TMNT retold

New York city, the city that never sleeps, filled to the brim with busy people who live their lives in ignorance of what lie beneath their feet. Underneath the streets of New York exist creatures that can only be described as the work of fiction. The sewer's where they call home, and is where they keep themselves hidden from prying eyes.

The creatures are quite unique an elder rat and four juvenile turtles each much larger than the animal they resemble. Their lair is small but large enough to accommodate them, in the middle of their makeshift living room, they train and practice their katas, for the rat, their sensei, Splinter he has been teaching them the ancient art of ninjutsu.

After they finish their training for the day they each bow to their sensei and he bows back. The four turtles turn to each other exchanging glances and nodding their heads, it is the one with the blue headband that steps forward, "Sensei, can we go up top tonight? I think we're ready" he asked hesitantly

Splinter looked down at his four students and adopted sons "my sons I know you grow more restless each day you are confined to these walls but I do not think you are ready for the world above, it is loud and full of dangers"

"but sensei it's not fair you get to go up top and scavenge all the time!" the red masked son Raphael shouted

"Yes, my son but I know what I'm doing, I used to live amongst the humans I know how they think, you do not."

"But sensei surely all the TV we've watched would prepare us for how humans act?" The youngest son the one with the orange mark asked.

"Michelangelo, how many times must I tell you, life is not like television"

"this isn't fair sensei, you can't keep us down here our whole lives, wasn't the point of teaching us ninjutsu, so we could defend ourselves on the surface? And besides you promised us that when we turned 15 we'd be allowed to go topside" the purple son asked.

Splinter looked at his sons for a good few seconds before sighing "forgive me my sons I know I promised but you do not know the world like I do, the land above is cruel and no matter how much you want to be accepted you won't be, the humans fear what they don't understand, they will shoot first and ask questions later."

Leonardo took a step forward after some silence "father I know your worried but you've training us our whole lives for this moment, we've not little kids anymore we know not to let ourselves be seen, please father 20 minutes on surface that's all we ask."

Splinter looked at his sons and again and sighed a breath of defeat "alright my sons, 20 minutes, but remember the ninja way 'strike hard and fade away into the night'"

The four sons beamed with joy and bowed to their sensei "Thank you, sensei" they said all at once.

Splinter watched helplessly as his terrapin sons left the lair taking with them the noise that filled the air for the last 15 years, Splinter while happy for his sons could only sit down and anxiously await their return his eyes fixated on the clock. "calm down, they will be fine, this is why you trained them all these years" he told himself with a sigh.

The four turtle brothers walked the sewer, just like they did all the time, but this was different for the first time in their lives they will see the outside world from street level. Though they were excited as soon as they reached the ladder to the surface did everything become all to real, an entire world was above them, a world full of dangers, a world where they were the monsters of peoples' night mares. Leonardo reached for the first ladder run but advanced no further as he turned to look at his brothers, each were joyful but also cautious.

"Remember we stick to the shadows" Leonardo stated as he journeyed up the ladder and pushed up the man hole cover, Leo stared in wonderment at the world he saw, the man hole lead to an alley but from the alley he could already see buildings in front of him and to the distance. Raphael was the next one up pushing past his brothers and up to where his only older brother stood, he too looked at the city of New York in amazement. Michelangelo bolted up the ladder after his older brothers letting out a bunch of "wow"s and "cool"s as he jumped around. Donatello was a bit hesitant always one to be wary he exited the sewer at a much more cautious rate, Once Donatello exited the sewers he too looked around in awe but choose to stick closer to the man hole then his brothers.

Michelangelo always the curious one, was the first to advance further, climbing the set of ladders on the side of the building they were next to, once on the roof he delightfully called out to his brothers "Dudes come up here it's so awesome!". Leonardo followed his youngest brother to the top of the building where he stood.

"Mikey, Were supposed to be stealthy, that means not to draw attention to ourselves!" the eldest quietly snapped at him, as the second oldest, Raphael hit Mikey across the head.

"sorry, I'm just so excited!" Mikey exclaimed beaming with joy, while indulging in his surroundings.

"whatever you say knucklehead" Raphael said giving the turtle in orange a noogie. "I'm excited too and I'm not alerting the whole city of my presence."

"As much as I hate to admit it Raph's right Mikey, be a bit quieter in your excitement" Donatello said finally joining his brothers staring at the city below.

"What do you guys want to do first? Go check out central park? look at the docks? Go skating?" Mikey fired off suggestions with excitement

"we're only supposed to be out here for 20 Minutes Mikey, also we're supposed to be sticking by the man hole, so why don't we just scout out the surrounding area, A ninjas greatest asset is knowing their surroundings, now remember be stealthy ninja" Leo said jumping from one building to the next with his brothers.

Their fun was stopped by the sound of an elderly women crying out "someone help me!" The brothers looked at the alley below. The elder was being held at gunpoint by a couple of thugs with dragon tattoos.

"we have to help her" Leo stated unsheathing his katana.

"but Sensei said to not be seen" Donnie butted in.

"Yeah but Sensei won't let an old lady be mugged either" Raphael stated pulling out his sais.

The four ninja turtles leapt down from the rooftops, weapons drawn, the eldest in blue wielded two katana, the second eldest in red bared twin sais, the second youngest in purple twirled his bō staff and the youngest in orange withdrew his double nunchaku. The dragon thugs were a bit stunned by the appearance of their enemies but quickly turned their attention and guns to the new threat.

"I don't know who ya' idiots think ya' are or why ya' have those weird costumes on but ya' made the wrong move messin' with dat purple dragons" the largest thug said stated holding his gun up aiming at Raphael. "now why don't we make dis easy, drop yer weapons and hand ova yer money" he smirked while his crew backed him up.

Raphael returned his look with a smirk of his own making the thug's expression falter "I think ya' the one who's going to be dropping yer weapon, dragon dork" he said ducking out of the way of an oncoming bullet and pushing his Sai under the thug's gun and twisting the gun with the thug attached to it into the ground.

Leonardo evaded some bullets swaying side to side before proceeding to slice his enemies gun in half and elbowing him in the gut making him land on his behind, before he could return to his feet Leo held the tip of his blade to his throat. "surrender evil-doer"

"Really Leo?! Evil-doer, really?!" Raph sighed facepalming, before striking a thug.

"what? that's how heroes talk" Leonardo said reddened in embarrassment.

"I agree with Raph, Leo you need to work on your heroic dialogue, you need a catchphrase or something dude" Mikey declared while flipping all over the place avoiding a barrage of bullets, distracting the thug while Donatello swiped him from behind with his staff, knocking him to the ground.

"not what I was saying, Mikey" Raphael sighed while helping Leo tie up the crooks.

"Great work team" Leo said smiling until he noticed the elderly lady must of ran off during the fight leaving her purse, which was picked up by Michelangelo.

"I'll go give this back to the lady" Mikey said joyfully running off.

"Wait Mikey!" Leo shouted but it was too late, the three older brothers ran to try and catch up with their youngest brother.

"here's your purse miss" Mikey beamed holding out the bag to her, she looked at him in horror slowly backing away.

"g-get away from me" she said shielding her body expecting the turtle to lunge out her, when the other turtles caught up to their brother, her eyes widened in even more distress and she turned around and ran "monsters! help me, someone help me!" she ran away screaming.

The street lights up in response to the women's outburst. "We got to go" Leo stated ushering his brothers into an alley but Michelangelo stood there staring off into the direction the lady went, a hurt look on his face. "come on Mikey we need to vanish" Leo gripped his arm pulling him away from where he stood, the orange masked turtle head dropped as he followed his brother, dropping the bag while he did so.

The four made it on to a nearby roof and stared into the street. "that was certainly an interesting experience" Donatello said breaking the silence.

"Yeah I could certainly get used to bustin' heads" Raphael said cracking his knuckles.

"You all did great work today but we should be getting home" Leo said yawning.

Splinter waited impatiently for his sons to come home, they were late, he told them 20 minutes and it was reaching an hour. He franticly looks between the clock and the lair entrance his mind running a mile a minute with possibilities of what could have happened, his thoughts were louder in the empty lair with no noise to drown them out. 'they're injured', 'they're been captured', 'they're being dissected', 'their dead' 'why did you let them go Splinter, now their dead and it's all your fault'

The sound of the turtles echoed voices in the sewer tunnels pulled Splinter from his thoughts and he gave a sigh of relief. The four terrapins entered the lair to a furious Sensei "My sons what time did you leave?" he asked calmly with his arms crossed.

"11:25" Leonardo responded.

"And what time is it now?" Splinter inquired anger seeping through

"12:35" Leonardo replied feeling guilty

"My sons you were only supposed to be out for 20 minutes! Do you know how worried I was?! I-I thought… I thought you were dead" he whispered the last part as he looked away. Splinter looked back at his sons angry again "your all grounded and will have an extra hour of training for two weeks"

"Hai Sensei" they all dropped their heads

"That's not fair we were late because we helped an old lady Sensei, she was being mugged" Raphael spat.

Splinter looked at his sons, his expression dropped "my sons, I proud of you for helping out those in need, it shows good character" Splinter hugged his sons.

"does that mean were off the hook?" Mikey asked

"No, you're still in trouble, I told you not to be seen by humans and you disobeyed me" Splinter said sternly. "now go to bed" he said pointing to their rooms, before retreating to his own.

Splinter slept for a good 20 minutes before his slumber was interrupted by his youngest son who opened the sliding door and whisper "S-sensei"

"what is it my son?" Splinter asked sitting up.

"sensei can I ask you something?" he hesitantly asked as splinter lit a candle next to his bed.

"Of course, Michelangelo what do you want to ask?" Splinter asked concerned by his son's pained expression.

"Sensei do you miss being human?" he fidgeted with his fingers as he asked.

"My son, why do you ask?"

"It's just that the women we helped s-she called us…monsters and I was wondering if you miss being able to talk to the people on the surface without them running in fear." The small terrapin looked down as he talked avoiding eye contact.

"I would be lying if said I didn't miss being human…" Splinter watched as his son looked up at him, hurt in his eyes "But that does not mean I would want things to happen any differently, Michelangelo, I love you and you're your brothers very much. I might have lost a lot when I transformed all those years ago but I gain something so much better as well as heightened senses, I gain a family, four wonderful sons to raise and cherish and I wouldn't trade away this life for anything, not even to be human as far as I'm concerned this new life is a blessing." The two embraced "now my son is there anything else concerning you? Its getting late"

"No Sensei, I think I'm good, goodnight" the freckled turtle bowed and retreated from the room.

Splinter smiled softly "goodnight my son" he whispered before blowing out the candle beside his bed.

elsewhere in the city of New York, a man and women worked franticly on mechanical contraption "are you almost finished the guiding system April? We have an interview with channel six in an hour" asked the glasses wearing man.

"one more system check and I'll run a test and then if I have to I'll recalibrate, but it should be done within the hour" Replied the woman with red hair.

"Hope it is, I'm counting on you April, if all goes to plan we can really help the city with this rat problem" The man patted her back as he said this before returning to his work.