Hermione woke up tangled in between sheets and Malfoy's limbs and felt satisfyingly sore. Draco had claimed to like it rough but she felt that there night together had been rather tame, not unsatisfyingly so but tame enough to make her sure that she wanted more. She went to the shower and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water over her sensitive skin and took her time getting clean and getting dressed for breakfast. She knew Luna would be there and she was sure there was no way that she could get Ginny to have sex with her. Ginny was in love with Harry and arguably had been for years; yeah, they were on a break to focus on school and to take time for themselves just like herself and Ron but there was no way she would have sex with her friend just because she was on a break. But as she entered the Great Hall and walked towards the Ravenclaw table she was Luna smirking and knew this might be one of the few times she was wrong.
She took a seat next to Luna and didn't even have to ask as Luna looked up and looked far too happy to be quitting right now.

"So, you and Ginny…?"
"Yes Hermione," Luna smiled, "turns out Ginny was feeling a little experimental lately."
"Dammit," Hermione thought. She was really hoping that this would be where Luna failed. But all was well, there was still time to win.
"Okay then, we need new names, don't we?" Hermione already had a name in mind.
"Of course, Hermione. Who do you have in mind?"
"Well I was thinking about you and Ginny and then I realised there is a big part of the famous trio that held it down in Hogwarts last year that is now untouched. So, I choose Neville Longbottom."
Luna was starting to get annoyed with how cocky Hermione was getting. She knew her and Neville had a connection but Luna had been intimidated by all the girls that now wanted the brave Gryffindor that had stood up to Voldemort and the idea that she in some way would have to compete with them. So, she was going to have to give Hermione a good name. She thought for a second and then laughed as the perfect name popped into her head.
"Blaise Zabini." Luna knew that Zabini was the one person Hermione couldn't stand. He had never hidden his disdain for muggle born's, blood traitors, half-bloods or anything that was not pure blood for that matter. And from the scowl on her face Hermione was not impressed with her given name.
"Fine then. Blaise it is." Hermione wasn't sure how she was going to make this happen but she wasn't going to let this speedbump make her lose.
"Okay then, I have to go to the owlery and send my father a letter so I will let you get to it."

Hermione went back to her own house table and sat next to Harry and Ron, who had just started scooping food onto their plates, and chewed on some toast while thinking. Her and Zabini had 2 classed together, Potions and Transfiguration. Both had set partners and seating arrangements so there was no point in trying to corner him there but she did usually study in the library near her favourite spot after Potions so she decided she would have to meet him there.

She spent the day thinking about him and looking at him in class and if she was going to be honest the more she looked at him the more she wanted him. She imagined her hands on his dark skin and being held by his strong arms. Every now and then he caught her looking at him and gave her a dark look but that just turned her on more. By the time her last class finished she was basically sprinting to the library to find him. And as suspected he was there as always but this time he was leaning against the desk waiting for her.

"What are you doing Granger?" Zabini was eyeing her up and looked somewhat annoyed.
"Studying…?" Hermione tried to lie but she knew straight away that he was not going to believe that.
"I have seen you staring at me all day. What is your problem? Whatever you are up to just admit it now."
Hermione didn't know what came over her but she just told him.
"I want you to fuck me."
Zabini looked very shocked at that confession and for a few seconds had nothing to say. When he finally did speak he seemed somewhat amused.
"What makes you think I would want anything to do with you Mud-blood?"
The anger at that word fuelled a confidence Hermione didn't know she had.
"Because I know you want it. You pretend that you hate everyone who isn't a pure blood Slytherin with a name that everyone knows but I know deep down you are tired of dating and fucking pure girls that your precious mother approves of and you wonder what it would be like to do something so wrong."
Zabini started to fume but her words hit a chord deep down and he realized she was right. This was a chance to try something new with a girl that was practically begging for it.
He reached for his wand and silently took a step forward.
"What are you doing?" Hermione exclaimed, reaching for her own wand.
"Calm down Granger. I'm doing the protection charms. We don't want anyone seeing the precious head girl begging and moaning, do we?

Hermione walked and sat herself down on the desk while Zabini cast the charms and she kicked off her shoes and socks and unbuttoned her shirt and threw it on the ground. When she looked at Zabini he was finished and walking towards her, pulling off his shirt as he walked over.
When he made it to her he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to his for a kiss. This kiss was like no other she had experienced. They were desperate and almost violent and there was no tenderness behind them but she loved it. It was making her panties soaked and she responded with equal passion. He reached around and unclipped her bra, tossing it aside and began to bite and suck all over both breasts. She was gasping and moaning and writing under his lips and she could hear him pulling down his pants and sliding them off. He looked at her and moved in close and she could feel his thick cock between her thighs.
"I want you to get on your knees and suck my dick," he whispered in her ear.
She did it without any question and slid off the desk so he could lean against it and dropped to her knees in front of him.

His cock was long and thick and dark and she moaned a little just looking at it. She leaned forward and licked the tip and smiled as he tensed a little at the feeling. She licked the underside a few times before taking it in her mouth. It was so big she could only get half in her mouth before she was choking so she used a hand to stroke the base. He put his hand on the back of her head and urged her to go faster and she kept trying to take as much as she could. Zabini was so glad she had cornered him like this, this was amazing. It felt dirty and wrong and that was making it even better. He continued to fuck her face and moan, enjoying how wet and warm her mouth was around him.

Suddenly Zabini pulled her hair, pulling her mouth off of his thick member. She was a bit shocked but she felt him pulling her too her feet and knew it was going to get good very fast. When she was on her feet he grabbed her waist and pulled her in close, attacking her mouth with his own. His plump lips felt so good on her own, moaning and kissing back with equal vigour.
"Did it make you wet sucking my cock you slut?" Zabini removed his lips only to whisper in her ear.
Hermione could feel her own wetness dripping down her legs as she whimpered and nodded.
Without saying anything more he reached under and grabbed her thighs, pulling her up and positioning her above his hard cock.
"You ready slut?" he asked with lust burning in his eyes.
"Fuck yes. Fill me up." Hermione was desperate to feel his thick cock inside her.

Zabini slowly lowered her onto him and she gasped as he stretched her and gasped again as she felt him going deeper and deeper inside her. When he was fully inside her and had let go of her legs and put his hand on her ass, massaging her cheeks, she took a few seconds to just get used to how big he was inside her. But she wanted more so it wasn't long before she started lifting herself and really riding his cock. Slowly at first while Zabini muttered filth in her ears.
"You are such a whore mud-blood. You love riding that cock you filthy skank."
His words just made her want more and before long she was moving so fast and hard Zabini had to stop talking and just focus on not cumming right now into that perfect hole.
He grabbed under her thighs again and put her on the desk where she lay back and leaned against her elbows, all without ever exiting her dripping pussy. He started slamming into her and she moaned, loving how he just fucked her and then almost screamed as he reached down and put a thumb on her clit and massaged in a circular motion.
"Holy fuck Blaise. Keep doing that." Hermione was gasping and writing as he rubbed and fucked her relentlessly. She knew she was going to cum soon and it felt so good already.
"Come on slut. I want you to cum all over my dick."
Hermione couldn't help but obey. She screamed her release and moaned his name as he continued to push deep inside her.

He pulled out of her and flipped her over so she was leaning over the desk and got on his knees behind her. He spread her legs and stuck two fingers into her soft pussy angling it so it touched her g-spot. As she moaned she felt him gently bite her cheeks and all of a sudden, his tongue was on her asshole. She jolted at the unexpected feeling but after the shock she realised it she loved how it felt. The feeling on his fingers and tongue was pushing her to the edge again and she knew she was going to cum.
"Fuck Blaise. It's so good. I'm so close."
As she was cumming he removed his mouth and pushed a finger into her back hole. She was cumming with something in her ass and that had never happened before but she liked it. He added another finger as he stood up and removed his fingers from her quivering pussy.

"I'm going to cum in your ass Granger," Zabini whispered as he scissored her ass and stretched it out. "Has anyone ever cum in there before."
Hermione moaned and shook her head. She had never done anal but she loved watching porn about it and the idea had always turned her on far more than it scared her.

He added a third finger, reaching to her pussy for lube and slid into her pussy once more to get his cock nice and wet. As he pushed in and stretched her ass with all those fingers she moaned and came unexpectedly.
Zabini chuckled and pulled out, positioning behind her, cock against her asshole. "I knew you were a skank Granger. You love getting filled up in both holes.
Before she could say anything he pushed into her ass and she gasped and clenched her hands. There was a slight pain as it slipped in but he went slow and before long he was all the way inside her and she felt so dirty and it was incredible. He remained still, giving her time to get used to the feeling of his thick cock in her until she started pushing against him and he knew she wanted more.

So he began slowly pulling out and pushing back in while she moaned and gasped and kept asking him for more. She reached under herself and started rubbing her clit because she knew she wanted to cum like this. He was beginning to pick up speed and was holding her hips, pulling her onto his cock while pushing deep inside her.
"Granger you slut. I love being inside your tight little ass."
"Fuck yes Zabini. I am such a whore for your thick cock."
They continued talking like this to one another until Hermione was moaning too much to say anything else and Zabini was grunting, his thrusts getting erratic. This had been so good and he had struggled not to cum up to this point and now he knew this wasn't going to last much longer and from the way Hermione was moaning it didn't look like she was going to last much longer either.

"Cum with me Hermione. Cum with me now."
Hearing him say her first name pushed him over the edge and she screamed her release.
Hearing her cum pushed Zabini over the edge too and with three more hard strokes he came with a moan deep in her ass.
He laid on her for a minute, spent and satisfied, while she caught her breath underneath him.
He pulled his cock out, moaning slightly as his sensitive dick pulled past her tight hole, and started getting dressed. Hermione followed suit and before long they were both looking at each other, dishevelled and sweaty.
"If you ever need that again Granger let me know."
She giggled and let him leave first following behind. She was a bit shocked to see Luna in the library as they were leaving but when she saw the shocked look on her face as she looked at the two of them and realised what must have happened she was glad she had.

This was starting to become far more than she had anticipated and she loved it.