Just a Bad Dream

Chapter 2

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Kagome gave a sigh of relief. She was back in the feudal era. *What was that?! That was way too freaky!* she thought. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the well. "HEY! I just took a shower!"

"Where the hell were you?!" Inuyasha yelled. "I've been waiting all day! You promised!"

"I needa tell you something! Let me up!" Inuyasha sighed and let Kagome stand up and brush herself off. "If I remember correctly, you said when this thing said 10:00." He commented, pointing to the wristwatch Kagome let him borrow. "Well would ya look at that! IT'S PAST 10:00 KAGOME!"

"Sit on it." She said casually, and Inuyasha of course 'obeyed' unconsciously, as usual. She waited patiently until he was done calling her 'wench' (and a few more names that would probably push the rating of this story up a few notches) before she referred the subject back to the time. "Ok, I know I'm late. I'm sorry, ok? I really need to talk to you though. Do I have permission, or do I have to beg for it?" she asked harshly. Inuyasha rolled his eyes and nodded, letting her continue.

"Something really weird happened with the well and I think I went back in time farther to when. . . you were little."

Inuyasha blinked. "That's you're excuse? Jeez, you could've just said you overslept."

"But I'm not lying! I was right there!"

"Suure you were, and one day some guy named Neil'll walk on the moon."

Kagome blinked. "That happened, actually."

"Yup, it sure did." Inuyasha replied sarcastically. "Just like you went back to when I was a kid."

"I DID!" Kagome slammed her foot into the ground out of aggravation. "How could you not believe me?!"

"Just drop it, ok? I'm not THAT mad at you. Let's just go?" Inuyasha flung Kagome's backpack over his shoulder and started walking. Kagome grunted and followed him. "When have I ever lied to you, huh?! I wanna know that!" she yelled.

"Well there's that time at the hot spring when you told me not to look and I got bunked on the head for following orders." He reminded her with a perverted grin.

"That's different!" she muttered.

"Yeah, that was a lot more interesting." Kagome blushed and slapped Inuyasha in the back of the head for being such a hentai. Inuyasha whelped and rubbed the sore spot in back of his head. He sighed. "So what makes you think you went back in time further?"

"You were there! There was this kid who looks just like you. . . and Sesshomaru too! And your father. . ."

"My FATHER?!" Inuyasha laughed. "Now I know you're dreaming. Since when do you know what my father looks like?"

"I don't." she said in a mockingly childish voice. "Witto Inuyasha called his father Dada."

"Well what did YOU call your father?! Not that that's what I called him."

"I don't have one, remember?"

"Oh, yeah." Inuyasha felt kinda bad that he brought Kagome's father up, but she didn't seem to care at all. *Phew!*

"You were there, Inuyasha. I'm not making it up." She said finally. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Ok. So you were there. Then what happened?"

"Well . . ." she started, thinking. "You and Sesshomaru were fighting over a toy. . . a yellow ball, I think. And then your father came and let you have it, and Sesshomaru got upset. Oh, and you couldn't pronounce a lot of words, and you didn't talk in full sentences." Inuyasha grunted. "What little kid does?"

"A lot of kids talk by that age." She stated. "Feh. You saying I'm stupid or something?"

"No! I just. . ." Kagome's cheeks turned a light pink. "I just thought it was cute. You were really adorable when you were little."

"Of course I was. Not that you saw me. Because then you wouldn't have known it was Sesshomaru, because that's not what I called him."

"I know you didn't call him that." Kagome said, looking at him. "You called him Maru." She said casually and walked ahead a couple steps. Inuyasha stopped. She turned around. "What'd you say?"

"You called him. . . Maru." She repeated. Inuyasha's eyes went wide. "You went back, didn't you?" he asked solemnly. Thinking this wasn't the time for sarcasm, Kagome only nodded and waited patiently for him to speak again. "How?" he asked, shaking his head slowly. Kagome exhaled slowly. "You called to me in a dream. You were asking me to help you. And your eyes. . . they looked so sad."

Inuyasha looked at the ground and nodded. "Umhm." Kagome took his hand and looked into his eyes. "Come with me." Surprisingly, Inuyasha didn't pull away when they started walking towards the well. He was curious to know, but he also didn't wanna go. It didn't matter anymore. He was going.


"Over here. This is where it happened." She walked into a clearing, bringing Inuyasha with her. He looked around, in total disbelief. "I know this place. It was right near Father's castle. . . Sesshomaru and I used to play here all the time. And there's. . ." Inuyasha looked up towards the castle and stared at it. Kagome looked at him. "Inuyasha?"

"Come on. We're going inside."


"HAHAHAHA! IT'S INUYASHA'S NIGHT! IT'S INUYASHA'S NIGHT!" Sesshomaru chanted, laughing the whole time.

"Sesshomaru! You treat your brother nicely!" his father scolded. "Go apologize right now!"

Sesshomaru groaned. "But Father. . ."

Inuyasha's mother didn't even bother scolding Sesshomaru and got up. At that moment, Inuyasha and Kagome reached the dining room, where the whole family was. "Oh my god." He whispered. "What?" Kagome whispered. "My. . . My mother." Kagome directed her gaze to his mother. "She's beautiful." She whispered. Inuyasha nodded, trying to keep himself from tearing. "Stay here." He whispered, walking out right in the middle of the dining room. Surprisingly, no one noticed him. Kagome's eyes widened.

Inuyasha followed his mother to the corner of the room, where little Inuyasha was sitting on the ground, curled up, crying. It was the new moon, and it was time for his monthly transformation. His mother bent down to him and held him. "Shhh. . . it's alright baby. Don't listen to Sesshomaru." The little Inuyasha put his arms around his mother's neck and closed his eyes, letting his mother's warm body and soft humming soothe him. Inuyasha watched, remembering the whole incident. Every time he transformed, Sesshomaru always made such a big deal about it, and he would cry the whole night. He hated it. He hated Sesshomaru, too.

"Mama. . ." little Inuyasha said, ready to start crying again. "Maru make fun of Yazza."

"Don't you listen to him." She whispered softly. "He doesn't know what he's talking about."

Inuyasha sighed and walked away from them. He couldn't take it anymore. He made sure to walk past Sesshomaru and push him over before he came back to Kagome.

"Let's go." He whispered. "I wanna go back." Kagome nodded. "Alright." She took his hand again, and they made their way back to the well.

Kagome paused in front of the well. "Inuyasha?" he looked at her. "Hm?"

"Did. . . did Sesshomaru make you cry like that. . . all the time?"

"Of course not!" he snapped. "No one makes Inuyasha cry! No one!"

"Calm down! It was just a question!" Kagome insisted. *Of course, that means he DID cry. . .* Kagome shook her head and jumped in the well, Inuyasha after her. Nothing happened. Inuyasha stomped his foot on the ground. "Why aren't we going?"

Kagome slapped herself in the forehead. "Don't tell me we're stuck here!"

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