They Chose Her

I simply couldn't believe that they chose her.

My sister.

When Lily got her acceptance letter to this "Hogwarts," she was ecstatic. And who wouldn't be? She was going to a magic school. Where she would learn actual magic.

And I was not.

For days, I waited patiently. Maybe my letter was just late in arriving, I reasoned. Maybe there was still a chance.

But there wasn't.

I knew that there wasn't.

I loved Lily- I really did. And I never thought that there was anything she could do to change that.

I was wrong.

She received the letter. And I didn't.

When our parents brought her to the train station, I refused to come. I wouldn't speak to her.

I still won't speak to her.

Because they chose her.

I remember when she got the letter. I had forced a smile, even choked out a laugh. But Lily knew that I was only pretending.

She was my sister.

She knew me better than anyone.

That night, after she came home from shopping in some magical alleyway that I had never heard of, she found me in our bedroom, sobbing into my pillows.

"What's wrong, Petunia?" she had asked me, voice quavering.

I turned to her, my eyes puffy and red.

I called her a freak. I screamed at her at the top of my lungs and said she was unnatural. I said she deserved to die, because no human being should have "powers." I told her that they were a bad thing.

I told her that I wished she was never born.

I wished that she wasn't my sister.

By the time I was done, her green eyes were overflowing with tears. She started weeping, and my heart broke for her.

Because even though they chose her, she was still my sister.

And I still loved her.

But it was all her fault, I kept telling myself. Her fault that she was different.

She's a monster, I told myself.

I haven't spoken to her since that night.

Today is October 1st. It's been one month since I've last seen my sister, the person I used to love so dearly.

I keep reminding myself that she is evil.

But in my heart, I know she's not.

I called her a freak, a monster, unnatural.

But I wish I was her.

I wanted to go to Hogwarts so badly. I even wrote to the headmaster of that school, begging him to let me attend. I figured that if he responded, it would be a sign- a sign that I should make up with Lily. Apologize.

And I did get a response. But it wasn't the one I wanted.

I hate my sister.

I hate Lily Evans.

And all because they chose her.