Slade arrived back to his new hideout, looking completely exhausted. This is because the Teen Titans defeated him once again, and thanks to their teamwork, he is weakened. He dropped himself to the floor, trying to recover from his defeat.

"I can't believe they have beaten me again!" he yelled with anger in his voice. "Especially that green, immature teammate of theirs! This is not over, Teen Titans! Next time..."

"Unfortunately, there won't be a next time," a British voice is being heard in an instant.

As the masked supervillain turns around, he felt his life energy is being sapped away, and it's done by the ruby-handled cane the old man is carrying at this moment.

"Mad Mod..." Slade recognized his attacker while looking like he's in pain. "What are you doing?!"

"I'm just helping myself with the life force you possess," the sinister British old man explained. "Sadly, your last battle with my duckies has left you gravely exhausted. You don't have enough strength left to resist the absorption."

The masked villain realized it all. His last fight with the Teen Titans; it was all Mod's plan to weaken him. After he arrived back to his hideout recover, Mod would be there waiting for him to unleash his trump card.

"I never thought... you were planning all this from the beginning!" Slade said weakly. With more of his energy drained from him, he feels his life is slipping away. Next, he saw Mad Mod is starting to change physically for his age. His hair has turned from gray to flaming red, his skin turned healthy, and his clothes changed into a British flag shirt and white pants. Slade realized that he's not just sucking his life force, but also his youth. He tried to reach his hand to him, but it is futile as his life is now fading away. "MODDDDDDDDDDDD!"

"Your services are no longer required. Stay dead for good, this time," Mad Mod smiled as Slade dissolves into dust afterwards, leaving his mask and armor behind. "Now, it's time for the next part of a homemade happy ending."

He laughed with satisfaction for this part of the victory.

Two days later, Mod traveled to Murakami High School where the next part of his plan is about to commence. In fact, he got hired as a substitute psychologist for the day, and his patient came.

"Ah, Tori Miller, you're the patient I wanted to see," he said affably upon facing the blonde female. "Here, take a seat to the couch, and we can begin."

"Uh, okay," Tori sat down to the couch, and as soon as she did, the British man presses on the top part of his cane, causing a hypnoscreen to appear in front of her. As she looked, her eyes turned swirly to show she's under his hypnotic trance.

"Now, on the count of three, you will regain all traces of memory from what happened before you were turned to stone. 1... 2... 3!"

With a snap of his fingers, the girl's eyes turned back to normal to show that she is now free from the trance. She clutches her head as she started to remember everything about her previous life: being a Teen Titan, being Slade's apprentice; her redemption, and her sacrifice.

"I... remember!" she realized.

"Yes, you remember... Terra," Mad Mod spoke in front of her with an evil grin on his face, and she looked frightened to see him. "You know who I am?"

"Yes, I know who you are," the former Teen Titan responded to the question. "You're Mad Mod, a British criminal and one of the Teen Titans' greatest enemies. In fact, I heard about what you did to them before I met them."

"I see..." the redhead said. "I guess this is our first meeting."

"What do you want?" Terra stands up from the couch and puts herself in a defensive position to use her powers in case Mod tries to attack her.

"I'm not here to fight you. I came here to give back what you lost," Mod points a finger to her forehead to show her the answer. "Now that you remember everything what happened before coming here, what happens next is your choice. You can continue your normal high school life and keep your memories to yourself, or you can plan a reunion with a certain team, especially your green boyfriend."

Upon hearing the words, 'green boyfriend', Terra looks surprised.

"Wait, you know about...?" she asked.

"Yes, I know about it," the British villain puts his left and right index fingers together to show her what he's talking about. "You and greenie... together."

Next, he started walking his way to the door.

"I'll be going now, love. I leave the decision to you on what happens next after this," he said before leaving the room to give her time to think about her decision.

Author's Note: What do you think? I love the BBxTerra pairing, so here's my fanfic about it. This is going to be a 2-chapter story.