Just a Bad Dream

Chapter 1

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Kagome lay asleep in her room, tossing and turning. A strange dream haunted her.

All she could see were two glowing eyes. They sparkled with sadness. "Help me." A tiny voice whispered. "What?" Kagome responded just as quiet.

"Back there, in the West." It replied. "Hearts far from their best." The somehow familiar eyes seemed to drift closer, but before they came too close, Kagome screamed and awakened on the floor next to her bed, covered in sweat. She panted heavily.

"What was that?" Kagome shook her head and grabbed her clock off of her night stand. 10 AM! *I'm late! I promised Inuyasha I'd be there early!* Kagome got up and hurriedly ran into the bathroom. "He'll be so furious!"


"I can't believe I overslept!" Kagome scolded herself as she ran to the well. She jumped in and tried to put that thought aside, and the dream ebbed back into her mind. "Back there in the West, hearts far from their best?" she pondered. "What did they mean? And that voice. . . those eyes. . . why were they so familiar?" Kagome shook it away just in time to realize the change in the well's familiar blue aura. All of a sudden, it turned black, sucking Kagome in, and she could've sworn she saw those eyes again. She let out an ear-piercing scream.

"Inuyasha! Shippou! Someone help!"


"Maru! My!"

"Give it back ya 'lil cretin!


Kagome climbed out of the well and started to walk towards the clearing. "Funny. This isn't right. Where's the tree?" She gulped and kept walking. She was totally freaked. She looked up ahead of her and saw a huge castle. "Since when has that been here?" she wondered as she continued. She peered into the trees to find a tiny boy, no older than 2, with long silver hair, golden eyes, and a baby blue kimono. The cute little ears on top of his head told Kagome he was upset, because they were turned down to his head. She'd seen Inuyasha's ears like that loads of times, and it was an easy thing to read now. The little boy's older companion looked very similar, only his kimono was a darker purple.

"Gimme it!" the older one wailed.

"My!" the little one cried and clutched the ball in his hands tight as he started to run towards the trees, but stopped when he heard the trees rustle, thanks to Kagome's slight shifting.

"I-said-give-it-back!" the older one said with more force. He stayed in his spot, crossed his arms, and tapped his foot. He was totally annoyed. The little one still looked at the trees suspiciously. He stopped and looked at the older one, pointing to the trees. "Maru! Maru!"

"Stop changing the subject and give it to me!"

"MARU!" at that moment, a squirrel came out of the trees, proving the brother right; there was nothing there. The little one sighed with relief. The next creature to come out of the trees was a man, with similar hair and eyes to both of the boys. "What's all the racket out here? Your mother heard you screaming. She's worried sick." The little one ignored that sentence and ran up to his father. "Dada! My!" he said frantically, showing him the ball. The man smiled and patted his head. "Yes son. That's yours." The boy's ears perked up and he laughed, hugging his father's leg in gratitude. "My!" he said triumphantly to his brother to rub it in, and then started kicking it around the clearing, laughing the whole time.

"But Father! That's mine!" his brother wined. "Now son." His father reasoned. "Your brother is still young. Let him play with it." The brother grunted. "He always gets what he wants." He muttered.

"That's not true. He just needs attention."

"But what about ME?"

The father smiled and put his hand on his son's shoulder. "You will learn when you have sired your own."

The brother grunted again and watched his brother play with his new toy in fury.

Meanwhile, Kagome stood in the same spot, frozen stiff. She knew who they were. She knew EXACTLY who they were. Without a word she jumped back into the well.


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