Dear Monika,

Thanks for giving me a chance to join the four of you.

To be honest, I'm surprised there's not more of you.

In Sayori's view… Well, don't tell her I said this, but she adores you.

She looks up to you. She wants to be a leader.

Thanks for letting her be VP. She deserves to know that people need her.

She means everything to me. Don't tell her I said that either.

Something's going on with her and it hurts when I can't be there.

I can't find the courage to tell her, but she's always on my mind.

But I can't always be there for her. The time's so hard to find.

Sometimes, we've even gone without talking for months on end.

But thanks to your club, maybe I can be close to her again.

Thanks for the new pen,

Your new friend