AN: This draft is different than the others, because it includes a scene I was planning to put in the story at some point. As I have lost just about all motivation for the story I can no longer promise to finish it, but I still have so. much. unused. content. All of it just laying around on my computer collection virtual dust. So I decided to add some "future drafts" to this side-story. It'll hopefully make a little sense if you've read After the Rain.

However; I wrote this back in 2017 and I can no longer remember where exactly this would fit in, but it's a lighter scene which shows the progression of Shisui and Naruto's relationship. If I ever got around to include it in the story I'm not sure it would have staid exactly this way, or if I would have put a variation of it or just a shortened version. Anyway, hope someone will enjoy it at least.

English is not my native language, so I apologize for the mistakes.



Future draft – The Morning After


When coming home the night before Anko hadn't wasted any time before going to sleep. Exhausted to the bone she'd focused on her bed with such a single minded ferocity she'd not bothered to turn on the lights during her nightly routine. Ignoring the sounds of Naruto shuffling inside her own room before flopping onto her futon and blanking out the moment her head hit the pillow.

She slept like the dead and woke up the next morning groggy and unfairly enough; she almost felt more tired now than when she fell asleep.

It wasn't before she got up she realizes something was off, and if she had the mind to turn on the lights the night before Anko may have noticed the clues.

Coming out of her room it was by stumbling over a misplaced sandal on her threshold. Catching herself against the wall Anko wondered what had happened for it to end up there; Naruto wasn't one to leave her stuff all over the flat. Her own room was another matter, often left in a state of complete chaos – but Anko was thankful she kept it within her own private quarters. But that also meant it was highly unusual, because the sandal wasn't the only misplaced item that morning.


Anko followed the tracks of discarded garments from the hallway, finding clothes sprawled at random over the floor.

Confused she found Naruto's trousers in a heap next to the couch, her chest binding dangling off the lamp and netting shirt in the middle of the coffee table. It wasn't before she lifted a black high collared shirt that Anko realized; some of the clothes were too big to be Naruto's.

She'd blame how long it took to put together the pieces on the lingering sleepiness, but when it finally clicked Anko found herself slowly grinning. The smile turning wicked at she headed for the fridge to get breakfast started.



Half an hour later Anko looked up when Naruto's door creaked open. Someone paddled from the bedroom to the living room doorway and peaked around the corner. They froze as their eyes landed on Anko. She'd sat down strategically, more than eager and ready for this moment.

"Good morning. Cereal?" She enquired innocently and held up the cereal box.

Shisui didn't answer her.

Realizing the game was up he dashed past her, his ears pink as Anko got an eyeful of her old teammate as he was forced to walk through the flat only clad in Naruto's bathrobe while searching for his discarded outfit. Anko couldn't hold it in, cackles followed his hurried walk of shame, and she was still giggling when Shisui went for cover inside the bathroom.

She had to hand it to Naruto; Shisui was actually quite pretty to look at.

He came back out a few minutes later, now fully dressed and with his game face on. More or less.


"Good morning." He greeted with faux boredom, as if he regularly woke up in their apartment and that the last few minutes had not transpired. Anko grinned wider.

"I am glad I came home later than you two. I did't notice the trail of clothes before this morning. It must have been awfully hot in here for you to have to cool down so quickly." Anko said mockingly and winked while she handed Shisui the cereal box and a bowl.

Without rising to the bait he sat down opposite her, peeking towards the hallway in case Naruto came out sometime soon. "I'm also thankful you came home late." Shisui replied simply, smiling as if he didn't have a care in the world while he poured himself a little too much cereal, resulting in some spilling over the edge and clattered onto the table surface.

Anko huffed internally, seeing as Shisui wasn't rising to the bait. She shouldn't have gone easy on him earlier when he walked around in Naruto's neon orange morning robe. But at the time she thought she'd spare him the embarrassment.

Well, Anko wasn't going to make that mistake twice.

"So I'm not getting details am I?" Asked Anko and slumped in her seat.

"Nope." Shisui answered, busy opening the milk carton.

"It's only matter of persistence. I'll break one of you in time." Her assured attitude had Shisui arch an eyebrow, but otherwise he was frustratedly composed for someone who only a year ago had blushed like an academy girl at the idea of making out.


Naruto came into the room in her pyjama shorts and jumpsuit jacket. Wild, blond hair tied into a bun at the back of her head and wearing mismatching socks.

Shisui face lit up and Naruto bent down and kissed him quickly. Her hand resting intimately against his neck as they parted.

"Gah… Don't go all mushy in front of me." Anko protested.

"You're one to talk." Naruto drawled and stuck out her tongue childishly.

She laughed and leaned back in her seat. "I do not want to know where that tongue was last night. Just make sure to brush your teeth properly, yeah?" Anko smirked when both blushed.

"Naruto is finally a woman, huh? And you Shisui? You were a virgin too, right?" Anko pried, but neither replied. "Oh, come on! Give me something!" Anko nagged, using her most annoying tone for dramatic effect.

"No! Mind your own business, it's got nothing to do with you." Her roommate reached over to the counter and threw the dishtowel at her head, incidentally making it fall like a veil over her messy morning hairdo.

Pulling off the towel she jeered. "Was it that bad?"

"Anko!" Naruto huffed. "No, it-"

"-is none of your business." Shisui interrupted, stopping his girlfriend from revealing anything. "She's just trying to trick you into talking, Naruto."

Anko pouted. "Fine. Be a prude." She said and waved her hand airily in front of her. "Go have boring sex when I can give you tips on how to keep things interesting."

"We'll manage." Embarrassed Naruto glanced briefly towards the window, while Shisui stuffed his mouth with cereal. "And anyway, weren't you supposed to spend the night at your boyfriends place?" Asked Naruto pointedly, trying to change the subject.

Anko took pity on them - for now - and allowed it. "Gah, he is such a jerk! I was only talking with Raidō - for like a second - and he completely flipped out. Saying I was flirting with other guys and stuff. So I ditched him there. He can come apologize once he realize what an arse he is." She muttered darkly.

Naruto put on her sympathetic expression. Anko's relationship was a roller coaster. But by now Naruto had enough experience with Anko's romantic ups and downs to know how to respond correctly. "You know, I think he's insecure. He can't deal with being with someone who gets so much attention. It's a reflection of his character, not yours. You should let him work for it. You deserve better then be yelled at in front of your friends." Naruto said seriously. Feeling like a broken record – this was hardly the first time she'd uttered similar sentences - though Anko was nodding along, agreeing to her every syllable.

"I should. I should make him beg this time! He was so out of line. And it was hilarious, because he was talking about fighting Raidō, which you know would be completely humiliating, but still. I just don't get what his problem is. I've never cheated on him. The only times I consider doing that is when he's accusing me of being a cheater. Then he'd finally see the difference between actual flirting and a friendly conversation."

"Yeah, I guess…. But you shouldn't cheat. Then he'd be all; I was right, you can't be trusted, and all that crap." Naruto suggested.

"This is a very strange morning." Muttered Shisui to himself.



Naruto had hoped the conversation had been laid to rest, but that afternoon Anko ambushed her on the street, hell bent on gaining more information and hopeful her resolve would crumble without Shisui there to back her up.

It ended in a squabble, one similar to the ones they would have back at the orphanage.

"Tell me." Anko whined and tugged at Naruto's ponytail.

"No." The blonde growled and pushed her friend away.

"Tell me!"


"Just something small, like was it the living room or the bedroom? Because really; that's just polite. I need to know which room I need to sanitize. I refuse to sit on the couch until you tell me!"



It was around this time Rin came jogging up to join them on the walkway, but as she had entered mid conversation she was now stuck watching the verbal match with rising confusion. "What are you two going on about?"

Anko whirled on the brunette with fire in her eyes. "Naru is keeping secrets from me!"

"It's none of your business, Anko!"

"A real best friend would share."

"A real best friend would know when they're being perverted!"

"Come on, you're being weird about this. When I did it for the first time I needed to find out if it had been done right."

The vauge wording was still enough for Rin to catch on to the topic, and she spluttered. Her eyes tracking back and forth between the roommates with dawning horror. "No! What did you do Anko?!"


Anko and Naruto were the two to be stumped this time. "Huh?" They asked in unison, which only seemed to make Rin angrier.

She stepped forward so she stood between them, and Anko backed away, weary of the furious expression on Rin's face. "How could you?! Naruto is not like that! You shouldn't expect her to do things the same way you do, and it is really wrong of you to expect her to change just because you feel she should be different!"

"What are you talking about?" Asked Anko.

"You made her have sex with someone didn't you? Just to prove some stupid point! And now she can't take that back! And it's your fault because of your constant pressuring! Boy, boys, boys – you talk about them all the time! That, and how experienced you are – well, not everyone is like that Anko! And you should respect Naruto and let her go at the pace she herself prefers! How could you?!"

"Um… Rin..." Naruto tried to interject, but Rin wasn't finished.

"No! Anko needs to hear this, because I've let you deal with this for too long, and I see now I should have helped you out instead! Anko; though you feel that having sex gives you some level of maturity it isn't like that for everyone else! For some having sex is very intimate, and should only be done with someone they truly love and feel safe with! You don't follow those principles, and I've never given you any crap for that choice, but I'm furious at you for not respecting Naruto's choices! This is all your fault! What if she gets an STD? What if she gets pregnant?! Did you ever bother to tell her about those aspects of intercourse? Or any other after effects?"

Anko was biting her lip in an attempt to keep a straight face while Naruto was tugging repeatedly on Rin's shirt in hopes of drawing her anger away from her gleeful roommate. "Rin! Stop it!"

"No, I won't stop until Anko apologize to you!" Rin continued, pointing threateningly at Anko and looking more deadly than Naruto had ever seen her before. It seemed with the passing years her claws were finally starting to show.

"Alright..." Anko said with a snicker. "I am soooo sorry for pressuring you, Naru. Though I think the pressure was more from your boyfriend's side, than from me."

Rin whirled around. "Boyfriend?"

Naruto sighed. "Yeah… We've been dating for a while now, though we haven't really broadcast it…"

"And yesterday she lost her V card!" Anko giggled happily and shook her head. "But she won't share any details! Which is so unfair, because I could give you so many tips, and I would have done so for you!"

"I am not interested in knowing what you do during sex! I know too much already, which was not by choice!"

"Who are you dating?" Demanded Rin. "When did this happen? And why haven't you told me? I mean… Not long ago… I mean; you told me you weren't interested in anyone?"

"I lied." Naruto replied without batting an eyelash. "And it's Shisui."

Rin turned towards Anko for confirmation. She nodded, her arms folded and a self satisfied smirk was on her lips. "What? You and… Really?" Her voice went into a high whisper, and suddenly all the anger washed away from her face. "I mean… Shisui? I thought… You know… You're so close, but I didn't expect there to be more."

"Don't feel too bad. I was blindsided too." Anko added and patted Rin on the shoulder. "Now, what's important is the details. You must be hurting right now. I mean, the first time sucks."

Naruto rolled her eyes.


"No wait, that might not be true in Naruto's case." Rin said and turned towards Anko with realization.

"What do you mean?"

"She heals so quickly. It probably healed before they were even done. It depends on how long he lasted of course, but Naruto has amazing healing abilities."

"That's right! Oh man, I'm so jealous right now. My first time was horrible. I mean, I didn't let it show so he was none the wiser of course, but it hurt. And then he wanted to go again, but I pretended I had an early morning and needed sleep just to get out of it. I needed a couple of days just to get over the soreness before trying again, and yet it took a few times before it started feeling alright. Of course it depends on the guy, but from experience I've found that if you know what you're doing yourself you can always coach the guy in the right direction."

"Well, that's how you deal with it, but Naruto and Shisui isn't just two people who met at a bar or on a random mission. They've known each other for years and they already care a lot about each other, so this must be serious for them to go that far. Now that I think about it they make so much sense! Shisui can calm her down, and Naruto can… stress him out? I don't know, but he always worry so much about her, and now I see why. It was because he was in love with her. Don't you think that's sweet, Anko? Oh kami! Maybe they'll get married? I can just picture their kids right now. How many kids do you think you want Naruto?"

Rin turned towards the blonde, only to find the spot empty and a few leaves flickering in the wind.

Anko and Rin turned around in confusion, but Naruto was well and truly gone.

"When do you think she ran for it?" Asked Anko with a wry smile.

Rin shrugged. "Maybe around the pains of first times?"