One Day You Will

There's this great little show on Amazon Prime called "The Bay". Have you seen it? If not, you totally should give it a look! It's amazing! Anyway, this particular story is about Avery and Kinyata because I see great potential with them. Some of the dialogue in this chapter comes straight from the show itself. It's basically Season 2 my way with an Averyata focus!

Chapter 1 - Cold Comfort

Only a Garrett family funeral could blow up this spectacularly badly, Avery mused, rubbing her forehead as she pressed the cell phone to be ear once more. Still no answer. Her brother was incommunicado and had been for hours now. What could be so important that he actually would miss the opportunity to say goodbye to their cousin Marly? She didn't want to have to worry about him too, not when she was already worried for so many other people, but there was a part of her that wondered if he was okay.

He's fine, she told herself resolutely as she slipped the mobile into her hand bag. She reminded herself that other people weren't doing nearly as well. Her aunt Sara... And Kinyata ... The poor man was sitting all alone in the chapel staring at Marly's picture, as if he focused on it long enough, he could will her back to life.

Avery's chest ached. She missed her cousin too. Marly had not only been her relation, she had also been her best friend.

She walked down the long, lushly carpeted aisle until she reached Kinyata's side. With no hesitation, she reached out to touch his shoulder. "Hey," she said quietly.

"Hey," he returned, not looking at her as she slid into the pew next to him. He discreetly dabbed at his eyes and she pretended not to notice that he was crying.

Avery sighed heavily, leaning back against the seat. "It's been one hell of a night, huh?"

Kinyata surprised her by chuckling wryly. "Yeah, but the good side is, at least Marly would have expected nothing less from her neurotic family."

She smirked, unable to resist the urge to elbow him. "Neurotic, huh?" They both laughed. "Come on. We're not all that bad."

"Nah, you're not all that bad. Not all of you." His voice dropped an octave and he looked at his hands, played with his closely clipped fingernails, scraping them against each other.

"I just hope Aunt Sara's okay." Avery still couldn't believe the police had arrested her aunt for murder and at Marly's funeral, of all places. The scene had been horribly upsetting and left her feeling a little sick to her stomach. Besides, Sara was a lot of things, sure, but a murderer? Was that even possible?

"Yeah, so do I," Kinyata agreed with a quiet nod of his head.

Avery's heart went out to him. He looked so miserable. "Hey, how about you? How are you holding up? I mean, I know how much Marly meant to you."

Kinyata's eyes found Marly's portrait once more. "You know, I'm good. Yeah, I'm good. I'm alright." He said he was fine but why didn't she actually believe him? Why should she? She knew that he was really hurting. She felt helpless to console him though, especially when she hurt like this too.

"Me and that girl had some crazy nights together," he said quietly, almost reverently.

"I know." Avery smiled now. "She adored you." She nudged Kinyata's arm. "You know, whenever I used to come to visit, she would always tell me stories about you two hanging out."

Kinyata looked at her then. A smile played at his lips. "What stories?"

Avery chuckled. "I'm not telling."

Kinyata smiled for about all of half a second before he sobered once again. He shook his head. "She was always a cutie pie." He stared at his large hands as if he could find the answers to the universe written on his inky fingertips. "God, she was bold as hell. She was always a gem."

Avery nodded. "Yeah." Her eyes swam with unshed tears. "God, I'm going to miss her so much."

"I know... I just hope little R.J.'s going to be okay."

"So do I." She knew Kinyata was somehow responsible for Tony bringing the little boy to the funeral in the first place and she appreciated it so much. Seeing that cute little boy had been such a salve on her tattered heart. She knew she wasn't the only one who had felt that way.

"That Sammy woman though," Avery said, thinking of the other woman who had come to the funeral with Tony, probably to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't do anything she wouldn't do. "God, she's a piece of work... She's just so overly aggressive and militant. I just want to -" Avery squeezed her hands together pointedly and grimaced.

Kinyata turned to look at her. "Whoa, whoa. Don't get violent on me now."

Avery smiled back. "Well, come on."

"Just breathe. Just breathe."

Avery drew in a loud, shuddery breath and released it dramatically.

Kinyata smirked at her. "But the joke would be like, okay, what would Jesus do? And just let that ..."

"What would Jesus do?" Avery stared at him like he was crazy. "Hmm, what would Jesus do?" They both burst out laughing. "She's lucky I'm a god-fearing woman or she would find out... Yeah, anyway..." It was Avery's turn to sober. "No, but I really am. I am genuinely worried about that little guy. I don't think she's a good influence on him at all."

Kinyata was no longer smiling. He turned away from her slightly. "Yeah, I feel you... But Tony's a good dad, right? I don't think he'll let RJ get hurt."

"Yeah, I don't think so either," Avery said. She reached out and laid a hand on Kinyata's shoulder for a moment, giving him a comforting squeeze and then let her hands fall back into her lap. They just sat there in silence for the longest time, each lost in their potent thoughts.

The ringing of Avery's cell phone suddenly split the silence in the chapel. Avery reached for her handbag, glancing at Kinyata apologetically. "I'm sorry," she murmured as she fished her mobile from her purse and put it to her ear.

She heard loud sniffling and knew from seeing the caller ID that it was her brother. Her lips in pursed in concern and a little irritation too. He should have been here tonight. He shouldn't have missed this. They needed him. "Daniel, where the hell are you?" She asked.

"Avery, I think I've done something pretty bad." Daniel's sniffles became quiet sobs in her ears. She tensed up. What the hell was going on?

"Okay, calm down. Tell me - tell me what happened," she said. She didn't remember the last time she had heard her brother cry. The last time was probably when he was five and he'd been caught snitching cookies from the hot plate and their nanny had gone a little postal over it because he had lied blatantly about not being the culprit who had left behind the crumbs. Since then though, she couldn't remember him ever really losing his cool. This was beyond disconcerting.

"Daniel?" She prompted.

His cries quieted. "I can't - I can't tell you over the phone. Just get over here real quick."

"Where's here?" Avery asked, already getting to her feet.

"The family estate," he said, as if it should be obvious. "Come alone." She heard a dial tone in her ear and sighed before slipping the mobile back into her purse. She looked at Kinyata who still stared off into space. He looked so miserable. "Hey uh, I hate to do this but I've got to go. Little brother is having some kind of crisis."

At first, KInyata didn't seem to hear her and then he nodded. "The drama never stops around here, does it?"

"No, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to," Avery said.

Kinyata turned his brilliant sea green eyes to meet her baby blue ones. "Do you need help or-"

"No. At least I don't think so. Everything should be okay," Avery said, though considering the way things were going, she doubted very much that that was true. "Can I drive you somewhere or -"

"Nah. I'd like to stay here a little while longer."

"Okay," she said. She hated to leave him alone when he looked so sad but what choice did she have? Daniel was having a meltdown.

She slipped her purse over her shoulder. "Well, goodbye," she said. "See you really soon, I hope."


Avery offered him as a bright of a smile as she could muster and then she headed up the aisle. She turned to watch him for a moment. His shoulders were slumped and he was staring at Marly's portrait once again. "Kinyata?" She said.

He turned to look at her. "Yeah?"

"I ... well, I - I heard this song once. I think it was Lady Antebellum, actually.. The lyrics go something like 'You feel like you're falling backwards, like you're slippin' through the cracks' ... uh ... 'You look inside and all you feel is pain, and you can't see it now' but ... 'down the road the sun is shining. In every cloud there's a silver lining. Just keep holding on'... 'You'll find love, you'll find peace'... And 'I know right now that's not the way you feel but one day you will'..."

Kinyata stared at her for a long moment. So intensely that she found herself flushing red in the face. "Wait," he said with a little snicker. "Did you just quote country lyrics to me?" His snicker turned into a full blown laugh parade.

She shook her head. "Oh shush. I was trying to help." She felt her lips twitching. "And I'll have you know... Some country songs have a lot of depth. They all have a story behind them too."

"Yeah well, so do a lot of rap songs I know and trust me Lady Antebellum got nothing on Tupac."

Avery shook her head. "Be that as that may ... I thought the sentiment of the song I mentioned was ... powerful."

"It was powerful... sort of," he said begrudgingly. "But Tupac-"

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Tupac was life," Avery said.

"May he rest in peace..." Kinyata looked at Marly's picture again. "Among other people..."

Avery's heart clenched painfully. "It's going to be okay. Somehow... it has to be."

"You really believe that?"

"What other choice do I have?" Avery shrugged. She lifted her hand in a wave. "See you around okay?"

"Okay, Avery... Drive safe."

"I will. Thanks." Avery gave him one last look and then raced for the exit. She didn't know what she was rushing home to but hoped that whatever it was that was wrong, could somehow be easily righted.