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Prologue – Arceus Pre-Emptively Saves the Multiverse

Arceus frowned. To say that the situation facing him was concerning was... an understatement.

To be more specific, it was the understatement of the millennium, possibly of the current cycle of reality.

Which had, incidentally, had just had its first interlopers, if only for a few seconds before Arceus had forcefully evicted them.

What worried Arceus was the fact that, had He not caught the two of them off guard, He might have actually had to exert some effort to banish them. And He was not used to effort outside his mortal incarnation.

So in the timespan of an inch, He pondered.

These beings had held unimaginable power, such that any less than they could not hope to defeat them.

But what were their goals?

Calling upon Hoopa, Arceus peered into a world that the entities had taken control of.

What He saw shook Him to his core.

War and conflict had poisoned the world, called Earth Bet by its inhabitants. Madmen ran wild, and the common man had no no power in the face of the entities' champions.

He saw vile pits of corruption, such as Ellisburg and Brockton Bay. Places where the common man lived in fear, if at all. Where criminals far overpowered and out-manned the few valiant heroes.

He saw Great beasts, destined to forever be forced to do the whim of a man who didn't even know what he was doing. The destruction left in their wake.

He saw the entities' champions doing nothing to help these people, and indeed, some acting only to supplement it.

War. That was the only thing that the entities had brought with them. And not a single champion was suited to stop it.

Well, if the entities had made champions to cause war, He would simply choose a champion to stop it.

Whether as a prank or knowing of Arceus's thoughts, Hoopa zoomed in on one scene in particular, a slim human girl who had been long betrayed by the one she considered her closest friend, now trapped amongst filth.

And, of course, one of the instigators was one of the entities' champions. Arceus was not surprised at this in the slightest.

What did surprise Arceus was the girl. As Hoopa opened more and more portals into snapshots of the girl's life, Arceus's frown grew deeper and deeper. This girl had gone through such a terrible life - losing first her mother and then her best friend, and at such a young age, that would be enough to send many humans into a deep depression.

And yet, despite everything...

Arceus smiled. This girl – Taylor – would do very well indeed.


Taylor's eyes cracked open. "Who's there?"

Fear not. The Voice was calm, fatherly – and yet, Taylor could feel the power in his words, power not even Scion could match. You are safe, Taylor. Open your eyes, and rise.

She did what The Voice commanded, and gasped. No longer was she in that locker, filled with toxic waste, but instead she was sitting on a field of stars, and before her was what she could only describe as a Being of pure power. "Where... where am I?"

In the space between worlds. The voice answered cryptically, presumably coming from the Being. I am Lord Arceus. You are here because I have an... offer of sorts.

Taylor perked up. Was this what it was like to become a Parahuman? "What's the offer?"

The being seemed to smile, somehow. In answer to your question, no you are not turning into a parahuman. How did it know that?! Telepathy. No, you are – if you so choose – becoming something far more powerful.

Taylor gaped. "Oh god..."

Yes, something along those lines. Taylor couldn't help but laugh a little at that. Anyway, as I was saying, your world is on the brink of chaos and, unfortunately, I have my own world to care for.

This is where you come in. Taylor perked up. You would be given the shape, knowledge, and power of one of my subordinates, Mew, and in return, I trust you to help restore relative peace to your world.

Taylor was stunned. "You would trust me with this?"

There are few on this world who I would trust, Taylor. You hold a rarity in your world – a pure heart. One that has been battered and beaten to the point of breaking, yet you stand strong. There was a chuckle from the voice. People who would do the right thing no matter what are a dime a dozen, as your kind says. It is for harder to find one who would do the wrong thing for the right reasons, and never for the wrong ones.

Taylor sat down. She was basically being asked to represent a god, become a god, stop Earth Bet from falling into chaos, and... and... "Is there anything else you want me to do?"

The voice was quiet for a moment. I suppose it wouldn't hurt too much if you created a few Pokémon here or there. Mew does so love to do so. Another chuckle. Not to mention, I think they would greatly even the metaphorical playing field, giving even normal humans a way to fight back. Pokémon are incredibly hardy creatures, even down to the smallest Wishiwashi.

Taylor nodded, then went back to thinking. Power and knowledge were fine, great even, but what worried her was shape. Would she be able to change back? Would she look like some terrifying beast? Would people run away screaming from the mere sight of her?

...Did it really matter, in the end? If what Arceus said was correct, Earth Bet was in deep, deep trouble. If she didn't do this, accept this responsability, well... who would?

"I'll do it."

And the world lit up.

Taylor yawned. 'Let's see... what was I doing again?'

The smell hit her nose, and she recoiled. 'Right. locker full of biological waste. Well, At least I'm not cramped anymore.' She giggled to herself. After all, what was the point of life if you couldn't have a bit of fun while living it.

Her ears poked up as she heard footsteps... and voices. 'The Terrible Trio.' She realized.

But she wasn't afraid. Oh no, quite the contrary.

She was thrilled beyond belief.

After all, a little fun never hurt anyone.


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TH: Or else!

AS: Taylor! What are you doing here?

TH: I have no idea!