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X-Men The Imperfect Angel Saga – Part One: First Love

Chapter Nineteen: To the Prison of my Mind...

Caroline's POV

As we were rowed across the lake on the gondola – with Christine sitting behind the Phantom with her hands covering her ears, I heard the Phantom singing angrily.


Down once more to the dungeons of

My black despair,

Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!

Down that path into darkness, deep as hell!

Suddenly he turns towards us with fire in his eyes, and sings bitterly.

Why, you ask, was I bound and chained

In this cold and dismal place?

Not for any mortal sin

But the wickedness of my abhorrent face!

I looked back as I heard the mob's approach.

[Mob (offstage)]

Track down this murderer!

He must be found!


Hounded out by everyone!

Met with hatred everywhere!

No kind word from anyone!

No compassion anywhere!

Christine, Christine...

Why, why...?

As we got closer to the lair – I hoped and prayed Raoul would continue to follow the advice I gave him, and still persuade Madame Giry to help him find his way down here. That was when I heard something clear as day.

[Madame Giry]

Your hand at the level of your eyes!

[Raoul] the level of your eyes...


Your hand at the level of your eyes!

Your hand at the level of your eyes!


Your hand at the level of your eyes!

I murmured into the darkness, followed by the sound of a splash as Raoul presumably jumped into the lake. I flinched as I heard the echoes of the approaching mob.

Track down this murderer, he must be


Track down this murderer, he must be


Hunt out this animal, who runs to ground!

Too long he's preyed on us, but now we


The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is here

Deep down inside!

He's here, the Phantom of the Opera...

He's here, the Phantom of the Opera...

We arrived at the lair, and after the Phantom dragged us out of the gondola – the Phantom said stoically.

"Take Christine and change her into the wedding dress – if you're not out in fifteen minutes I will change her myself!" With a nod I took Christine to the alcove, where the mannequin was residing, before changing her into it.

"Raoul will come to our rescue - and I ensured he will not get caught by the Phantom's lasso." I whispered whilst I deftly fastened the many pearl buttons in the back of the dress. Once I finished, Christine left the alcove as she sung the iconic verses from the finale of the musical.


Have you gorged yourself, at last, in your

Lust for blood?

Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?


That fate which condemns me to wallow in


Has also denied me the joys of the flesh

This face – the infection which poisons our


I watched from the sidelines as he took the bridal veil from the nearby mannequin and moved slowly towards her.

This face, which earned a mother's fear and


A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing

Before he harshly turned her around and placed the veil on top of her head.

Pity comes too late –

Turn around and face your fate:

An eternity of this before your eyes!

I looked on worried as they were close to touching – as she looks coldly into his face. He then places the ring into her hand.


This haunted face holds no horror for me


It's in your soul that the true distortion lies

Suddenly the Phantom looked up with a smug smile, before Raoul comes out of the water from behind the portcullis – still with his hand at the level of his eyes.


Wait! I think, my dear, we have a guest!

Sir, this is indeed an unparalleled delight!

I had rather hoped that you would come

And now my wish comes true –

Your have truly made my night!

I panicked as the Phantom suddenly grabbed Christine around the throat - Raoul pleading and grasping the bars of the gate tightly – as all I could do was look on worryingly.


Free her!

Do what you like, only free her!

Have you no pity?


Your lover makes a passionate plea!

The Phantom says smugly, as he slightly tightens his hold on her throat.


Please Raoul, it's useless!

Christine choked out, as she grasped the Phantom's arms tightly – probably in the hopes he would let her go.


The world showed no compassion to me!


Christine, Christine

Let me see her...


Be my guest, sir...

I watched closely as the portcullis rose, with Raoul waiting for it to fully lift, before stepping through with his hand at the level of his eyes. In the meantime the Phantom had let Christine go – to which I ran to her side, and checked to make sure she was alright as she fell to her knees.

Monsieur, I bid you welcome!

Did you think that I would harm her?

Why should I make her pay, for the sins

Which are yours?

But when he tried to catch him by the neck with the Punjab lasso, Raoul immediately slips out of it, as his hand prevents the noose from capturing his neck fully. I looked up to see the Phantom staring at me coldly, to which I stared back at him – despite his deformed face being fully on display. Yet I didn't shrink in fear of his face or of him. Yet what happened next I didn't expect – as I heard the cocking of a pistol. I looked up to see Raoul poising a pistol towards the Phantom – but where did the pistol come from? Did Raoul get it from the gendarme perhaps? Or did he bring along his pistol to the performance perhaps?


Order your fine horses now!

I raised up my hand to the level of my


No-one will save you now – not

Even Christine and Caroline...

I looked at him in shock as he turned towards Christine and me with an expression akin to a smirk on his face.

Now let all of us leave –

And turn yourself in to the gendarme!

Refuse me, and I shoot you where

You stand!

This is the choice –

This is the point of no return!


I shouldn't have interfered with this


Why does everything I touch, change so dramatically?


Thank you for

leading me

to this criminal

We will now put

this man away

for good

Why make her

lie to you at all?


Why Caroline

are you this

one big



How could you

deceive your


No point in

fighting your

feelings anymore

Don't throw your

life away for my



How can you do

this to my Angel

of Music?

I never meant

To betray you

my Angel of


Angel of Music...

Who deserves


When will you

see reason?

I gave my mind



I'm sorry for

betraying you


I never meant for

anything to go

this far

Please Erik let

them go free

For pity's sake,

Christine, say


I've passed the

point of no


"You try my patience – turn yourself in!" Raoul whispered seething. I watched closely as Christine looked between the Phantom and Raoul. But what was she planning to do? I then watched as she walked towards the Phantom, with single minded determination, as she sung the famous lyrics from the musical.


Pitiful creature of darkness

What kind of life have you known?

God give me courage to show you

You are not alone

I watched in horror as she kissed him long and full on the lips, as the embrace lasted a long time. Yet despite knowing what was coming, it didn't stop my heart from breaking into a million pieces. As Christine pulled away, I ignored everything around me as I began to fall within myself – I could faintly hear the mob approaching as my powers began manifesting.

[Mob (some)]

Track down this murderer,

He must be found!

[Mob (others)]

Who is this monster,

This murdering beast?

Yet I suddenly heard nothing more as there was a bright flash of light, before the world around me turned black...