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The Altered Effect

Chapter 2: The Citadel

[SSV Normandy - Med Bay]

To say the three were surprised would be tedious as best. However, the altered trio could honestly agree that the sight of the Normandy was truly awe-inspiring. The video games didn't do it justice. It looked even more magnificent in person.

Though after Omega deposits the unconscious Commander Shepard in his arms to the medical bay, Alliance personnel immediately surrounded them with assault rifles or pistols.

"Well, this is a terrible way to show gratitude." Omega comments.

"You seriously expect those pea shooters will do anything?" Walker asked, giving them all the Spartan Stare.

Braydin looked back at the two. "Enough. We're an unknown to them, we helped save Eden Prime, yes, but we're still unknown, they're taking precautions. They've no doubt heard we're mercenaries and they don't have a good reputation with the Alliance." Merely due to the scumbags of the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and the Blood Pack.

But he then looked at the military personal.

"I will warn however you won't be able do much against our armor. If the Commander was awake, then you would have certainly stood more of a chance." Just as he thought, the guards tighten their grip on their weapons.

Luckily for all of them, a very familiar Captain made his way down. "Everyone! Stand down now! These three just helped save Eden Prime." The legendary Captain Anderson himself made his way through the Alliance marines.

The marines were reluctant but in the end lowered their weapons.

"You have our thanks, Captain…" Omega trailed.

Walker only nodded his head as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Braydin stood at attention. "Thank you, sir."

"Please, you've saved a good number of lives today. Mercenaries or not, you have my thanks." Captain Anderson nodded at the three young men. His face hardened. "However, I must ask you all questions. Follow me if you will." There was some answers that were needed for some of the questions that were floating about on the trio.

One by one, the three super soldiers/cyborgs entered the captain's quarters. "Make yourselves comfortable, this will take a little while." Captain Anderson said as he turned to face the three.

"We're comfortable standing, thank you." Omega replied while putting his hand up as a gesture that meant acceptance.

"Don't take offense, the armor the two of us are wearing weighs several tons." 092 States with Braydin nodding his head in agreement.

With a sigh, Anderson looked at the three of them with a critical gaze, "Alright, tell me something. Where do you three come from? There are some things that I've seen in all my years as a soldier but I've never seen armor and weapons like the stuff you're all wearing right now."

"The Lieutenant and the Chief Williams haven't debrief you on our story?" Asked 092 as he frowned behind his helmet. Braydin however narrowed his eyes slightly.

'Should have expected he would noticed a few things off with our story.' He thought.

"They have but I have doubts that is the full story." Captain Anderson place his hands behind his back. "You help save Eden Prime with the ground team, saved Nihlus life, helped gain evidence on Saren's activities on the planet. For that you three have my thanks and that of the Alliance. But that leaves questions about you three as stated before." His gaze hardens.

"Your armor does not match any designs or equipment of the Alliance or even Mass Effect technology for that matter, your weapons included. Not to mention your abilities." He brings up his arm, revealing his Omni-Tool.

It revealed from a helmet cam video of them in action against the Geth. "All your abilities suggests genetic experimentation outlawed in Alliance and Council space. But yours?" He points to Omega, "I heard from Nihlus that you brought a weapon out of thin air, that tells me there's more about all three of you then meets the eye."

Anderson looked at each of the three, his eyes watching. "Remove your helmets. I find it more comfortable to talk to a face then a mask or helmet." That and it allowed him see their expressions.

Omega started off first, removing his mask to show off his face. "Call me Orion."

"I am Spartan-092, that's all I'm saying." 092 said, taking his helmet off and tucking it under his left arm.

Braydin removed his helmet next, a hiss of the helmet being removed before Braydin place it against his hip. He saluted, "Sir, Spartan-020. You may call me Elwood." Using his middle name.

"Hmm," Anderson looked at all three of the soldiers, giving them a critical gaze that would unease a normal man. "You're obviously not mercenaries. From what I've seen, you performed to the standards of N7 operatives, maybe even better than Spectres."

"So we've been told." Orion shrugged.

"Try not to think too much about it." 092 shrugged.

"Yes, well, allow me to clarify." Anderson gave the trio a small glare. "You've strangely arrived on Eden Prime with no form of vessel that the Normandy has been able to track nor could you have used Mass Effect technology. Teleporting is obviously out. So that begs the question: Who the hell are you people."

"Teleporting? You basically use giant slingshots that teleport to you from one part of the galaxy to the next and what makes you think our ship wasn't destroyed like many other ships the Geth and that rogue bare faced Turian destroyed along with most of the colony?" 092 asked, narrowing his eyes in annoyance.

"Son, don't lie to me. I've been in this game longer than you." The Captain scolded Walker.

"Tch." Walker just leaned against a wall setting his helmet on a nearby desk.

"What is your goal? Why were you on Eden Prime?" Anderson questioned.

Seeing no way out, Orion decided to give his answer, "We were on that planet to stop the coming of the Reapers."

Walker just looked at Orion before settling for closing his eyes and said, "He wouldn't know what those are. And this is just speculations, I mean what if we were sent here for another reason?"

Braydin cut in. "What they mean is sir, we ain't exactly from around here. We're from Earth originally, we have no idea or why we're here but from what I suspect… Someone brought us here to Eden Prime."

Anderson raised a brow. "Care to clarify on that?"

"We died." Omega bluntly stated. "After that, we awoke on Eden Prime with these bodies. No idea on what happened or how we got there."

"Probably some sick experiment." 092 theorized in a disgusted tone.

"Technically they died. I was knocked unconscious and found myself with them. If it helps, I do have ways to prove our story." Braydin can tell Anderson was having doubts about their story.

He gives them a hardened look. "Prove it then."

Braydin stood at attention. "You met Kahlee Sanders on a secret mission to find a Dr. Shu Qian who had been studying AI technology. You worked with Saren on that mission for the chance to become the first Human Spectre but he betrayed you and pinned the blame of hundreds dead on you."

"And afterwards he found Sovereign, the same ship you saw attack Eden Prime with a group of Geth who worship the Reapers as gods." 092 added.

Anderson was quiet for a moment, taking into account of what they said. "...Where are you three exactly from? The full truth." Omega and Walker shared a look on this.

"...It's gonna take a little while." Said Omega as he crosses his arms, though thankfully at least they have the time.

[SSV Normandy - Mess Hall]

"So what do you think the Captain is talking with the three about?" Asked Ashley Williams as she sat on one of the seats around mess hall table, now wearing an Alliance uniform instead of her armor. She sat with Kaiden and a few other Alliance Marines.

"Who knows, probably something that only high-ranking officers can hear." Kaiden shrugged.

"But can we trust them though?" One of the Marines asked, an attractive dark skin woman with her hair shaved and possessing dark eyes.

She leans back. "You said these guys were mercenaries right? Their loyalty is to credits then cause."

"Chief, do you have something against them?" The biotic lieutenant asked. "They don't really seem like bad folk."

Ashley sighed. "I'm thankful that they saved what was left of 212th and helped us on Eden Prime but doesn't it bother you that we know nothing about them? They say they're mercenaries but why would they be there unless someone hired them? Something just feels off about their story is all I'm saying, Lieutenant."

She couldn't shake the feeling that they were hiding something, especially their gear and weaponry, and their abilities.

Before Kaiden could answer, the door to the Captain's quarters opened. "Look alive. Captain's coming out with them."

All conversations soon died when Anderson walked out of his room. "Everyone, their credentials check out. This is Orion Watson." He gestured to the red/blue-haired young man-turned cyborg. "He's the commander of Bolverk Squad. The two gentlemen you see behind me are part of that squad: Spartan-020 and Spartan-092. They are part of a black-ops special forces unit secretly constructed in the Alliance's military weapons department. Their cover as mercenaries is a front to keep prying eyes from discovering their true origins."

The Marines present looked at the trio with their eyes widened. These guys were black-ops?!

"Is that right." Coming into the room was Nihilus, coming to face the trio.

"Sorry, we couldn't necessarily explain our true allegiance back on Eden Prime. Y'know, orders." Orion shrugged.

"There is a terrorist group out there who would love nothing more than to get our tech for their own gain. Just talking to you all right now is taking a big risk because it was proven that members of the Alliance and any other corporation, police force, and private groups have agents of this organization." 092 said plainly looking at everyone.

Kaiden frowned. "And this terrorist group is?" Some of things started to make some sense now.

"I'm afraid that's classified until we've deemed you all trustworthy enough for that information." Orion answered.

'Typical.' Thought Ashley as she looked at them. Seems almost like getting through layers with these three for the most part.

"So sir, are they gonna be serving on the Normandy or are they just sticking around for the ride?" Asked one of the Marines, a young man appearing be in his early twenties.

"As of this moment, they will be reporting to me until we make proper contact with their superiors." Anderson replied. "So treat them as you would any other crewmember aboard this ship." He glanced back at 'Bolverk Squad'. "Gentlemen, you're free to explore the ship. However, refrain from fighting with any of the crew."

"Understood, Captain." Orion nodded respectfully.

"Yes sir." 092 responded with a crisp salute.

Braydin nodded, stood at attention with a salute. "Sir, yes sir."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see to my XO." Captain Anderson passed the Alliance personnel, who saluted him sharply. He enters the med bay, disappearing from view once the door closes.

Braydin looked towards where the Marines were at. "Might as well grab myself something to eat." He starts making his way over to where most of the food was kept.

"Hey, save me some." Orion marched over to grab his own food. Walker followed him, after a hard battle he was dying for some food.

Ashley looks over to Kaiden, who had been processing the information given by the Captain on the trio. "I'm gonna go check on the Commander. Coming Lieutenant?"

"Yeah, I'm worried about her." The tan-skinned man nodded, agreeing with the Gunnery Chief. The trio heard this as they were grabbing their food, it was pretty standard what you would expect from the military but at least it looked edible.

"Think one of us should check on her as well?" Asked Walker as he finished grab his tray of food.

"I'll do it. You guys need the food. I'm a cyborg so I hardly feel exhaustion." Orion offered, quickly munching on his sandwich and devouring it in three bites. The two nodded and headed over to the mess hall table as Orion made his way to the med-bay.

Braydin and Walker sat at the table where some of the Marines were at, the sits creaked loudly but thankfully did not break under their pressure. "Shit, how heavy are you two?" Asked the same dark skin Marine from before she raised a brow at the noise the chairs gave.

"Half a ton, ma'am." Answered Braydin as he began dig in his food.

The marines looked at the two in shock. "You're kidding, right?" A white-skinned man with neatly trimmed blonde hair asked a bit nervously.

"No." Deadpan Braydin, being very honest with his statement. One of the Marines coughed in his hand grab the two's attention.

"Well sirs. I'm Private Fredricks." He points to the four other Marines sitting on the table. "She's Corporal Chase." He points to the dark-skinned woman who flashes the two a grin.

He points to a another Marine, a fair skin woman looking to be around their age, possessing a shaved head and brown eyes. "She's Private Pakti."

She nods to the two, "Thanks for helping to save Eden Prime, I owe you two a drink." She had a British accent.

Fredricks then points to a large black man who was just finishing his own food. "That's Sergeant Benjamin but we call him Ben for short." He nods to the two whom Braydin and Walker returned.

He points to the young blonde man but he held a misfit grin on his face, Walker raise a brow when he sees everyone holding in a chuckle or giggle. "And that's Captain Morgan." All the Marines burst out laughing at that moment.

"...I don't see the resemblance." 092 stated.

Morgan groan, "I said the same thing." Every since he was promoted to Captain that one time, they never let it down.

"I'm Specialist now. I was demoted after a… A matter with a Turian general." He coughs, blushing a bit.

Braydin raised a brow at him. "What did you do?" Now his attention was on this, might as well get to know these Marines. Social interactions may not be his strong suit, but info proved useful.

Chase answered that. "He slept with the General's daughter."

"Wow… bad move, dude." 092 said with a smirk. Braydin chuckled himself as well on this.

"I didn't know! I only knew she was one of the soldiers under his command and we'd gotten to know each other after we had leave in a bar. I only found out the morning after… When her father was standing over our bed." He groaned at the memory, of the sheer anger on the Turian General's face.

"Who was the General?" 092 asked curiously.

"General Septimus Oraka, he's retired these days but I know he was once a big name back in the day." Braydin and Walker looked at each other at that.

"So… How old are you guys? You look pretty young." Asked Ben when he looked at the two. If he didn't know any better, he say he put the two around their early twenties.

"Sorry, that information is classified." 092 said plainly.

Pakti bumps Fredrick on the shoulder, "I bet you 200 credits it's 22 or 20." She whispered in his ear but Braydin and Walker heard it well enough.

This outta be a interesting experience.

[SSV Normandy, Med-Bay]

Orion walked into the med-bay, just as there seemed to be a conversation going on between Anderson and Shepard. He also noticed Ashley, Kaiden, and an elderly woman who was most likely Dr. Chakwas. "I hope I'm not interrupting." He spoke aloud, drawing attention to himself.

Shepard looked surprised to see him here. "Huh, so you stuck around Omega. What brings you here?" She asked.

Now that Omega got to see her out of her armor, he firmly stood what he described her in their first meeting. A warrior goddess was exactly as he would describe her: an athletic yet curvy figure, red hair that went down to her shoulders, but what truly drew Omega was her green eyes that almost glowed with life and experience.

"Well, when a beautiful woman lies unconscious in my arms, I can't help but be a little worried." Orion played off the heat flowing in his body with a casual shrug. "And please, the name's Orion. Omega is just one of my codenames. How are you feeling, Commander?"

"Like a Mako fell on my head." Shepard answered.

"Well, at least you still have your wits." He joked. "You should be glad that you're still alive, ma'am."

Anderson raised a brow at this but Shepard kept a grin on her face. "Well ain't you a flatterer." She said, as she crosses her arms.

Orion smirked. "So I've been told."

"Doctor Chakwas, if you do not mind but I would like to have a private word with Orion and Shepard here please." Asked Anderson, while he had come to know the good doctor as highly trustful and someone he respected, he rather not place any kind of danger on her.

"Of course." Chakwas said, walking out of the room with Kaidan and Ashley.

Anderson turned to look at Shepard. "Commander, to say the least, the mission to Eden Prime was a failure of all sorts that I cannot begin to start but you performed well and I am damn proud of you for your actions. But there are things we must discuss."

"Quite right, Captain Anderson." Orion stated.

"Where's Nihlus?" Shepard asked curiously.

"Still alive. He's outside already." The cyborg gestured behind him. "Why, you worried about him?" He teased.

"Just curious on where he went to." Shepard answered.

"Well, now you know." Orion folded his arms then glanced at Anderson. "Ask your question, Captain."

"You were there before that beacon self destructed. Did you see anything? Any clue that might tell us what Saren was after?" Anderson asked.

"I saw…" Shepard hesitated, trying to think on what her vision held. "I'm not sure what I saw. Death. Destruction."

"What you saw was what killed the Protheans fifty thousand years ago." Orion answered.

"What?!" Shepard said in alarm.

The cyborg's expression turned grim. "It would make sense, wouldn't it? How a race suddenly disappeared without a trace yet many of the races were able to discover their technology along with the Mass Relays. Doesn't it strike you odd that they vanished as if they never existed save for their tech?"

"Yeah, it does." Shepard admitted.

"Then this mystery must be solved. And for that, we need to bring Saren's betrayal to light." Orion suggested.

"He's right, but it will be hard. Saren is one of their top agents." Anderson said.

"Top agent or not, I've managed to secure evidence that Saren was behind the attack on Eden Prime and the near murder of a fellow Spectre." The cyborg smirked. "Then again, it would be more prudent to acquire further evidence just in case to state our claim."

"You wouldn't happen to have any leads would you?" Shepard asked before they heard knocking on the door.

"This conversation needs to be saved for later." Orion stated, removing himself from the wall that he rested against then made for the door.

The door opens to reveal 092 standing there.

"Sorry to bother you but I was going through my memory and I remembered something in Turian culture about Turians with no facial markings. Doesn't Saren not have any facial markings?" Walker said to his comrade.

"That's right. And as their culture dictates, Turians with no markings are considered untrustworthy." Orion stated.

"And we can use that to our advantage against him." Shepard added.

"Exactly, you're catching on, Commander." The dual-haired young man smirked at the redhead.

"Let's get ready, we should be at the Citadel soon." Anderson said.

"My squad and I will meet you at the Presidium after we've gathered enough evidence for Saren's involvement." Orion spoke his intentions. "I look forward to working with you, Commander Shepard."

"Same." Shepard said with a nod.

"Until then," He gave her a quick wink. "See you there." With that said, he left the med bay with 092.

"So you want me to get the Krogan?" Walker asked as they walked up the stairs on the starboard side.

"Yes, I'll see if I can get Braydin to find Tali. Meanwhile, I'll be dealing with those pesky side missions and maybe acquire some intel." Orion replied.

"Tali might not be an issue to find but we should expect Saren to send heavier resistance than what we usually faced." 092 said as they entered the CIC.

"Yes, no doubt he's already hired more muscle due to our interference." The cyborg shrugged. "It hardly matters. They can't stand up to us anyways since most of my weapons can easily kill them."

"We still need equipment and my weapons use actual bullets instead of those things the pea shooters fire." 092 said.

"That could also present a problem since you don't possess a function to spawn more ammo or unlock more weapons by killing things like me." Orion frowned. "Worse comes to worse, you and Braydin may have to use the weapons of this universe."

"Or we find a way to create ammo. We travel the galaxy and we'll find metals to make weapons and ammo. And if worse comes to worse I can make a deal with Hackett." Walker said with a shrug.

"Until that happens though, you'll have to conserve your ammunition."

"Agreed." Dexter said with a nod.

"Well, let's get ourselves a look at the Citadel." Orion tapped the taller man's shoulder then made his way to the cockpit.

"So I take it you're two of our new guests?" The ship's pilot asked, not turning to face them.

The two obviously figured that it was Jeff Moreau or as he's known in the game as Joker. Orion smirked. "And you must be this wisecracking pilot that we've been hearing about."

"That's me." Joker answered.

"Well, do you want people to find out about what you watch on your Omni-Tool in your spare time?" The cyborg warned.

"He-...what?" Joker uttered with a horrified look.

"Then I would suggest you focus on flying." Orion pointed out.

"I'll just fly." Joker said, not wanting to see if he was telling the truth.

"Good boy."

"For what?" Shepard asked, walking over.

"Oh, nothing important." Orion smirked, folding his arms over his chest.

"Just in time Commander, we're just about to arrive." Joker said to the N7.

"Which makes this little trip all the worthwhile." The cyborg comments.

Soon the Normandy shot out of a relay and found itself in the Widow Nebula and below them was a single five pronged space station.

This was the Citadel, the center of the Galactic community, and the biggest trap in the galaxy.

"There it is…" Orion remarked, looking upon the Citadel with his blue-red eyes narrowed.

"The biggest death trap the galaxy has ever seen." 092 said, uncaring of who was hearing him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Shepard asked curiously.

"Oh, he just means the potential mercs and scumbags that we'll be meeting on the station." Orion interjected, stomping the taller man's foot in annoyance. "Or he's probably talking nonsense because he's an idiot."

"No, I'm stating a strategic fact." 092 said uncaring.

Orion sent a private message from his cybernetics to Walker's HUD. "Keep your fucking mouth shut, you tactless moron!"

"Bit of a pessimist, aren't you?" Ashley remarked as she and Kaiden arrived onto the bridge.

"I'm a realist and also I'm black ops so I should expect the worst at all times." 092 shrugged.

Shepard shook her head, a thin smile on her face. "Well, you can relax, soldier. It's not like trouble is gonna be finding us anytime soon."

"Oh, you have no idea…" Orion muttered to himself.


Omega, 092, and 020 stood outside while Captain Anderson, Commander Shepard, Ashley, and Kaiden spoke with Ambassador Udina.

"I don't like this guy." 092 whispered silently.

"None of us like him." Omega quietly remarked. "Unfortunately, we can't do anything right now. Once Shepard and the others head to their meeting with the Council, we gather evidence and the rest of the Normandy crew."

"Right… is it wrong that I want to break his nose?" 092 asked quietly.

"No, I feel the same way." The cyborg answered. "Personally, I want to break more than just his nose."

"Hmm." 020 hums in thought as he waited with the two outside the office, already telling their meeting with Udina will not end well.

He looked around, seeing few people going by. Asari, Turian, Human, Salarian, etc, even catching sight of a Volus arguing with an Elcor as they walked pass them. "We're gonna need to keep our guard up at all time on the Citadel. Saren is gonna put a lot more on all of us now that he knows we are aware of the Reapers and have evidence against him. Not to mention Nihilus." Yes, they all basically fucked up his plans.

That will make him more eager in wanting to get rid of them all.

"Then he'll make a mistake. A big one." 092 stated.

Orion noted few C-Sec guards looking over their direction, no hostile movement but he could tell they were nervous.

Understandable given their appearance and weapons. "Seems we're already making our mark around here and drawing attention." Walker was really hoping the others were finishing up in the office now.

"I trust the Council didn't listen to you?" Orion questioned the Captain and his XO once they had stepped out of the office.

Shepard sigh. "Well they can't deny some of the evidence we brought but they're still trying to stall things." She really started to heavily dislike the Council.

"Saren's their top Spectre. Him being guilty of such crimes is an embarrassment for them and places doubt of their judgement as well in choices of Spectres. They'll be doing what they can to make sure they don't look like idiots but they can't also deny the evidence either." Said 020 as he stated his thoughts on this matter.

"It seems we're gonna have to gather more evidence." Orion looked to Anderson. "Captain, finish your meeting with the Council and if they still don't listen, inform me on this radio channel." He typed a few holographic keys on his gauntlet then sent the info over to the Captain's Omni-Tool. "Bolverk Squad will find you that evidence. With the Commander's help as well should you require." He checked the time. "You should get going. It'll start soon."

"And don't worry, you'll have enough evidence to revoke his Spectre status." 092 said encouragingly.

Kaiden however had his concerns. "Yeah, but still we shouldn't let our guard down. Saren likely will want to cause trouble for our efforts and if anything of his recent achievements are to go by, there will be followers of his or at least supporters that will try and stop us." From what Kaiden had known about Saren, he trained quite a few of the Spectres.

No telling if one or two may feel wanting to protect their mentor, a factor shared by Bolverk squad. "And it's not quite on evidence we need. We need to make the Council or at least others understand that Saren has gone rogue. Or we could be digging ourselves a political grave." Shrugged Ashley when she thought about it.

"Don't worry about it. We'll handle it when it comes." Orion assured the Alliance marines.

"And if we get this right then the Council will have issues." 092 said with a shrug.

"Bolverk, let's move out." The cyborg gestured with his head.

"Acknowledge." 092 said emotionlessly.

The trio left the Captain and Shepard's team as they made their way to the skycar transit system.

Omega stopped then turned to Braydin. "Head down to the Lower Levels. If I remember correctly, Tali should be somewhere down that area, injured most likely." He pulled out a pack of medi-gel then handed it over to the Spartan. "This should keep her alive till you get her to a doctor. If anyone follows you or tries to attack Tali, kill them."

"Understood sir." He will never allow any kind of harm come to Tali, not on his watch.

"And I will head to Chora's Den to meet our jolly red Krogan." 092 said with a stoic tone in his voice.

"Alright, meet back at the markets in three hours. Don't ask questions that could lead to an information leak. Remember: Cerberus has spies everywhere." The cyborg quietly stated. "Especially the Shadow Broker."

That reminded Walker of something. "Think we should try to catch any info from that Volus agent? Shadow Broker will be a problem later on but right now he wants Saren dead too. Not to mention it may help to know if Saren has new surprises."

"I'll handle that." Orion replied. "Unlike the VI and hacking functions of this universe, the cybernetics that I possess are far more advanced."

020 checked his gear. "Better get a move on then. No telling how fast Saren will now act but if 092 is right, he'll make a mistake that we'll take advantage of."

"Alright then, Bolverk, move out." Omega ordered as a sky car hovers down near them. He enters the vehicle along with 092 and 020. The sky car takes off with a few slow movements due to the heavy armor the Spartans wore but continued regardless down to the Lower Levels.

020 thought the details over and over in his head, making sure that he hadn't miss anything or if any thoughts suddenly came to mind, one suddenly did. "Has any of us checked our bank accounts since we got on the Normandy?" A thought occur to him.

"I figured you two wouldn't, but I made the necessary steps to build a shared account between us all." Orion had a wicked smirk beneath his mask. "I 'borrowed' some funds from the Blue Suns, the Eclipse, and even the Blood Pack along with other various organizations that have been known to do less than justifiable means."

"How did you gain access to their accounts?" Asked 092 in curiousity.

"Did you not hear me say that I have advanced cybernetics that could hack into anything these guys possess?" The red/blue-haired cyborg says dryly.

"Not what I meant but alright. We can use those funds to help get the Commander's team better outfitted for the coming missions against Saren and everyone else that stands in the way." He loads a magazine into his rifle.

"Yeah, but we still need to find those stupid licenses to at least get them that equipment. Remember that none of the shops possess better gear unless progress is… good." Orion pointed out.

"Acknowledge." 092 said with a nod.

"Here's the first stop: Chora's Den." The cyborg stated.

020 and 092 nodded, ready for what was going to come them in this mission.

"I'll see you at the rendezvous." 092 said, climbing out of the car.

"Don't cause trouble." Omega teased. "I'd hate to have to watch the news and hear about what you've been doing." With a push of the igniter, the sky car slowly took off as the door closes.

The vehicle takes off towards the Lower Wards, landing a few short minutes later. "Alright, this is your stop, Braydin." Braydin stepped out of the sky car then he scanned the area.

"Good luck, 020." He said to him before the sky car took off. He began moving through the Lower Wards, people giving him wide space as he kept his ears and eyes open for Tali and Saren's assassins. "Well, let's get this show on the road." He muttered to himself.

"Comcheck, does anyone read me, over?" 092 said, checking his suit's radio.

"Affirmative, I read you loud and clear." Omega responded as he returned to the Presidium, landing the sky car as he exits the vehicle.

"Loud and clear, sir. Hopefully, it won't be long until I spot Tali but hopefully the meeting with the Council will keep them busy long of enough but," Braydin noted Batarians and a few Turians glaring at him, he also noted they held weapons.

"Got a few possible hostiles with weapons, low-grade but still effective."

"Same. Four Turians, looks like they're armed with Predator heavy pistols and two armed with Avenger assault rifles. Don't think I'll get through without an incident." 092 said.

"Don't worry, I'm already sending a virus through the security cameras in that sector. Deal with them however you wish." Omega stated as he passed by many onlookers that stared at him in bewilderment.

"Copy." 092 said before they all began hearing gunfire and screams, followed by a single explosion.

"Apologies, it seemed one of them was carrying a fragmentation grenade." 092 apologized.

If Walker were able to see Orion, he'd find out that the cyborg was pinching the bridge of his nose.

[Lower Wards]

'Hmm need to draw them away from these civilian crowds.' While Braydin can eliminate them all, he'd rather not give these mercs a chance of taking hostages or any getting killed in the crossfire. No, he needed to draw them away.

But that was when he noted the lead Turian, a bareface wearing light blue armor with red undersuit holding a avenger assault rifle in his hands. If he remembered right, that is Jacobus. 'Which means they're not here for me but for Tali.'

He started moving through the crowds, people making wide spaces for him due to his large size and weapons, just as he thought Jacobus and his men started making a beeline for him. 'Guess I'm their secondary target.' He spotted a alleyway near him.

Braydin rushed into the alleyway, using his enhanced speed to move almost in a blur. "SHIT! AFTER HIM!" He heard what he assumed was Jacobus yelling.

The mercs ran into the alleyway but once they entered it, they saw no sign of Braydin. "Where the hell did he go?" Asked one of the Batarians armed with a predator pistol. Jacobus didn't like this, something was telling him something was very wrong.

"Search around. That big asshole couldn't have gotten too far." He began to lead his men through the alley, keeping his avenger ready for anything. However unknown to them, Braydin never left nor was he far from them.

A Batarian at the far back of the group didn't notice a pair of large-hands about close on his head.


The sound caught the mercs attention and they looked behind them. Only to see the dead Batarian being held by the head by Braydin, his towering size sent a level of fear in all their hearts.

He dropped the dead Batarian in his hands, reaching behind his back he took his UNSC assault rifle and aimed right at the mercs. "You're choices have led you into this path… Allow me to make a new one for you." His voice betraying nothing of his clear intentions here. "Leave now and you get to live… Stay and you die."

Jacobus scoffed, "And leave the kind of bounty that's on you and your friends heads? Fuck that, after we kill you we are going after that suit-rat bitch and collected our rewards."

Braydin's eyes narrowed. "Very well." He disappeared in a blur of speed, slamming the butt of his rifle into the merc that was most close to him, the head of the Turian snapped back hard, plates of his face broken into pieces.

"KILL HIM!" They all began try shoot him, but Braydin's fast reflexes and shielding ensured no damage was done to him. He began taking them out with bursts of his assault rifle, ripping one Batarian's weak shielding until he's body was filled with bullets.

He jumped high in air over one of the Turians, mid-air he grabbed the fringe of his head, ripping piece of it off. "GAH!" Turian screamed in pain but began choked on his blood when Braydin stabbed him with the piece in his throat.

"Get distance from him! He's just gonna rip us into pieces if we get too close!" Commanded Jacobus as he try get a hold on the situation to his three remaining men. But as they did, it gave Braydin enough space for his next attack.

He took out a frag grenade and threw it over at the wall, bouncing it off to where the three mercs were trying pull back. "Oh sh-" The explosion killed them all, sending Jacobus flying in the process.

The Turian hit the ground hard, smoke came off his armor. "SPIRITS!" He screamed in pain, his right leg was gone and half of his face was heavily scarred now, the right mandible now missing.

He became frightened once he saw Braydin stepping through the remains of his men and straight towards him, his eyes widen in fear as Braydin stood over him, his shadow covering Jacobus, the golden visor showing nothing of his emotions.

"Where is the Quarian? Answer and I'll make your death a quick one." He knew Jacobus probably only had couple minutes before he died of blood loss from his leg injury.

He pointed his assault rifle at his head. "I DON'T KNOW! THE LAST I SAW HER SHE WAS MAKING HER WAY TO THE LOWER MARKETS! She's probably trying get to the clinic that's near there for the last encounter we had with her." He just wanted this be over, the pain was killing him.

Braydin studied his face for a moment before nodding. "Thanks." He shot him in the head, Jacobus's skull hit the floor with a thump.

Braydin got on the comlink. "I've eliminated Jacobus and his men but be advised that Tali is making her way to the clinic where Doctor Michel is at. I'm making my way there now."

[Chora's Den]

The loud music drowned out any noise that he could think of.

Walker walked around the center of the bar and noticed he was drawing attention.

"Son of a…" 092 groaned in annoyance.

"Back off, Wrex. Fist told us to take you down if you showed up." A Krogan bouncer growled to another Krogan, this one in red armor with a scar on the right side of his face.

"What are you waiting for? I'm standing right here." Wrex taunts.

The other Krogan did nothing.

"This is Fists only chance. If he's smart he'll take it." Wrex said over the silence.

"He's not coming out, Wrex. End of story." The bouncer growled.

"This story is just beginning." Wrex said simply.

The Krogan turned away and began walking past 092.

"Out of the way Human. I have no quarrel with you." Wrex growled.

"But maybe I have something that can help." 092 said, getting his attention.

"Help with what?" Wrex asked.

"A way to get to Fist." 092 said, looking at Wrex.

"You have my attention human." Wrex said, interested.


As Omega traveled along the bridge towards Barla Von's information den, the cyborg decided to take in all of the sights.

"Who'd have thought that being on the Citadel would be… breathtaking." He mutters to himself.

"What's this? (psst), one of the Earth-Clan?(psst) How may I help you?(psst)" Asked the Volus.

"Barla Von?" He asked the round alien.

"Yes, (psst) that is me. Is there something, (psst) I can help you with?" Barla Von asked.

"I hear your boss wants a certain Spectre to disappear." The cyborg stated. "I can make that happen if he were to give me info."

"And what, (psst) information do you, (psst) require?" The Volus asked in curiosity.

"Where does Saren plan his next move? I want to know his contacts, locations that he's most been seen at, his favorite restaurant, etc. I want to know fucking everything." Omega spoke in a dark tone. "You're gonna give me what I want. Also, you're gonna give me access to Spectre-issued equipment and I don't fucking care if you have to hack into C-Sec's database to do it."

"(Psst) I can, (psst) transfer information to your Omni-tool, (psst), but the equipment will be easy to get. (Psst) What do you have, (psst) to exchange?" Asked the Volus.

The cyborg brings out Joy then sets it on the desk. "How about… I don't turn you into a fucking mess. Does that sound reasonable?"

"(Psst) Oh dear…" the Volus said, fearful at the sight of the gun.

"Now, about that information and the Spectre equipment." A wide, sly grin appears behind Omega's mask as his visor glared into Barla Von's 'face'.


"Sorry not interested." Said Braydin as he turned down yet another offer from a merchant as he moved through the market area, attempting make his way to the clinic.

So far he hadn't encounter anymore assassins or mercenaries from Saren after dealing with Jacobus but he none the less kept his guard up for any possible hostiles, his helmet readings keeping him alerted just in case.

He moved up the stairs that led to the upper parts of the area, passing a familiar blonde-haired fan at the top of the stairs. 'Let's hope Shepard directs him to the right path.' He thought as he begun making his way through.

It took for a few minutes but thankfully he caught site of the clinic. "Finally. Let's hope Tali is alright." Thought of harm coming to her made him upset, he was glad he took out Jacobus and his men.

He stepped through, the doors opening for him. "Sorry I can't help you right now! I'm performing some serious work right now, you're need come back later." Called out a very familiar French Canadian voice from the far back where he assumed she was working on Tali.

"That's why I am here, Ma'am. Me and my squad have been looking for the Quarian you're currently assisting right now." He said. He heard a gasp and what he could make out was something dropping.

Then his heart nearly stopped when he heard a young Quarian's voice. "Who are you?! Are you with Saren?" Her voice was full of panic and pain, likely from Doctor Michell's work in attempting tp help her with the toxic rounds used by the mercenaries.

But nothing could be mistaken, Braydin knew that voice from anyway. "I'm not with Saren, Ma'am. I'm with Commander Shepard along with my other teammates. We're looking for more evidence against Saren and his actions on Eden Prime." He waited patiently for a reply, not wanting to rush anything in the attempts to help Tali.

Finally he heard what sounded like curtains being pulled back. "Alright, I'll let you get your suit strappings back on, I'll go see to our guest." Doctor Michel said as she starts making her way over.

As she did, she was caught off guard right away as she glazed at Braydin. "What-Who are you?" She looked very much as she did in Mass Effect 3 but different uniform and bit younger.

Bright red hair, fair skin, very pretty green eyes, her figure was petite but curvy. She was admitting attractive by Braydin, "I'm Spartan-020, ma'am. But you may call me Braydin." He said, not wanting be rude or anything.

Before Michel could speak, Braydin noted someone coming in view… And his breath was taken away from him.

"You said something about evidence Braydin?" Coming in view was Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya herself. Her enviro-suit being it's beautifully crafted with what Braydin could assume was her clan markings, colouring being black and light purple.

The suit also did very little to hide her figure. Braydin will admit in saying that he was staring a bit at her hips, they were wide and round, her breasts what Braydin could tell were c or b cup. But what truly grabbed Braydin's attention was when he looked at her mask, while it hid the color of her skin… He was shocked to see that he could make out the details of her face.

The only real comparison he could make was to that of an angel almost, her eyes shining very brightly behind her mask. She was beyond beautiful in his eyes.

"Uh... hello?" She asked, noticing Braydin was quiet.

He shook himself from this, cursing himself for his behavior. "Apologies Ma'am. Yes, we are aware that you gained some information from the Geth?"


"And when I get what I want, you can blow his brains out." Dexter said, checking his BR85.

"As long as Fist dies, I don't care." Wrex said, checking his shotgun.

"Then let's go, it is after hours after all." 092 said as he walked to the door.

When he saw that it was locked he smirked, before kicking the door down.

His motion sensor picked up nine hostiles.

The bartender aims a shotgun but a three shot burst from his battle rifle put an end to his action almost instantly.

Bullets the size of grains of sand flew and collided with 092's shield and it was slowly dropping it by one percent every shot.

092 sighed thinking 'If every weapon is like this then there is nothing for me to fear.'

Swinging right 092 spotted two thugs and sent three bullets into each thug, punching through a poor excuse for a kinetic barrier and killing them almost instantly.

A shotgun blast is heard behind him and he turns to see Wrex kill a thug before throwing another against a wall, falling to the floor in an odd angle.

Dexter walked around the counter, shooting a thug that was on top of the desk, causing him to fall off the edge, releasing a surprisingly accurate Wilhelm scream.

092 looks to see the Krogan bouncer stomp towards him.

"Wrex, bouncers all yours." 092 said, shooting at a thug who was using a poor excuse of a chair as cover.

"Alright you pyjak! You and me!" Wrex shouted to the Krogan.

"Bring it on!" The bouncer shouted, running at the battlemaster who was ready.

The scarred Krogan grabbed the bouncer and tossed him to the side before biotically enhancing his fist and smashed through the Krogan's face, killing him.

"Let's move. Don't want to keep Fist waiting." 092 said, finishing off the last thug that remained.

He strapped the rifle to his back and they walked to what could be considered a warehouse and two workers stood armed with pistols.

"D-don't come any-" the worker didn't get the chance as both pistols were ripped out of their hands.

"It's time you looked for other lines of work." Dexter said in an emotionless tone, crushing the pistols in his hands with little to no effort at all.

"Yeah, that what I was thinking." One worker said scared.

"I don't like Fist anyway." The other worker agreed before both ran out like a bat out of hell.

"Would have been quicker just to shoot them." Wrex said.

"It would just be a complete waste of bullets." 092 said back.

The two reach Fist's office and found him at his desk.

"Why do I have to do everything myself? Time to-" Fist didn't finish as time slowed down for 092.

He ran out of his position as slots popped open to reveal turrets.

Taking out his pistol he shot three bullets into each turret, the magnum rounds punched through the metal of the turrets before their installed kinetic barriers could come up.

Once the turrets were down he got in front of Fist and bitch slapped him to the ground.

"Wait! Don't kill me! I surrender!" Fist screamed pathetically.

"You think I'll let you live after I came all the way here to ask for something and you, your thugs, your fucking club tried to kill me? Give me all the info you have on Saren and I will consider letting you live!" 092 growled, burying the barrel of his pistol into the man's temple.

"Okay, okay! Here!" Fist screamed, transferring some data to me.

"Good." 092 said, sifting through the data that appeared on his HUD.

The info was small but so far so good despite the amount there is.

"We had a deal right? You'd let me live?" Fist asked.

"We had a deal." 092 said, pulling the pistol away.

Turning around the SPARTAN nods his head to the Krogan.

"But I didn't say anything about my friend." Dexter said with a smirk, followed by a loud gunshot going off.

"Well Fist's dead, now what?" Wrex asked.

"He was just a pawn. And when there's a pawn, there is the chess player controlling the whole thing." 092 said, placing his pistol onto the magnetic clamp on his hip.

The two walk back to the bar and found five thugs waiting for them.

"These guys really are dumb aren't they?" 092 asked his Krogan companion, grabbing his rifle off his back.

"Stupid and crazy." Wrex added before they ran into another fight.

Wrex blasts a human thug across the room before sending a warp that vaporized another thug.

Dexter shot his rifle twice at two different thugs with ease.

The last thug was about to shoot but a three shot burst and shotgun blast put the guy down for good.

"Well that takes care of things." Dexter said, placing his rifle on his back.

"Sierra Zero-Nine-Two reporting to Omega, info retrieved and moving to the rendezvous point." Dexter said, walking out of the bar with his companion.

With Omega…

"Excellent. I've procured my own information from Barla Von as well as a license for Spectre-issued equipment." The cyborg reports. "Let's meet back at the Human Embassy. Shepard is probably done speaking with the Council."

"Really wish we'd show the Council it now. I'd love to see the look on the bastard's face when more information of his doings is released." 092 said, sounding amused.

"Don't be hasty. We need to bide our time." Omega admonished the soldier.

"Right but I wonder what he is planning now." 092 said calmly.

Their comlink suddenly alerts them someone is calling them. "I have Tali'Zorah with me now. She's agreed to help us in return for protection against Saren. Be advised however that some of Saren's men may attempt go after Doctor Michel for helping her, hopefully Garrus Vakarian will arrive on time or we will after this." 020 said as he alerted them of his position now.

"Very good." The cyborg replies.

"I'll meet you all at the embassy." Braydin said before he turn off his comlink.

"I'm traveling by sky car, ETA five minutes." 092 said to them both.

"I'm not too far from the embassy myself. Try not to start anymore problems." Omega smirked beneath his mask.

"The only way that would happen is if someone decided to have a skycar chase. And no I am not going to start it." 092 said.

"Good, I'd hate to have to pay for damages." The cyborg stated.

"092, over and out." Dexter said, shutting off his radio at the end.

Omega smirked. "Things just keep getting interesting by the second."

[Presidium - Human Embassy]

As Bolverk Squad returned to the embassy, they found Shepard, Kaiden, and Ashley waiting for them along with a Turian who was obviously Garrus Vakarian.

"How did it go?" 092 asked from his position at the balcony.

"Just like you said, no help at all." Shepard sighed, rubbing her scarlet red hair.

"So they ignored all the evidence we presented?" 092 asked.

Ashley huffs. "They thought it was all a fabrication or faulty tech from the cameras and the bombs didn't had enough clues to point where they came from. Saren didn't make it anymore helpful."

Kaiden however cut in. "But we did made lot of turn heads on this case and lot of people were very unhappy of the decision made." He can still remember all the boos the Council got in that matter.

"Then we'll have no choice but to get Nihilus as a witness." Omega stated. "In the meantime…" He glances at Tali. "You had evidence you'd like to show us, Miss?"

"My name is Tali, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya." Said the Quarian.

"Call me Orion. I'm the team leader of Bolverk Squad." Omega introduced himself.

"Sierra Zero-Nine-Two." 092 introduces himself.

"It's nice to meet you all, surprising since most people don't hold Quarians in all high regard but after meeting Braydin here I guess I can't be too surprised." She gestured to 020 who stood at attention.

He had been nice and very polite to her since meeting him at the clinic. "We ain't most people." Replied Commander Shepard, happy they finally got something.

020 looked at Shepard. "So why wasn't Nihilus involved at the meeting anyway? Would have thought he show up there."

"I agree, where was he?" 092 asked.

"From what he told me, he was being debriefed by the Turian Councilor." The red-haired woman replied.

"Then it's time we present all the evidence we've collected to them." Omega stated.

"All of the evidence?" Ashley asked, curious at what they got.

"Correct. It's time to show the galaxy the truth." 092 said, grinning viciously under his helmet.

"Just what is it?" Kaiden asked.

"Tali, can you show our LT what evidence we have?" 020 asked.

Tali activates her Omni-tool and plays a recording which started with Saren's voice, "Eden Prime was a major victory, the beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the conduit."

"And one step closer to the return of the Reapers." The recording ended with a female voice.

"The Reapers?" Ashley repeated.

"This is the evidence we need to prove Saren's involvement." The cyborg of the group gestures to the Quarian girl's Omni-tool.

"Agreed, we need to tell the ambassador." Shepard said.

"Tell me what?" Udina asked, walking in.

"That we have the evidence to revoke his Spectre status and make him a wanted criminal." 092 said.

"Think you can arrange a meeting, ambassador?" Omega remarked.

Udina was quiet for a moment before he left.

"I guess that's our answer." 092 shrugged.

"In the meantime, I've secured a weapon license for Spectre-issued equipment." Omega's visor flashed, sending the data over to Shepard and the rest of the Normandy crew. "Don't worry about the costs. I can take care of it."

"Should I be concerned about this later?" Shepard asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Probably… maybe… yes…" The cyborg answered vaguely.

"You just enjoy this don't you?" Garrus asked.

"I think he does." Ashley said, nodding her head.

"Oi, don't judge me!" Omega exclaimed.

"Kids play nice, we still have to present what we have." Shepard said, trying to defuse the situation.

"Oh yes, mother. Let's go now and present it." The cyborg rolls his eyes behind his mask.

"Then let's go." Shepard said with a smile.

One Skycar Ride Later…

"Now then, let's see what she can do." Omega remarks, waiting down the stairs as Shepard and Udina made their way up to speak to the Council.

"So any idea what might happen?" Ashley asked.

"No, all we can do is stand here and watch." The cyborg answered, folding his arms over his chestplate.

"Eden Prime was a major victory. The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the Conduit."

"And one step closer to the return of the Reapers."

"You wanted proof, there it is." Udina is heard.

"What'd I tell ya?" Orion smirks slyly.

"This evidence is irrefutable, ambassador. Saren will be stripped of his Spectre status and all efforts will be made to detain him." Said the Turian councilor.

"And I recognize the other voice, Matriarch Benezia." Said the Asari councilor.

"Another one of his allies?" Shepard inquired.

"Matriarchs are powerful Asari who have entered the final stages of their lives. Revered for their wisdom and guidance, they serve as guides and mentors to my people. Benezia is a powerful biotic and she had many followers, she will make a formidable ally to Saren." The Asari councilor said.

"I'm more interested in the Reapers, what do you know about them?" Asked the Salarian councilor.

"Only what was extracted from the Geth's memory core. The Reapers were an ancient race of machines that wiped out the Protheans. Then they vanished." Anderson started.

"The Geth believe the Reapers are gods. And Saren is the prophet for their return." Shepard finished.

"We think the Conduit is the key to bringing them back. Saren's searching for it. That's why he attacked Eden Prime." Anderson said.

"Do we even know what this Conduit is?" Asked the Salarian councilor.

It was at this moment that Omega decided to voice his answer. "Unfortunately, we don't."

The five turn to look at them.

"Who are you?" Asked the Turian councilor, slightly annoyed.

"Someone who has an interest in preserving the galaxy's order." The cyborg replied. "Hope I'm not interrupting, I've never been one to like politics."

"Anyway listen to what you're saying! Saren wants to bring back the machines that wiped out all life in the galaxy? Impossible, it has to be. Where did the Reapers go, why did they vanish? How come we have found no trace of their existence? If they were real, we would have found some trace of their existence!" Said the Turian councilor.

"Sorry to say, but that is completely unlikely. The reason you've never heard of them until now is because they wiped all evidence of their existence… by killing the last species that ever met and fought them: the Protheans." Orion stated.

"I tried to warn you about Saren, and you refused to face the truth. Don't make the same mistake again." Shepard said to the Council.

"This is different. You proved Saren betrayed the Council. We all agreed he's using the Geth to find the Conduit, but we don't really know why." Said the Asari councilor. "The Reapers are obviously just a myth, commander, stranger. A convenient lie to cover Saren's true purpose. A legend to bend the Geth to his will." Said the Salarian.

"Fifty thousand years ago, the Reapers wiped out all of Galactic civilization. If Saren finds the Conduit, it will happen again!" Shepard just about shouted.

"Saren is a rogue agent on the run for his life. He no longer has the rights or resources of a Spectre. The Council has stripped him of his position." Said the Turian.

"Fools, the lot of you." Orion spat. "Even if he can't get resources as a Spectre, he can still get them through other means."

"He's right! You know he's hiding somewhere in the Traverse. Send your fleet in!" Udina demanded.

"A fleet cannot track down one man." Said the Salarian.

"A Citadel Fleet could secure the entire region. Keep the Geth from attacking anymore of our colonies." Udina countered.

"Or it could trigger a war with the Terminus Systems! We won't be dragged into a galactic confrontation over a few dozen human colonies!" The Turian shot back.

"Everytime humanity asked for help you ignore us!" Shepard growled.

"She's right! You say 'humanity knows the risks' but you always do nothing to give us the chance to defend ourselves! You just don't want to spread your fleet because you are afraid of appearing weak! What reason do you have to fear from pirates and mercenaries who would rather stab each other in the back?!" 092 growled in rage, unable to hold back anymore.

"Shepard and the man are right! I am sick of this Council and its anti-human bull-" Udina was interrupted by the Asari councilor.

"Ambassador! There is another solution. A way to stop Saren that does not require fleets or armies." Said the Asari.

"No! It's too soon. Humanity is not ready for the responsibilities that come with joining the Spectres." The Turian said, slightly angry.

"It was a Turian Spectre who betrayed the Council. And it was a human who exposed him. I've earned this!" Shepard countered.

"Councilors," Orion spoke up. "As Commander Shepard just suggested, it would be prudent for this to happen. You don't have to spread your fleets and humanity gets its chance to bring a criminal to justice. Everybody wins."

There was a moment of silence between the three before came to a conclusion.

"Commander Shepard, step forward." The Asari said.

The redhead glanced at the cyborg then stepped onto the pedestal.

"It is the decision of the Council that you be granted all the powers and privileges of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel." The Asari started.

"Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fires of service and battle, those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file." The Salarian continued.

"Spectres are an ideal, a symbol. The embodiment of courage, determination, and self reliance. They are the right hand of the Council, instruments of our will." The Asari continued.

"Spectres bear a great burden. They are protectors of galactic peace, both our first and last line of defense. The safety of the galaxy is theirs to uphold." The Turian continued.

"You are the first human Spectre, Commander. This is a great accomplishment for you and your entire species." The Asari finished.

The human woman gave the councilors a respective bow. "I'm honored, councilor."

"We're sending you into the traverse after Saren. He's a fugitive from justice, so you are authorized to use any means necessary to apprehend or eliminate him." Said the Salarian.

"I'll find him." Shepard said confidently.

"This meeting of the Council is adjourned." Said the Asari, ending the meeting.

With that said, the woman, the cyborg, and the human ambassador descend from the pedestal.

"Congratulations Shepard." Anderson congratulated.

"You'll need a new ship, a crew, supplies." Udina said, thinking.

"Already got that prepared." Orion remarked.

"Oh?" Udina asked curiously.

"There's only one ship in the Traverse faster than any other known vessel." The cyborg pointed out.

"Anderson, come with me. I'll need your help to set all this up." Udina said before the two left.

Omega stood next to Shepard. "So… how's it feel to be a Spectre?" He asked coolly.

"Honestly, like I just got awarded a nobel prize." Shepard said honestly.

"So that awesome, huh?" He looked at her in amusement.

"Yeah, pretty much." Shepard nodded.

"Cute." The cyborg teased.

"Says the cyborg." Shepard said back.

"I've heard better comebacks." He remarks.

"Would you rather I call you a gun nut or maybe robocop?" Shepard asked jokingly.

"Funny…" Orion said dryly.

"I know I am." Shepard said playfully.

"So where should we go now?" Ashley asked curiously.

"Shepard, I suggest heading over to the Requisitions officer to acquire the Spectre equipment. We'll take care of any remaining business here and meet you there. By the way, are you cool with our alien squadmates?" Omega questioned.

"As long as they don't cause any trouble then sure." Shepard said with a shrug.

"Good to hear."

"Just don't cause a commotion before we leave the Citadel." Shepard said with a smirk.

"Right back at you." The cyborg stated.

"See you all later." Shepard said before she walked away with Kaiden and Ashley following her.

Omega glanced at the company of super soldiers and aliens. "So… who's up for brunch?"

After he said that, there were several raised hands.

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