed him out the door, ignoring the homicidal look Jenna was giving him and waving to Isaac and Mia.

Garet blinked.

"What's this thing going on between you and your brother that deals with money?"

Jenna giggled nervously. Garet continued to blink.


"Oh, Alex! How nice to see you again! Come in, come in, have some tea, I have so many things to show you! Like, see, this rock? It's supposedly came off the moon! And that large crater beside Contigo, some citizens said that the crater came from the moon being ripped out of the earth!"

Felix almost felt pity for Alex. Almost. He left, hearing Alex's desperate (but purposely unheard) cries for help and Kraden's blathering. He went to beg a meal off of his mother.

".....And I'm beginning to think Sheba is an actual descendant of the Anemos! Maybe THAT'S why she fell from the sky! And the moon moves, too, you know? Oh, Alex, your tea is getting cold! You better drink it!"

I hope it's poisoned, Alex thought to himself. Because I'll do anything to get out of here. Felix is evil.


The next day...

Mia was walking to the kitchen, drinking from a glass of water, when she could've sworn the house AND the ground jumped. At the time the earth was exploding, she was taking a step, and was thusly knocked over, her water splashing onto her face. She sat up quickly, setting the cup aside and dashing to the floor, staring outside. She could see various explosions down below, near the river, and opening the window, the blasts were heard clearly.

"JENNA! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STOP DESTROYING VALE!" Mia yelled. The blasts stopped briefly, and as the smoke cleared, she could see that her friend's red hair was no where in sight. Actually...

"FELIX!" She screamed. "IVAN!"

"Eep." Ivan squeaked. Felix blinked.

Mia bounded through the window and quickly descended the flight of stairs. Felix and Ivan took a step away from her as she skid to a stop in front of them.

"What are you two doing? AGAIN?" She asked, tapping her foot.


"Ah, well..."


"Ivan!" Isaac called. Ivan, Felix and Mia all turned to face the young man. "You came in time!"

"Uhh, yeaaahh...." Ivan blinked. Isaac looked to his wife.

"What's with the frying pan, Mia?"

Ivan and Felix looked back towards Mia.

"And what's with all the scorch marks on the ground?" Isaac asked, lifting his feet and noticing various burns on the grass, making it all smell rather vile.

"They're destroying Vale again, Isaac! Oh, make them stop!" Mia said, hopelessness in her voice. She leaped at her husband and he caught her, blinking. "Make them stop! They'll turn Vale into rubble!"

"Drama queen." Felix muttered under his breath.

"Tattle..." Ivan grumbled.

"What was that?" Mia snarled, lifting the frying pan dangerously. Felix and Ivan meeped and took another step back.

"Is this true?" Isaac asked, narrowing his eyes. "That would explain all those explosions I heard down from the plaza..."


"Run!" Felix grabbed Ivan's collar and thew him in front of him as they both sped off, Isaac soon after them, brandishing... err... A bunch of carrots.

Mia sighed. Ah, how she loved her husband so... So strong and gallant and brave, even when he was fighting with a bunch of carrots! She laughed and headed back to their home.


"Honestly, Felix! Trying to murder Ivan again! He's a good kid, what's he done to you before? And on Isaac and Mia's anniversary day!" Jenna scolded, poking her brother in the chest. He flinched, groaned, and flopped back on the sofa tiredly.

"Stop talking, Jen... It hurts..."

Jenna was obviously miffed.

"STOP TALKING? Felix! You're such an idiot!"

And thus began the rant. Felix grumbled, tentatively rubbing a bruise on his head, currently too tired to try and heal himself. Jenna's yelling hurt his head. And her scolding him, her older brother, was just plain humiliating. Sisters.


Days later...

Mia twitched. She sighed, and pressed the heel of her hand into her chin. She twitched again. She would have to tell them all sometime...

"Mia, love? Is something the matter?" Isaac asked, as he had heard nothing from the kitchen in a while.

"Isaac... You know, on our anniversary day?" Mia said in a quavery voice. Isaac touched her shoulder gently.


"And how we..." She gestured with the soup ladle.


"I'm pregnant." She sighed.

Isaac was silent for a moment before tucking his arm around her still-flat waist and hugging her to him.

"That's wonderful." He whispered, running his hand through her azure hair. "I've always wanted to raise a child with the woman I love."

Mia pressed her forehead into his neck, temporarily forgetting the soup until Isaac pointed out that the room was rather smoky. Not that she cared. She was completely relieved Isaac supported the idea, and after telling her husband, she was sure Garet, Jenna, and the others would accept the idea with ease.

It just scared her that Garet would be referred to as an 'Uncle' once their child was born. She almost pitied the poor thing. Well, Isaac was best friends with Garet. So maybe she pitied her husband more...

Either way, she was glad her husband would be there for her as they raised their child and grew old together, watching their child take its first steps, learn the techniques of Psynergy, and fall in love, just like they had.

So, all in all, Mia was happy with the world -- even if it was currently getting torn up into pieces by Jenna and her husband. (She sighed.) Here is a portion of the lives of the heroes of the Golden Sun, told by yours truly.




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