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Chapter One - Just a Fairy Tale

Forest. The forest that made up a green sea across the landscape and mountains that showed no sign of any people living there besides one lone tower stretching high into the sky. The solitary tower looked like it could stretch out to reach the shattered moon as it glowed above it, illuminating the dark spire. A lone figure could be spotted near the top of the tower as they stood upon a balcony overlooking the forest below. The person had clad themselves in obsidian armor that still somehow shined in the moonlight instead of just absorbing it. The figure was quiet for a moment until it spoke in a deep voice, "It's finally all ours, my love."

A pale woman with her veins appearing on her skin as black lines approached him from behind while wearing a black dress. Her hair was pure white, and her red eyes shone brightly as she stood beside him and looked over the forest as well. The woman had a smile on her face as she laid a hand on the armored figures arm before replying, "You finally kept your promise, my Lord."

"Don't I always? I never go back on my word," The man stated before the women gave him a knowing smile. The man chuckles at her look before he continues, "I never break my word or go back on it. I just might twist what I say to suit my needs is all."

The women laugh at him as she leans against him and continues to look out amongst the trees as she comments on the view, "It is a far better sight than the one from our previous home though."

The man gave a simple nod of his head before he turns to face her and caresses her cheek with his armored hand. "I have to go take care of a few things my love with the Silver Eye tribe. They had proven their loyalty after the defeat of him, and it's time to reward them for it. Think you can handle the others while I am away?" He asks her already knowing her answer.

She gave a nod of her head in reply and watched as her Lord leaves the balcony with another woman appearing from seemingly nowhere. She had long black hair and wore a white dress that hugged every curve of her body. The woman had two horns coming from her head as well as two wings springing forth from her hips. The two women locked eyes before they gave a nod of respect to each other before the woman was left alone on the balcony.

"You know that he will betray you eventually. You heard it yourself that he will twist his words to suit himself. What makes you think that he won't do the same to you? How long did it take him to give you what he promised?" A voice fills the air around her causing the woman's head to look around trying to see who was speaking.

"Whoever is there, show yourself!" She calls out as she prepares to call the guards.

"You have already seen me. I am your true self," the voice spoke up again as the woman saw a mirage image of herself in front of her causing her to stop her thought process. "You know that you worry that he will betray you someday. And now that he has what he wants from you, what will stop him from simply getting rid of you as he did with the last challenger to his power?"

The women couldn't believe that her Lord would do something like that to her. There was a reason they had to put a stop to that monster not merely because it was a challenge. Now that they had finally conquered all of Remnant they were going to rule it together.

"Yet they all follow his commands, his laws, his will while you are simply his wife," her other self-said once more causing the woman to look out into the darken forest once more in silence. Her other self-gave her a malicious smile before it disappeared into black vapors and drifted away with the wind.


Thousand of years later…

"Jaune where are you!" A voice calls out as a young, lanky blonde boy with blue eyes made his way through the dense forest with a grin on his face. Jaune had finally been able to sneak away from his sisters and head towards the nearby ruins that sat in the woods. Jaune's family had always lived nearby the ruins for generations, but he was consistently told never to enter the ruins himself. However, the seven-year-old boy had finally been able to sneak away from his overbearing sisters and parents to explore them finally.

Jaune had only ever gotten as close to the edge of the clearing where the ruins were located at before his sisters would typically stop him. Today though he finally took his first step into the clearing and took in a good look of the area. Standing in the middle of the clearing what was once a tower that had fallen to ruin in time with only a few floors of the tower remained standing while the rest lay on the ground. What the young boy found most interesting though was that the ruins weren't overgrown with plant life like he seen in movies or tv shows. They seem like they had just fallen onto the ground recently since there were no signs of vines covering the rubble that litter the ground.

The blonde boy quickly began to walk through the rubble as if it was the most natural thing for him to do as Jaune made his way to the tower. Statues could be seen sticking out of the ground representing animals and creatures, but more importantly, it had figures of Grimm as well. The boy, however, didn't notice this as he continued to head towards the tower more excited to see if he could find something inside of the old ruins like the shows he watches. He soon slipped inside as seven girls appear at the edge of the ruins catching sight of the boy entering the tower.

"We need to get dad and our moms now," Erza, the eldest Arc sister, stated as she looked at her sisters. They quickly nod in agreement and sprinted back towards their house while she remained and watched the tower for signs of her brother.


Jaune was surprised as he enters the tower and found the place devoid entirely of all life from animals to insects, not even plants were growing between the cracks of the floor. It was almost like someone was still taking care of the tower even though people probably hadn't lived in it for very long time if his family stories were any indication. The young boy eagerly began to run from room to room in the tower checking them for any kind trinkets. However, each chamber that he could get into was devoid of items.

The young Arc was beginning to become discouraged at the lack of things inside of the tower and started to regret coming inside the tower in the first place. The young boy begins to head back towards the exit of the tower when the stone flooring underneath him gave way sending the young boy crashing below. Jaune let out a scream as he fell through the floor wondering if this would be the end for him when his back smashes against the ground causing him to gasp out in pain. He laid there for a moment as he tried to get his bearings once more until a pain like if someone stabbed a hot knife into him began to spread from his stomach.

A piece of stalagmite had pierced through the side of his body, and he was now soaked in his blood causing the young boy to scream once more. "Somebody please save me! I don't want to die down here!" Jaune yelled hoping for help to come. He was regretting ever coming to the tower now.

Before his voice could finish echoing in the cavern underneath the tower, a shout answers him back, "Who dares enter into my master's domain!"

The blonde boy's eyes widen as his mind is briefly pulled away from his current pain and towards the voice that seems to demand his attention. Out of the darkness of a cavern, a woman seems to appear in a glow of light, her body outlined in it causing the young boy to be blinded while she emitted an essence of authority and dominance. The woman slowly approaches the boy, and as she had gotten closer the light seem to diminish, and instead of blinding him it illuminated the cavern. The woman's figure was now illumined as well allowing Jaune to make out her looks.

The woman dressed in a white dress that showed off plenty of her pale skin along her shoulders and hips. She had black hair that seems to reach down towards her ass with horns coming from her black hair, curving around towards the front of her head. What stood out most to the young boy was the fact that there was a pair of black wings coming out from her back behind her hips like an angel of death. Jaune's small hands begin to scramble against the wound as he began to beg, "Please don't take me yet! I don't want to die yet!"

The woman glares at the boy as she got closer until she finally looked at the young blonde boy in the face and came to a standstill, letting out an audible gasp. The woman that had initially admitted an air of authority seem to stumble and took on a different look entirely. She quickly knelt down beside him and immediately pulled him free of the stalagmite causing Jaune to cry out in pain and the wound begin to flow with blood once more. The woman's hand quickly came over the injury and mumbled a few words causing Jaune to feel like his abdomen was on fire as the muscles, organs, and skin knitted back together. However, the boy still felt weak and could feel himself fading himself fast.

"You can't leave me yet my Lord, not after you have just come back to me," The woman mutters as she seems to hold her hand out towards the light source. The light source seems to have listened to her as it came closer until it settled into her hand and dimmed enough to reveal that it was a shard of a shattered object. Jaune's eyes were locked onto the object as it was brought closer towards him until it hovered over his chest, while his breath became shallower with each passing second. Before he could protest, she pushed the shard into his chest causing the room to become brighter than before and causing the boy to scream out in pain until he is enveloped in light.


"Where…. Where am I?" Jaune asks as he looks around and found himself floating in a white space with nothing else there besides him. "Am I dead?"

"No, you aren't dead," a voice spoke out from the white void causing Jaune to spin around as he tries to find the speaker. However, there was nothing in sight for him to spot as the voice spoke once more, "You won't find me, my descendant."

"Descendent?" Jaune mumbled confusedly about what was going on before he finally speaks up. "Why am I here?"

"Tell me, have you ever heard of the tale of the Overlord?" The voice asks ignoring Jaune's question.

The young boy's eyebrow scrunched up in confusion at the question as he thinks back to stories his sisters and moms would tell him at bedtime. There were plenty of fairy tales like the four maidens and others, but he didn't remember a tale about an Overlord. Jaune gave a shake of his head even though he didn't even know if the person behind the voice could see him.

A chuckle could be heard echoing through the void before it spoke once more, "Well that is a sad thing to hear but not surprising considering that it has been over a thousand years since my reign. Listen to me closely child cause I will tell you this once to see if it will jar your memory. Once upon a time after the Brothers had left Remnant when the people of Remnant were first locked in battle with each other and against the Grimm, a man appeared wanting to bring an end to the wars and the death that wracked the entire world. So to do this, he did the one thing that no one thought was possible…."

"He was able to take control of the Grimm." Jaune finishes the sentence as the fairy tale begins to come back to him. "But what does a fairy tale have to do with this?"

The voice spoke with a hint of content, "It has to deal with where you came from my child." A figure appears beside Jaune, clad in dark robes and places a hand on his head before it spoke once more. "You will finish what I tried to start all those years ago and become a hero for the people of this world."

The figure's eyes glowed blue before Jaune felt energy flooding through his form and causing his eyes to shine brightly as well before the voice comments one final time, "I will see you again my child."


Outside the tower stood the Arc sisters watching the tower with their parents standing nearby, debating on what they should do, but before they could do anything though, the destroyed tower burst forth with a tower of blue light that seems to stretch into the sky and head straight towards the shattered moon. The bright light illuminated the twilight lit sky and cause every nearby Grimm in the forest to let out a cry that seems to shake the very air itself filling the Arc family with dread.

"We're too late," The Arc patriarch said with a sigh as he looked towards the tower and knew that there was nothing he could do now.


The events of the Arc family weren't the only thing that was happening that day. In the city of Kuroyuri, two young children were huddled under a house as they watched a mighty Grimm get closer to them. Both of them were afraid for their life with the ginger-haired child holding tightly to the girl with black hair and a pink strip of hair. The black hair child could feel her semblance activating just like earlier when a Nevermore had landed onto the home they were hiding under previously. She could feel her semblance calming down their emotions once more and hopefully hiding them away, but instead a crash could be heard as the building above them was destroyed causing the two to scramble out from underneath the destruction. The children ended up standing in the middle of the street and looking towards a horse like grim with a man growing out of its back. The Grimm armored mask was different in the fact that it lacked any eyes as if the mask itself was covering them, but there was still one thing that stood out on the mask. There was a symbol in the dead center of it that glowed purple with its shape being similar to that of a three-star shuriken with each of the ends being represented by a dragon's head. Within the middle of the shuriken was a circle like a symbol with a gash in the center of the circle that almost represented a lizard's eye.

The Grimm pulled one of its long arms back before swinging it at the children causing them to cry out in fear, just before the limb hit, the children felt themselves wrapped up in a warm embrace before being sent flying. Tumbling across the street, they finally came to a halt after a few rolls and bumps, the raven-haired girl looked up in shock to see a familiar face looking down at her with a pained smile.

"Mom!" The raven-haired girl calls out to the older pink haired woman who was holding the two children tightly. Small tears formed in the little raven-haired girl's eyes, before they were wiped away by the girl's mother.

"It's ok my little lotus I am here now, just close your eyes, it will be ok," the pink haired woman said softly as she kisses her daughter's head before looking towards the Grimm as it came close to them with each step. It once more raises its arm to attack them, but suddenly the horizon was filled with a pillar of light causing every Grimm in the destroyed village to turn towards it. Suddenly the massive Grimm in front of them let out a painful wail as the purple symbol on its humanoid face began to let out a dark purple smoke almost like it was burning as a reaction towards the light itself. Covering its humanoid face with both of its hands, the giant Grimm ran off back where it first came from. Without a second thought, the rest of the Grimm quickly took off away from the village leaving the trio confused as they too looked upon the pillar of light in awe and thankfulness.


At the same time on a small island near the city of Vale, two children were making their way through its forest with one pulling a red wagon while the other slept inside of it. The one pulling the red wagon had long blonde hair and was covered in dirt, scratches, and bruises but didn't seem deterred from continuing through the forest until she finally stood in front of a desolate barn that nobody had used for years. A look of anguish crossed over her face as she didn't seem to find what she wanted before growling could be heard coming from the darkness of the abandoned barn.

Without warning three sets of burning red eyes could be seen staring out from the desolate barn causing the young girl to freeze in place. A giant black claw reaches out of the shadow of the barn before an Alpha Ursa Major comes right out of the barn with two more Ursa's following behind it. One of them being the usual Ursa most people would see, while the other looked like it was just born since it had no bone platings covering its body. She took a step back but bumps into the wagon causing it to jostle and the passenger inside of it. A soft yawn came from the cart before a voice speaks up, "Yang? Where are we?" Before a small girl wearing a red cape sat up rubbing her eyes after just waking up.

Yang's head quickly turns around and looks towards the young girl before a roar could be heard from behind her causing Yang to wrap her arms around her sister before whispering, "I'm sorry Ruby."

At that moment the pillar of light burst forth on the horizon causing both sisters to look towards it as it right towards where the Ursa was charging towards them. Suddenly Ruby's silver eyes seem to be drawn towards the light even more before they shine brightly blinding Yang. When the flash died down Yang found herself standing there as Ruby fell back onto the wagon seemingly fallen back asleep while Yang heard shattering from behind her. The blonde girl turns around to look where the three Ursai had been standing out to seem them break in pieces across the ground. Yang look at the scene in front of her in shock as a man in a cape appear beside her shaking her as he tried to talk to her about what had happened.


In Atlas one Nicholas Schnee was currently examining one of his mines in disgust as he saw the conditions of his workers under the command of his son in law. All the miners look like they hadn't seen a good meal in some time or even a doctor for some of the injuries he noticed on them. The former hunter could barely contain the rage inside of him before he began to cough hard into his handkerchief.

"Grandpa?" After his coughing subsided, Nicholas looked down to see his six-year-old granddaughter Weiss Schnee look up at him in worry. Giving her his signature kind and loving smile, Nicholas placed his handkerchief back into her vest post and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Everything is fine my little Snow Angel, no need to worry. Grandpa's just feeling a bit tired is all." It was right that he was tired, but in reality, he hated how he couldn't do much for not only his friends but family as well. If he wasn't in such a poor condition than his once proud and respected company might not of gain the reputation he has heard about in recent years. At first, he didn't think they were valid since the man he first met didn't seem like they would do such a thing, but now as Nicholas looked at his workers in the mines and seen their homes he knew that it was all true.

"Snow Angel how about you go wait in the car while I talk with few of my workers. Then I can take you to meet some of my old partners that I used to go adventuring with." Nicholas said with a smile as he runs a hand over her head. The young girl smiles up at him and nods her head before she turns around and heads towards the exit, but she stopped as soon as she came around a corner as she was curious as what her grandfather was about to say. Peeking around the corner, she stares at her Grandfather as he went to talk to a man who had a long lizard tail that curved into a spiral.

"How long have things been like this Faux?" Nicholas asks as he spoke towards Weiss could guess was a chameleon Faunus.

The Faunus let out a sigh as he gave a shake of his head before speaking, "At first they would just make cuts in our break time and had long working days. But then they started to cut our pay more and even started to reduce the amount of food they would ship into our villages. All in the name of cutting cost and we can't afford to get out of here since they then say we have to pay back for our housing, for defending us from Grimm, and the list goes on."

Hearing this Weiss couldn't help but be slightly intimidated by seeing how angry her Grandfather looked "That bas…" However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by something no one sincerely wishes to hear...especially here of all places.

"Grimm!" A voice calls out from deep within the mine as screams and roars could be heard coming from deeper inside the tunnel.

"Faux get everyone out of here now!" Nicholas shouted, but he didn't have to give the order as people began to rush out of the mine in a panic heading for the exit. Unfortunately for Weiss, she was small enough that the panicking people merely missed her and quickly knocked to the ground by them. She let out a short scream as she fell to the ground and watch as every Faunus in front of her just ran by without helping her. Eventually, though her grandfather once more stood in front of her with a surprised expression on his face.

"Weiss what are you doing here?! I had told you to go back to the car earlier." Nicholas nearly shouted as he picked the young girl up in his arms.

"Nicholas you must go now the Grimm should be here soo - AGH!" Faux's voice cries out as a Creep had managed to sneak up on him and bit right into the man's leg before trying to pull him back towards the other Grimm. Nicholas cried out for his friend and quickly grab a nearby pickaxe and burying it into the Creep's head killing it in one blow and freeing his college. With the immediate danger gone the elder Schnee quickly took ahold of the Faunus off of the ground and threw him over his shoulder and began to carry both his granddaughter and friend towards the exit. However, the sound of even more Grimm could be heard from further down the mine and was getting closer with each passing moment.

"Grandpa, are we going to be ok?" The young girl asks as she stares at her grandfather's worried face with her bottom lip trembling. Nicholas knew he had to do something if he wanted to save his granddaughter and his workers. Soon they reached the exit of the cave, but the car had left along with any transportation leaving the workers and them at the entrance to the mine. They all were panicking and wondering what to do as the Grimm could be seen coming towards the exit.

Nicholas looked towards the exit of the mine before he looks towards his granddaughter one more time before kneeling down and kissing her head as he spoke, "I love you my Snow Angel and don't you ever forget that you are a Schnee and what it means to be one."

The man quickly turns back around and started to form a glyph at the entrance of the cave, but is stopped as his body is racked with coughing and his aura was quickly diminishing. The man soon couldn't even stand up as he continued to try and keep the glyph up while his daughter stood behind him screaming for someone to help her grandfather but no one did a thing and proceeded to just watch in fear as the Grimm came closer to the cave entrance. Eventually they began slamming against the glyph itself sapping more energy from the elder Schnee until he finally collapsed onto the ground.

Nothing now stood between the Grimm and the miners as Weiss cried over her grandfather's collapsed body. The Grimm though never took a step out of the cave though as the pillar of light emerged on the horizon causing them to freeze in place and make every person there to look towards it in awe. The Grimm of different kind ranging from Creeps, King Taijitu and even insect looking, Grimm, let out their different cries, ranging from hisses, clicks, or plain roars causing everyone to look towards them once one. The people were shocked to see the Grimm begin to recede into the mines once more leaving everyone alone outside of the mines.


In Menagerie the people were attempting to expand their small settlements further inland once more with their chieftain and his family overwatching the work. A young feline Faunus ran up to the chieftain as he stood there beside his wife with a bull Faunus boy right behind her. The girl smiles up at him as she grabs onto his shirt and pulls on it as she spoke, "Daddy this is Adam! He helped stop some kids that were bullying another kid! He was super amazing!"

Ghira chuckles softly as he reached down to pet his daughter's head and gave her a warm smile as he addresses the boy, "Oh really now? And where did you learn something like that boy?"

The young boy seems to stiffen as he came under the chieftain's powerful gaze before he spoke, "I-I-I wanted to be part of the guard forces and help protect our home."

The chieftain couldn't help but nod his head in respect at the boy's determination, and not many people would want to work as a guardsman especially since they often suffer the most casualties facing the Grimm. "Well, that is very honorable of you. I look forward to the day that you guard us all." Ghira said with a nod towards the boy.

"And I am sure my daughter would appreciate having such a handsome young boy like you guarding her as well," Kali comments with a look of mirth on her face as the two children blush in front of the adults. Before Blake could even protest against her parents' words though, a cry could be heard coming from the edge of the expansion as explosions could be seen coming from the walls.

Ghira instantly turned to his wife and ordered her to take the two children away as he rushed towards the location of the explosions. Kali gave the two children a comforting smile as she spoke, "Come along you two we need to get going."

Adam was initially against leaving until Blake tugs on his hand and gave him a sad kitten look causing him to relent and follow the two Belladonna women. Kali quickly led them towards the shelters for the city as more alarms and screams of panic could be heard going off. Soon though their luck ran out as they came to one end of a King Taijitu that blocked their path and prevented them from going any further. Before they could try and backtrack and run back the way they came the other end of the King Taijitu appears and quickly circles them.

"Mommy, what are we going to do?" Blake said as she clings tightly to her mother's dress and looks at the Grimm with fearful eyes. Kali opens her mouth to comfort her daughter, but the young Adam runs forward towards one end of the two head snake with a yell as he grabs a piece of wood from the ground and swings at it. The snake Grimm didn't even consider the boy as a threat as it slams its body into him and sending the boy flying away. The young bull Faunus crashes into a building with Blake calling out to him and trying to run towards him but is stopped by her mother as the older Faunus pulls her daughter close. Kali uses her body to cover her as she awaited the final strike that was about to come as both heads pull back ready to dive down and take both the Belladonna girls, one for each Head.

However, the final strike never came, and after a minute she opens an eye to see that the Grimm were no longer focus on them but instead was looking towards the horizon where the pillar of light could be seen. They wonder for a second what was happening before the city filled with the cries of the Grimm and the snake Grimm begins to slither away leaving the two woman alone wondering what had happened.


In the City of Mistral, an event was going on where all of the elite upper class had come together for a charity event to help raise more money for both Haven and Sanctum Academy. The future of their Huntsmen and Huntresses was essential to the kingdom especially with how widespread the kingdom's population and the amount of land they had to cover. Most of the people were busy talking to one another or with one of the Huntsman and Huntress that was there to help secure the funding needed for the schools. However, there was a lone figure standing alone near the edge of the ballroom as she watches the adults.

The lone figure turned out to be a redheaded girl who wore a simple red dress with a bronze circlet resting on top of her head. She stood there as she watched each adult laugh and joke that the people in front of her looked as if she wasn't even standing there to them. The young girl let out a sigh before she started to head out towards a balcony while listening to a blonde woman apparently makes comments about the poor condition of the academies. The young girl couldn't help but feel disgusted that the woman could complain about the people that risk it all just to protect others without a second thought. She almost envied them with how much freedom they had compared to her own life currently and were symbols that meant something.

The young girl stood out on the balcony alone briefly before a voice spoke out behind her, "You know you shouldn't pout so often. You should smile more and show off those lovely teeth."

The girl turned around and confronted by a lovely woman wearing a green dress that almost seem to be made entirely out of green and blue feathers. She had a beautiful smile and bright pink eyes as well that shined in the night sky. The young girl was entrapped by her appearance as she spoke out a name, "Toothiana."

"Yes, that is me. I guess you know who I am?" The woman asks with a smile while the young girl eagerly nods her head.

"You're Toothiana, a famous Huntress! I had read all about you!" The young girl squeals out in delight before the huntress laughs softly.

"Well since you know me so well, how about you tell me who you are?" She asks as she held her hand out to the young girl.

The redhead girl looks at it briefly before taking it gently and shaking it with a nervous smile as she spoke, "I am Pyrrha Nikos!"

"Well, it's nice to meet you Pyrrha. You seem to be a big fan of mine, do you want to be a huntress perchance?" The woman asks with a smile as she stands in front of the child still.

Pyrrha's head quickly dipped down and looked at her feet as she spoke softly, "I would like to be one someday, just like you, but I don't know if I can be as strong as you."

"You never know how strong you are until you go out there and give it a chance. You might be surprised when you realize how strong you can be. The only way you will find out is if you give it a chance," she states to the young girl before screaming begins to fill the air causing the two ladies on the balcony to look out onto the City of Mistral and spot the pillar of light in the distance. It didn't take long before the cries could be heard filling the air and overpowering the everyday sounds of the city. People could be heard panicking below while rustling came from beside Pyrrha.

The young girl looks to her side and saw that the Huntress had quickly gotten rid of her dress for a more combat oriented outfit and leaped off the balcony. She wasn't alone though as soon more Huntresses and Hunters begin to run out onto the balcony and jump out into the city. Pyrrha stood there in awe as she watches them just leap into action without any hesitation and could feel herself shake in excitement as she finally found the resolve she needed.


Ozpin sat at his desk, thinking about the current situation the four headmasters and headmistress were currently experiencing. The Spring maiden had abandoned her training and was presently on the run to Oums knows where. With the headmaster of Haven being the one who was supposed to look after her, he was currently being yelled at by the headmaster of Atlas, while the headmistress of Vacuo's academy was trying to calm down Atlas's headmaster. As all of this was going down Ozpin's had many thoughts running through his mind thinking of any possible location the Spring Maiden might be. It didn't help matters that Raven left back to her tribe a few years back and knows about the seasons. Just before he could think anymore, his thoughts were taken away when the headmaster of Atlas shouted if he was listening.

Before he could respond, however, far off into the horizon outside of the kingdom of Vale wall's, a bright light could be seen stretching into the night sky, parting away from the clouds that were near and extending into the heavens, it looked like it could reach the shattered moon itself.

It seemed the light could be seen from all around the kingdoms if the reaction from each headmaster and mistress was anything to say about it. Before anyone could say anything, the video line between the four began to fizz out, before suddenly shutting down completely. Whatever this light was, it was causing massive interference to the CCT...but that wasn't all it did, soon the howls, roars, hisses, or wails of every Grimm out there echoed all around. Chaos erupted the moment after the sounds were heard. People below in Vale were scrambling about, either heading home to their loved ones or performing crimes like stealing items from the local stores. The people thought it was the end of the world with the noise coming from the Grimm was any indication.

The hunters and huntresses in training below along with the teachers began to head out in Bullheads, most likely to either head to the nearest villages or towards the kingdom's walls in case things went sub-zero south, far worse than what's going on with the crimes being committed.

Ozpin continued to stare at the light, his face locked into a severe frown as he could already hear Glynda entering into his office and asking what was happening. He might not know what was happening on this day, but he knew for sure that this day would be known across the entirety of Remnant and go down in history.


Meanwhile on a lost island where the landscape was barren of all life but Grimm. Crystals and pieces of earth jutted out of the ground while black pools would occasionally spit out a Grimm. In the center of this island sat a massive tower that was in much better condition than the one that the knight had entered in; however, this one had the same strange crystals growing out of it that dyed the sky red. Standing at the top of this tower overlooking it all was the white-haired woman once more. She didn't seem to have aged a day at all since those years ago and stood on top of the tower with a sense of power and sadness. The woman moved to turn away from the tower's edge but stopped when every Grimm in her lands let out a cry that almost shook the very earth itself. The woman quickly came to a stop in her tracks and turn to look once more out upon her domain and froze as she saw a pillar of light shooting high into the sky that felt so familiar to the woman. At first, the woman had a frown on her face before it turns into a smile as she spoke out to no one, "Welcome back my Lord."


There was one other who had felt the power from the pillar of light in the woman's tower located in at the very bottom of the tower. At the very base of the tower was darkness...darkness was all one could see until a small flicker of flame came to life on one of the walls illuminating the dark room barely. The little flickering flame that had an odd coloring of purple began to grow bigger until finally, the fire burst to life on top of a wall torch that had long been extinguished. As if a domino effect had occurred, numerous amounts of purple flames lit up the dark, desolate hallway leading the way towards the end.

The hallways were in disrepair with cobwebs, and dead rat bones scatter across the floor illuminated by the purple flame. But as one would progress further down the hall and get closer to a large round door the area seem like time had frozen still for the area. Not a single creature's bone was nearby, or a cobweb cluttered a corner. Pass through the door and inside was a large room that had several large sarcophaguses that lined the walls of the chamber with all of them in pristine conditions as if they were placed there that day. Each sarcophagus had a different Grimm creature engraved into it and were illuminated by the purple torch lights in the room.

However the sarcophaguses were not the primary focus in the chamber even though they dominated the walls, it was the pedestals dead center in the room surrounded by a ring of purple flames. Placed in the middle of the stone pedestal, was a mask, not just any mask, but the mask of a Grimm, not your regular White Fang masks...this mask, looked far too realistic and demonic than any other Grimm mask had been seen. It's shape represented that of a dragon and yet...didn't look like one. The mask was suddenly surrounded by dark purple energy wrapping around the mask before suddenly being absorbed into the mask and illuminating the eyes in purple energy. The once seemingly lifeless mask now seems like it was filled with life once more as it let out a growl that resonated in the room and signified the return of something ancient and powerful.

For those curious about the the symbol on the new looking Nuckelavee here it is i. pinimg 736x/ db/ 1c/ e5/ db1ce502fed4e290fdf6324ec27b392e-white-dragon-dragon-tattoos. jpg Just remove the spaces.