When Keith woke up two days later, the others were waiting for him in the Control Room.

Shiro had been by his room in one of his lucid moments and had told him he'd explained to the others about what happened in there, and that they'd managed to make an alliance with the Blade of Marmora.

Now it was up to Keith to explain his side.

The others were looking at him silently, waiting. Not judgemental, but curious. Even Lance was silent, but probably only because Allura told him to be, as he looked like he wanted to ask a million questi╬┐ns.

"As Shiro probably told you, even since I can remember I've had a blade. A few days ago I found out that it's Galran, and it was my father who gave it to me."

"Who'd give a knife to an infant?" Lance interrupted disbelievingly, but shut up when the Princess shot him a look.

Keith ignored him and braced himself for what he was going to say next. No secrets between us."That's all I know about the blade, but now that I have your attention anyway there's something I haven't told you."

Shiro gave him a surprised look, not having expected Keith to say anything more.

"You have been keeping secrets?" The Princess asked, surprised too.

"Yeah, what happened to 'no secrets in the team'?" Pidge asked skeptically.

"It's not... Exactly a secret." Keith answered hesitantly, trying to justify not telling them to himself. "It's just another thing that you don't know about me. Shiro knows." He nodded to Shiro, who nodded back, now understanding.

Before he had opened his mouth again, Lance piped up in a hopeful voice. "You're gay?"

"What? No." Keith responded with a confused look.

He'd never really thought about his sexuality, but that wasn't important right now.

"I wanted to say that Keith isn't my real name."

"Say what now?" Hunk asked what everyone was thinking. This caused Princess Allura to find her voice again.

"But.. If your name is not Keith, then what is it?"

"I don't know." He responded honestly. "It's what I've been trying to find out."

"Tell us." She commanded. "Everything."

So he did.

Keith explained how he'd woken up in the Garrison without any memories of his life before that. He told them how they tested him and kept him inside when they found an... oddity, in his blood. They had never told him what it was, maybe they didn't know themselves.

Keith told them how he'd escaped, eventually, with Shiro's help. How the man had gone missing on a mission a year later and he'd been searching for him ever since. And the rest they knew.

The strange apprehension of certain objects and situations, Keith kept to himself. He couldn't explain it to himself, so how could he explain it to the rest?

"The 'oddity' must have been the Galran blood!" Lance exclaimed triumphantly. Allura gave Keith an odd look he couldn't identify, but stayed silent.

"But, why did the Garrison even begin those tests?" Pidge frowned. "Do they do that with every new recruit?"

"Maybe. I don't know." Keith said. "But they found me unconscious, I'm pretty sure, so they could have been checking for health problems. Since, you know, desert. Extreme heat."

Pidge nodded in acceptance, although her narrowed eyes told Keith she thought there was more to it.

The team's easy acceptance relieved Keith. He wasn't sure why.

It was Coran who had to ask the difficult question. "Do you really not remember anything from before you woke on Planet Earth?"

Keith hesitated, before deciding there was no point in keeping it. "Only two things."

Every eye was now focused on him.

"On the way to the headquarters, something Shiro said triggered a memory." Keith continued, stubbornly ignored the hollow feeling tugging at him. Shiro's face held realization as he remembered.

"Well, what was it?" Lance asked impatiently. He clearly wanted to know more, which surprised Keith.

"I'm not sure. There were two people... hanging off a cliff?" He frowned as he tried to remember. "Right before they fell. I tried to save them, I think, but I couldn't."

A heavy silence settled over the room. Shiro nodded to Keith to indicate he should continue.

"Then in the Blade of Marmora headquarters, two days ago..." He paused. Two days? Three days? Oh well, it didn't really matter now. "I relived some sort of distorted memory."

Shiro nodded. "They told me it was part of the test. The most difficult of choices."

"I saw my mother." Keith confessed. "I don't know her name." He silently cursed his priorities, his hand curling into a fist. "I should have asked."

Unexpectedly, Allura came forward to hug him. Keith froze, uncertain, but relaxed slowly and she pulled back, tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Keith." She seemed to be sorry for more than just his faulty memory, but Keith let it go. He gave her a nod of graditude.

When Allura had sat down again, Keith continued.

"I remembered something in there." He told them. "My sister. Her name is Bianca."

There was a pause as Keith felt bitter. "I don't remember anything else."

"Thank you for telling us this, Keith." Allura said honestly. "You look tired, I think you should rest more. Tomorrow will bring new challenges."

Keith nodded numbly and turned to walk back to his room. Behind him, the room was uncharacteristically silent.