Good Little Soldier

She sits there with the determined look on her face.

A look that has hard-ass written all over it, and yet he knows better. He's seen her cry, he's seen her worried, hell, he's seen her naked. She's no hard-ass.

She's a scared little girl, a little girl that feels alone in the world. She feels as though her world is coming down on her.

And he could care less.

He wasn't cool enough for her, he was reserved. He didn't like dance clubs, he liked quiet dinners.

But she could care less.

She could just move on, and do her job. Cause that's what made her feel important. Not him, not them, just the show.

He could deal with that.

In her little world of the show, where she could be in control, only answering to Dana and Isaac, she felt herself the queen. All of her pawns and jesters answered to her, kneeling before her.

He could be that. He could be a pawn, a toy... a good little soldier who never asks questions, who only does what those in power ask.

But even in her world of royalty, he knew that deep down, under the hard-ass skin, only one thing remained.

A scared little girl.