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She screamed in pain. He just held her hand and told her how much he loved her. It was coming closer, he would be a father soon. He could hardly contain his excitement. She pushed again, her breathing ragged. One more push, and his child would be born. Just one more push! He kissed his wife on the forehead and encouraged her to push. She looked to him and then pushed again. And he could hear his child cry. He breathed a sigh of happiness, almost in unison with a scream that came from one of the midwives. Another of them fainted. He looked to his wife and she looked at him, with the same worry in her face that he was feeling. He got up from where he had been kneeling and walked to the end of the bed to inspect his newborn child. What he saw shocked him more than anything he had seen before. On the floor before him lie his son. His blue son. With a tail. And only three fingers per hand. He couldn't help it when a sob escaped his throat. 'This can't be real,' he thought to himself. 'Oh, God, please, this can't be true!' He began to cry harder now, and he had to leave the room. He couldn't let his wife see him like that. So he ran out the door, leaving mother and child alone.

He ran down the hall to the bathroom, where he locked himself. God, why did it happen? How? How did it happen? He knew very well how it happened. It was a secret he had kept from everyone, from his people, even from his beloved Raven. It was something his family had always hidden. Because, if the people knew that their nobility were mutants, would they be so willing to follow?

Johann himself was not a mutant. This is how he had become the Count of this region. His brother, Hans, was the one who should have rightfully been Count, if anyone had really known that his brother existed. But his brother was born different. His brother had been born a mutant. And so the family had hidden him, denied his existence. And now, it seemed like his son has taken after Hans. A cruel twist of fate. This was God punishing him, he knew it. It was God punishing him for treating Hans as he did. Now what would become of him? What would become of his wife? Oh, God, Raven! What could she think? She must have seen their child at this point.

He got back up and ran out of the bathroom, back to where he had left Raven and the baby. He flung open the door, trying to gather his words, trying to figure out how to explain this to his beloved, to find them both gone. He searched the room, and then the rest of the mansion. He had his guards search as well. But they came up with nothing. There was no trace of her or the child. Johann just crumbled to the floor and cried. He had lost everything. He had lost his wife and he had lost his hour old son. Because he hadn't been honest. God, if he had just TOLD her everything before, they would still be here. He would be able to be a father. And he would be a good father. The best father he could be. He would raise his son right, if only he had the chance. And he would love his son unconditionally, he already did. If only he had the chance. He spent the rest of the day and night on his knees, praying that his wife and son be returned to him. He spent the rest of the week praying. Finally, he gave up on that prayer. Now, he only prayed for his child's well being. Every day, he would pray that his son, wherever he was, was happy, and that one day he would see him again.


This is how I imagine Kurt's father to be.I know, very idealistic.but anyway, we'll know soon enough the truth about Kurt's dad.I just can't wait!