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Without further ado, the very last chapter:

Sup' 22

(Jody goes back to her doctor's office.)

Dr. Well, Jody. Did you make the decision?

Jody: I did. I am definitely, absolutely, positively, no matter how difficult it might get, keeping these babies!

Dr: Can you be any less vague?

Jody: I talked to them, Doc. I didn't tell them, but after talking to them, I know there is nothing I want more. It's fated, it's destined, it's; well it's a blessing. It has to be Doc. I am meant to have these children. They must be born; they must! And I know, Doc, I know they will be healthy, and perfect. The world needs them, and so do I.

Dr: That's good enough for me. But if you didn't tell them, how are you going to get their blood?

Jody: That's what feminine wiles are for, Doc!

(Two weeks before the babies were due, Jody convinced Betty and Veronica to call Dean Wesson and ask him to bring his cousin, Sam Smith so they could both give blood to the Sioux Falls blood drive; with a promise to make it worth their whiles. It works like a charm, only this blood isn't going into any donation vault, it is specially stored for Jody, and her babies, if necessary, except for the small portions which are sent to the lab for testing. Supposedly, Jody was conveniently "out of town, visiting family". But actually, she was in labor, right down the hall.

And before that long night of "pleasantries" was over, Jody had two healthy bouncing baby boys; the lab tests will later reveal, that one is the son of Dean, the other is Sam's. She reflected who belongs to whom in their middle names: John D. and Robert S. Whenever anybody asks, she just gives them a wink and says she named them after the Kennedys.

Afterwards, Dean and Sam are driving back to Kansas.)

Dean: Now, can I say told you so?

Sam: I guess you were right, Dean. I have got to give her credit, pretending they wanted donations, was ingenious. But it would have been better if they let us know the truth, don't you think?

Dean: I think Jody understands for their own protection; no-one can know the truth, not even us. But with them and the bunker, our Legacy will go on.

Sam: Yeah, you're right. I just wish I knew which one of us is the father.

It doesn't matter, Sam... Do you know why?

Sam: Because they're Winchesters!

(They high five, and smile the rest of the way home.)

[The End]