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S&S: I know I should be working on the 2 chapters I'm currently doing chapter 5 of my Rumbelle story the Golds Happy beginning and over on my other account pen name David Boreanaz'swife247 Ch 14 of my harry potter story the dark side of Hermione Granger but this would not leave me alone I got inspired to write this piece by listening to Trisha Yearwood's song woman before me and the OUAT ep skin deep now I know stories on that ep have been done over a billion times but I wanted to try my own hand at it. I find when writing no body allows belle to use her head so in this she will it's a bit AU as well I hope you like my first dark castle fic as well.

Title: True love loss

Author: suns and stars

Pairings: Rumple and Belle

Genre: Hurt/ comfort/ angst

Warnings: none

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own OUAT

Intro: Belle wonders who the woman was who had made her master believe that no one could love him

Belle has been living with Rumpelstiltskin for a, number of months after agreeing to be the price to keep her kingdom safe from the war. It was going on noon Belle is in the great hall cleaning the table after their tea while her master is at his wheel.

"Dearie it seems I'm low of straw go into town and fetch me some more" he barks out.

Belle stops her task and looks up staring at the back of his head as he had bark out his order without turning to face her.

Walking over to him she picked up the empty basket.

"You trust me to come back?" she asked in awe.

For this was the first time she would be outside the castle grounds, Rumpelstiltskin turns on the stool to face her.

"Oh no dearie I expect I'll never see you again" he tells her.

Handing her a handful of golden thread to pay for the straw.

Belle blinks at him a few times, before turning and leaving the great hall with one last thought.

He thinks I'll run away back home to my father my kingdom and Gaston.

Making her way through the castle she stops at the entrance to put on and ty her cloak about her shoulder pulls the hood up then opens the door and steps out closing the door she crosses the vast grounds to the gate.

The gate automatically open as if by magic, taking a deep breath with her heart suddenly beating wildly in her chest Belle step out into a world beyond the dark castle and begins walking up the dirt road.

Unknown to her, her master watches her cross though the gates from his tower window.

The young woman makes the long and tiresome Journey to the village below at the foot of the mountain.

*****a few hours or so later****

Tired and sore from all that walking Belle make her way back up the dirt road basket full of fresh new straw she was continuing her way up the road when she hears hooves and the wine of horses turning she see a black carriage behind her quickly belle heads to the side of the road to allow it to pass.

Only for it to stop beside her and the door to suddenly swing open reviling a woman in black with a too cheerful smile on her face.

"Did my carriage splash you?" she asked Belle.

"Oh no" said Belle looking down at her gown.

"You know I'm tired of riding" said the black clad woman.

"Let me stretch my legs and walk with you for spell."

The pair walk on with the woman's carriage not that far behind them.

"You carry very little" the woman remakes.

Eyeing the basket of straw

"I Don't want to be slowed down" said Belle

"Running to someone" the woman inquires

Belle turns slightly

Question is master or lover?" asked the woman.

Belle turns her head so fast she could have given herself whiplash, shock written over her face, the woman sees this and with surprise delight in her voice she says.

"Oh, master AND Lover"

Belle doesn't say anything but she does open her mouth in an o shape but second later presses her lips together and does not beet the woman's eyes.

"I might take a rest" Belle tells her you go on.

The woman just put her arm around Belle and the to continue with the woman saying.

"So, if I'm right you love you employer but you're leaving him"

Belle takes a moment before saying.

"I might love him I mean I could expect something evil has taken root in him"

"Sounds like a curse to me" the woman says casually

As they continue their walk the woman continues to speak

"and all curses can be broken"

Belle looks at the woman with puzzlement.

"A kiss born of true love will do it" She tell Belle.

Belle continues to stare.

The woman gets the hint at what Belle was not saying.

"Oh, child no I would never suggest a young woman to kiss a man who held her captive" she chuckled.

"What kind of message is that"

Belle suddenly gets an idea but shakes her head a little and says.


"Besides if he loves you he would've let you go if he doesn't love you well then, the kiss won't even work" the woman says the last part with an off handed light tone as if she didn't care if her master loved her or not.

Belle turns to the woman.

"Well he did let me go"

"Yes but no kiss happened" the woman reminded her.

The pair stop walking and face one another.

"And a kiss a kiss is enough he will be a man again?" Belle asked uncertainly.

"An ordinary man" the woman tells her.

Hope blooms on Belle's face.

"True loves kiss will break any curse"

A smile bloomed on Belle's face.

****Early that evening****

Rumpelstiltskin looks out of his tower window watching for Belle seeing her enter though the castle gates he turns and bolts down the stairs, when bell comes walk into the great hall she finds her master at the wheel.

"Oh, your back already…good…. good thing" he comments.

"I'm ah nearly out of straw" he says.

Belle hums and comes over to him.

"Come on" she says.

Setting the basket on the other side of the wheel still standing opposite her master she says

"Your happy that I'm back"

Rumpelstiltskin just looks at her and says with a snarky smile.

"I'm not unhappy"

Making her way around she stands behind him and places her hand on his shoulders saying

"You promised me a story"

He's silent for a second but looks up as she moves away and says

"Did I"

Belle make an agreeing nose as if to say yes you did she then pulls back the thread from the wheel and sit down her back to the wheel, placing a hand on his leather clad thigh she leans in and says.

"Tell me about your son"

"Ah" he says unsurely then more surely, he says

"I lost him there is nothing more to tell really"

"And since there you have loved no one?" Belle asked slowly.

Then something clicks in Belles mind as she voices her thoughts.

"And no one has loved you"

Rumpelstiltskin moves in closer looking, into her deep blue eyes.

"Why did you come back" he whispers.

"I wasn't going to" she tells him truthfully "then something changed my mind"

Still staring at each other Belle slowly leans forwards and kisses her master it was soft and sweet pulling back Belle watches Rumpelstiltskin who in turns starts to feel different.

"What, what is happening?" he asks softly

Belle watches excitedly as he begins to change running both hand down his hair she says happily

"kiss me again its working"

Rumpelstiltskin opens his eyes a bewiled look in them of wonder and shock

"What is?" he asked

With her hands placed on his shoulders

"Any curse can be broken" she says happily.

A dark look over came the master as he began to move back, in a fury he stands up so quickly that the stool topples over

And his skin that had once began taking on a pink flesh look reversed back to the golden grey scales.

"Who told you that?" he asked his voice tinged with hurt.

Meanwhile Belle sat there in shock.

"Who knows that?" he asked angrily

Belle looked away.

"I don't know she ah she, she" Belle stammered

The whole time Rumpelstiltskin was looking at the backs of his hand trying to figure out what was going on than it clicked.

"SHE" he seethes softly.

Turning he storms over to an object and pulls away the drape reveling a full-length mirror and begins ranting and raving at it.

Belle begins to become concerned.

"Who are you talking to?" asked Belle

Who was confused as to WHY her master was yelling at a mirror.

"The Queen" he said in a high pitch voice

Turning to face his little maid.

"Your friend the queen" He tells her.

His face is twisted in anger and rage.

"The queen I don't" said Belle even more confused now.

"How did she get to you" he asked in a deathly whisper.

"The Queen?" Belle asked.

Not truly understand why he was so worked up.

"I knew this was a trick" he said in that same deathly tone.

While walking back to his maid

"I knew you could never care for me"

Belle still stood there looking at him not knowing what to say or do"

"Oh yeah your working for her" he says jerking his thumb over his shoulder and at the mirror behind him

"Or is this all you?" he asked.

Pointing both his index finger and thumb of both hands at her. "Is this you, being the hero killing the beast" he said getting closer and closer to her until he's in arms reach of her.

Belle in her desperation gripped his hands.

"It was working" she said pleadingly.

"Shut up!" he yells

"This means its true love" she pleads with him.

"Shut the hell up" he shouts.

"Why won't you believe me?" Belle asked desperately.

He grabs her upper arms.

"Because no one could ever…ever love me!" he screams in her face.

It clicked then.

Who hurt him so badly that he believed he was unlovable and that no one could ever love him.

Belle looked at him and saw the pain in his eyes.

"Who hurt you Rumpelstiltskin" she asked softly.

She desperately wanted to reach up and caress his cheek but was afraid of what he would do yet that soft question said in such a worried loving tone stopped the master in his tracks.

"What…. what…." he stammered.

Anger and rage draining from his body only to be left with a sense of weariness.

"Who was she who was the woman who made you believe no one could love you" Belle asked Softly

Rumpled stood there closed his eyes slipping his hands from Belles upper arms he instead clenched his hands, all Belle saw was pain edged into every line on his face and just by looking at him something told her he wasn't going to say anything.

Belle lent close resting her forehead on his, surprised Rumpelstiltskin's eyes flew open she stared into those golden reptilians like eyes and the pain she saw broke her heart.

She sighed in sadness yet the warmth of her breath ghosted over Rumpelstiltskin's lips making him gasp and inhale her breath his lips tingled from the warmth of her breath looking, into her blue eyes he was surprised to see them glisten with un hashed tears and pain Belle felt drained herself.

Sighing again and although her lips tingled with the aftermath of her first kiss she reached up with the index and middle fingers of her left hand and pressed them to her own lips Rumpelstiltskin's eyes never leaving her own yet he was startled when he felt the pads of those same two fingers press to his own.

Belle felt him press his lips to her finger pads removing them she stepped around him and walked across the dining hall and out the door she then made a mad dash for her dungeon room the one he had thrown her in when she first arrived. Closing the door, she leant back on it and closed her eyes finally letting her tears fall stumbling over to the cot she stripped off her dress and changed into a night dress. Seeing the purple plush throw pillow, she cried even harder she sat down long ways and pulled her knees up clutching at the throw pillow and hugging it to herself as if it was Rumpelstiltskin himself.

That night in her dreams she replayed her FIRST kiss over and over and even dreamed of a loving outcome compared to the disaster of reality. Of what REALLY happened after her first kiss.

Unknow to her she was being watched.

Her master sat on the edge of his bed elbows on his thighs hands clasped together chin resting on his clasp hands staring at his full length magic Mirror.

"Show me Belle" he whispered.

The mirror whorled until it showed him his maid

His black heart broke and his eyes filled will pain as he saw his Belle in the cold damp dungeon lying on the hard-cold cot clutching the pillow he gave her on her first night in his castle when she would not stop crying, much like she was doing now, crying her beautiful blue eyes out.

***2 weeks later****

It had been 2 weeks since Belle shared her first kiss with her master and the next day he took off to do a deal and he had not been back since. Belle woke and got ready for the day before exiting the bedroom and headed to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast. After making it and a cup of tea she sat at the small table in the kitchen to eat, the castle was silent she had not heard nor seen her master in over 2 weeks.

After finishing her morning meal, she got to work doing her chores starting with the kitchen doing the dishes and washing the floors she was lucky enough that the castle's magic kept the kitchen cupboards stocked when she was running low once done she heads out and goes up to the library to do some dusting and to rearrange some misplaced books.

Belle sighs wistfully she missed her master and yes, the queen was right her lover the man if she could call him a man she loves. then her mind wonders once again back to the woman who made him believe that no one could ever love him and wonders WHO the woman was but the only woman he has ever mentioned is his son's mother when he told her that he lost his son as he did the boy's mother.

Could she have been the one to make him believe that no one could love him she thought

And for some strange reason she had no idea why because Belle was NOT a violate person but she wanted to ring the woman's neck if she indeed was the one to make her master doubt that anyone could love him. After dusting the library, she feels exhausted

Giving a sad sigh, she heads off to go clean the rooms but there was one thing she NEVER cleaned and that were the many covered mirrors within the castle ever since she saw Rumpelstiltskin yell at one and saying who he was talking to she never wanted to look into a mirror again. In fact, she had even covered up the one in her master's bedroom.

To the last room her masters room she rests her head on the door and let the tears fall she missed Rumpelstiltskin greatly so much in fact that she took up residence IN his bedroom the same night after he left the castle. She slept not only in his bed but also one of his shirts just, so she could be close to him.

Entering the room Belle grabs a night shirt from his closet and strips of her blue dress before slipping into his shirt and crawling under the covers she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

S&S: this was supposed to be a one shot, but it was becoming too long so I chopped it. It didn't come out how I wanted it to thou, but I hope you like it

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