You were always a fan of the butthole tickler Merth. Every night you wished he came to your room unexpectedly to tickle your own, untouched, pure butt. No matter how much you had to wait, you did. Always prayed to your Merth shrine of him and always ate the only food in your life, bananas.

Finally, your 11th birthday was coming soon. You were never this excited for it. From the deep dark feelings in your stomach you knew Merth was going to come over. However, that was just a hope of yours. Your parents always asked you what you wanted. But you craved nothing else than that wonderful sensation of being tickled by a fat mexican. Your parents asked you what you wanted for this joyus occasion, and you always responded the same-" I want my ass tickled by Merth daddy!" Your parents were always scared of your poor choices, but they could never convince you otherwise.

Your best friend, Chase, who never seemed to fit in came up to you. You two were standing near the bridge where you would always meet up and play Fire Emblem Heroes and pay for .jpgs of Camilla. "Merth tickled my butt last night!"- Chase exclaimed.

You felt extremely offended, you've been waiting for this moment since your age of 5 and he gets it today. And he never wanted it as much as you did. So you pushed him off the bridge, breaking his spine and leaving him near death. A couple moments before he died you went out there, just to call him a normie.

"It appears I made a mistake. I couldn't be in your crowd, I didn't fit in after all." He whispered, before he died.

12:00 AM of the night was coming soon. After studying Merthology you had all the requirements of making him appear at a 100% rate. "Epic.", as you said to yourself. You made the Merth pentagram, scattered bananas and FE pics all over the floor, with the butt of a person he has tickled in the middle. It was time. You quickly went to sleep so you can wake up to him doing the tickle to you. You just couldn't wait.

You felt a weird sensation withing you, it was none other than Merth.

"HOLY SHIT YES"- you were so happy.

He was tickling your ass, it was 60x better than you predicted. "I have depression." Merth said. You heard his catchphrase too, it was the perfect night. "My work here is done."

You didn't want it to end, you wanted more. So before Merth escaped your window you grabbed onto his parachute, and due to this, you both fell off the 3rd floor of your house. Killing both of you instantly. You didn't feel any remorse regardless, this is what you wanted. Jon like trap.