Sara sat at a window seat and looking out as the plane was taxiing down the runway and was about to take off. It felt like she could breath for the first time since she got that phone call from Lincoln. Without hesitation, she packed a bag, took her passport and kissed a sleeping Mike on his forehead and jumped in her car and drove to the airport. Lincoln had found Michael, not only found him, but rescued him from yet another prison.

She can´t believe she is gonna see him soon, just hours away now. It´s a miracle that he is alive. She didn´t believe it at first when Lincoln came to see her with that blurred photo. It was so out of focus that it could be anyone, but at the same time she instantly recognizes it was Michael. Even if it wasn´t possible, she knows it was Michael. She thought at first it was photoshopped or something of the like, a cruel joke to make them think Michael was alive. But why would anyone do that?

Then when Lincoln sent that video, she knew it was true. She couldn´t deny it. That man in the video was Michael, no doubt about it. He was alive. Michael was alive. Her wish, her dream has come true. How many times had she wished and dreamt of this? So many times.

She is so happy about the fact that he is alive, that she don´t really want to think of the why and how. But of course she can´t control her thoughts not to go there. Why? Why did he let them think he was dead? Why would he just disappear without a word to either her or Lincoln? It can´t be that he changed his mind about being with her, raising a family. If that was the case, sure he would tell Lincoln and the two of them would be off somewhere together.

But Lincoln had been with her the whole time until the last 3 years. It was only when she decided to marry Jacob, his visits became less frequently and to stop altogether after the wedding, which he never attended to. It´s safe to say Lincoln don´t like Jacob and her choice to move on with her life and marrying someone else, but not to tell her if he knows Michael was alive. Lincoln would not do that.

After everything Michael did to save his brother at first, then everything he did for both of them, Michael would never abandon them freely, of his own will. Something or someone must be forcing him to do it. Michael is protecting them by staying away somehow. Is it the company again? Or someone else? Yeah, that must be it. Someone must be forcing Michael to stay away from them. She would never believe Michael would do that otherwise.

He couldn´t just stopped caring and loving them, not after all he has sacrificed for them. She knows he had loved her as much as she loved him. They only got one year together, a year filled with so many things that if you would tell an outsider they wouldn´t believe you.

Her track record with men isn´t the best, but she knows what Michael and she had was love, real true love. The only time they did spend together, just the two of them, without killers chasing them or a warehouse full of other guys, were the two weeks before their wedding at the beach. Before that they had only been together one time. The night they reunited after Michael being in Sona and thought Sara was dead. The night when they conceived Mike.

Those two weeks were the best time of her life. They didn´t leave the bed the first two days, just when they needed to eat to keep their strengths, the rest of the time they made love to each other over and over. They had waited for so long to just have time for themselves, to be free to touch, to kiss and to make love.

And when she was in prison, she did receive another letter, then the one she turned into a rose for the escape plan. Michael wrote her a love letter, a real love letter. The only one she has ever gotten. A letter where Michael wrote about how much she means to him, how he feels about being her husband. How he loves her and their unborn child. He wrote about how much he looked forward to be a father. Deep down, she knows he would never walk away from them, a love like that don´t just go away.

Oh Mike, her son, their son could finally meet his father. She hasn´t told Mike yet that his father might be alive, she wanted solid proof first before she got his hopes up. She didn´t wake him before she left and now she was wondering what Jacob is gonna tell him.

Speaking of Jacob, what does this mean now? Is she married to two guys? Her marriage to Jacob isn´t legal as she is still married to Michael or? And what does it mean for her personal life? If Michael is her Michael, the same man she loves and have been mourning for 7 years, she can´t continue to live with another man. She loves Jacob, she does, but it´s nothing like the love she has for Michael.

She will always be grateful for what Jacob did for her and Mike, but it wouldn´t be right to be with him when Michael is now alive. It wouldn´t be fair to Jacob to have a wife, that maybe isn´t his wife and know that she don´t love him as she once did as her supposedly dead old husband now is alive. No, even if Michael doesn´t feel the same about her as she does, she can´t live with Jacob, be the wife he deserves when she loves Michael. She never did stop loving him.

Jacob knows this, she told him before they got married. That she was going to try to be a good wife to him, but she still mourned Michael and what she felt for Jacob wasn´t near that kind of love she felt for Michael. She told him all of this before they got married and that she would keep Michael´s name. She would remain Sara Scofield. Jacob didn´t like it, but agreed to it.

She thought about what Lincoln said about Michael being hurt and poisoned. That is her first prio, to save Michael´s life. To get him healthy again and then to see if he is still the man she knew and love. Maybe these 7 years have changed him into a man she doesn´t recognize anymore. A man that doesn´t want anything to do with her or Mike. That would break her heart and his. To know his father is alive and don´t want to see his son. That would be devastating to both of them.

Her prayers were answered about Michael being alive, so the rest of the flight, she prayed for Michael to be the same man as before and he would come back to her and Mike.