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"Hey Daph?"

"Yeah?" She mumbled half asleep.

"I need to go deal with a surprising revelation. Feel free to keep sleeping there hang over cure around by the way." He smiled at her carefully getting up.

"Nah I'll get up meet in the Prefects Bathroom in around an hour?" Daphne asked.

"Sure bring me a change of clothes and my bath stuff would you?"

"Sure thing."

"Thanks well see you in a bit."

With that Harry carefully slipped through the castle tell he reached the office door and knocked.

"Potter." The man growled.

"Sir may I come in and have a word?"

"Very well Potter your lucky I was up or you may have been blasted through a wall."

Harry smirked as he entered and say down in front of the man's desk.

"So Potter what can I do for you?"

"Lets just say I know something. Something that best kept quiet and for what it's worth I'm not gonna tell anyone. Nor am I gonna be the one to really care what this person is up to."

"Potter do not speak in such riddles." The man snapped.

Harry smirked. "Fine Bart Crouch."

The man face paled. "H-How do you know?"

" I have my ways now I won't say but I'm guessing your not the old fool Mister Crouch but his son. The son who supposed to be dead."

"Cleaver boy Potter. Now what's to stop me oblivating you?"

"My special source would just remind me your here. As well as I'm willing to possibly help in you endeavours."

The fake moody smirked. "Well Potter i believe we have a deal."

"So why are you here?" Harry said getting straight to the point.

"Your brother's greatest enemy." he said simply.

"That is most interesting and what does this enemy wish to achieve?" Harry asked.

"Well I can't just tell you all his plans for all I know your here on the old man's orders."

Harry's face darkened. "I hate that vile old man and will take great pleasure in ending him one day and that one day will be soon." Harry said darkly and with true determination.

"Well I'm sure you will get your wish one day." The man said.

Harry merely nodded.

"Now I'll contact him and inform him in this interesting development and inform him if he has a task for you." The man said.

Harry nodded. "I bid your farewell for now."

The man nodded and Harry left heading to the Prefects bathroom to meet Daphne.

It was in the way to the bathroom he started to remember events from the past. His and Daphne first year coming to each others defence from fellow members of their house. Saving each other from attacks. Delving into the Dark Arts to learn to defend them self. Rising up the ranks within the house and teaching others to fear them. Developing their masks that made them seem so cold and distant. The pair of them confessing their love for one and other in their third year at christmas. where just some of the events that Harry thought of On his way.

After their father private a shared bath time the pair decided to go for a walk around the grounds.

"So I got some interesting news Daph."

"Oh do share." Daphne smiled slyly.

" It seems Moody is not Moody but someone else. Well and he here on the orders of the Dark Lord."

"Oh I'm guessing he's here to deal with that shit. As well as that where you went earlier." Daphne said.

"You would be correct my dear. Well I'm also offering to help in any way."

Daphne eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh Harry if you need any help you'll ask me right." She said gazing into his eyes excitedly.

Harry chuckled. "Why of course my dear." He said and then kissed her on the cheek.

As they walked they discussed further about what they thought the first task would be and how she was gonna help Harry prepare. They where sure they could get a note for unrestricted access for Harry to the restricted section. Harry being Snape favourite student.

"Oh Harry can't you just banish that Mudblood and arrogant bastard from your family line."

"For you my dear yes the next time they are their selves the Potter line will be cleansed. But to be honest Daph you did not really need to ask. I had plans to restart the line with you any way."

Daphne looked shocked. "Harry are you asking what I think your asking."

Harry blushed. "I have no clue what your on about dear." He smiled and kept walking.

"I'm serious Harry Potter do you really want to marry me some day!"

" Yes Daphne their is no one who comes close to you. You where my first friend and my best friend. The only friend I could never stand to be with out. The only person who knows everything about me and I know everything about you. Daphne Greengrass I love you as never want to be with out you."

A few tears left Daphne eyes. "Harry I love you too. But you realise this ain't no official proposal I expect to be rushed off my feet."

"Deal." Harry said smiling.

The pair embraced each other and kissed.

"Come on let's go get an early lunch then go get you a note from Snape."

The pair linked arms as headed towards the kitchens happily in each others company.

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