A candle held aloft, gently glowing

Follow the direction its path is showing.

Tunnels so dark, calm, and serene,

A distant tapping, what does that mean.

Following each shadow upon the wall,

Into the great receiving hall.

A candle held high by each member's hand

Made the room around them seem lofty, grand.

A happy purr of many voices rang

Through the energized air and children sang,

Some laughed and joked with carefree ease

Little ones ran, played in cheerful glee.

The restless glow of candlelight

Was a beacon of peace in the tunnels night

Outside blew winds from earth's great depth

Inside they all warm and safe were kept.

Joy on every smiling attendees face,

Ladies served meals with measured grace,

Chess was set up for all who dared,

Though none but Father ever seemed prepared.

A holiday all of their own,

Shared with those who had helped along,

What would better be displayed,

Than this gift to those who worked and prayed.

Some might mock this lively soree,

Where Above and Below so sweetly meet,

Where each and every soul is guest,

To the yearly candlelit Winterfest.