Once upon a time, young man name of kazuichi soda was sat in dining hall talking to good friend tiutiu hanmur.

"Let me toch ur tidees" said tiutiu hanmur.

before kazitch had a chance to respond, he noticed his crush sonia nevermind sitting on the other side of the room... alone...

Before he could make another perverted comment, zakuichi hit tiutiu in the face, slapping him out of the way.

He went to approch sonoa, walking with confident, but before he could even speak to her, goodham tanker appeared out of nowhere.

"helo it is i, gunham tanockers" he said holding multiple hamster.

"Wow groundham those are a the really cute hammers" said sonia mastermind gleefully

"Haha, aminal" laughed gunham.

Kazu itchy walked into the corner and curled up into a ball, crying.

"She just likes him for his hamsters" he cry

Then kazoo had a great idea. He would buy his own hamsters.

the same day, jazzhandsichi went to the pet store to buy 1 hamsters.

He named the hamster Dave.

Kazuichi returned to stonia to find her touching gundham hamsters.

"Henlo miss sonia I also havw hamatser" he said

Sonia did not listen and continued to play with gamsters.

Kazuichi did large sadness, giving Dave to gudham.

gundham was very happy to receive hamster.

Kazuichi go into kitchen, sitting on counter and cry. He began to drink multiple sodas to ease his sadness.

Kazuichi drink too much soda.

Kazuichi drink so much soda that he morph into bottle of soda.

kazuichi soda

kazoo ichi soda

kazoo sugary beverage

kazoo sugary beverage was consume by tiutiu hanmur.

The next day, class do trial on who killed kazuichi soda.

the end