This is ridiculously sweet.


As soon as they scrub off their hands from surgery Margaret finds Hawkeye leading her toward Father Mulcahey's tent. Knowing it is the middle of the night, Margaret whispers, "What are you doing?"

"Getting an unofficial marriage from a priest."

"It's the middle of the night! We can't just lie to the Father!" Margaret argues as she tries to think up a plausible divorce story.

"No, but I'd like his blessing," Hawkeye replies. Eyes wide, the nurse states, "You can't just get Father Mulcahey's blessing! This isn't like turning something kosher."

"You're Jewish?" The surgeon questions confused. Shaking her head, Margaret answers, "No. My cousin is. I went to his bar mitzvah a few years ago."

Stumped by her response, Hawkeye clarifies, "You are Jewish?"

"No," The blonde states. "My aunt got married again after her first husband died, and they had- Hawkeye!"

"Just teasing," He grins before yawning. Taking her chance, Margaret tells Hawkeye that they should check on their patient and go to bed. Yawning again, Hawkeye agrees before trudging off to post op.

The next week, Margaret and Hawkeye begin to build a better relationship. Slipping into his now girlfriend's tent, Hawkeye finds her hard at work at her desk.

"Hard at work or hardly working?" Hawkeye questions as he reclines on the cot.

"I'm coming up with a new plan for my nurses during surgery," The blonde explains as she erases something on her paper. Hawkeye studies his girlfriend. A little afraid of his next comment, the surgeon decides to brave the waters asking, "Are you sure you should be working this hard?"

"I have to if I'm leaving. Besides, my replacement needs to know how I run everything."

Hawkeye groans asking, "Can't you appoint a new head nurse?"

Margaret puts down her pencil and looks up at her boyfriend.

"No. Colonel Potter put out a call for one. I'm supposed to train her before I leave."

Sitting up on the bed, Hawkeye asks, "Margaret, how do you feel about getting married?"

Staring at him in shock, Margaret asks, "Here?"

"Yeah. That way we wouldn't really be lying when you go home," Hawkeye remarks. He watches his girlfriend's face fall.

"I can't," She confesses. "I don't want to remarry in a war zone."

Her words hit him strongly and he understands what he is asking and promptly apologizes.

"We'll get married back at home."

"I'd rather not get married while I'm pregnant, anyway," Margaret replies as she takes a good look around the tent she calls home for almost two years now. Suddenly she laughs.

"What?" Hawkeye questions eager to know the joke. The blonde shakes her head, but easily replies, "I can't believe I've ended up like Marlene. Pregnant and kicked out."

Motioning her to him, Hawkeye reassures, "Your record won't state that. Just that you resigned."

Margaret goes toward her boyfriend and lets him hold her as she cries against her will. Noticing her tears, Hawkeye hugs Margaret closer.

"Your child is making me emotional," Margaret complains. He smiles at her and soon asks, "Can I tell Beej now?"

Smiling, the nurse agrees and shoos her boyfriend away.

"B.J., I have something to tell you," Hawkeye tells his friend when he enters their tent. Thankfully Charles is off reading in the desolate Officer's Club.

"You got Margaret pregnant," B.J. jokes. When there is no answer, B.J. asks, "Did you?"

Sighing, Hawkeye replies, "Yes, but that's not what I have to tell you."

"Tell me! What is it?" B.J. asks wondering what can be crazier than his two friends having a kid together. The Chief Surgeon gathers his thoughts. He gets permission from Margaret to tell B.J. about the relationship, but is still unsure of how.

"Umm, Margaret is leaving as soon as her resignation goes through."

"She's leaving!"

"Well, she has to according to the army," Hawkeye replies. The friends pause a moment before Hawkeye exclaims, "I'm going to be a dad!"

Clapping his friend on the back, B.J. congratulates him.

"Welcome to the club," B.J. states just as wounded enter the compound.

Working with Margaret in OR, B.J. tells her as he operates, "Hawk told me about you two. Congratulations."

Margaret smiles warmly behind her mask and thanks her friend.

Unluckily for Margaret, she is trapped at the 4077 for another month while her resignation is handled. During a particulary boring day the nurse practically runs to The Swamp with papers in her hand. Sitting on a sleeping Hawkeye's bed, Margaret wakes him up. Seeing Margaret, Hawkeye quickly sits up and asks, "What is it? Are you okay?"

Nodding, the woman replies, "Fine! I just got the divorce papers approved! I'm free!"

Hugging his friend, Hawkeye answers, "That's great, Margaret!"

"What's great?" B.J. asks coming into The Swamp. Holding up the divorce papers, Margaret exclaims, "I'm officially divorced! Donald signed the papers!"

Well aware of the new couple's predicament, B.J. asks, "Does this mean you can get married here?"

Margaret and Hawkeye exchange glances. Neither of them is even thinking of getting married yet. As they weigh their options, B.J. grabs Father Mulcahey. As the pair discuss marriage, they find a confused priest enter The Swamp. Noticing his friends' expressions are similar to the Father's, B.J. explains that he wants to have at least one good thing happen during the war.

"Can you marry someone in a tent?" Hawkeye half jokes.

"Why not? What do you say Father?" B.J. questions as Margaret explains to Father Mulcahey, "My divorce papers went through."

"And who are you looking at marrying, My Dear?" Mulcahey questions. Noticing Hawkeye raise his hand, the priest's eyes grow wide in shock.

"Why is that so hard to believe?" Hawkeye questions. All eyes stare at him as B.J. asks, "Have you met you? Hawkeye the womanizer?"

"Yeah, but that was months ago," The Chief Surgeon protests.

"Literally," Margaret mumbles. However, knowing Father Mulcahey needs answers, Margaret adds, "We'd just like to get married before I leave. I turned in my resignation papers about a month ago, and I'll hopefully be going to Maine soon."

"Leaving? Margaret, I know that the divorce is still new, but you don't have to leave the army," Father Mulchahey councils. Shaking her head, Margaret explains, "It's not that, Father."

"The Army frowns on pregnant women serving in their units," Hawkeye supplies as his girlfriend glares at him. However, she has to agree. Being five months pregnant, she is surprised she can still hide her condition. She chalks some of it up to the camp's food.

"Pregnant! That's wonderful, Margaret. Not quite expected, but wonderful!" Mulcahey exclaims as Hawkeye happily interjects, "That's what I told her months ago."

Now one of the confused party, B.J. questions how far along the blonde is. Sheepishly, she supplies five months.

"You might as well have the kid here!" B.J. jokes before counting back and giving Hawkeye a sly smile. Admonishing them, Margaret turns to the priest.

"Will you at least give us your blessing?" The nurse questions. Smiling, Father Mulcahey happily blesses their union before asking them to see him before Margaret leaves. The next day she gets her orders. Having less than twelve hours to get her things together, Hawkeye and Margaret lie on her cot.

"Think I should steal Charles' record player so our kid can have my voice to listen to? I'll only read it the dirtiest parts of the magazines," Hawkeye teases as he holds Margaret closer. Used to his wisecracks, Margaret simply rolls her eyes. She is keen on having their child hear his voice though. There is no telling how long the war will end. Telling him so, Margaret asks, "But read something meaningful? Besides, how would you feel reading a daughter dirty magazines?"

She can feel his breath stop for a moment and is unable to stifle a laugh.

"You won't be laughing when the Father marries us," Hawkeye remarks as he looks at his watch, "in the next twenty minutes."

Springing from the bed, Margaret quickly goes to her dressing table where only her cosmetics and hairbrush sit. Brushing her hair out, Margaret tries not to listen to how often Hawkeye tells her she looks fine. Shaking her head, Margaret replies, "However I do my hair now is how I'll want to have it when I leave. Do you mind taking my dresses from my standing locker and setting them on the bed?"

Hawkeye does as he is told, and instantly decides on the blue sleevless dress with the small white flower on them. Holding it up, Hawkeye asks her opinion adding, "It brings out your eyes."

Pinching her cheeks, Margaret replies"It doesn't fit anymore, and the waist line is not high enough."

"Not high enough?" Hawkeye questions. Nodding, Margaret answers, "I'm trying to hide my stomach, not show it off."

Hawkeye watches his girlfriend go over to the only five dresses she owns and studies each one. Soon, she dismisses all of them.

"I can't wear these. People will talk."

"You only have twelve hours left, you might as well tell some of the staff that you're pregnant. How have you been hiding our kid anyway."

"My lab coat," Margaret replies well aware she is probably not fooling anyone anymore. Putting on her loosest army issued outfit, the nurse and surgeon head off to Father Mulcahey's tent. Less than half an hour later, the couple is married.

"Feel any different?" Hawkeye asks once they leave the tent. Neither has a ring, but Hawkeye makes sure his father gives Margaret his mother's ring once she gets to Maine. Margaret shakes her head. She does not feel the same emotions as with Donald, but is not sure if Donald is really a basis for a happy marriage. Instead of answering her new husband audibly, Margaret asks, "Do you feel different?"

Before Hawkeye can answer, he and his new wife are interrupted by Nurse Kelley who calls for Margaret.

"Major, come inside our tent. We have going away gifts for you!"

Sharing a glance with Hawkeye, Margaret heads toward the nurses tent. Just last week she tells them she is leaving, but does not expect to have a going away party. Entering the nurse's tent, Margaret sees it covered in toilet paper streamers drawn with rattles, bottles, and other baby related items.

"We knew," Nurse Able smirks as Margaret admires the decorations. Soon, the women are caught up in gushing over a baby and passing Margaret presents.

"Thank- you," The blonde whispers as she studies the baby clothes she holds in her hand. The knit is warm, and she figures her baby will at least be warm on its way back home from the hospital. Eyes filling with tears, Margaret thanks each one of her nurses adding, "I wish I could've known all of you better. That's one of the things I regret most."

"We're better for it, Ma'am," One of the nurses remarks adding, "How else would we be able to run the camp while we wait for your replacement?"

The next seven hours, Margaret spends her time packing and reminiscing. By the time she finishes everything but her carry on and make- up case, she hears a knock on her door.

"Come in!" She calls. Hawkeye eagerly enters the tent and puts his arms around his wife.

"I thought we could have a small honeymoon here in your tent before you leave," The surgeon whispers in her ear. She smiles against him and is inclined to agree.

A couple hours later, Margaret and Hawkeye wake up to a knock on her tent door.

"Major, your jeep is here!" Klinger calls out. Reluctantly, Margaret leaves her husband's embrace to get dressed telling Klinger she will be ready in about ten minutes. Hawkeye dresses quickly and helps Margaret with the rest of her belongings.

"I'll make up for this honeymoon when I get home," Hawkeye whispers before he and his wife exit the tent. The pair is greeted by their friends and Margaret soon finds herself hugging everyone and making promises to visit, especially with Peg after the baby's born.

Before entering the jeep, the former head nurse stops at Hawkeye. They both have too much they want to say, but without their present company. Instead, Hawkeye gives her a mock salute.

"Good- bye, Major Baby," He grins before picking up his wife and kissing her deeply. Most of the camp whistles or laughs.

"I love you," Hawkeye whispers for only her to hear. She smiles at him.

"I love you, too. Don't forget to write me when you write your dad," Margaret manages to say before the jeep honks. Waving to everyone, B.J. helps Margaret into the jeep where she promptly turns and waves until she leaves the camp. Officially away from her home for the last two years, Margaret lightly places her hand on her stomach as she wonders what Maine will have in store for her.