Come Away With Me


Rumiko Takahashi owns Inuyasha-tachi not me.

Chapter One: We'll Fly Away…

I played with a piece of the blanket that I had spread out on the ground. My thoughts were a jumbled mess lately. School…well it was the furthest thing on my mind, usually was. Again a certain silver haired demon popped into my head. My Inuyasha. My first love…my now deceased first love.


I squeezed my eyes shut to stop the inevitable tears. Stop, Kagome. Even if he hadn't died then he would never have lived five hundred years. A single tear alluded me and fell on the arm that my chin was resting on. Damn, third time today. Sneaky little devils. I sighed as I rolled onto my back squinting up at the afternoon sky. Beautiful really. I'll bet the sky doesn't feel pain, doesn't know what it's like to lose everyone you care about.

"Great, get a hold of yourself Kagome. You're jealous of the sky? Really. I think you're losing it." Even as I mumbled it I glared up at the gorgeous sky.

"If you think you're losing it now, over the sky, after all you've seen then I'd love to know what took you so long." I jumped slightly at the masculine voice and averted my squinting toward the sound. Hojou? Certainly not. His voice wasn't that smooth. Smooth and strangely familiar.

I pushed myself up on my elbows and my breath caught. No, surely it couldn't be. "You…"

"I was never given the chance to apologize. Well, to you anyway." I gaped. For some odd reason my voice wasn't working. He smirked at that, flashing his fangs. That alone was disturbing. Him, smirk? Has the world ended and everyone just forgot to tell me?

"I expect this is somewhat of a surprise. I assure you I have no intention of harming you, which I'm sure has crossed you mind. I'd rather like to get to know you." My breathing started coming in slight pants.

"You-I…what?" Gee. I think that was the best sentence ever. I closed my eyes for a heartbeat then opened them to gaze at the man I once knew. "I thought you'd be dead by now." He quirked at brow at me.

"What a lovely way to say hello. Really, Kagome is that any way to greet an old friend." At that I scoffed. I was finally in control of my body again.

"I don't have many friends who try to kill me." He gave a graceful shrug.

"Enemy of my enemy. In the end we were allies." He kneeled down next to me, which I countered by jumping up.

"Keh!" The minute I said it I immediately regretted it. An amused smile played across his lips.

"Really Kagome, my darling brother got over his grudge. Can't you?" I adapted the blank face he usually wore, well the one he wore five hundred years ago but was replaced with something more…human.

"What happened to you Sesshoumaru? Why so…human?" Something flashed behind his eyes but was gone as quickly as it came. If I could name it then I'd probably call it anger. At least he still doesn't like being compared to humans. I took a quick minute to look him over. His stripes were gone, that moon thingy on his forehead gone too. I didn't look like he was wearing make up anymore and his ears were…somewhat normal with a slight point to them. His fangs, long white hair, golden eyes and otherworldly beauty were the only things that remained.

"Times change, Kagome. People change." His eyes bore into mine as if he were trying to prove some point.

"But not you. I mean sure you look a little different, more human, but I still feel your youki and the other subtle things I knew back then." Again he gave a graceful shrug and stared off in the distance.

"Suit yourself, woman." In one fluid motion he was standing just a few inches away from me. His lips were slightly turned upward with the hint of a smile. "You haven't changed, wench. No doubt that spirit is what attracted the hanyou to you all those years ago. I must admit it's…exciting." My heart pounded in my throat and I was overcome with an urge to scream and push him away. His animal instincts were showing and it was making me kinda nervous.

I took a step back but kept my glare on him. "What do you want?"

"A second chance, Kagome. That's all I ask." With a flick of his wrist he produced a card in his hand and held it out toward me. I took it, scanning it quickly. "Meet me Kagome, tonight at six." He started walking away. "If you do not come tonight I have my ways of tracking you down." He stopped suddenly and smiled back at her.

"Better yet, I'll send a car for you at your shrine at six sharp. Oh, and dress nicely." With that he disappeared. Must be that demon speed. I scanned the card again. A number, an address but no name. Ok, I guess he still goes by Sesshoumaru. Wonder what his last name is. I doubt Sesshoumaru Great and Powerful Lord of the Western Lands fits very well on business cards.

Again I sighed. And I thought my life couldn't get anymore complicated.