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CHAPTER #29: Bold Request


"Baby get up."

"Mmmm." I tried to burrow further into Edward's chest as he gently shook me awake.

"Beautiful." I could hear his chuckle as I ignored his attempts to wake me and only tried to cuddle deeper with him back to sleep. His bed plus him combined was really far to comfortable.

"Sleep." My groggy response made him laugh more before I felt him kiss the top of my head.

"Wake-up sleepy head."

"No." I tightened my hold around his middle and he shimmed down enough to reach my ear, giving it a kiss through his chuckle.

"Come on sweetheart." His lips moved to my neck and I smiled at the sensation.

"Mmmmm." I wasn't really listening to him now but rather just wanted to enjoy the feel of him touching my skin. His fingers were gliding down my arm and side continuously and the tingle every touch caused went through my whole body and left me feeling warm.

"I can always make you."

"How?" I felt his smile against the skin of my neck at the question.

"Simple. I can stop." He pulled back entirely, releasing every part of me from his hold. Of course he now had a smirk showing how clearly pleased he was by the pout I wore in response to him conditioning me so cheaply.

"That's not fair."

"I've already told you I don't play fair."

"Why do we have to get up already?" It was still dark out so I knew we had a couple more hours before having to get up.

"Because I want to do something."


"You'll see."


"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are when you blush?"

"All the time." I was pretty sure I was incredibly red right now. Edward's surprise turned out to be that he wanted to bathe with me. Sitting between his legs as he touched and washed me was surreal but amazing. He chuckled before lightly brushing my hair off to the side so he could kiss my neck while holding me close. I closed my eyes while I laid my head back against his chest, getting swept away in the feel of everything. The cool air combined with the warmth of the water and his body behind me was incredible. I was completely exposed right now in the light of the room but despite how nervous that still made me I loved how he forced me to do it anyway. He was always telling me how beautiful I am, with words or even just a look. It was every little thing about him that left me wanting to surrender to him entirely. Edward was the first person in my life to ever make me feel like this, confident and perfect as I am, and I hope I never lose how incredible that truly is. I was never more nervous then when I'm completely exposed to him like this but I also never felt more treasured and powerful then when he's looking and touching me in the way he does.

His fingers were continuously guiding all along my stomach and lower chest with an occasional detour to my legs, arms, breasts, and anywhere else he could touch me. "Did you want to talk about the weekend?"

"What?" I was so relaxed I could barely process his question. His fingers moved up to my neck and the warmth from the bath water on his skin felt amazing as it dripped down my air-chilled neck and chest. After a moment Edward effortlessly shifted me so that I was turned around enough for him to watch my eyes. I looked back and he seemed calm but at least a little concerned, which got my attention.

"How did everything really go this weekend? With your parents?"

"Fine. I told you about it didn't I?"

"Only about your mom's reaction." His eyes held me and I remembered specifically not mentioning my dad or the conversation I'd overheard between him and my mom.

"So you mean how did my dad react?"

"Well I'm guessing not well."

"Why do you think that?"

He pulled my face closer to his and stroked my jaw gently while watching me. "Baby he was the one you were nervous about to begin with, and you only told me about how your mom and your godfather reacted. It doesn't take a genius to read between the lines." I tried to look down but he wouldn't let me. He leaned in to give me a small kiss but I didn't let it stay that way. I kept him close to me so I could kiss him deeper and longer. His fingers stroked my hair and neck as he returned the sentiment before he pulled back and his green eyes bored into me. "You can tell me anything, you know that right?"

"I know."

"Good. So tell me."

"It probably helped that he'd had a little time to sit on the idea of me and you already because at first he seemed fine. Not really happy I guess, but not upset either. It was better then I expected."

"Good, but what did you mean by 'at first'?" I heavy sighed before searching for the words.

"My dad overheard some of our phone call from Saturday night." Edward looked confused by the statement. "Old house, thin walls." My voice was quieter when I explained that.

"Okay? I'm not understanding the issue. I don't remember anything being said he shouldn't have heard. Especially if he only heard you."

"He heard me tell you I love you." I bit my lip as Edward processed that.

"I take it he didn't like that much?"

"I overheard him with my mom the next morning. He thinks I'm moving to fast with you and he doesn't trust it."

"Meaning he doesn't trust me."

"He didn't say that." My argument was weak and we both knew it. At this point I did look away from Edward a bit and he let me but rubbed my leg reassuringly a couple times before kissing the side of my head tenderly.

"If there's anything I can do to help with that, name it okay?"



Out of reflex I went to push my hair behind my ears, forgetting that Edward had already done it for me, like he always does. "Well I know that Lizzie is with Tanya this weekend for the holiday."

"She is..." He was confused again.

"I had planned on staying in Seattle this weekend so I could stay with you and cheer you up..."

"Baby you don't have to do that. I know it's a family holiday and everything."

"I want to be with you though. I don't want you to be alone."

"I love you so fucking much." He smiled before leaning in and pulling my face up to kiss me again. I let myself get lost in it while I wrapped my arms around his neck. Since I was more or less sitting on him sideways I essentially had both my arms wrapped up and around one side of his face so I could play with his hair as we held one another.

"I love you too."

"So what do you need baby? Do you want my blessing to stay with your parents this weekend?" He chuckled at the idea. "I don't want you to feel guilty for going to be with them." He stroked my face softly in encouragement and I sucked in a breath before trying to explain what I was getting at.

"I mentioned to my parents about my staying here for Thanksgiving."

"Sweetheart you staying with me instead of them isn't exactly going to warm your dad over to me in anyway."

"Actually they umm."

"They what?"

"They asked me to ask you to come to Forks, you know for the holiday." I watched his reaction and he seemed to be processing my words through a neutral expression.

Him and his lawyer poker face.

"They did?"

"Yeah. I mean I know I should have said something sooner. I hadn't even talked to you about me staying here with you and... I was going to ask you that night but then I got side tracked as we were talking. Plus I guess I kind-of chickened out..." I was rambling but couldn't seem to stop as my tone grew faster and more urgent. "I don't want you to think you have to or anything of course. I know this is practically no notice at this point and you probably have plans, and..."

Edward shut me up by kissing me. The kiss was really deep and he again adjusted me so that I was in his favorite position, straddling him. His hands stroked my back as he kept me close. "What do you want me to do baby?" His eyes looked up at me openly. I knew whatever I said he would do, just like he always tells me, he'd do anything to make me happy and it's one of the many reasons I love him. I didn't want to guilt him into anything though so I told him the most basic truth I could without influencing him.

"I just want to be with you, anywhere."

"Then it sounds like we're going to Forks."


"Bella!" Practically as soon as Edward and I had gotten dressed and he unlocked his bedroom door Lizzie had burst through to give me a big hug.

"Hey sweetie." I bent down to kiss her cheek and she gave me a bigger hug.

"Well I see where I rank." Edward narrowed his eyes at a giggling Lizzie as he stood at his dresser to pick out one of his watches.

"Sorry Daddy." She moved over to him and reached her arms up for a hug. I watched with a smile as he immediately lost all focus on anything except her. He picked her up into his arms and I couldn't look away from their sweet little moment that was just theirs as she whispered something in his ear making him laugh before he kissed her cheek, eliciting a giggle. He continued to hold her as he finished putting on the watch which I couldn't help but notice had to be very hard to do one handed, though he managed. After that was done he readjusted her but made no movement to set her down as we left the room to head downstairs.

He sat her on the counter and she giggled when he tickled her before handing her three bowls from the cabinet next to her before he helped her down. She grabbed 3 spoons and set the dishes at the table while he reached for a few cups. He handed them to her the instant she returned to him and she ran back to the table with them before she disappeared into the pantry to pick out cereal.

"What are you smiling at?" I hadn't realized I'd still been smiling at the two of them and their morning routine.


"Well that's a lie." He pulled me into him and kissed my temple.

"I love seeing you two together


"You're just so cute with her."

"You think I'm cute huh?"

"When you aren't being an arrogant ass."

"Have I told you how sexy you are when you swear? And when you scold me?"

"You are such a weirdo." I laughed as he shrugged.

"You love this weirdo." God that smug smile of his.

"Maybe." He smiled at my teasing before kissing me.


"Sit in the back with me." I was about to open up the front door of Edward's car when Lizzie gave me a pleading face.

"Sure sweetie." I walked over to her side and helped to strap her in before moving to sit next to her. Edward was grabbing his laptop from his office before meeting us at the car. As soon as he came out he was halfway seated before he noticed me in the back with Lizzie, who smiled and giggled at the confused look on his face.

"What are the two of you up to back there?"

"Nothing." Lizzie responded in a sing-song voice that made me laugh.

"Why do I not believe you?"

"Because you're a lawyer." I joined in the teasing.

"What's that supposed to mean Ms. Swan?" He began backing out while narrowing his eyes at me.

"It means you spend all your time with lawyers and criminals."


"Half of them you can't trust, and the other half are criminals." He scoffed but smirked at my statement.

"Well aren't you a comedian this morning." I laughed and Lizzie joined in. We spent the morning drive talking about the Thanksgiving party the class was having tomorrow on the last day of school before break. Lizzie was excited to help decorate the auditorium with the art class today.


"I'm going to miss you princess." Edward gave Lizzie a tight squeezey hug that was only matched by how tightly she held him back.

"Daddy do I have to go?" My heart hurt listening to Lizzie. She buried her face in Edward's shoulder and sobbed little sounds while tightening her arms around his neck. I was torn between feeling like I was intruding on their moment, and being unable to look away from the beautifully sad scene.

"Baby girl your mommy misses you."

"But I'm gonna miss you."

"And I'm going to miss you so much Lizzie. I love you sweetie."

"I love you Daddy." If every goodbye Edward had to have with her was even half this heartbreaking I had no idea how he managed to bare it each and every time. As Edward started to stand from his crouched position, Lizzie didn't let go of him so he seamlessly picked her up with him and cuddled her even closer in his arms. He spoke quietly in her ear for a bit, rubbing her hair as he did. I couldn't tell what he said but whatever it was she nodded while slowly loosening her grip on him.

"Be good Lizzie." Edward gave Lizzie a sweet smile as her hand released his and gripped mine instead. I saw how much effort he put into the smile so that she didn't see how hurt he was but I could see the sadness there.

"Okay Daddy. Bye."

"Bye baby. I'll see you Sunday okay?"

"Okay." Her little voice was so sad.

I gave a small wave to Edward before turning with Lizzie to walk into class.


"SURPRISE!" I looked up from my desk in shock to see Alice with a big smile on her face. I looked at the time and lunch was still going on though not for much longer.

"Alice? What are you doing here?" I stood up and gave her a hug which she returned enthusiastically.

"I brought Jasper lunch and thought I'd visit you and Lizzie before I go."

"That's so sweet. Lizzie isn't having a great day."
"What? Why?"

"She cried for a bit about not seeing her dad for her birthday. I don't think it really sunk in until today when he dropped us off."


"Edward drove me here today since I still don't have my car. Rose's shop is supposed to drop it off here today any time now. He gave her my number and she said she'd text me when its here."

"Is Lizzie okay though?"

"I think so. Luckily we have art today and that should cheer her up. We get to decorate the auditorium for the school thanksgiving party."

"She'll like that but still poor little thing." Alice gave a little pout that actually reminded me of Lizzie. Apparently she has some of her aunt in her. "You know ever since she was a baby her and Eddie just had a bond. He claims she was the perfect baby that never ever cried, never got fussy, and was just perfect." Alice smiled while playfully rolling her eyes. "Truthfully though she just never cried if she was with him." I smiled at the image of Edward holding a baby version of Lizzie.

"Was she difficult without him?" We sat down at my desk and she laughed.

"Not difficult, more like average. You know cranky here and there but you'd 100% never see her cry if Edward was holding her, no matter how upset she'd been."

"I wish I could have seen Edward with a baby like that." I had no idea what made me say that but it was out now.

"Oh I'm sure you'll see it soon enough." She didn't even hesitate with her statement full of psychic providence.

"What do you mean?" She smirked at me as I tried to play stupid.

"What do you think I mean?" Alice had never looked more related to Edward then she did while looking at me with that smug smile.

"I dunno."

She rolled her eyes and laughed. "Well if you want me to be blunt I can be. What I meant was that you'll see how great Edward is with babies when you two have one, or two, or three, or..."

"Ummm." I was sure that for once my red face was overpowered by something, that something being my shocked eyes. I honestly don't think I could have been more shocked by anything else she could have said then I was by the casualness of her statement.

"You look so freaked out right now." She was really laughing at me at this point. As much as I knew Alice was at least mostly playing with me the seeds of her words planted themselves in my head and I couldn't get away from the thoughts.

"I'm not freaked out. You just caught me off guard."

"Mmm-hmm, I'm sure that's all it is."

"It's a little early to be thinking about stuff like that, isn't it?" I meant to make a firm statement but somehow ended it like a question. Alice clearly noticed the difference.

"I dunno. Is it?" That challenging look was a very Cullen trait apparently.

"What are you two doing in here?" Jasper stopped by and thankfully saved me from having to answer Alice.

"Nothing." I quickly hopped up and shuffled already organized papers on my desk, anything to avoid Alice's eyes.

"I'm just making Bella blush incessantly at the thought of my brother and her future."

"Are you now?" He chuckled before meeting up with her as she stood up and reached for a hug. He kissed the top of her head, which he still had to bend over to reach, and she wrapped her arms around his middle. I had to admit they were really cute together. "Is she torturing you Bella?"

"No, just surprising me."

"I only told her the future."

"Ah yes, the future. That makes sense." He spoke so casually about her odd statement that I had to smile. He accepted her slight weirdness so easily.

Jasper let me know that the auditorium was ready for my art class today. The older classes and staff had already set up a bunch of the bigger things, which left the smaller details for my kids today. I knew they'd be excited to hang all the pieces we've been working on the last couple classes. I really hoped it cheered Lizzie up, though I imagine it could only help so much.



"Yes sweetie?"

"Oops, I'm supposed to call you Ms. Swan." I smiled at Lizzie but waved off her sheepish expression.

"It's okay Lizzie. What did you need?" The art class was hanging up all their drawings as well as some turkey decorations I'd made outside of class to help fill the space. I'd even made some silk cornucopia arrangements for the tables to make things festive. Everything was tying in well together with the fall tablecloths and artwork everywhere.

"Can I save some of my drawings for Daddy? And Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Of course sweetie, but we can still decorate with them now and then you can get them back tomorrow after the party."

"What if it gets ripped?" I smiled at the very real worry in her eyes.

I leaned down to look at the two drawings she was adamantly protecting. "If you really want to save those then you absolutely can, okay?"

"You wont be mad?"

"I could never get mad at you."

"Okay." Without warning Lizzie flung herself into my arms and held me tightly. Poor thing was having such a hard day. I held her close while stroking her beautiful hair and rubbing her back. I'd really considered either calling Edward or giving Lizzie a break to do it herself but thought better of it. Not only would it worry Edward more then he probably already was but I doubted Lizzie would feel better for long even if I did. She'd still miss him horribly. This entire school year has been eye-opening about the pains a divorced family has to endure daily, and I've been given a front row seat to it thanks to my relationship with Edward and Lizzie. 5 years old is such an incremental age with regards to what a child learns emotionally so having recently divorced parents has to be hard for everyone involved. I happily returned the hug while Lizzie composed herself.

I had stolen an idea from the birthday present my class and Edward had done for me to do something really fun on the wall of the stage. I'd had everyone do hand-prints all over a giant sheet of paper, all in fall colors, then I taught everyone how to turn the prints into turkeys. It actually turned out amazing and I was sad to think it would eventually be thrown away. Luckily I'd been able to maneuver the bench seats behind it so that I could get some great pictures of everyone surrounding it for the yearbook I'm making. While photography isn't really my passion when it comes to art I do enjoy it here and there. I'd had everybody pose with the giant paper first thing just to make sure we got the best picture possible.

"Do you want me to send a copy of the class picture to your dad?" Lizzie had managed a big genuine smile for it so I knew Edward would be happy to see her so happy. Lizzie gained her enthusiasm immediately at the idea of her dad seeing the picture and all was made right in the world.


"I'm sorry the car is late."

"Art is finishing up so it's just in time." I laughed at Rose's concern.

"How's Lizzie?"

"Did you talk to Alice?"

"No. Why?"

"She dropped by earlier to see Jasper and visited me. I told her Lizzie was having a hard time, knowing she wouldn't see her dad for Thanksgiving and her birthday."

"No I didn't talk to Alice but I knew Lizzie would miss everyone for her birthday." I looked around the art class and it was just a few students left. For once Lizzie was one of the first ones picked up, which seemed to really upset Henry who'd been sulking ever sense. I was extremely grateful that Tanya had picked Lizzie up when she did because she had forgone having her phone out this time and her icy glare was reserved for me the entire time, and it only grew worse when Lizzie wanted multiple hugs goodbye from me.

"Can I ask you something?" I felt strange asking Rose this, especially since I didn't know her well but I just got the feeling she would be honest with me.

"Of course."

"Is there any chance that Tanya might eventually accept me, with Edward I mean? And Lizzie?"

"Probably not." Her words weren't cruel or anything but the fast response left me more then a little shocked. I really wasn't expecting that level of honesty even though I thought its what I wanted. "I'm guessing by your silence that's not the answer you were hoping for?"

"Not exactly."

"Bella trust me when I say that whatever good intentions you may have, Tanya is not worthy of them, okay?" She sounded very tired and I took her tone to mean there was some rough feelings on Rose's end about her former sister-in-law.

"Okay." What more could I say?

"Now enough bad news. Your vehicle awaits outside. They just texted me that your keys are at the front office. I had them drop it off there since I knew you still had class."

"Thanks. It's gonna feel weird driving it again." I laughed thinking of my very much used and smaller car by comparison to Edward's giant SUV.

No doubt about it, I was gonna miss his car.

"You could always upgrade to your own Cadillac."

"How much exactly do you think 1st year teachers make?" She laughed at my sarcastic tone.

"Fair point."

"It's for the best anyway. I was constantly paranoid something was gonna happen to it. I spent every single drive stressed beyond belief."

"You'd be less freaked out if it was your own car."

"Not with that kind of price tag." I shuddered just thinking of how I would feel spending that kind of money on anything. "I'm a bargain shopper at heart". She laughed before letting me go to finish up the day.


Since I had a kindergarten classroom there was an actual bathroom in the room itself for the kids to use. It was very helpful to have as 5 year old's are fairly known for not being the best at planning their bodily needs until the matter had become urgent. I wanted to give it a deep clean today before fall break just so that I didn't have to worry about it when school got back in. I usually did all the deep cleans of it myself anyway since my kids could be amazingly messy in bathrooms and I felt bad about leaving it for the janitors. Since I was cleaning the desks, chairs, and play area anyway it wasn't exactly difficult to clean a little more.

"Well I'm liking this image." I turned around from wiping down the kids car mat I kept on the floor, to see Edward standing there smiling at me. He clearly was enjoying me being down on my hands and knees a little to much.

"You would." I tried to playfully ignore him but I of course couldn't hide the smile his surprise visit enlisted from me.

"So snarky Ms. Swan." He walked up to me and held his hand out to help me up. I of course accepted and he took the opportunity to lean down and give me a soft kiss.

"What are you doing here?" Because I'm hopeless I of course wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled happily up at him while standing on my toes.

"Did you want me to go?" There's that smile...

"Shut up and answer my question."

"I really love it when you're mean to me you know." He leaned down and kissed me a little harder causing me to laugh while he did.

"Tell me." I was still smiling at him as I asked.

"I just wanted to let you know that everything's set for me and you to head to Forks tomorrow after work."

"Really?" I tried to ignore the nervousness that immediately creeped up at the thought of Edward and my parents meeting. "That was quick. Was your mom upset?" Hopefully asking questions would hide my nerves.

Edward started laughing as soon as the question came out like it was the funniest thing in the world, although I had no idea what he found so entertaining about it. I knew that his original plans had been to celebrate with his family and I was a little worried they'd be upset, especially with the lack of notice. "No baby. Trust me she wasn't upset."

"How's that possible?" Esme was a hardcore advocate of 'family time' and that was clearly obvious due to how much time the Cullen's actually spent together.

"When I told her I wouldn't be able to make it to Thanksgiving she initially got, shall we say, defensive?" He chuckled at the memory of however that conversation had gone.

"But you said she wasn't upset?"

"As soon as I got the words out of 'Bella wants me to go to Forks with her to meet her family' mom's mood did a 180 and she all but uninvited me while showing me the door, metaphorically of course."

"Why would she do such a thing?" I smiled up at him as he rolled his eyes at the memory.

"Because she likes you and the idea of you keeping me around awhile longer." He smirked at me while saying the last part.

"What if I do grow tired of you?" I really tried to keep a straight face but of course he knows every button to push to get me bending to his will.

"We both know that isn't possible beautiful." He purred the words while moving down to kiss on my neck.

"I don't know that." The breathy sound of my voice certainly hurt the strong delivery I was going for.

"Don't you?" His whispered voice in my ear made this so much harder.

"Well you are a lot older then me. What if you start to get boring?"

"Oh that's it. You asked for it!" Without warning Edward started tickling me mercilessly while I tried in vain to escape his onslaught.

"Stop!" I was laughing while trying to wiggle away from him.

"No." He continued to overwhelm me, knowing all my sensitive spots that he could exploit.

"I give! I give!" I was still laughing as was he.

"Then tell me what I want to hear gorgeous." He pulled me into his arms so that my back was to his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me, trapping my own at my sides.

"You could never bore me." I had no idea what he wanted to hear but I hoped that was good enough. I really do have zero tolerance to being tickled and he knew it.

"Not good enough baby." He whispered into my ear before his fingers started gently tickling my sides again.

"STOP!" Damn his knowledge of my weaknesses.

"Tell me and I'll release you."

"Okay, okay... You're not THAT old." I couldn't resist poking the bear a little.

"You think you're funny don't you?" Even-though he was behind me I could tell he was smiling wide.

"Stop tickling me." My laughter was killing the firmness of my words.

"Tell me the truth and I will." He was relentless.

"Okay. You're way to hot to ever get sick of." I gave in easily and practically as soon as the words were out he stopped his assault and met my lips to kiss me, all while keeping me held tight against his chest.

"You're awful." I giggled out the statement as we lightly kissed one-another.

"And you're beautiful."

And yes his whispered words made me sworn.


"I can make something for dinner." We hadn't planned to spend time together tonight but the words came out naturally. The assumption of being together versus apart was somehow just more..., not normal really, but just more us.

"We can go out, it would be faster." Edward was walking me to my newly repaired car after having stayed to help me finish up cleaning my classroom.

"But if I cook it would give you time to pack up anything you need for Forks. I'm still sorry I didn't give you more notice."

"You worry to much." He laughed before kissing my hand as he got the door leading out of the school for me. "Regardless, I'm already packed. Good to go." He smirked at me as I gave him a puzzled look.

"How? You've been working all day then came here." I'll never understand how Edward is able to accomplish so much in a day.

"Carmen. I had to find work for her to do this morning anyway so it was the perfect opportunity."

"You had to find work for her?" I got the feeling I was missing an inside joke as he was smiling to himself like he was remembering something.

"Never you mind beautiful." He lightly swung me to rest my back against my car door. "The point is I'm all yours tonight." I smiled, liking that idea.

"All mine?" My arms went around his neck and I stood up on my toes to reach his mouth.

"Yours." He matched my kissing before multiplying it in intensity. He pressed me harder against my car making me giggle and grip him tighter.

"Behave yourself."

"Why would I do that?" His lips traveled to my ear before shifting to the other side of my face where he brushed his lips down my neck.

"Because we're at an elementary school." I laughed out the explanation. He pulled back from me with a mischievous smirk in place. He was still very close to me as he smiled, just barely not touching as his eyes held me.

"I shall try to contain myself Ms. Swan, though I make no promises for how long that will last."

"I applaud your restraint."

"If you keep using that beautiful mouth to sass me, showing off exactly how sexy you are when feisty, I can't be held responsible for my actions." I rolled my eyes but couldn't hide my smile.


"So..." Edward had opened my car door for me and just as I sat he let the single word hang. I looked up and that troublesome smile was back. "...your place or mine?"

And just when I thought I was actually holding my own against his naughty charm he catches me off guard bringing my blushing shyness to the forefront. "Horrible." He laughed at my mumbled words. He shifted down to a crouch next to me so his eyes were level with me. He gently took my face so that I had to look at him.

"You didn't answer me beautiful. My place or yours?" I smiled timidly, not knowing how to answer. "That is of course assuming we are staying the night together."

"Are we assuming that?" I meant the question to sound playful but my words were quiet.

He leaned in and kissed me so sweetly my breath caught in my throat. How can he be so playful, so sexual, yet so amazingly gentle within a matter of moments. "I'll always assume that. I always want that. Always want you." I held his face to my own and watched his eyes with a smile only he could put on my face.

"My apartment is closer." He nodded with a smile before standing up to rest his hand on my door.

"I'll meet you at your place then."



"You don't have to cook baby." I was digging through my fridge but we really didn't have much. I hadn't done any shopping since I would be in Forks for the whole weekend.

"I'm sorry." He wrapped me up in his arms then leaned down to touch a small kiss on my nose.

"No need to apologize. We can go out or order in."

"Okay." I wrapped my arms around his middle and laid my head against his chest. How can being with him like this always make me feel whole. I felt him stroke my hair and kiss the top of my head, as his arms tightened.

Is this what 'home' really feels like?


"I smell pepperoni and supreme pizza." The door had barely opened and Angela was already showing off one of her more hidden talents. She had the nose of a bloodhound.

"You're getting rusty, Ang. The door was fully opened before you smelled the food." I laughed from the couch where I was laying with Edward, my head in his lap.

"Such little faith you have in me B. For your information I smelled the food all the way down the hall." She set her stuff down before turning to us in the living room.

"Well hello Mr. So incredible beyond cute."

"Pardon?" I looked up at Edward who looked as puzzled as he usually does when Angela talks her typical nonsense.

"Nevermind." She spoke in a sing-song tone before winking at me and heading to the kitchen.

"You know, she's called me that before." Edward spoke to me while Angela busied herself in her room most likely to get comfy for the night. I stiffened slightly while silently cursing Angela's big mouth. I gave a non committal shrug and tried to avoid looking at him now. He sounded confused by the observation and unfortunately...curious. Since Edward was relentless when he wanted something I knew he would attempt to feel out my knowledge on the subject.

"Did you want to watch something else?" I really hoped I sounded casual as I tried to subtly change the subject. There was no answer from Edward at all so I discreetly glanced up at him. I was still laying down with my head on his lap and when I gave him the side eye he was staring directly at me with a very focused expression. I felt the heat rise as I quickly looked back to the t.v.


"Oh Bella?" Yep he was onto me.


"Would you mind enlightening me on why your room-mate refers to me as 'Mr. So incredibly beyond cute'?"

"What makes you think I know why?"

"Are you going to tell me that you don't?"

Uggg, lawyer speak...

"Ummm" At this point I was trying so hard to both contain my blush and my guilty smile.

I was failing on both accounts.

"Bella..." I hesitatingly sat up slowly and saw Edward casually watch me with a smug smile, awaiting my confession.

"Um, when I first mentioned you to Angela after we met at the 'meet the teacher' night she asked me about you."

"You talked about me that soon did you?"

"Maybe." I couldn't bring myself to look up at him due to my embarrassment but I could feel the tidal waves of his ego.

"Well? What did she ask you beautiful?" God how does he sound so attractive while so arrogant.

"Just simple things."

"Such as?"

"Your name."

He chuckled at my dodge but was clearly undeterred by it as he lifted me into his lap and caressed my face until I looked up at him. "What else, beautiful?" I pursed my lips while fighting a smile in response to his. I swear his smile couldn't be more perfect when he was using his charm on me.

"She asked if you were cute." I gave up. He was going to get the info from me anyway.

"Did she now?" It was a rhetorical question and I knew it. He lightly caressed my cheek before leaning in to kiss my neck and work his way up to my ear. "And what did you say to that?"

"You already know what I said." He chuckled before kissing my ear again.

"Tell me anyway."

"I told her that you were so incredibly beyond cute." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he quietly laughed.

"So I had you from the very start huh?"

"From day one." My smile was huge as I admitted how taken I was with him from the first time he used his talents on me. He lifted my face up to look at him.

"That makes two of us." I smiled at his sweet words before he leaned in to kiss me.


"What time did you want to start driving to your parents?" We were cuddled up in bed when he asked.

"Is around 3 okay?"

"Sure baby." He gave me a kiss while I snuggled into his chest. The fact that Edward and my parents would be meeting tomorrow was really sinking in and I was more nervous than I thought possible. Edward on the other-hand seemed completely calm at the prospect of meeting them.

"Are you nervous at all?"

"About what?" I looked up at him and he looked completely at ease as he looked back at me.

"About meeting my parents."

"No. Should I be?"

"I don't think so, but it would be normal I think."

"I don't exactly intimidate easily." He smirked at my playfully annoyed expression.

"I hope my dad and your ego get along." I tried to sound relaxed but I was really worried for what they would think of each-other. Edward was the quintessential Alpha male, take no prisoners type. He tends to say what he thinks and means what he says. My father on the other hand was the quiet contemplative type that rarely spoke but was highly skilled at getting his thoughts known with little actual words spoken. I had no idea what they would think of the other.

Edward laughed at my comment before readjusting us so that I was flat on my back with one knee up and him laying between my legs. He brushed my hair behind my ear and watched my eyes for a bit before speaking.

"Are you nervous about it?"

"Yes." He tilted his head at my immediate response.


"I just..." I rubbed his arms a few times while I searched for the words. "... I want him to like you."

"So you admit the only concern is your father, not your mother?" Edward made light of the subject, making me smile.

"She already likes you."

"The ladies typically do." I rolled my eyes but smiled in spite of myself.

"Do you have a lot of experience with meeting a girlfriends parents?"

"Not recently, but yes."

"How does it usually go for you?"

"Nothing exciting. Names exchanged, hands shaken, small talk, then we move on."

"My dad's not much for small talk." Edward laughed at the worry in my voice.

"Well then I guess small talk will be swapped for awkward silence." He spoke with an exaggerated heavy sigh.

"You aren't funny you know."

"Baby, I'm hilarious and you know it.

"Thank you for doing this." I dropped the humor as I spoke my very real gratitude. I pulled his face up to me so our foreheads touched and I could feel him closer to me.

"Bella, I've already told you multiple times that there isn't much I wouldn't do for you."

"I know." I smiled before bringing down his face so his lips met mine. We kissed for awhile, with Edward exploring me with his hands and arms.

"I am curious about etiquette while we're there." Edward pondered his question for a moment after pulling away from our kiss.


"Yes. What rules I should obey." He spoke the word 'rules' with a playful edge.

"What do you mean?"

"Well for example..." He leaned in and gave me a searing kiss that I immediately responded to. Our mouths opened a bit and I let out a moan when he deepened the kiss more. He pulled back and gave me a wink before speaking again."... am I allowed to do that while there?"

I smiled while shaking my head at his thought process. "Kiss me you mean?"

"Of course."

I blushed while smiling at his gaze. "You can always kiss me." He leaned in and kissed me again before pulling back.

"That is very good to know."

"Any other rules you're worried about?" I shook my head at his playfully pondering expression as I asked.

"Any forbidden topics?"

"Not that I can really think of."

"You've said a few times how old fashioned your father is."

"Yes..." I didn't know where he was going with this.

"So should I expect the whole 'what are your intentions with my daughter' talk?"

I laughed at the playfully terrified look on Edward's face. "Probably." I continued to laugh as he held his scared expression.

"Yikes. Will he be armed during said interrogation?"

"Probably." My cheeks actually hurt as my smile widened through Edward pretending to shiver.

"Would he actually use any said armaments on me?" He looked down on me with narrowed eyes.

"I guess it depends on your answer." I smiled wide and he shook his head at my response.

"Indeed..." He spoke dryly and I laughed before pulling him down to kiss me again.

"Am I worth the risk?" I couldn't help asking.

"I would happily take a few bullets for you baby." He had no hesitation when he spoke.

"That's what the last guy said..." He really narrowed his eyes now while I smiled sweetly.

"Such a comedian today."

"Do you have an answer to that question? Assuming he does ask it?" I was burning with curiosity. I knew Edward enough to know that he always has an answer or solution. If he brought up the question to me then he undoubtedly had an answer for Charlie if asked it.

"I do." He smiled wide at my curious face."

"What is it?"

"That's between your father and me."

I frowned with a pouty face and he kissed me while laughing. "Don't you use that face on me beautiful."

"Why? Is it working?" I brightened at the idea.

"Not at all but you keep on trying to seduce me to your will." He laughed before rolling onto his back next to me.

'Seduce him to my will...'

I blushed while smiling to myself at the idea his words formed. Gently I crawled over him and gave him a cute smile while rubbing his chest with both my hands. He gave me a pointed look that couldn't hide the intrigue he felt at my positioning.

"Do you remember that lingerie I wore for you?" I couldn't hide how red I got thinking about it as well as the nervousness I had over my own boldness to bring it up.

"If I lived to be 3000 years old I still wouldn't be forgetting that outfit." His response was immediate and he gently started rubbing my hips where I was sitting on his lower chest. I smiled at his words while biting down on my lip as I watched him. "I also wont be forgetting the things I did to you while you wore it." Now I was really red and he was smiling widely.

"Or the things I did to you?" I was actually proud of myself for getting those words out.

"Jesus Christ." He reached up to rub his face and I smiled in triumph. "Why are you torturing me?" We both needed to get to sleep because we had a long day tomorrow and he knew it, hence the torment. I leaned down and kissed him. He immediately responded by gripping me to him forcefully. We kissed passionately for awhile before I started trying to remove myself from him to resume my spot next to him.

He wasn't letting me move an inch...

"Where do you think you're going?" He whispered against my lips and I shrugged.

"To lay down and get some sleep." I spoke through my smile as he groaned in pain.

"And the teasing display against me was to..." He trailed off while continuing his touch all over my body and his kissing of my lips and neck.

"...seduce you to my will." He pulled back with a slightly shocked expression but his eyes were alight with intrigue and awe.

"Well well well, aren't you a little temptress." He had released me enough so I could pull back to a seated position on him. I shrugged nonchalantly and was about to pull off of him when without warning he picked me up and all but threw me to the bed with him now over me. I actually gave a small scream in my surprise but he silenced me with a searing kiss that I returned eagerly. Suddenly Edward was like a man possessed. His hands went everywhere as did his lips. "God I love you, even when you're cruel to me." He kissed me hard on my neck, freezing me in place as it always did when he did that. I smiled to myself as I played with his hair and brought his lips to me.

"I like being mean to you." I smiled through the words and he chuckled.

"I like it too."


"Yes, you gorgeously evil temptress?" I smiled at the new nickname.

"I love you too."



- SO SORRY FOR THE LATE CHAPTER! It has been such a hard year as Im sure you all know as well.

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