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"Get the hell away from my niece."

Arms around her mother, with Henry gleefully allowing himself to be squished between them, Evie couldn't help but steal glances at her blonde niece. Having claimed the older woman as her family in such a manner, Evie knew she could no longer pretend she felt otherwise. Like it or not, she and Emma were family, and it was time they both accepted that.

Seeing Emma pinned beneath Hook, who had worn a decidedly lewd expression, had made Evie see red. She'd thrown Harry's father across the dry lake bed of Lake Nostos without a thought, dragging the bewildered woman upright just in time for them to square off with her grandmother. The magic Emma had produced was something that needed to be discussed at a later time, though Evie hadn't been as unsettled by the sight of it like her sister and niece had.

Pressing several more kisses to Henry's head, inhaling the familiar scent of his hair, Evie pressed closer to her little family. Regina did the same, kissing her daughter's forehead, eyes bright with relieved tears to have both her children in her arms once more. The very thought of her mother breathing the same air as her children chilled Regina to the bone, and she was glad her mother hadn't managed to use the portal.

"So," Henry began quietly, peering up at them both. "What was it like?"

Evie exhaled sharply, managing a smile for her brother's sake. The Enchanted Forest had been nothing like she remembered; having been born after the Ogre Wars, she'd never had the misfortune of running into one of the beasts. "It wasn't anything like home."

Emma stared at Evie and Henry, who both had their arms around Regina. The reunited Mills family held onto one another tightly in the back room of Gold's Pawn Shoppe. Unable to shake the words Evie had uttered moments before she'd thrown Hook off Emma and across the dry lake bed, Emma stirred when there was movement to her left.

Harry settled beside her, smile bittersweet. "Thank ye, Swan." He muttered, chuckling when she arched a questioning brow. "Ye helped ta bring my princess back in one piece."

"I think it was the other way around, honestly." She returned, taking his hand in a firm grip when it was offered. "Your father is... well he's a real piece of work." She continued, eyes focused on Evie as she pressed kisses to the top of Henry's head. Had she glanced at Harry, she would have seen his thunderous expression when she added, "he's really got it out for Evie, thinks she stole your heart or something."

Resolving to confront Evie about that tidbit later, Harry pushed down the burning anger at his father for the time being. If Evie and the other two were to be believed, both Cora and Captain Hook had been left stranded in the Enchanted Forest without a ride to Storybrooke. While relieved Evie's homicidal grandmother hadn't managed to come over, he'd also been saddened that his da hadn't made it either.

Said sadness was now tinged with rage that he believed that Evie, and not Regina, was the one to take his heart. While he could see why his father might have come to such a conclusion, he didn't understand why he had. Harry had never told his father who had taken his heart because he couldn't. He'd never asked, only assumed that Regina had done something to his heart that stopped him from speaking of Evie to anyone.

"Hey, kid. You hungry?"

Stirring from the tight embrace of his mother and sister, Henry turned toward Emma with a smile. "Yeah."

"Evie? Harry?"

The tentatively extended olive branch was accepted with an equally hesitant nod from the pair. Pressing a kiss to her mother's cheek along with a whispered promise to see her in the morning, Evie and Henry joined Emma and the others. Hands clutched by Henry and Harry respectively, Evie tried to join in on the laughter as the group started their way to Granny's.

Evie's cheeks ached by the time the dinner was over. Still surprised that she and Harry had been invited - and that Harry had gotten along fairly well with David - she was relieved by how well it had gone. Her mother's absence had been felt, though Evie knew not to press her luck. Bringing their two families together would take time, especially given how much bad blood existed between them.

Arm in arm, the pair strolled down the street toward the loft. Head resting on Harry's shoulder, Evie smiled prettily up at him when he tipped her chin up for a kiss, both unaware of the spyglass fixed firmly upon them.

On the deck of the Jolly Roger, enchanted spyglass held to his eye, Hook sneered at the sight of his son wrapped around that little wench. His ribs still smarted from where he'd landed after the girl had thrown him with her magic. Cora had forbidden him from taking any action against her granddaughter, though he had little intention of listening to her warning.

Once he got his hands on his boy, removing him from the influence of the Evil Queen's brat and hopefully retrieving Harry's heart in the process, he'd turn his attention to his revenge. Skinning the crocodile was first on his list, followed closely by keelhauling the blue-haired minx that had brought such misery to his son's life.

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