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Entitled: I Love You.

I sighed, resting my chin into the palm of my hand. I was thinking about her, again. Her, as in the love of my life; Yagami Hikari. I don't think it's fair. That, she is with the one person in the world I hate with passion. My rival, Takeru. God, I hate that guy so much. He is with the one girl in the world who I loved, why not someone else? Why not Miyako? Why not Mimi-san? Why did he have to choose Hikari-chan? Why?

I sat at the table my soccer team and I always sat at Lunch time. I stared. I stared at how she was at that exact moment. How she laughed, and smiled.. that smile made me melt. *Every* single thing about her made me melt. Her smile, her laugh, the way her eyes sparkled.. everything about her just made me get this .. puddy feeling inside. I love her, I love her with all my heart. But why couldn't she feel the same about me?


Math class, blah. The only thing I enjoyed about it that I could be near Hikari. I sat behind her, and I smiled. It looked like she was falling asleep, her chin in the palm of her hand as she leaned back slightly. That's when I got the idea, I took a piece of lined paper from my binder, a pen, and started writing. ' This has to work.. ' I thought to myself, grinning slightly.


After school, I headed towards the computer lab. The piece of paper I had written on in Math was safetly tucked in my vest pocket. I put my hands behind my head, grinning widly. I could imagine the look on Hikari's face when I gave her the note. She would smile at me, looking up at me with those big crismon colored eyes of her's. I blushed at the thought of it.

"Daisuke!" Chibimon called as I entered the computer lab, the small little blue and creme colored Digimon latching himself onto my leg.

"Hey there, buddy." I said, smiling down at him as I patted him on the head, picking him up and placing him onto my shoulder.

"About time, your late." Takeru looked at me with an arched brow, I heard snickering from Miyako and Iori. I rolled my eyes.

"Are we going or what, hat-boy?" I muttered, folding my arms over my chest.

"Let's go! Digiport, open!" Miyako cheered, holding her D3 up to the screen as herself and Poromon got sucked into it.

Then Iori and Upamon left, then Takeru and Patamon. ' This was the time to give her the note, when no one else was around! ' I thought, and cleared my throat a bit.

"N-ne, Hikari-chan..?" I stammered.

She blinked, looking over to me with a slight tilt of her head. "Nani, Daisuke-kun?"

Be cool, Daisuke. Be cool.. "H--here." I stuttered, taking the folded piece of paper out of my vest pocket, handing it to her. Damnit, how could I screw *that* up!

She took the note, blinking towards me before she unfolded it, reading it.. a smile appearing across her face. ' She smiled! She smiled at me! ' I silenty cheered, grinning.

"Arigato, Daisuke-kun. You're sweet." She leaned towards me, pressing a kiss to my cheek. I saw fireworks, literally. That had to be the happiest moment of my life. She and Tailmon went through the gate, leaving me standing there dumb-founded, my hand pressed up againest my cheek.

"Daisukeeeeee.." Chibimon whined, waving his stubby little arms across my face.
"H-huh, nani?" I blinked, snapping out of my trance.

"What did the note you gave Hikari-san say?" He asked, with a tilt of his head.

I blushed slightly, clearing my throat a bit. ''It said.. 'I love you, and even if you haven't realized it yet, I hope you feel the same way." I answered, hearing a giggle from my little Digimon partner. Before we both, got sucked into the gate to the Digital World.