Come Away With Me by Napea

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Chapter the Sixteenth

Kagome glanced across the fire at Inuyasha who glared across the fire at Sesshoumaru who was looking at Kagome as if he expected her to say something. The whole set up was just annoying.

"What Sesshoumaru? Why are you looking at me that way?"

"I await an explanation."

After a few confused blinks she replied, "You think I have one? 'Cause…really don't."

"You were awake during the whole ordeal whereas we were not. You must know something," he stated in that very annoying matter-of-fact kind of way.

"Yeah, well I don't. Well, not much more than you anyway." When they both looked at her as if they didn't believe her she sighed. "Naraku, big bad, stupid plan, I broke it, he disappeared, you woke up. Got it?"

"Did he say anything to you?"

"Loads. Now ask me if he made sense, 'cause…really didn't."

"He must have said something of use."

Kagome gave him a strange look, something between disgust and confusion. "We're talking about the same guy, right?"

"You're avoiding."

Kagome just stared at him, her eyes wide in an attempt to look innocent. She hoped against hope he'd take her word for it and let it go.

No such luck.

Finally she sighed, her shoulders slumping. "He wanted me to think you were dead, said something about it being time." She paused, her eyes flicking from Sesshoumaru to the fire. Sesshoumaru opened his mouth only to be promptly cut off. "Don't ask me 'time for what' because I haven't the foggiest."

"What else?"

"His miasma was everywhere, it felt like it was crawling over my skin, down my throat. Gods it hurt. He kept telling me that you were dead, that you killed each other, but you…flickered."


"Like…like the shine of light against glass. Or like when you move a mirror and you get that line across it that messes with the picture for a second. For a second the blood on your face was just blush and the wounds were…gone. Just gone."

"Blush?" Inuyasha asked indignantly. His hands tightened around Tetsusaiga. "I don't blush."

Kagome rolled her eyes, but otherwise chose to ignore him. "He said something about bringing me to my potential, and before you ask, I don't know what he was talking about and he didn't elaborate."

Inuyasha snorted something that sounded too much like 'worthless', earning a glare from Kagome.

"Well I didn't see you helping while you were busy being unconscious."

"It wasn't my fault I passed out."

"Certainly not. Just like it wasn't my fault I pushed Naraku's attack off before he could have a Bond moment and tell us his whole plan. Gods Inuyasha, could you be more insensitive?"

"Try me," he retorted. "I'll bet you didn't even think to try and grab any shards he may have had."

Kagome opened her mouth to do some damage, but stopped when Sesshoumaru bolted up from his spot by the fire, his hand shooting out and grabbing Inuyasha by the throat. Kagome could only blink as Sesshoumaru held Inuyasha in the air by his neck, his feet several inches away from the ground.

"I have had enough," Sesshoumaru growled, his voice low and dangerous.

Kagome stumbled up and cautiously neared the two. "Sesshou-" She stopped in her tracks as he turned blood red eyes to her, his gaze fierce.

"No. I've had it with this whelp. He constantly mistreats you, calls you inaccurate things and you let him." He turned his attention to the hanyou now wriggling in his grasp, short gasps for air wheezing through his chest. "She is not your shard detector, she is not your toy. You claim that she is yours and yet you treat her no better than you would a slave. Forget about your worthless quest for the jewel. The Youkai world does not want you anymore than the human world does."

Kagome stifled a gasp. One part of her was grateful while the other thought he was being irrationally mean.

"Sesshoumaru let him down."

He didn't spare her a glance, but he hesitated, his hand tightening around Inuyasha's throat.

"Now, Sesshoumaru."

He turned his gaze to her, his eyes not as red as a moment ago. "You continue to let him get away with treating you like this. Why?"

Kagome glared, her hands flying immediately to her hips. "For your information, before your little choke-fest, I was about to tell him that Naraku didn't even have shards on him, then proceed to 'Sit' him into the next century. Now put him down!"

Sesshoumaru gave a short growl laced with frustration, but released his half brother who promptly fell on his ass. Kagome gave them both one last glare, then went back to her spot, getting ready for bed.

Inuyasha rubbed his neck testily. "You two are perfect for each other, you're both nuts!"

She didn't bother turning around. "Sit."


Sango had taken to watching. She found that she was becoming rather good at it. The longer she watched, the less people noticed. She just blended in, becoming part of the scenery. Even Miroku passed by, on occasion, obliviously. The past couple of days had been uneventful as they awaited word from Kagome or Inuyasha.

Today, however, Sango spent most of her time watching a little girl in a field next to Kaede's hut as she wandered around, picking flowers. Sango thought the girl was familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. She figured she had just seen her around the village from time to time. The girl was cute enough, even with her chipped teeth. She seemed to prefer the company of her flowers and the snatches of tunes she hummed over that of the people giving her questioning looks as they passed by. Sango didn't blame her. The people in Kaede's village could get annoying.

It was an hour after watching the girl that Sango's senses went off just in time to catch sight of something large headed toward the girl. A youkai.

She just reacted. Hiraikotsu slid effortlessly from her hand as she propelled it toward the beast, and then jumped into the boomerang's path to grab it when the youkai dodged it.

"Ah-un!" the little girl cried, running toward the youkai.

"Wait! That's a youkai!" Sango ran toward the girl who stopped, her face confused.

"Rin knows."

Sango stopped, her mouth slightly parted in surprise. "Rin, as in Sesshoumaru's Rin?"

"Yup! Sesshoumaru keeps Rin safe, but he's been gone too long. Rin and Jyaken-sama came to the…" She paused, her face scrunching in concentration. "Idiot hanyou…'s forest." She smiled, looking for all the world proud that she remembered Sesshoumaru's words.

"He's not here," she responded lamely. "Uh, he should be back soon so would…I mean, do you want to stay with me while we wait for his return?"

"Rin…I mean, I would like that. C'mon Ah-un!" The girl motioned to the big two-headed dragon, then followed Sango into the village.

Sango had no idea how she was going to explain the dragon.

It had to be near midnight, Kagome realized with no small amount of annoyance. What a fine time to have another petty argument.

"That is none of your business, hanyou."

"Like hell it isn't, she's under my protection."

"Yes, and what a wonderful job you have done thus far."

"Shut up!" Kagome yelled, rolling in her sleeping bag to glare at the two. "Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"It has been two hours since the North Star hit its highest point."

Kagome blinked, then took a deep breath. "Two a.m.? It's two in the morning?"

"Roughly," Inuyasha said wearily.

"Uh-huh. And why, oh why, are you bickering at two in the morning?" The two men winced as her voice became more shrill with each syllable.

"The hanyou is being unreasonable-"

"Mister mighty pants is being a perv-"

Kagome sat up waving her hands to stop them. "One at a time. Sesshoumaru?"

"Why does he get to go first? He's just going to lie to you."

"I have no reason to lie and she knows I'm more reliable to ask." Kagome quirked a brow at him. That sounded dangerously close to a childish 'because she likes me more' taunt.

"Enough already. What is wrong with you two? You've been fighting non-stop since Sesshoumaru brought me back to Kaede's village. Every ten minutes I'm telling you two to knock it off, what is going on?"

"I don't like him," Inuyasha blurted.

"I applaud your maturity," Sesshoumaru responded coolly. "And I assure you that the feeling is mutual."

"That's exactly why! He acts all high and mighty and uses big words that I think even he doesn't understand to try and make me look like an idiot."

"You need no assistance in that area from me."

"That's it, mister high and mighty, we're gonna fight." Inuyasha pulled Tetsusaiga from it's scabbard, morphing it to it's abnormally large size. Sesshoumaru returned in kind, pulling Toukijin from his sash.

"Oh, stop it!" Kagome yelled, the last of her nerves sparked. "I have had enough." She turned toward the forest. "I'm going to the bathroom and when I get back you two will be in bed…er lying down and well on your way to sleeping. No more petty bickering, no more waking me up and no more swords. Now go!"

She didn't wait to see if they complied, but continued her journey away from them. She really did have to go after all.

She turned, once far enough that neither of them could hear her, and childishly stuck her tongue out. "Idiots. It's a miracle I love either of them." She turned to continue further in and stopped dead in her tracks. A few yards away stood a little girl dressed in white.


TBC…soon hopefully.

A note on the chapter. I think I've been reading too many Snape/Granger stories because going back and reading this chapter, Sesshoumaru reminds me of Snape at some points. However, I don't think it's exactly bad. In the series Sesshoumaru doesn't really talk that much and I imagine that if he did he'd sound more…Snape-ish than anything else. That's just my take on it.

Wow. A whole year and then some. Gods, I'm so sorry! That's all I can say and it's not enough. I never meant for it to take so long, I never meant to…well I thought I would have long finished by now. This last year has been a whirlwind for sure. The psycho roommate starting fights, the crazy work schedule, the car accident…all legitimate but not excuses. The only thing I can say is 'I'm sorry' and I'll continue saying it over and over until this story's over!