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Chapter One


A cool, serene wind blew along the plains and valleys of Windia, and stopped short to ruffle the short strands of a girl's blonde hair. With a strong flap of her large snow white wings, she ascended into the air.

Today, she was free. Her father had finally heeded her relentless pleas to go outside the castle walls.

"Princess! It's almost time to go back!"

Looking over her shoulder, she sighed and dropped to the ground before a pair of heavily armored soldiers. "Can't I go a bit farther into the valley?" She asked timidly, her sea blue eyes tracing the skyline.

"You know you're only allowed to go to the edge, Princess Nina." the taller one said.

She brushed her hand on her left wing, watching as a few baby feathers floated gently to the ground. "Please, just this once...It's not fair that I can't."

The two soldiers glanced at each other, and then back at the Princess. Everyone in the King's court felt sorry for her. She was never allowed to do anything or go anywhere a normal girl could go. She could hardly set foot in the castle's courtyard without her father going almost ballistic. She was too important. They all knew that.

The taller one nodded in the other's direction. "Alright, Princess."

Stunned, Nina looked up. "I...Are you serious...?"

He nodded and took off his helmet, letting a mass of light brown hair fall forward. He Wiped sweat from his furrowed brow, and brought his dark eyes to hers. "Yes," He said warily, "But, for our sake, be only a minute alright? I don't want to have to deal with someone like Shyong because of this."

With a small giggle, she hopped into the air, catching herself with her wings so that she was hovering. "I promise." she said starting into the air.

When she was gone, the two soldiers glanced at each other worriedly. "That poor girl's going to be the death of us." The other nodded, turning to stare out into the sky.

Nina shot through the air like an arrow, piercing through the clouds and into the day sun. Her heart felt as though it would burst with joy as she gazed at the beautiful scene in front of her. The sky above the clouds was breathtaking, a clear blue masterpiece. And today it was all hers. She dipped her hand into the endless sea of clouds, marveling at the way the white wisps parted for her curious fingers.

Beating her wings against the wind, she weaved in and out of them, eventually diving through to the valley below. The sense of freedom was almost overwhelming. She closed her eyes, and let the wind run wildly through her hair, her light blue headband flying off in the process. She didn't care. She was free.

Nina was the only pure Windian in Windia; the only one born with the huge white wings of her ancestors. Ever since she had learned to fly, she had wanted to go outside the castle walls. Everyone told her it was impossible, that she wasn't meant to be on the other side, but she continued to dream.

Most of her days were spent gazing out of any window she could find at the bright blue sky, wishing, hoping, that one day she would be able to experience it first hand. Her father would walk by her while she was daydreaming and ruffle her hair, telling her that she was just a silly child, that she was too important to worry about things like flying. Ever determined, she kept on pleading him, telling him that it wasn't fair for her to have the wings if she wasn't able to use them.

Finally, on her nineteenth birthday, he set her free.

She flew faster now, beating her wings into the wind and extending her arms out. She opened her ears to the wind blowing past her, marveling at the hint of a song. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she slowed to almost a stop. Wind carrying a song? Her ears perked up as again the wind picked it up, sounding as though it was coming from the north. Puzzled, she rose higher into the air and peered towards the middle of the valley. Her eyes stopped on a single tree. "How strange..." she whispered softly. Even though she really had never been outside, she knew it was odd to have just one tree in the middle of an open grass valley. Gazing through the branches, her eyes caught sight of a man sitting on the lowest one.

Curious, she hovered closer. The man was around her age, with long blue hair that came to the middle of his back and long bangs that hung over his face. He was lean and muscular and had a sun kissed hue to his skin. A long, tattered crimson cloak hung over what looked like vintage armor along with a battle-ridden scabbard. He sat with his back to the tree and his legs in a lounging position, one hanging off of the branch. His eyes were closed and he was concentrating on the song he was playing with an shining black flute-like instrument.

It was the most beautiful thing Nina had ever heard. The melody was strong and sweet, yet it felt as though it had a hint of sadness in it. She watched as he played, totally engrossed in it, his long bangs blowing in the slight valley wind.

Just then, one of his eyes opened and focused down onto her. She gasped and dropped to the ground, glancing frantically around for any type of hiding place, but there was nothing so she stood still, waiting for him to say something. To her surprise, he did nothing but close the eye, and continued to play his song as if he was determined to finish it, regardless of her staring at him and disturbing his privacy.

She listened, as he played the last few notes of his song and watched as he took the instrument from his lips and placed it in his lap. He sighed and folded his arms behind his head. Nina was stumped. Should she say something? She felt as if she should, after all she did interrupt him. Taking a deep nervous breath, she gathered up what courage she could find and spoke with a rather soft shaking voice. "That was...beautiful..."

The man opened his eyes and turned slowly towards her. She stepped back and clutched the front of her light blue sundress, absolutely astounded by them. They were odd...yet the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. Deep emerald was the color, and compared to the darkness of his skin and hair, they seemed to shine. As much as she tried, she couldn't tear her eyes away, and it seemed as though he couldn't do the same. She flushed and immediately felt the need to apologize. "I-I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you...I was just flying around and heard you playing. I, well...I had to see where it was coming from...I don't mean to be so curious, I've just never heard such beautiful music before." She said in one breath.

A smile crept onto the boy's lips, making Nina's cheeks flush an even deeper shade of pink. "I don't mind." he said in a deep, soft voice that made her almost sigh. "I was just thinking about how lonely it was to sit here in the valley all by myself."

Nina, despite her nervousness, found herself smiling back, and she stretched her fluttering wings high into the air. He glanced down at them, marveling at the way the sun's rays reflected off the feathers. "How odd." he whispered.

"W-What do you mean?" She asked a little hurtfully.

He smiled. "No disrespect intended, I just was wondering what a Windian like you was doing here in this day and age." He said. Her light blonde eyebrows raised and he laughed softly. "I'm sorry, I've just never seen a pure blooded one before." he turned his body towards her. "You're quite a sight."

She blushed and shrugged. "I'm not sure what you mean, but I'm glad you're not mad."

He smiled a toothy smile. "How can I be? If I was going to be interrupted, it might as well have been by someone as cute as you." She went scarlet at the remark. He then reached into his cloak and took out a yellowed piece of parchment. He held it out, level with his eyes. Nina watched as his brow furrowed. "So, little Windian, I'm guessing you would be a good person to ask about the fastest way to get to Windia, right?"

"It's not too far from here." she said in a soft voice pointing behind her, towards the horizon. "There's a road that leads through the forest, maybe about an hours walk from here."

The man nodded and jumped down from the branch, landing in a cat-like crouch. Then, standing up, he ran a hand through his bangs. "Well, thank you, little bird." He said smiling that smile again.

Cheeks pink, she glanced at the parchment. "If you don't mind me asking, traveler, why are you headed to Windia?"

"I'm supposed to give this to the King, but I haven't the slightest clue how I'm going to get into the castle. I've heard it's rather difficult to get an audience these days." He said looking down.

Nina thought a second, then raised her left arm and took off a small silver bracelet. "I think I can help you with that."

"Sorry?" He asked puzzled.

She smiled and handed him the bracelet. "When you get to the castle, give it to the guards and tell them 'Nina dropped this and I want to return it'. Then I can help you talk to the King."

The man, still puzzled, took the bracelet and slid it on his wrist. "I don't understand...how would the guards know...?"

"Princess, it's time to go back! Where are you Princess Nina?!" Voices flew over the valley from the edge of the forest.

His eyes widened as she jumped into the air. "You're..."

She giggled and hovered higher. "Come see me, traveler!" And with that, she soared towards the end of the valley.

He eyed the bracelet, turning it over and over on his arm. "''To my dearest Princess Nina'" He glanced up to see her nearing the forest. "Well I'll be damned..."

"Princess, we told you to be only a minute!" The shorter guard hissed as she hovered beside them.

"I'm sorry, I met someone in the valley and was talking to him." she said dreamily.

The taller soldier looked over to see her flying backward, staring out into the valley. "Oh dear..." he said softly. "The King will be furious us if he finds out you talked with an outsider."

Nina glanced at him a bit hurtfully. "Well...I mean who says he has to know...?" She said turning back and squinting towards the tree. Visions of his long blue hair came to mind and she couldn't help but to smile, and the fact that he'd have to come to the castle to give back the bracelet, made her heart race with anticipation. She couldn't wait to see him again.

"Come, Princess, your little joyride has given us almost no time at all to get you back for your classes." One soldier said, reaching up and tugging on her dangling feet.

Nina groaned and made a face. She had forgotten about her classes and having to spend an hour with that woman. Hovering lower, a smile found its way to her lips regardless. At least today, she had something to keep her mind busy. "Alright..." She said softly, then looked down at the two soldiers. "...but before that...let's see if you can beat me!"

"P-Princess! You can't be serious...!" One cried when she laughed and took off higher into the sky. The taller one reached back and grabbed the others arm and they ran through the valley waving their arms frantically at the light hearted Princess giggling above them.