A Hunter's Prayer

Dean: I don't know if you can hear me

Or if you're even there

I don't know if you would listen

To this Hunter's Prayer

Yes I know I'm just a sinner

Who you pulled out of Hell

Still I can't help but worry

Where are you Castiel

Cas let me see you

That's what I pray

I have to tell you

Just one thing today

Angel I beg you

For you to be fine

Please Cas I'm desperate

Just give me a sign

Uriel: You are a pawn

Metatron: So play your part

Raphael: No emotion can be in your heart

Michael: My word is law you must obey

Naomi: When I say to kill you will slay Dean

Dean: Cas you're my best friend

I need you here

I know I'm not

Worth all of this fear

Angel I beg you

With all that I know

I guess I'm selfish

I can't let you go

Cas let me see you

I can't let you go