The grasshoppers sang through the open window, filling the room with a gentle buzz. The room was full of warm air, slowly circulating with the gentle current created by the electric fan in the corner.

Izuku could hear Ochaco snoring softly next to him. With a small grunt, she clumsily tossed the thin blanket onto him, as she always did in the middle of hot summer nights.

It would have been perfect, if not for the strange knobby object pushing into his side, preventing him from cuddling up to his wife.

Groggily, Izuku opened a sticky eye to investigate. Their bedroom was familiar even in darkness— the outline of their dresser with their costumes neatly folded on it, side-by-side, the soft shine of the mirror above it, even the lumps of his feet under the blanket near the bottom of the bed. Finally, Izuku was awake enough to turn his head towards the disturbing knob, only half surprised when he realized what it was.

Izuku couldn't help the small groan that escaped. Naturally, their five-year-old son was, once again, trying in his sleep to burrow his foot through his father's ribcage. Meanwhile, the boy pressed his head against his mother with equal determination. In fact, Ochaco was just about to fall off the bed, blissfully unaware of her position in her deep sleep.

"Nori…" Izuku sighed, more to himself than to his son. Their son had a habit of sleepwalking to their bed at night and crawling in between his parents. It wouldn't have been a problem at all, if he didn't also have a habit of rotating until he was perpendicular to them. He was getting a little too tall for their modest queen-sized bed.

Now, Izuku was faced with his nightly decision– try to stay and tough it out, or surrender and move to the couch down in the lonely living room.

It wouldn't be too hard to stay as long as—

"AHHHHHH!" Nori screamed in apparent victory, kicking Izuku solidly in the side with both feet, hard enough to make a thumping sound.

It didn't hurt much, but it was enough to make the decision for him. If he wanted to sleep through the rest of the night, the answer was clear.

A few minutes later, Izuku was settled into the couch cushions, pulling a blanket over his legs. Though he still wished he was in his bed with his family, he smiled at the thought of seeing them in the morning.

It was only a few hours later when a mysterious weight plopped onto his stomach.

"Oof!" Izuku's eyes shot open, but it was only Nori after all, still fast asleep. The morning light was gently streaming through the curtains across Nori's eyes, but it wasn't quite bright enough to disturb him. Birds chirped cheerfully just outside the window, greeting each other with the rising of the sun.

Soon, Izuku would have to go off for morning patrols, but…

He stroked Nori's brown curls, wrapping his other arm around his son's small body. It seemed Nori had also managed to throw the blanket away before making a bed out of his father, but with the body heat, it didn't really matter.

Izuku smiled to himself, closing his eyes again. Just a few more minutes…

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