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Sixteen year old Harry Potter, elder brother of the boy who lived sat at the Slytherin table. He was with his best friend Daphne Greengrass. Her head was on his shoulder, as they were waiting for the Goblet of fire to regurgitate the champions names. The rules were anyone who had taken their OWL's could enter. Harry after much persistence from Daphne had entered.

Daphne was his closes friend ever since the day he met her on the Hogwarts Express on their first year. He was a quiet shy boy. She was rather timid her self, and was rather shy and scared asking to sit with Harry. Harry smiled at her softly and nodded. She thanked him quietly and smiled at him, than sat opposite him.

They had sat in silence for quiet a while tell the food trolley came. Daphne just shook her head nervously at the kind plump witch. Harry got some sweets and snacks and returned to the compartment.

In the end Harry spoke to the blonde girl opposite him. "Want one." He offered the box of Jelly Slugs. He smiled at her.

She looked over. "Please." She smiled taking one. "There my favourite."

Harry smiled at her. "Well here." He placed the box on her lap.

"No I couldn't. There yours after all."

"Seriously it's fine. I'm Harry by the way." He smiled at her again.

"Really thank you Harry. I'm Daphne by the way."

"Pleasure to meet you Daphne."

"And you Harry. So can I ask your last name."

"Potter." He sighed.

"Oh what's wrong."

"Your gonna question me about my stupid little brother. As well as my oh so great parents right." It did not seem like a question.

"Of course not Harry, I'd never judge based on someone's family. Given my." She trailed off on the last part. "My last name is Greengrass by the way. Please don't think I'm bad given my family's history."

"Im not one to judge either. They say family is the one you need to trust and they will always be there for you, that's a load of dragon dung."

Daphne nodded. "Yeah mum and dad loves me but dad was rather cold and distant. Then mum well mum wasn't around much, and will never be now."

"Oh I'm sorry Daphne I know we just met but if you ever need to talk I'm always open to talk too. You see I know what it's like to grow up without much interaction with a mother or farther."

Daphne smiled sadly. "Guess we're not so different, are we Harry."

"No I guess we're not." Harry smiled sadly back.

The pair had both had troubled pasts.

"Harry do you think. Well do you think we could be friends. You know no matter what house we go too?"

Harry looked at the small blonde girl kindly. "Of course Daphne."

"Thanks Harry it will be nice to have a friend."

"You too Daphne thank you."

Once reaching Hogwarts the pair got sorted into Slytherin. Daphne weren't such a shock as her family tends to go to Slytherin with a few Ravenclaw's. But Harry was a total shock. His father had sent him a howler, the second morning after his sorting. Harry just made it look like it did not bother him. He had gotten use to hiding his emotions. Way before Hogwarts. His first two years at Hogwarts were uneventful, he did however become a chaser on the Slytherin Qudditch team in his second year. He grew feather apart from his mother and father as time went on.

Soon after becoming friends Daphne explained her mother was dead. An ancient curse put on the moon family, that finally manifested effecting her mother. The Moon's being Daphne's mother birth family, before she married Daniel Greengrass. This really sent Daphne's father into depression. They had enough money so he did not have to work, but Daphne and her little sister Astoria suffered badly. Daphne had taken care of them. With the house elves help. Daphne's father never picked sides in the war nor did her mother, she got sick soon after Daphne was born. Something to do with the long forgotten curse, that would effect the first Moon born mother to give birth to her first daughter in a thousand years. Daphne's father never blamed her, nor was ever harsh to her. Daphne's mother did get better. Then they had Astoria and all seemed well, but then a year after Astoria was born their mother became terminally ill. They could never work out what was wrong and she died a year later when Daphne was four.

In their third year Harry's ass of a little brother came to Hogwarts. Harry was not the biggest fan of Draco Malfoy but he was still better than his douche of a brother. He would assist Draco in getting his chubby brother in trouble.

In the previous two years Harry and Daphne both opened up a lot. The pair learning two defend them selves. There was a reason Harry was called the ice king, and Daphne the ice queen. They both appeared quiet and impassive but the whole of Slytherin soon learned not to anger the pair. They eventually became the unofficial King and queen of Slytherin. Even Draco Malfoy fell into line with the pair. When learning he could never usurp the pairs power, with his girl friend Pansy Parkinson. Draco took a fancy to Astoria but Daphne and Harry both scared him off.

Harry little Brother Regan got into some business with the Philosophers stone trying to save it, getting him self seriously injured. Harry knew what he was planning to do, and informed his head of house Severus Snape who went to save the foolish boy and his friends. They found Granger trying to get her self and Ronald Weasley who was seriously injured out the trap door. Whilst trying not to get killed by Devils Snare. He levitated the two out and ordered the girl to the hospital wing with the disgusting ginger boy, who ate like a pig. Well his brother did too but that was beside the point. Snape apparently found Quiral trying to steal the stone. Snape quickly captured him tho. His little brother was about to be killed when this happend. The turban wearing Professor was being processed by the spirit of Lord Voldemort, who when he left the Professors body immediately perished. So interrogated him was worthless. Oh and of course the old goat hushed it up. The old bastard who was part of the reason of Harry's miserable childhood. The old goat tried to give Gryffindor the house cup by awarding last muinet points to. Regan, Granger and Weasley oh and Longbottom for some reason. But Snape quickly intervened for the warning of the threat and saving his brothers and his friends life's, he awarded Harry fifty points. Dumbledore could not do anything, fearing then it would show favouritism. The rest of the houses just thought Snape could not see his house lose. But Harry and Daphne, as well as few others knew the truth.

Snape did not like Harry at first, due to how he resembled his father apart from having his mothers stunning green eyes. But soon warmed up to the boy. As Harry got older he looked less and less like James Potter as well.

Then came Harry's fourth year when the Chamber of Secrets was opened. He saved the day that time with Daphne by his side. He discovered he could speak Parcel Tongue his brother could too somehow. An old dairy was processing the youngest Weasley Ginny. He had killed the Basilisk by bring a rooster down to the Chamber with him. Then stabbed the Dairy controlling the girl with a basilisk fang. It screamed and so did the young incarnation of the Voldemort. The pages poured with ink like blood and it was destroyed. He showed the memory to Snape who sent it to the Ministry. To prevent Harry being punished, and Daphne too. For both of their efforts Snape saw to it they both received special awards for services to the school. For both of their contributions they and both received the order of Merlin first class as well. Lockhart had tried to memory wipe his stupid little brother and friend Weasley, when they went for him for help to go down to the chamber. But discovered then what many already knew that year he was a fraud. But the fool tried to use Weasley's broken wand, that had snapped when his Brother and Weasley tried to fly a car to Hogwarts but, crashed in the Whomping Willow. That had caused a lot of damage to the tree, and the international statue of secrecy. Snape did his best to have the idiot pair expelled, but of course the Headmaster saved their asses. Mister Weasley was finned heavily for the bewitching of the car and owning it. Something Draco was pleased to taunt the young Weasley in the corridors for.

Fifth year nothing eventful happend, apart form his godfather escaping prison. Well he was falsely imprissoned after all. Nor given a trial. It was the rat Wormtail that had betrayed his parents. But his father went along with the old mans plans for what ever reason. But during a scuff up between the rat, Sirius, his dad and Lupin who turned out to be a Werewolf. Wormtail and killed Harry's father and fled. Harry in all honestly did not care. He haven't heard much from Sirius but told him and old him to owl him if he ever needed anything. Lupin also did the same for Harry. Harry liked Lupin he was a good teacher no matter his other issues. Harry had never saw him when he was young tho. Well he had his reasons to keep away. After his fathers death he had become head of the Potter family. He did not banish his little brother and mother from the family. But they soon moved out to one of the smaller potter houses. Rather than stay at Potter Manor. Dumbledore of course tried to convince him to turn the headship over to Regan but Harry told him were to go. He still gave Regan access to his trust vault for now. He also set up a small vault for his mother. But would not give them access to the other Potter vaults. Now he was the one with the power and authority. Not the neglected and unloved one, but he did not flaunt it. His revenge was subtle like a good Slytheirn.

Daphne soon sat up with her Ice queen mask adorned on her face as the old fools began speaking.

Then the goblet burst to life, expelling a flaming bit of parchment. "The Champion from Beauxbaton is, Flure Delecore." A polite applause followed. His Brother and Weasley drooled at the site of her. A few of the girls from the selected girls school burst into tears however, at not being chosen.

"Pathetic." Mumbled Harry so only Daphne could hear. She nodded in agreement.

The goblet burst a flaming bit of parchment out again. "The Champion from Dermstung is Victor Krum." The hall erupted into louder applause then for the girl.

The the goblet burst to life a third time. The Hogwarts champion is Harry Potter." Dumbledore said in a slight dejected tone trying to appear impartial. But the whole Hall erupted into applause from the Hogwarts students. Even those who did not like the Slytherin knew he was a genius and knew you did not cross him. Or his girl friend Daphne Greengrass, because if you did a world of pain came your way from both of them. Only his arrogant little brother and friends well apart from Granger booed and hissed him as he made his way out the door. Daphne squeezed his hand softly as he left. She had let her mask slip as it did a lot when it involved her best friend and boy friend. But people soon learned not to try get to Harry or Daphne threw doing something to either of them.

Granger actually liked Harry partly or at least respected him. She watched as he left the hall. Still remembering the day he saved her life. Regan and Ronald had been vile to her, and she was crying in the girls bathroom. It was Halloween and Quiral had let in a troll. She came face to face with it, but Harry burst in and saved her. It had near,y killed her and it destroyed the bathroom. But he had transfigured its club, into a stone pillar that even the strong troll could not hold up. It dropped it on its own skull crushing it and killing him self. As it thudded it the floor dead. Going through the floor to the classroom bellow. She had been sternly told off but when McGonagal realised it was because she was being build soften up on her. Dumbledore tried to punish Harry for being where he should not be, tell Snape pointed out if Harry had not stepped in the girl would have died. It would have taken to long to tell a teacher. So Snape awarded Harry one hundred potions for saving the girls life. Regan and Ronald had lost Gryffindor one hundred points each for bullying and also gotten three months detention with the witch.

Regan soon applogised probably on his mummy's orders and probably Ronald on the same with his mummy's orders. She still weren't sure if she like the pair, but they tried to be friendly and she supposed it would beat seven years of loneliness. But even now in fourth year she saw how different she was from the rest of Potters gang, but acted the part of the good friend just for a peaceful life.

Just then after Harry had left a fourth name came out. Oh and of course she had to play the part of the worried friend. As Dumbledore read out. "Regan Potter." As whispers filled the hall.

Harry was with the other champions talking politely, as the door banged open and his arrogant little brother swaggered in.

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