Percy P.O.V

When I awoke I was in the infirmary, or what was left of it. I looked to my left and saw the camp in ruins. I had no idea what happened, I looked to my right and saw campers all bandaged up around me. I tried to move my arm, only to find it restrained to the cot. I looked at my other one and it was too. I decided to rest while I waited for someone to do anything.

About and hour later Will came over and unchained me.

"I hope you happy with yourself," He said with a glare. Once again I had no idea what anyone was talking about.

"Will what are you talking about?." He looked flabbergasted.

"You really don't know what happened do you." His eyes kinda glazed over like he was remembering something.

"No I don't"


I can't believe Percy doesn't remember what he did to the camp. He completely destroyed it.


I was walking through the strawberry field to find Nico. When the sky darkened, the clouds rippled with energy. Lightning struck near the beach, I heard campers screaming and prayers being yelled.

Why was Zeus angry I ran to the strawberry field looking for Nico, I was beginning to freak out. I stopped at the beach and saw Percy just standing there, stoically. Annabeth was shaking him trying to get him to snap out of it. Percy's eyes just rippled with power. The waves were 50 feet high gracing towards the clouds.

Earthquakes shook the ground beneath my feet.

In 3 flashes of light Zeus, Poseidon, and Hestia appeared in their godly divine forms, Hestia ran behind Percy and helped Annabeth support him. I ran closer and heard Zeus and Poseidon arguing.

"What do you mean you can't control it?!" Zeus bellowed, "You, the god of the sea cannot control you own child's powers?!.

"Don't act all innocent, why are you making it lightning and thunder!." Poseidon screamed at him.

"I cannot control, he is too powerful," Zeus responded glumfuly. Everyone's heads whipped around as Percy screamed he dropped, and everything stilled.

*Flashback over*

As I snapped out of my flashback, Percy looked at me with his powerful eyes, and something snapped as they glowed gold. He then slumped down into unconsciousness.