After cutting down a few trees, the three friends were finally able to get down to business. Creating Eva's tiny house was just like all the magazines said. Several boxes, click, click, and it was done. Just as the sun was about to set, the three of them took a moment to stare at the beautiful house that they just created.

"Well, I guess we did it.",said Avery.

She looked over at Eva who was still smiling at the house. Then, she looked over at her brother Micheal. He went from looking over at the house to looking forward at the sun setting, then looked over at Eva.

"Alright, it is getting late, you should be inside.",said Micheal.

It made Eva snap out of it. She changed from staring off at the house, to looking at Micheal and what he just said.

"Oh right!",said Eva.

The three of them started laughing with each other on that fact that Eva had been focused at staring at the house and that she didn't even realized that the sun was already setting.

"Alright then, good night.",said Eva, as she waved goodbye to Avery and Micheal.

Eva was fully inside of the house leaving Micheal and Avery the chance to go back to their house to sleep.