Here's the facts to start off on. I think Ezra was 14 when he joined the Ghost crew, in this story he's 18. And though he is on Lothal he isn't a Lothal citizen, Ezra is a Mandalorian of Clan Kryze. Same clan as Bo-Katan. He is still a force sensitive and is still going to be trained as a Jedi, in fact he is stronger than he is in regular continuity. This is the story of Rebels if Ezra was a more mature and overall badass fighter. Enjoy.

(more information about Ezra and his family will be said throughout the story)

Lothal-Communications Tower

Ezra Kryze stood on the railing of an old abandoned communications tower on the edges of Lothal's capital city, simply known as 'Lothal City'. This has been his home for the last ten years, ever since his mother abandoned him here. He can't remember all of the reason as to why she did, he was really young when she did, it was something about not being on Mandalore while the empire had a heavy occupation on the planet. She left him with a young couple who were unable to have a child. The Bridgers, they were good people but they were taken away a year later by storm troopers. After that Ezra had made his home in this tower, bringing with him the only thing his mother left to him. A trunk with a data chip full Mandalorian knowledge (including the language of course) a full set of Clan Kryze Mandalorian armor and a pair of twin WESTAR-35 blaster pistol's and a necklace that housed a clear Kyber crystal (N:A picture the on from Rouge One). The armour didn't fit him back then of course but he had grown since then and last time he tried it, it did fit him.

He had noticed that he grew a lot in the last three years alone, he was now 6'4 with a well-toned muscular body, living up to his Mandalorian heritage. Despite his Hight and strength Ezra was quiet flexible, nothing to be amazed about but enough for it to be a surprise to everyone else. As you can guess having those attributes didn't make it hard for him to turn the head of a handful of girls his age, which of course Ezra being a parentless teenager took full advantage of, and with each time he did this his skills in that area became more and more advanced. Long story short, let's just say that it wasn't hard for him to spend the night with some company if he wanted to. But after the imperial occupation became stronger Ezra decided that it was time for him to learn how to fight, using the Data chip in the trunk, he taught himself various fighting techniques, how to shoot, espionage and hacking but he felt that the hacking came naturally.

Ezra was wearing an orange jumpsuit with a backpack full of some tools as wearing a full suit of Mandalorian armor tended to draw a crowd. He rested his hands on the railing wondering what he was going to do today but it seemed that he wouldn't have to wonder as he saw that shadow of a star destroyer fly over his head and going straight for the city. plus, he was feeling hungry.

Wiping the strands of his blue hair out of his eyes he headed for the bottom of the tower and grabbed a speeder that he stole from the impearls. It didn't take him long to reach the city. Once he did he hid the speeder and jumped onto the roof tops. With the star destroy full of reinforcements it didn't take long for the impearls to start feeling more arrogant and take advantage of the people, that didn't sit right with Ezra at all.

"your identification, now" he heard someone say, he walked over to the edge of the building to see two impearl officers and four storm troopers all surrounding a single shopkeeper that was carrying a basket of fruit.

"I'm just trying to sell a couple of Yogons here" the shop keeper said.

"all trade must be registered with the empire" the other officer said as he folded his hands behind his back.

"I remember what it was like before your ships showed up" he spat back boldly "like you imperial's ruined Lothal like the rest of the galaxy" everyone around all raised their eye brows and shook their heads feeling sorry for the man because of what's going to happen next.

The officer with his hands behind his back lifted his com "this is LR301 I'm bringing in a citizen under a charge of treason" he said into it while looking down to the merchant 'not while I'm watching' Ezra thought to himself.

"copy that LR301, dispatched to cell block AAB33" the operator on the com said.

"take him away" the officer said as two storm troopers grabbed his arms and started to carry him away while the other officer picked up the basket and hungrily picked up one of the fruits not wasting anytime to take a bite out of it.

"you can't do this" the merchant said as he tried to reset being taken.

"oh, I don't know, who's going to stop us?" He said turning to look at the crowd that had just formed. Not one person was supporting the empire "you? You?" He said pointing to different members of the crowd.

"I will" Ezra said from behind the two. Both officers turned to see Ezra standing behind them and before either could do anything about it Ezra delivered a quick jab to one's face and elbowing the other knocking them both out. As they fell Ezra grabbed the pistol that was holstered and fired a stun round into the storm troopers who had only just now turned around. With everyone on the ground Ezra made his way to the merchant.

"thank you" he said as he held a Yogan up to him.

Ezra smiled as he grabbed the Yogan from his hand and helped him up "no, thank you" he said as he grabbed another from the basket and left before anyone else could see what happened.

"copy, we have reached the location and are standing by" he heard someone say as he made it to another roof. He walked over to the voice and he saw three speeders both carrying two creates that could have been filled with anything 'not bad, probably some tech in there. Might be worth something on the black market' he thought to himself.

Before Ezra could think of a plan of he got a strong feeling, almost unnatural, it made him feel uneasy. He tried to get back to thinking of a plan when the feeling hit him again. He followed that feeling again and he stood up walking to the other side of the roof. He felt that feeling pointing him at a man that stood in the middle of the road with a blaster at his side and a shoulder blade. He saw that the man was about to turn around and ducked before he could be spotted. As the man lost interest in Ezra he walked down the road.

Ezra could see as he was laying down that the man had stopped and tapped his hip twice. Not soon after some big hairy alien began to move out towards the speeders. He looked closer to see that the man had stopped again behind a girl who was wearing what looked like Mandalorian armor though he couldn't say for certain. And he did it again, tapped his hip twice and the girl did it back before moving off. As she turned Ezra could get a full view of her front and he could tell that she was wearing a Mandalorian helmet though he couldn't name the clan. He grew a smirk on his face as he saw that the two were heading for the speeders as well "interesting, this might go better than I thought'he said to himself as he walked back over to the speeders to see the girl already at work.

Ezra saw just casually walked past a speeder that was guarding the two others and again casually through a grenade on it. To seconds later it went off taking the speeder with it "whoa" he said.

"GET THOSE CREATES OUT OF HERE!" The officer in charge of the group yelled "KEEP THEM SECURE AT ALL COST!"

"really? All costs huh, sounds like my kind of thing" he Ezra as he stood up and ran to other side of building ready to intercept the speeders.

As he was about to jump he saw the man that was looking at before pull a large speeder up from another alleyway "how it going?" He said calmly before jumping out of the speeder and knocked the operator off the speeder and quickly shot another killing him. He started a firefight with the last guard before Ezra could see reinforcements coming. As they did he smiled at the sight of the bug hairy guy from before come up behind them. Being that large it didn't take him long to deal with the troopers, soon they were all knocked out.

All guards are down and the speeders are unattended "now or never" Ezra said to himself as he jumped down from the roof and landed on one of the speeders. He saw the quickly confused faces of the man and the big guy "appreciate you doing the heavy lifting" he said with a smile before putting the speeder in reverse and exiting the alley.

"what now?" The big guys asked.

"follow that guy" the man said as Ezra turned the corner.

Ezra looked behind him to see that the other two were following him using the other speeders. Looked back forward and turned a corner but the speeder bounced, he turned his head and that the girl who through the grenade and jumped off of a roof top landed on the creates "that was pretty cutesy of you" she said. Ezra saw her going for one of her pistols and decided to take action.

He quickly rolled backwards of the chair he was sitting in to drive and as he did he extended his foot managing to kick her in the chest knocking her off the creates. Ezra winced as he saw her roll roughly on the road "SORRY!" He shouted hoping she could hear him.

He turned another corner and saw four storm troopers all line up ready to fire but before Ezra could react, four blaster bolts came from behind him and each one found its target "who are these guys?" Ezra said to himself as he continued to drive through the narrow streets barely missing the people walking in them.

"who is this guy?" The man said as he continued to follow Ezra closely not letting him get away with those creates. Making it to the high way they were able to increase their speed but so did the imperial speeders follow them.

They began to fire the speeder mounted weapons at the three. One blast hitting Ezra's speeder as other who shot back "oh, shit" Ezra said as he saw the smoke coming from the speeder. Getting out of the line of fire he jumped lanes, now he just had to dodge the other speeders and cars going in the opposite direction.

He turned his head and saw that the man had taken care of the two imperial speeders and was now focused on him though it looked like it was just the man now without any creates as the other looked like he was pulling back with the dropped off creates of the other.

Ezra's eyes widened as he saw the man jump lines and landed in front of him. Speeding forward and pulling to a stop leaving Ezra no choice but to stop as well "and who are you?" Ezra asked.

"I'm the guy who was steeling those crates"

"no, you were going to steel them until I beat you to it" Ezra said back as he crossed his arms.

"yeah, and you made it pretty far. But I have plans for those creates" the man said as Ezra looked over his shoulder to see a Tie fighter heading towards him "so todays not your day" he finished.

Ezra smiled "doesn't seem to be yours either, heads up by the way" Ezra said before nodding behind the man and speeding off in the fields. Ezra heard blasts and he looked behind him to see that the Tie had blew up the speeder, he looked a little longer than usual just to make sure the guy was ok. After seeing him stand up Ezra turned back to field ahead. He sighed as he heard the Tie coming after him "if this create is worthless I'm going to kill someone" Ezra said to himself as he tried to avoid the Tie blasts. Which didn't work as well as he'd like as he was shot with a blast.

Ezra rolled on the ground and the speeder blew up, he looked up to the Tie coming in for another attack. As Ezra began to think about what he could do next as blaster fire came out from behind him and blew the Tie up. Ezra turned to see the man from before standing on the edge of fairly large ships ramp with a smug look on his face "You want a ride?" He asked as Ezra took a moment to think about it when he saw four more Tie's approach "Pal, you have a better option? Come on!" He said as Ezra turned back to grab one of the crates as he knew he could only take one "Leave the crate. You'll never make it!" He yelled but Ezra didn't listen and he jumped upwards to the ramp, making it "whoa" he said as Ezra landed on the ramp and pushed the crate in the ship as the ramp closed behind him.

Ezra looked up to three people starring at him. The man, the big hairy guy and the guy wearing the Mandalorian armor that had a large scratch in the chest plate, it was easy for Ezra to tell that they were all scowling at him. The big guy lifted the lid off the crates and saw blasters on the inside "Nice, I could get a lot for these on the black market?" He said picking one of them up to suspect them closer.

"I know, that's what I plan to do" the man said.

"Don't get any ideas" the big guys said as he grabbed the blaster out of Ezra's hands.

"They're mine"

"If you hadn't gotten in our way..."

"Too bad. I got to them first" Ezra said as the two leaned more and more in together almost touching, both with scowls.

"It's not who's first. It's who's last. Keep an eye on our friend here" the man said before leaving the room.

A few minutes later Ezra decided to speak up "Look, I was just doing the same thing you were: stealing for profit"

"You have no idea what we were doing. You don't know us" the big guys said poking him in the chest.

"And I don't want to. I just want off this burner" Ezra spat back pushing his hand off his chest.

"Please. Nothing would thrill me more than tossing you out... while in a flight" he said back leaning in closely.

"try" Ezra dared him "it's been a while since I've had a good fight" he said cracking his knuckles.

The big guy growled as Ezra could see he was about to threw a punch but before he could the whole ship rocked knocking everyone over. Unfortunately for Ezra the big guy landed right on top on him "Get off! I... can't... breathe"

"I'm not that heavy in this gravity" he said back as he stood up.

"Not the weight. The smell" Ezra spat back.

"You don't like the air quality in here, eh? Fine. I'll give you your own room" he said coming towards him. Ezra didn't take any chance's as he approached. As he reached a hand out Ezra grabbed it and twisted it backwards. Using the momentum, he practically through him into a wall. Out of the corner of his eyes he could the girl pull out her blasters.

Not taking to chance he rolled towards her and grabbed her wrists stopping her from aiming them at him "drop them" Ezra said.

"not a chance" she said as she heads butted him knocking him back forcing him to rest on the crate. Ezra quickly grabbed one of the blasters in the crate and through it at her confusing her and gave him time to charge. As she aimed her weapons at him Ezra quickly jabbed the blasters knocking them out of her hands. The girl retaliated by kicking his legs and elbowed his face. She went for another punch but Ezra ducked under her arm and got behind, Ezra wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up before slamming her into the ground. She rolled backwards as Ezra charged again but before he could do anything, he was turned around and he saw the big guy but before he could do anything a fist hit him full force in the face knocking him backwards dazing him momentarily.

"you ok?" He asked helping the girl get to her feet.

"yeah, I'm fine" she said standing up and looking over to Ezra "he knows how to fight" she said as she and the big guy walked over to the crate of blasters to make sure that they were ok "Zeb, Sabine. Where's the guy?" the man said over the ships com.

"Calm down, chief. He's over..." Zeb started as he and Sabine looked back to the wall where Ezra was knocked down to see he was gone. Both of them started to look around franticly.

"Zeb, where is he?"

"Well, he is still in the ship" Zeb said scratching the back of his neck.

"yeah, we just don't know where" Sabine added.

Ezra walked through the halls of the ship as it rocked, Ezra guessing that they were still under fire from some Tie fighters "god, what is going on out there?" Ezra said to himself before he got a feeling that someone was coming his way. Without really thinking he moved into a side room without really thinking about it.

Looking at the room he was in he could see that it was a turret and a good view of space "why am I in space?" She said out loud as a group of Tie fighters began to fire at the ship "And I'm about to die"

"Shields are holding for now, but you need to buy me time... to calculate the jump to lightspeed" heard some woman say over the com.

"Buying time, now" the man said as Ezra could see blaster fire coming from the top of ship "well, I don't want to die" he said as he sat on the turret and began to fire at the Tie's.

"Hey, that's my turret" a voice said from behind him. Before he could respond a hand grabbed his shoulder and through him off the chair.

Ezra turned to see the girl he was with before, removed her helmet and looked at him. Ezra took a moment to look at her "dam, she's hot" he thought to himself, she ignored the looks he was giving her and sat down on the turret and began to open fire at the Tie's "My name's Ezra. What's yours?" He said as he rested his arm on the chair around her shoulders. He didn't see Zeb come up behind him and grab his shoulder, turning him around.

"My name's Zeb, you Loth-rat" Zeb said as he grabbed Ezra by both shoulders holding him in place.

"I'm not a Loth-rat you over grown fur ball" Ezra said as he copied what Sabine did to him before and headbutted Zeb forcing him to stumble backwards "I'm a Mandalorian" he finished as he charged at Zeb again while he was dazed.

"What?!" Sabine shouted as he reached Zeb. She turned in the chair to see Zeb trying to wrestle Ezra down to the ground.

Ezra looked back at Sabine as he pushed Zeb out of view of the door "did I stutter" Ezra said looking back at Sabine before Ezra was tackled by Zeb out of the view of Sabine.

"got it" the same woman's voice sat from said before the ship entered hyperspace.

Ezra and Zeb found themselves rolling around in the main common area of the ship "I'm gonna kill you" Zeb said as he pinned Ezra down.

"like hell you are" Ezra said as he managed to twist one of his arms free and jabbed Zeb in the face and before he could do it again a blaster bolt fire between them right in the middle of their faces. Both of them froze and their eyes widened, they slowly turned their and saw Sabine with her arms crossed and eyes locked on Ezra, next to her was the man from before and standing next to him was a green Twi'lek with a blaster in her hand.

"so, this is are stowaway" the Twi'lek said as she rested a hand on her hip.

Zeb got off of Ezra and stood up leaving Ezra room to do the same "really, I seem to remember being invited. You know, with my crate" Ezra said as he crossed his arms.

"I'm really starting to regret that now" he said.

"well then just head back and I will happily be on my way" Ezra said with a smile.

"Calm down. That's exactly what we're doing" she said.

Ezra frowned confused "Wait. Right now? With Imperials chasing us?" He asked.

Hera smiled already seeing his potential "We lost the Ties when we jumped, and the Ghost can scramble its signature... so they won't recognize us when we return" she explained.

"Oh. That's pretty good. So just drop me and my blasters outside Capital City and..." Ezra started.

"They're not your blasters" Sabine said "and what did you mean you're a Mandalorian?" She spat angrily. Angry that someone was pretending to be a Mandalorian, it was an insult.

"right, haven't introduced myself yet. How rude of me" Ezra said as he dusted himself off "Ezra Kryze of clan Kryze, at your service" he said nodding to Sabine.

Sabine was shocked, what was a member of clan Kryze doing on Lothal "Sabine Wren" she said introducing herself.

"house Vizsla" Ezra said nodding to her in understanding.

"well, I'm Hera" the Tew'lik said "this is Kanan" Hera said as the com beeped "and were coming back up Lothal" Hera said before leaving the room with Kanan and Zeb behind him.

Sabine stayed behind looking at Ezra with her arms crossed "and what exactly is a member of clan Kryze doing on Lothal all alone?" She asked.

"oh, that's easy sweetheart" he said flirtatiously walking forward towards her. Standing at the side of her, looking right into her eyes, their faces only a few inches apart "that's none of your business" he said before following the others to the cock-pit leaving Sabine alone for a moment to think about he just said.

"did he just call me sweetheart?" She asked herself.

Ezra reached the cockpit to already see that they were approaching Lothal "that was quick" he said as Sabine came in behind him.

"well, we don't waste time" Hera said as they came in for a landing.

"And we're not going back to Capital City. The job's not done" Kanan said as the ship came in for a landing in the middle of a field.

"come on" Hera said as everyone started to leave for the cargo hold.

As Ezra just walked out of the ship and saw what looked like a small town, if you could call it that. It looked like a small collection of huts. He turned to see Zeb and Sabine walking towards him with two crates, and Hera and Kanan walking in the opposite direction with two other crates "where are they going?" He asked as Sabine and Zeb as they walked past him towards the town.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Oh, and I might just kill you anyway" Zeb snarled.

"Grab a crate, pull your weight" Sabine said as he walked past him and joined Zeb. Ezra shrugged thinking he's got nothing better to do.

Grabbing a crate, he walked towards the town "I've lived on Lothal for most of my life. Never been here" he said as they entered the town.

"The Imperials don't advertise it" Sabine said.

"Locals call it Tarkintown" Zeb informed him.

"Named for Grand Moff Tarkin, Governor of the Rim. He kicked these folks off their farms when the Empire wanted their land" Sabine said as Ezra looked around to the people around him and couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

"Anybody tried to fight back got arrested- for treason" they stopped in the center of the town and lifted the tops off the crates reviling food. Lots of it "Who wants free grub?" Zeb said clapping his hands together as everyone started to surround the three.

"Yes. Yes"

"Much appreciated"

"Please, please"

"Thank you. Thank you"

Ezra stood still with his arms crossed as everyone walked up to him and took some food. Some farmer came up to Ezra and placed an arm on his shoulder "Thank you. Thank you so much" they said.

Ezra brushed the hand off his shoulder "thank them, not me" Ezra said gesturing to Zeb and Sabine. As he took a step back and saw everyone crowding them. he realized that he didn't belong here with them so he headed back to the ship.

Ezra stood in front of the ship just watching the town below, then it happened again. That same feeling he got before he saw Kanan before, he turned around and started to walk back into the ship following the feeling. He stopped in front of what looked like some one's room. Seeing it was locked he dug out a tool from his backpack and began to hack the controls, it didn't take long for him to open the door and walk inside.

Seeing that it was empty he was about to leave but that same feeling again so he stepped inside and looked a little closer. He saw that under the bed were some draws. He opened it and saw something, it looked like some golden cube "Okay. Weird. Might be worth something" he said placing the cube in his back pocket. He further in the draw and saw some sort of rod. Taking it out he stood up and saw a button on it, deciding that he might as well. He pushed it and a blue blade extended from the rod "well I'll be... a lightsaber" he said to himself as did some twits and waves with the saber.

"Careful. You'll cut your arm off" Kanan said from behind him. He turned to see him and Hera both scowling at him with a droid beside them.

Ezra shut off the Saber and casually tossed to Kanan who catched it as it hit his stomach "and here I was thinking you guys were all gone... Jedi" he said walking past them not giving them any hint that he took anything else.

Entering where Ezra and Zeb were wrestling before, Ezra guessed it was some kind of kitchen. He saw Sabine leaning against the counter with a cup of caf "Not too good at following directions, are you?" Sabine asked.

"Not so much. You?" Ezra said leaning on the counter next to her.

Sabine couldn't help but chuckle at Ezra's remark "Never been my specialty"

"Who are you people? I mean, you're not exactly thieves " he asked crossing his arms.

"We're not exactly anything. We're a crew, a team, in some ways a family" Sabine said as she put the cup down and turned to face him.

"What happened to your real family? I mean last time I checked, clan Wren was very close" Ezra said.

Sabine nodded "very true, but the empire didn't care about that. What happened to yours?" She asked "I know Clan Kryze has a tendency to be cold sometimes, so why are you here? What happened?"

Ezra looked at her deciding since she told him about her the least he could do was tell her about him "my mother did" Ezra answered but before Sabine could say anything Zeb walked in with chopper at his side.

"Kanan wants us in the common room. If he tries anything, sound the alarm. Or shoot him" he said to chopper before he left for the cockpit with Sabine behind him. Chopper made some buzzing noises. Ezra just looked down at him and smirked.

In the main living room everyone was gathered around the center of the room "We have a new mission. Vizago acquired the flight plan for an Imperial transport ship full of Wookiee prisoners" Kanan said.

"Most of these Wookiees were soldiers for the Old Republic" Hera added.

"I owe those hairy beasts. They saved some of my people" Zeb pointed out.

"Mine too" Hera said, she was very grateful for the wookiees for their help.

Kanan frowned as he felt the force telling him someone was nearby "If we're going to save them, we've got a tight window. They've been taken to an unknown slave labor camp. If we don't intercept this ship, we'll never find them. Now, I have a plan. But" he said as he opened the door leading to kitchen area and saw Ezra leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and Chopper at his side.

"wow, you guys are just looking for trouble aren't you" he said smirking.

Zeb snarled as Kanan gave him an angry look "I ordered Chopper to keep watch" he explained. Chopper just buzzed as he rolled over to Hera.

Zeb Growled in anger "Can we please get rid of him?"

"No. We can't" Sabine said stepping forward noticing how Ezra was smirking at her "He knows too much"

Hera stepped forward "We don't have time to take him home anyway. We need to move now. I'll keep an eye on him" she said walking over to him and placing a hand on his shoulder and leading him to the cockpit.

Five minutes later Hera was sat in the pilot's chair with Ezra sat next to her "You know, this whole mission thing is nuts. I'm all for making the Empire's life difficult, but there's no way I'd try to make it this difficult. Who does that?"

"We do" Hera simply said as the Ghost left hyperspace in front of a slandered transporter "Imperial transport 651, this is Starbird coming inbound" she said into the com.

"State your business" the operator said over the com.

"Bounty. We captured an additional Wookiee prisoner and have transfer orders to place him with you" Hera said.

"We have no such orders"

"That's fine. We already got paid by Governor Tarkin. If you don't want the oversize monong, I'll jettison here, let you explain to your superiors why the Empire has one less slave" Hera said not even thinking about it. Ezra nodded to her impressed at how easy she did it.

"Permission to dock. Bay 1"

Ezra chuckled at that "not bad" he said as they docked with the transporter. Five minutes later Kanan, Zeb and Sabine were heading over to the transporter.

"No troopers, securities soft..." Kanan started before the com cut out.

Hera frowned as started to talk down the com "Spectre-1, come in. Spectre-4? Spectre-5? Ah, comm's down. No, not down. Jammed" she realized.

Ezra paused feeling chills down his spine, no idea why. It felt similar to before but worse, more fearful "Something's coming" he said to himself but loud enough for Hera to hear her.

Hera and Ezra both gasped as they saw a star destroyer jump out of hyperspace "That's an Imperial Star Destroyer" she yelled at Ezra.

"I know what a star destroyer is" Ezra shouted back "This whole thing was a setup"

"It's beginning to look that way" Hera said as her eyes darted back and forth between the destroyer and Ezra "You need to board the transport and warn them" she ordered him.

Ezra frowned at her "Why don't you do it?"

She real didn't like Ezra's disregard for her team, her family "I need to be ready to take off, or none of us stands a chance"

Ezra widened his eyes obviously and nodded his head " and why would I risk my life for a bunch of strangers?" He asked.

"Because Kanan risked his for you. If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing. They need you, Ezra. They need you right now. Listen. Our crew boarded that transport to selflessly rescue Imperial prisoners. They have no idea they walked into a trap, no idea what's coming. You need to go warn them, Ezra. And Sabine is a Mandalorian, I thought you of all people would want to protect one of your own" Hera said to him.

"No, it's too late for them, Hera. And I know I should be going back for Sabine at least but I can't, we should run now, while..." Ezra started.

"You don't mean that!" Hera shouted back.

Ezra stood up and pointed at Hera "I do. I swear I do" he said pursing for a moment, thinking about what was happening. He couldn't help but roll his eyes "Which is why I can't believe I'm doing this" he said before turning and running for the exit.

Hera couldn't help but smile "I can"

Ezra ran through the halls as fast as he could not really knowing why, he was doing this, he didn't know these people. Sure, it might make him look good for Sabine but really? This was a bit much "Just set the detonator so we can get the Wookiees out of here" he heard Zeb say down the left hall "At least things seem to be going smoother than our last op" Zeb said as Ezra turned the corner and saw him and Kanan about to open a security door.

"It's a trap!" Ezra shouted as he reached the two "We gotta get out of here. It's a trap!"

Zeb scowled at him as Kanan frowned "Karabast! he's blowing another op"

Ezra paused for a moment trying to decide whether or not to try and warn them again or just leave them "ok" he said turning around and started to causally walk back the way he came "Hera just thought it would be a good idea for me to tell you that a star destroyer just left hyperspace in front of us and boarding parties are coming over as we speak"

"WHAT!" They both shouted as the door opened reviling dozens of stormtroopers on the other side of it.

"HEY!" They said as Zeb and Kanan ran down the same corridor as Ezra.

"Oh, now you believe me" Ezra said sarcastically as they all ran together "now we need to warn Sabine and Chopper, but they've jammed the comm"

"They'll follow the plan. It'll be fine" Kanan said contently.

Ezra couldn't help but roll his eyes "right, because this was part of your grand plan"

"Don't stop!" Kanan yelled as Zeb pushed Ezra behind him.

"I don't plan to" Ezra yelled back as a group of storm troopers appered at the far end of the corridor with someone in a ISB helmet leading them.

"Push off now!" Kanan yelled as the lights turned yellow and the artificial gravity shut off.

"Hey! Aah!" Zeb grunted as he crawled on the roof as Kanan fired at the troopers approaching. Well floating.

"You doing okay, Ezra?" Kanan said as they floated through the dead and knocked out troopers.

"is that a really question" Ezra replied as he grabbed one of the trooper's blasters, ready to use it if he had too. Leaving his twin blasters at his tower he's been unarmed this entire time.

"NOW!" Kanan shouted as the lights turned back to the white and the gravity turned back on and everyone fell to the ground.

Without wasting anytime everyone stood up and sprinted for the entrance to the Ghost. Seeing the entrance in sight Ezra couldn't help but smile as Sabine and Chopper came into view "Where are the Wookiees?" She asked.

"No Wookiees. Sabine, man the nose gun. Chop, tell Hera to take off" Kanan ordered as they reached the door to the Ghost.

Sabine could help but glance at Ezra and Zeb as they stayed at the back of the group firing at the storm troopers "Uh right!" She said turning and entering the Ghost.

Kanan went in after and Zeb next but turned and continued to fire at the troopers. Ezra was still standing in the same place as more and more troopers began to come out of cover and started to fire. As they approached striking distance Ezra took full advantage of his Mandalorian training and began to start using his fists as well as his blaster. Two troopers charged at him Ezra shot the first in the face leaving him to fall to the ground dead and span in his spot extended his arm making a fist. The other trooper fell to the ground as Ezra fist connected to jaw.

"Come on Ezra, we gotta go" Zeb yelled as he stood in the door way to the Ghost.

Ezra turned to look at Zeb, only for a moment but that was all the storm troopers needed to get the advantage. Ezra started to run but as soon as he did a blaster bolt hit him in the shoulder "AAHHH!" Ezra yelled as the force of the bolt turned him around slightly and as he did the ISB agent hit him in the face knoking him to the ground.

Zeb winced as he saw him go down, he wanted to help him but he was still under fire from the troopers "Sorry, Ezra. You did good" he said before the door closed and the Ghost detached.

"There. Airlock shut. We're out of here!" Zeb heard Hera say as he sunk down the door to the ground and sighed.

In the cock-pit Hera was doing everything she could to find the best way out of there "Chop, jam their tractor beam!" She ordered the droid.

"Attention, rebel ship. Surrender or be destroyed. This is your first and last warning" she heard an imperial operator say over the com on an open channel.

Hera had to roll her eyes "Blow it out your exhaust vent. Literally. Sabine" she said smiling.

The Ghost rocked back and forth as Sabine detonated the explosives she placed on the ship.

Sabine grumbled in disappointment as she could see anything from her turret "Ah, I can't see it from here. How'd it look?" She asked.

"Gorgeous, Sabine. As always" Kanan smiled as the ship entered hyper space.

"The whole thing was a setup" Kanan said as he, Sabine and Zeb entered all sitting around the cock-pit.

"You think Vizago was in on it?" Sabine suggested saying it before anyone else would because it was not that farfetched.

Hera shrugged "He'd sell his mother to Jawas for a couple credits. But we're a source of income for him. Even odds he didn't know. Ezra did all right" she said stating the truth, Ezra did good work.

"Yeah, he did ok" Kanan turned to Zeb "Where is he?" He asked.

"I, uh, thought he was with you" Zeb lied knowing on-one believed him for a moment but he tried it anyway.

Everyone looked at each other with a confused look before Sabine realized what was going on and turned to face him "Zeb, what did you do to him?" She asked worried, he was only there because of them.

"I didn't do anything to him. But that I.S.B. agent grabbed him" Zeb explained hoping the reaction wouldn't be as bad as he thought.

"WHAT!" He was wrong.

"The kid got grabbed, okay?!" Zeb shouted back.

Hera scowled "Garazeb Orrelios!" She shouted at him. Whenever she used his full name she was mad.

"Oh, come on! We were dumping him after the mission anyway. This saves us fuel. He'll be ok, he knows he to take care of himself" Zeb said as everyone turned away thinking about everything.

On board the star destroyer, inside a holding cell, with his bag beside him. He was leaning against the wall trying to ignore the pain in the back of his shoulder, he hadn't received any medical treatment yet. He liked to think he had a high pain thresh hold but... it really hurts "if I ever see those guys again, I'm gonna kill them" Ezra said as the door to the cell opened reviling the man that was IBS helmet.

"I am Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. And you are?" Kallus said stepping inside.

Ezra chuckled "Jabba the Hutt" he said already seeing Kallus frowning "Look, I just met those guys today. I don't know anything" Ezra said honestly.

"You're not here for what you know, Jabba. You're here to be used as bait upon our return to Lothal" Kallus said professionally.

Ezra laughed at that remark "Bait? You seriously think? Hahahahahahaha" he laughed even louder "You're about as bright as a binary droid. They're not gonna come for me. People don't do that. And if they do, their idiots" Ezra said.

Kallus rolled his eyes and sighed heavily "Search him. Then secure him here" he said as he walked out.

Ezra frowned as two storm troopers came into the cell and went over to him. He grabbed his bag protectible before the troopers forced it off him "Hey, get off me!" He said as they dropped his bag on the ground, letting the tools that were inside it fall out "Let go!" He warned them before he was smacked in the eye with the pud of a rifle, forcing Ezra's face only a few inches from the ground. The door closed leaving Ezra alone "You need to go warn them, Ezra" he said impersonating Hera's voice "What was I thinking?" He asked himself "And of course, the only thing I manage to hold on to is this worthless piece of junk" he said pulling the small cube from his back pocket.

Trying to open it or get it to do something was very frustrating, very frustrating. His patience ran out and he threw against the wall. Sighing, Ezra stood up and sat back down. He closed his and just tried to calm himself, he needed to think about how he was going to get out of this. He was tuning everything out, the only thing he could hear was himself breathing "This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi" Ezra's eyes shot open as he looked at the holographic image of a Jedi master "I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: Trust in the Force" Ezra froze 'a holocron' he thought to himself.

The data chip his mother left with him had a lot of information on the Mandalorian's but it also had some on the Jedi, mostly on one Jedi in poticular. Obi-Wan Kenobi. His mother use to tell him stories about Kenobi when he was young, when he asked why this Jedi was so good. She used to say that 'he was best Jedi ever'. Ezra took a deep as the holocron shut itself and landed on the ground "I have to get out of here" he said to himself.

In the Ghost Hera had just suggested they go back for Ezra "No. No, no. No way! You cannot be serious!" Zeb yelled.

"It's our fault he was there!" Hera spat back.

"Oh, come on Hera!" Zeb said crossing his arms "We just met this guy. We're not going back for him!" He argued.

"They'll be waiting for us" Sabine said looking down disappointed "We can't save him"

Hera's eyes widened and she turned around to face "hey, the biggest part of him going in there was me convincing him that Mandalorian's don't leave their own"

Chopper Grumbled.

"What? What did he say?" Zeb asked angry

"He voted with me" Hera said smiling at him "That's two against two. Kanan, you have the deciding vote" she said turning to the Jedi.

Ezra stood against the wall next to the door, it took him a couple of minutes but he came up with a plan "hey guys, listen. My back is really starting to hurt and I might have lost a lot of blood" Ezra said weakly through the door before banging on the ground making it look like he had passed out. The door opened and the two troopers walked in. They walked in and didn't see Ezra but before they could look around Ezra had elbowed the closed on in the head and as he fell to the ground he grabbed the blaster he was carrying and used it to blast the other in the chest. With both of them on the ground dead. Ezra walked over to their bodies grabbing one of their comm's and the other blaster. Ezra placed the comm in his ears and started to walk down the corridors with a blaster in each hand.

Ezra turned a corner and saw two troopers walking towards him. He just rasied his new blasters and fired hitting them both in the chest. As they fell to the ground dead Ezra heard chatter down his com "The delay was insignificant. The transport ship Agent Kallus diverted will dock on Kessel within two hours. The Wookiees will be off-loaded to work spice mine K-77"

"I don't know how, but the rebel ship approached without alerting our sensors" he heard Kallus say.

Ezra's eyebrows shot upwards "oh my god, they actually came back... yep, they're idiots" he said to himself as he continued to walk.

"Order all stormtroopers to converse on the lower hangar. I'll meet them there" Kallus said again.

Ezra couldn't help but shrug 'I might as well help them out' "This is trooper LS-123 reporting intruders in the upper hangar. Sir, I believe the lower hangar is a diversion" Ezra said trying to mask his voice.

"Maybe, maybe not. Squads five through eight divert to upper hangar. The rest converge as ordered" Ezra smiled to himself at how easily that worked "Well, every little bit helps" he finished as he began to walk towards the hanger.

Hera stood on the lowered ramp as the Ghost parked in the hanger "Find Ezra. I'll be ready" she said as Sabine, Kanan and Zeb ran forward into the rest of the ship.

"Hold this bay till we get back" Kanan ordered.

"And this time, try not to leave until everyone's back aboard" Sabine said to Zeb as they entered the corridors.

"That was not my fault!" Zeb said as a storm troopers body fell to the ground at an intersection of corridors right in front of them, everyone rose their weapons to the corridors entrance. Ezra slowly stepped out from around the corner. Sabine's eyes widened from behind her helmet at what she saw, Zeb felt a massive amount of gilt and Kanan remained himself to get the med-kit when they get back on the Ghost. Ezra had a bruised and bloodied face, a slouched shoulder from the bolt that hit him with a blaster in each hand.

Ezra rose his right hand with the blaster and aimed it at Zeb. All of the Ghost crew members aimed their weapons at Ezra who just looked Zeb dead in the eye "give me one reason not to pull this trigger?" Ezra asked.

"vi emac at evas gar" Sabine said. Kanan and Zeb looked at each other confused, they didn't understand Mandalorian.

Ezra looked at Sabine for a moment, starring right through her visor and into her eyes. Slowly he lowered the blaster "riaf luubid" he said back before walking towards them "let's go guys" he said looking at Kanan and Zeb before walking past them.

"what did you say to him?" Zeb asked Sabine as they turned around and headed back to the Ghost.

"we came back to save you" Sabine said as a group of storm troopers led by Kallus charged at the group.

"Spectre-1 to Ghost, we're leaving" Kanan said down the com as they started to run as the troopers began to fire at them.

"Ghost, raise the ramp" Kanan shouted as everyone made it up the ramp. Ezra just slowly walked up the ramp.

Ezra slowly made his way to the cock-pit as the ship left the hanger and rocked with an explosion. Ezra could only guess that Sabine or Zeb planted a bomb in the destroyer's hanger. The door opened and Hera turned to see Ezra, her eyes widened at the sight of him. She quickly put the Ghost into hyperspace so she could leave the controls "Welcome aboard... again" Hera said awkwardly as she stood up and went over to him "Come on" she put her hand around his waist allowing him to lean on her "let me patch you up" she finished.

Ezra walked with her back to main common area leaning on Hera slightly "I just want you to know, your advice sucks. Aaawww" Ezra said as Hera set him down on the couch while Kanan came in holding the first aid kit, with Sabine and Zeb behind him.

"here" he said handing it to Hera.

"thanks" she said before grabbing Ezra's orange jump suit and began to undo it.

"what? you not gonna buy me a drink first?" Ezra joked as Hera removed his jacket and shirt, reviling his upper body.

Hera rolled her eyes as she took a bathta patch from the kit and placed it on his shoulder making Ezra wince "look Ezra" Zeb said rubbing the back of his neck "sorry" he simply said.

"don't worry about it" Ezra said "don't get me wrong, I think you're all idiots for coming back but I appreciate it"

"well when I'm done here we'll get you home. Your family must be worried sick" Hera said as she placed a piece of cloth over the patch keeping it in place as Ezra put his shirt and jumper back on.

Ezra couldn't you've got give Hera a sad smile and chuckle "my families gone" Ezra said "besides you all have somewhere else to be. I know where they're really taking the Wookies. Have you heard of the spice mines of Kessel?"

Everyone gasped and looked at each other in shock "Slaves sent there last a few months, maybe a year" Sabine informed.

"And for Wookies, born in the forest..." Hera continued.

"yeah, they'll all be dead within a couple of weeks" Ezra said "Then I guess we better go save 'em" he said standing up and headed for the cock-pit.

"I'm sorry, We?" Sabine said as she crossed her arms.

"Oh, you can bet your fine ass that after everything I just went through. I'm gonna want to get some payback" Ezra said before he left the room.

Sabine frowned for a moment as everyone paused for a moment "did he just say I have a fine ass" Sabine asked

"hahahahaha" Zeb laughed as he walked out of the room with Kanan behind him.

"Setting course for Kessel" Hera smiled as she headed for the cock-pit walking past Sabine.

Everyone had gathered in the cargo hold as Hera piloted the ship towards Kessel. Sabine stood in the front next to Kanan wearing her armor and blaster. Zeb stood next to Ezra holding his bow rifles. And Ezra who was carrying the two blasters he got from the storm troopers on that destroyer "you sure you're up for this" Zeb asked as he turned his head to see Ezra.

"careful furball, that almost sounds like concern" Ezra joked as he glanced at Zeb.

Zeb chuckled "just don't want you dying because if you do I'll be the one who has to carry your body back" he finished as the ship rocked and the ramp opened showing the platform with Wookies in cuffs and Storm Troopers firing at them.

Everyone jumped off the ship and onto the platform immediately taking cover behind some crates "Ezra, I want you the flank them and get to the Wookies" Kanan ordered.

"sure thing" Ezra said as he went to the left of the crates and the rest went the right to draw their fire.

Ezra saw his chance and crouched while he ran around the outside of the platform and to the Wookies who stood in a group alone at the opposite side of them. As Ezra reached them they turned to face him ready to attack "they, they. I'm here to help" Ezra said as he pulled a tool from his bag. The Wookies looked at each for a moment before nodding so Ezra walked forward and uncuffed them all.

The Wookies didn't waste any time and pounced on the troopers knocking them out "now that's what I call rebellion" Ezra proudly said as he walked towards to Ghost crew who were smirking at him.

Before they could move three Tie fighters appeared and opened fire at the Ghost "We're hit! Chopper, aft gun!" Hera shouted down the com. As the same transporter they hit before came towards them as well firing at the platform knocking everyone off their feet. The transporter landed as everyone got back to their feet. Ezra could see the doors to the transporter open and Kallus coming out with his arms crossed and a squad of troopers.

"Take them down!" Kallus yelled the troopers began to open fire just in time for everyone to dive behind cover and fire back. One of the Wookies was shot as they ran for cover. Zeb put his arm around his shoulder and carried him to cover

"We'll be okay. I've got him" he said to Ezra but as he carried him away Ezra could see that the Wookie was trying to move in the opposite direction. Ezra looked to were the Wookie was trying to go and he could see and very small Wookie, a child run away with a trooper chasing him. He needed to get over there but they were pinned down.

"I can't maintain position!" Hera said over the com as the Ghost flied overhead taking fire from the Tie's that were chasing and firing at it.

"Go! Lead the TIEs away and give yourself maneuvering room!" Kanan said down the com as everyone fired back at the troopers.

"I am not leaving you behind!" Hera immediately shouted back

"No, you're not. We're running a 22-Pickup"

Sabine quickly turned to face him "Seriously?" She asked shocked.

"You have a better option?" Kanan said as he put his blaster back in his holster.

"Jump into the pit and get it over with?" Zeb suggested.

"All right, I'll be back. Make sure you're ready"

"22-Pickup. Care to let me in on the secret?" Ezra as Kanan stood up.

"Ezra, I'm about to let everyone in in the secret" as he walked over the crates right into the line of fire.

"what are you doing?" Ezra shouted standing up and saw him walked forward dodging blaster fire as he walked. Ezra's eyes widened as Kanan grabbed two pieces of tech from his belt and putting them together "whoa" was all Ezra could say as a blue blade extended from the hilt. Ezra was shocked, sure he knew Kanan was a Jedi but he didn't think that he would revile it, Jedi where the galaxies most wanted criminals.

Everyone stopped firing, the imperials just looked on confused and scared. A Jedi was a force to be reckoned with. The Wookies all looked on in awe, immediately thinking that they're going to be ok.

Kallus raised his hand and pointed it at Kanan "All troopers, focus your fire on... on the jedi" he ordered and all the troopers began to open fire on him.

"Time to go!" Kanan yelled as he blocked and deflected the blaster fire coming at him.

"Right. Everyone, into the container!" Zeb said as he directed the Wookies into one of the containers still carrying the one that was shot and struggling to get away from him and follow the child.

Ezra saw what he was trying to do and rolled his eyes knowing that he had to go after him before running in the direction of him "Kid, stop! Karablast. I swear, if he's left behind again, it's not my fault!" Zeb said as he continued to place all of the Wookies in the container.

"Zeb! Hera's incoming!" Kanan said as he came back still deflecting fire.

"Get in, you furballs, now!" Zeb said as he pushed the last Wookie in the container.

"Kanan, I think you inspired Ezra into, well, doing something like you would do!" Zeb informed.

On the other side of the compound Ezra was chasing the troopers who was chasing the Wookie "Hey" Ezra said making the trooper turn around to face him. He turned around and saw Ezra who crouched down and jumped over the trooper landing next to the child. As he landed he turned around and fire his blaster shooting him in the chest knocking him off the bridge and down into the bottomless mine.

Ezra ran over to the child and crouched before taking off his cuffs "It's over for you, Jedi" Kallus said from behind him, Ezra turned around to see Kallus aiming a blaster at him "A master and an apprentice. Such a rare find these days"

Ezra stepped in front of the child shielding him from a possible blaster bolt "I don't know where you get your delusions, buckethead. I work alone" Ezra said.

"Not this time" they heard Kanan say as the Ghost rose from the fog that the mine created and Kanan stood on top of it "guys, jump!" he shouted as he deflected the blaster fire that Kallus was firing at him. Ezra and the child both jumped off the bridge and landed on the Ghosts roof.

An hour later Sabine, Kanan, Ezra and Zeb stood at the Ghosts exit as it was attached to a smaller ship that the Wookies can use to go wherever they like. One of the Wookie's Growled and Growled "Uh, he says if we ever need help, the Wookies will be there" Sabine said as the child went up to Ezra and growled

"Good luck, Kitwarr. Try to stay out of trouble" Ezra warned as he crossed his arms. Kitwarr smiled before leaving through the exit with the rest of the Wookies onto the ship.

"Look who's talking" Zeb laughed as he leaned against the door.

Ezra gave him a dry smile "So... I guess you drop me off next?" He said.

Zeb's smile left his face "Uh, yeah" he cleared his throat "Finally, right?"

"Right" Ezra said as he leaned against the wall as the others walked past him. As Kanan walked past him the Ghost and the Wookie ship detached from each other causing the Ghost to shake, which Ezra took full advantage of "Oh. Uh, sorry" he said taking the pieces of his lightsaber of his belt.

Ezra slid down the ladder of the Ghost and into the cargo hold. He turned and saw Sabine doing some work on Chopper while Zeb leaned against some crates. winking to Sabine as he walked past her and he could have swarm that he saw a hint of a blush on her face as he went over to Zeb "So, uh, see you around" he said to Zeb.

"Not if we see you first" Zeb said as he playfully punched Ezra's arm. Causing Ezra to wince for that was the shoulder he was shot in.

Ezra rubbed his arm "sorry furball, in no shape to go another round" he said turning around and seeing Sabine "haa'taylir drawrof at projor ca'nara" Ezra said walking past her and down the ramp seeing Kanan and Hera standing outside. Kanan had his arms crossed and Hera had one hand on her hip.

"I think you have something that belongs to me" Kanan said holding his hand out.

Ezra rolled his eyes as he pulled the holocron from his back pocket and tossed it to him "Give me a call if you're on Lothal, wouldn't mind going another round" he said before walking past them and heading to his tower.

Kanan looked down to the holocron on his hand "He opened it. He passed the test" Hera said as Kanan looked back at the tower Ezra was heading for.

Ezra opened the door to his tower and stepped inside. He looked down to the lightsaber in his hand before he got that feeling again, the same feeling he's been getting all day "What's the force?" He asked turning around to see Kanan "I mean, I know you Jedi talk about it a lot. But what is it?"

Kanan stepped inside "The force is everywhere. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. And it's strong with you, Ezra. Otherwise, you'd never been able to open the Holocron"

Ezra turned to face him "So, what do you want?" He asked.

Kanan walked forward towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder "To offer you a choice. You can keep the lightsaber you stole, let it become just another dusty souvenir. Or you can give it back and come with us, come with me and be trained in the ways of the Force. You can learn what it truly means to be a Jedi.

Ezra chuckled at what Kanan said "a Mandalorian Jedi, are you crazy?" Ezra said as he turned and walked over to the trunk that his mother left him.

"well, you've been around my crew for about a day. You tell me?" Kanan smiled as he heard Ezra chuckle, he walked closer to him and saw him open the trunk reviling a full suit of Mandalorian armor, helmet included, blasters similar to Sabine's and a data chip. But what made Kanan raise his eye brows was a necklace that Ezra picked up, it wasn't golden or packed with jewels, it was just string that held a small piece of Kyber crystal "you know, you wouldn't be the first Mandalorian Jedi. You don't have to do this but if you do, you can become more then you ever thought possible, you will inspire hope in everyone around you. And you will be the Empire's most feared enemy" he finished.

Ezra stood up and looked at the crystal closely, honestly, he didn't know why he kept this. He's never worn it before but as he looked at it he felt the same feeling as he did when Kanan was around or when he was with the holocron, like it was calling to him. He turned around to Kanan and tossed him the Saber "Ok Kanan, just so long I don't have to bunk with Zeb" he said smiling.

Kanan smiled and nodded back as Ezra put the necklace around his neck and closed the trunk before picking it up. Not like he's going to go into this unprepared. Now he's going to be ready.

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