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Chapter 7 – Welcome to Mistral

Mistral, the city that was built into the cliffs to help the people of Anima to escape the Grimm and establish a life. Since then it has continued to grow until now the higher you lived along the cliffs, the more significant you are, while those who lived on the lowest level considered the scum of Mistral. This was the city that the Arc family found itself being flown in on one of Mistral's floating ships. The younger Arc siblings look upon the city in wonder while Bayard stood between his wives as they spot Haven Academy that sat upon the very top of the cliffs.

"It has been a while since you two been there last hasn't it?" Bayard asks as he puts an arm around his wives' waist.

Both of them lean against him as they simultaneously let out a sigh before Natsumi spoke up, "It just that not all of our memories here are the best."

"And Mistral has it darker areas as well with what the lower levels are like." Katsumi finishes with a frown as her eyes focus on the lowest part of the cliffs where buildings could be seen lining along the valley's floor, and almost a haze covers it.

"I know I remember what it was like when I came here for the Vytal tournament while I went to Beacon. Haven Academy barely allowed us to go too low into the city I remember the Mistral police basically keeping us out of the lower levels." Bayard mentions as he remembers his Academy days.

Natsumi frowns and mutters, "If only things could change."

Albedo took a moment to arrive behind the trio as she spoke, "I wish to inform you that the Captain had said that the ship will be landing soon."

"Thank you Albedo, please gather the children and the 'dog' and meet us at the landing ramp." Bayard requests with Albedo replying with a simple bow of her head before walking away with the small Grimm pup running up to her with a wag of its tail. She reaches down to pet it before continuing to walk while the trio watches on. "Still can't believe that it eats normal food."

"Well I don't think it actually does need to eat," Natsumi suggests. "I mean Grimm don't really eat hunters either they will leave them on the ground for other creatures to find. I think that it just eats whatever Jaune gives it."

"Then what keeps it sustained?" Katsumi questions. "I mean why else is that Grimm still around Jaune?"

"I don't know…" Was Natsumi's answer before the platform was in sight and the trio head off to join their family. The Arc children were gathered around the landing ramp with Jaune playing with the Grimm pup still while Albedo stood right behind him. The elder Arc siblings had been giving Albedo glances as they had noticed how close she was around their brother and didn't particularly enjoy it. However, their attention was drawn away as the ship touches down onto the platform and the landing ramp extended, and the family descended. Standing around the airship were several different groups of people waiting for the arrival, but two people stood out from the others.

It was a mother-daughter duo who had bright red hair and brilliant green eyes with both of them wearing a mixture of bronze and red color clothing. The mother had on a bronze circlet on her head holding her hair in place while her daughter's hair was whipping around her face from the wind coming off the ship. A smile graces the older woman's features at the sight of the Arc family as her other hand came up to wave at them.

Natsumi and Katsumi both lead the way towards the mother-daughter duo before the three older women came together for a group hug. The woman's daughter stays back and looks at the Arc children shyly before Jaune stepped forward with a smile on his face and held his hand out to her as he introduces himself, "Hi! I'm Jaune Arc! Do you want to be friends?"

The girl was surprised as she looks at Jaune while his sisters just shake their heads in amusement at their brother's antics. The woman moves to her daughter and gave her a little push and instructs her, "Go ahead an introduce yourself."

The young girl blushes for a moment before she took Jaune's hand and introduce herself, "I-I-I'm Pyrrha Nikos. I've never had a friend before…"

Fuschia looks down at her daughter with sadness on her face knowing that her husband had always restricted who could see their daughter. That was another reason she had put in a call to her old teammates and ask them to bring their children along in hopes that her daughter could make friends.

"Well, then we will all be your friends then!" Jaune says with a smile and spreads his arms towards his sisters with the younger ones smiling happily at her and giving her a wave while the older ones couldn't help but shake their heads at their young brother's actions. "That way you can have plenty of friends now! Mom always said strangers are just friends you haven't met yet! Right, Mom!"

Katsumi looks down at her son with a smile and gives a nod of her head as she puts a hand on his shoulder before addressing Pyrrha, "That's right. Your mom was a stranger to me before we had become partners during our academy days, and since we were partner up, we quickly became friends."

Pyrrha looks up at her mother for confirmation, and the older woman gave her a warm smile and a nod of her head. The young Nikkos gave Jaune a smile now as she approaches Jaune and hugs him to the adults' amusement as Jaune blushes before hugging back.


The Arc family wasn't the only arrival of the day with another bullhead arriving at Haven Academy's which was particularly empty. This bullhead wasn't fashioned in the designed of Mistral's airship but instead was a heavily modified Atlesian dropship made for speed and comfort. The most striking feature of the ship was that it was painted entirely white with black lines running along the side of the vessel like veins. Headmaster Lionheart stood at the base of the ramp ringing his hands nervously as he checks the area once more to ensure that they were alone.

"What is wrong Leonardo? Nervous about something?" A voice spoke from inside of the bullhead before Salem appears at the top of the ramp wearing a sleek black dress that had a split at her thigh with reddish lace patterns sewn throughout it. Her black hair was held up in a bun while her red eyes bore into the Headmaster causing him to shiver in fear. Salem wasn't the only one to descend the ramp as Cinder quickly came up behind the older woman with her being almost a spitting image of the older woman beside the color of her eyes. She wore a red dress herself with gold lace lines tracing patterns along the attire. Finally, Watts appears behind them both in his usual attire and fixing his vest and tie as he joins the women.

Leonardo looks upon the woman in surprise as she appears at the bottom of the ramp and wonders for a moment if this really was the Queen of Grimm that he was told would be arriving. The way Ozpin had always had talked about the Queen of Grimm he assumed she wouldn't even look human and instead be some type of monster. However, the woman before him was that of pure beauty that could entrance any person with her appearance, and the smirk on her face knew that she could as she addresses him again. "I did ask you something, Leonardo."

"Ah! It's just I hadn't expected you to arrive, ma'am, when I had to agree on this cooperation. I thought.."

"You don't think anymore Leonardo, you do what my associates or I say now. And you shall address me as your Grace." Salem states as she walks by him and heads into the academy grounds itself as if she owns the academy. Cinder fell in behind her with her eyes taking in every new sight as they cross the lovely Haven Academy since it was the first time she had been out of the Grimm Lands. Leonardo remains there for a moment seemingly in shock wondering what he might have gotten himself into before Watts coughing into his hand behind him got him into action and quickly caught up to Salem.

"I apologize your Grace! I greatly appreciate that you have considered offering this cooperation to me! I have everything you requested in my office I will lead you to it," He offers a nervous smile hoping to get on her decent side.

It seems like he was failing though as the woman flashes him a smirk, "I don't need you to lead me anywhere. I know exactly where your office is as well as the other academies layouts. The only thing we don't know is the location of 'it.' Speaking of which…"

She stops in the middle of the academy courtyard and looks towards Leonard with a raised eyebrow. It took the Headmaster a moment to realize what she wanted and hurriedly resumes the direction to the main building of the academy. Once inside the group enters the great hall and standing in front of them was a female statue with chains on her wrist and holding up a platform that overlooked the great hall. Leonardo approaches the statues and gestures to it as he finally answers her, "This platform lowers down into the Vault area and to the door that grants access to the relic."

"And where is the Spring Maiden location?" Watts questions as he speaks for the first time since their arrival.

Leonardo gulps nervously at the question and wrings his hands together as he tries to figure out how to the best way to answer. The Headmaster stumbles over his words causing an annoyed expression to cross over Salem's appearance until she finally had enough as a new white pattern in the black dress appears and summons pure white dust that soon takes the shape of a poleaxe and held the ax up to his throat. "Now Leonardo, be a good boy and tell me what had happened."

"S-s-she ran away. Out into the wildlands of Anima and we haven't been able to find her. We don't know if she had been killed or taken in by one of the bandit groups or the isolated villages out there." The Headmaster said as he held his breath trying and not and allow the blade to nick his throat.

Salem let out a silent curse as she let the poleaxe disperse back into dust before she looks back at Watts who gave a nod of his head and pulled his scroll out and begin to type onto it. "That is unfortunate, but hopefully she will turn up soon. If not then as long as she remains untrained and not able to fully utilize her powers it is a matter of time before my children kill her. Now then let us continue to your office, I hope there isn't any more disappointment from you my dear Leonardo. I would hate to end this partnership so soon after it started."


"Oh, do you remember that girl from Atlas? The one that used an instrument as a weapon!" Natsumi asks Fuschia as the trio of older women sat around a table drinking tea and catching up on old times. The Arc family and the Nikkos family had quickly returned to the Nikkos resident where mostly everyone else had left to do their own thing while the younger children remain behind to stay with the mothers. Currently, Jaune was yawning as he sat against the wall and watch his Mom laugh while his sisters play together. Pyrrha was on her knees but also sitting down on her legs as well that he couldn't understand how it was comfortable.

He looks around the room for what had to be the hundredth time in search of something to do, but once more the place was mostly bare. Jaune let out a sigh which seems to catch Pyrrha's attention as she turns to face him with a look of worry on her face as she questions him, "is there something wrong?"

"It's just a little boring here. I mean don't you have a TV, some games, or even a scroll?" Jaune inquires as the seven-year-old boy has never been good at sitting still for long.

"I'm sorry!" Pyrrha apologizes instantly with a blush on her face in embarrassment. The blushing didn't last long before it turns into a frown. "Father doesn't allow me to have such things since he doesn't think they are helpful for me."

"Hmm…" Jaune looks over at his mother and aunt while his sister caught his look.

Ochako glares at her brother as she addresses him, "Jaune I know that look its the one you have before you go running off! This isn't home you don't know the place!"

"But Pyrrha does! And it's not like we are going to get into much trouble here can we?" Jaune says with a smile as he puts an arm around Pyrrha and pulls her against him. The young redhead blushes at the close contact and begins to play with her hair as she looks down at the floorboard while Jaune continues to speak, "So please don't rat on us Ochako! She needs to get out of here and experience the city!"

Ochako looks at their mothers nervously as she debated it before she sighs and gives a nod of her head before adding a request, "Just try and be back soon. I am sure they will notice you two are gone soon enough, and I can't stall them forever."

"I promise sis! You are the best!" Jaune says with a smile and takes hold of Pyrrha's hand and slowly leads her out of the room making sure to not attract their parent's attention. Once they were out tho, the duo quickly ran through the hallways in excitement with Jaune pulling Pyrrha along. Soon the pair burst forth from the house and stood outside in the fresh air and could finally overlook the cliffside city of Mistral.

"Come on let's head down already!" Jaune suggested, and Pyrrha gave the nod in agreement before the duo quickly made their way away from the house unaware of the presence of man following behind them.

He let out a sigh as he stays within eyesight of them and grumbles to himself, "Damn kids can't even stay inside like they should be."


"Ren come on!" Nora says with a smile as she walks along the walkway while looking back at her friend. The once quiet girl had slowly disappeared since she had become part of the Ren family and had become more outgoing since then. The young girl now wore a clean pink skirt as well as a white shirt with a pink heart on it that had a black jacket over it. She had a huge smile plaster on her face while looking at her friend.

Lie Ren was smiling back as she chased after Nora wearing her green shirt and white pants. Ren herself had gladly accepted Nora as the sister she never had and gotten along well with her. They both had started to train to become huntresses under the instruction of Ren's uncle Genji, but he had to leave for another mission leaving the two girls at home bored. It didn't take the two long to head out into the city to go exploring. They wanted to see more of the fantastic cliff side city and quickly begin to work their way through the different levels of the town and eventually made their way down to the lower sections. An had told them both not to go into the lower parts of the city before, but it had only made them curious about what was down there.

"Nora hold up!" Ren calls out as she tries to catch up with Nora but she was so full of energy recently that it almost kept Ren drained. Unbeknownst to them though they were being watched closely by several shady men, who notice the two unaccompanied minors as soon as they had entered the area.

One of the men spoke up softly to the others as he uses his head to nod towards the kids, "I think those two will do nicely to finish filling our quote for the month. Still young enough to train properly and I am sure they will grow out nicely."

"Hmmm most likely and the exotic eyes of that one definitely would fetch us a pretty lien," Another comment as he nods towards Ren. "Though the other one does have plenty of spunk as well."

"Let's just get this over with now, we are supposed to make the delivery tonight. Don't want to piss the head honcho again." A third man state. "Let's get a move on you louts."


"It seems so much different down here," Pyrrha comments as she now enters one of the lower levels. Pyrrha had seen the lower levels before from where her house sat but never had been there physically. Her father had never allowed her to go anywhere without his permission while her mother always said it wasn't a place for kids. But Pyrrha saw kids running around in the streets, playing, and laughing as well.

"Really? It almost looks like how it is in my hometown though it is a smaller village and not one of the Four Kingdoms cities." Jaune replies as he is taking in all the new sights around him. Even though the lower levels were familiar to him, they were still unique in their own right as they incorporated Mistrilian culture. For a city that had once been part of the belief that culture and art should be controlled they now thrive at showing it. Small name artists could be seen selling the wares out in the markets while each building they passed seems to be unique.

"I wish to see your village someday," Pyrrha proposes an invite from him as she blushes slightly. She didn't know why but since she had first met him there was something about him that made her want to stay close and couldn't explain it.

Jaune being oblivious to way Pyrrha's was feeling just flashes her a smile as he follows along with what she proposed, "Of course you can come to see it! You are always invited to stop by and see our home! I am sure your mom, and you will have plenty of fun!"

Pyrrha blushes harder and hides her face by looking down causing her not to spot the incoming blur that smacks into her sending her and Nora to the ground.

"Nora/Pyrrha are you ok?!" A pair of voices calls out as Jaune and Ren both rush to help their respective friends off the ground.

Pyrrha was a little dizzy and disoriented while Nora still had a smile on her face. Once both girls were both up once more, Ren and Jaune turn to each other, and they apologize at the same time causing both youths to laugh.

"Nora has always been very excited and often doesn't pay attention where she is at," Ren says apologetically with a bow of her head.

Jaune waves his hand trying to dismiss the apology, "It's fine! We should have been paying attention as well! It's all good!"

Jaune flashes Ren a toothy smile causing the pink eye young girl to blush and quickly focus her attention on Nora once more. Nora though wasn't deterred from getting to know the two more, "I'm Nora, and this is Ren! Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Pyrrha Nikos I am sorry for bumping into you," Pyrrha answers first with a polite bow.

Jaune held out his hand to Nora, "And I'm Jaune Arc!"

Nora quickly took hold of Jaune's hand and felt a shock of electricity run through her body causing the already slightly hyper girl to charge up even more.

"So what were you two doing here?" Jaune asks with a smile unaware of the effect he just had on Nora.

Nora begins to answer, but she seems to be talking at hyper speed that neither Jaune or Pyrrha could fully understand her. Only one person could, and that was Ren who tries to interpret the best she could, "We were just walking around exploring Mistral is all. We originally came from one of the villages, so it was very much different than here in Mistral, so we wanted to see as much as the city we could. How about you?"

"Well, my family is from Vytal and had come to visit Pyrrha's mother and her. So we were also exploring the city as well," Jaune answers not even mentioning a thing about where Pyrrha had come from in Mistral. "Maybe we can explore together."

At Jaune's suggestion both Ren and Nora seem to light up in excitement at the idea while Pyrrha pouted a little as she wanted to spend some time with Jaune, just the two of them. However, Pyrrha was also a little bit glad she might be able to make some new friends who didn't see her as some kind of china doll. The group of four quickly begin to set off together once more into the city while the four men who had been following Ren and Nora couldn't help but smile as they realize that four kids would help bring in even more profits for them.

The four of them begins to follow the children when they felt a hand on their shoulder and turn around to find a blonde man with number 76 on his chest plate looking at them. "I think it's best if you scumbags get out of here."

"Oh, yea and who is going to stop us you? There is only one of you." One of them states before a sword mech shift out of a bracelet on his wrist.

"Than go get more guys and it will be an even fight," the blonde man states before swinging a giant assault rifle shaped baton at the nearest thugs head.


"Oh wow it's getting late," Pyrrha points out as the four children sit on the edge of the walkway holding onto the railing with their legs kicked out over the openness of the valley floor below. "We should get home."

"You two can't walk home this late! Some serious bad people come out at night that Ren's uncle told us about," Nora states as she shakes her head with her arms coming up over her face in an x.

"Well, what can we do then?" Jaune proposes since he knew if his mother and aunt found out about him leaving he would be in some serious trouble.

Ren seems to fidget for a moment before she made her answer, "Well I am sure my mom wouldn't mind you staying with us."

"That would be helpful than all we need to do is to contact mine and Jaune's parents," Pyrrha states as she pats at her skirt and a look of panic crosses her face. "I can't find my scroll. Jaune do you have one?"

"Uh no my parents only give it to the older siblings once they start going to training schools," Jaune mentions while looking to Ren and Nora next who both gave a shake of their head. "We are also out of Lien I think too so no public phones tonight either."

"My father is going be so upset…" Pyrrha mumbles as she trembles slightly in fear at what might happen to her.

"Don't worry Pyr, I will take the blame," Jaune states as he rests a hand on hers to comfort the redhead. "So let's head to your place then Ren before it gets too late!"

The group of four smiles and head off towards the Ren's home with the blonde man following behind them once more. The sun sets lower as they made their way through the city and as the metropolitan got darker more of the seedier individuals would start to come out causing the group to come together more with Jaune somehow being in the middle. Eventually, they make it into a cliffside apartment building with Ren leading the way but came to a sudden stop. An stood there in the doorway looking rather angry at her daughters with her hair seeming to be on fire.

"And where have you two been? You know you shouldn't be wandering around outside alone! And who are…" She was about to continue yelling, but she seems to calm down and looks at Jaune and Pyrrha calmy now who had become a little scared of the woman. "I'm so sorry about that. Now, who are you two?"

An had a sweet smile on her face now as she looks at the two of them catching the two children off guard. "I-i-i am Jaune, and this is Pyrrha," Jaune answers as he tries to find his nerves to speak to Ren's and Nora's mother. "We couldn't get back to our parents before the sun came down and Ren said we shouldn't be out during then. So she offered to let us stay with her…"

"Well, that is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, I don't have a scroll either, but I'm sure Genji, Ren's and Nora's Uncle may have one, he won't be back though for a few days. And the public booths won't be open until tomorrow." An said with a frown while both Jaune and Pyrrha pale at the idea of how mad their families will be.

"Alright come on everyone let's head inside," An states with a smile and leads the way into her small apartment.


Watts wasn't happy as he watches his Queen talk with the young little girl that seems so intent on staying beside Salem's side. She has been nothing but a nuisance ever since she first arrived at the tower and acting like she was better than him. She was nothing but a brat and didn't deserve any of the singular attention that Salem had endowed on the young girl. Cinder had done nothing to earn it while Watts had given every ounce of his ability to Salem and was the reason that Salem was able to get Leonardo and even access to superior technology.

"Damn brat should go back to wherever she came from," Watts mumble under his breath.

Ḋ̡̛̖̪̗͈͚̹ͨͨ̃ͪo͉͈͇̱͑̈́̔ͥ̎͜n̮̫̬̬̹̤̦̰̾ͯ̎ͤͭ͞͡'͍̗͚̝̲ͯ̄ͪ̈̄̓ṱ̴̹̞̠͙̫̂͊̾ͬͫ̓̈́ͣ́ͅ ̟͕̊̏̽ͬ̈́́͡͡y̧̭͇̦ͩ̑̓̀̽̒́̀o̡͓̅̔́u̵̡̱̺͓͓͚͕̮̼ͩ͊͛ͪ̀͠ ̡̳͍̫̮̇ͭ͛ͨ͜͠ͅb̨̲̬͔͎̪̖ͭ͒̓ͨ̊ͪ́͘e̶̸ͫ͒͏̦͍̗̲̭̺l͕̞͈̯̫͙̥͗ͥͤ̓͗͂̕i̳͐ͨ͗́ͪ͜ë̩͔͓̱̲͕͉̞̈́̉͛ͣͣͅv̦̩̗̱͚͍̈͊̅͐̂̌ͨ͠e͎̪͚͚͙͚͉̋̈̔͡ ̴͓̜̰̯̥̍̽̿͗̽y̛̹̘̠̻̮̦̠͕ͪ̄ͫ̀̆ͣͭ̚ȏ̶̹̩̫̝̰̻̈́͂͡uͪ̇̕҉̵̘̬̦̞͇̗͍ ̸͎͉͓̲͒̇̍̋͛ͅd̪͈̹̊e͖̲̙̟̫̪ͦ̊̾̎̂̔s̡̢̭̠̺̔ͦͦ̍͢ͅȩ̤̘͙͎ͣr̢̔ͨͣ͌ͭ̅̔̑ͫ͏̫̭̪͔v̬͔͙̬͈̠̬͕͒̄ȩͤ͞҉̝̻̯ ͙͎̱͓͈̎̒̒͐ͩ͒f̶̮͔ͦ͐̕͠áͣ̄͒ͤ҉̞͓̗̬̭̹͚̝͟͝r̷̠͍̰͍̲͓̥̘ͬͣͤ͂̏ͬ̄ͫ́ ̓̈́̐͆͂ͯ̿̕҉̞̩̲̮͇b͖͈̠̝̙̗̪̬ͪ̍̈́e̝̬͙͔̅͐ͩ͘͝t̫̭̝̺͑t̸̥̖̠̙̘̹͔͋͆ͫ̏͞e̢͓̫̜̯̯͓̞̰͒̔ͪr̝̄͊͢͡ͅ ̛͎̲̦̗͎̯ͥ̌̄ͫ͗͂̃t̷̙̭͇̿ͯͤĥ̵̥̫̠̰̟̈͂͌͛̓̀ạ̸̜͛͑̉́ñ͍̞̋̀͆͊ͧ̓ͫ͟ ̦͓̺̰̱͈͙̦̞͆͋͌ͧͥ̒ͮ͡͡h̨̡̫̝ͭͯ̈ͧ͢ͅe̷̩̼̣̲͔̱̭͚ͪ̀ͫ̈́̉ŕ̬̹̹͉͈̑̇ͣ̅ͅ?̵̯̺̃̅͟͠

"I deserve better treatment than her. I have worked hard for Salem, and I didn't sign up to play second fiddle to some child." Watts states as his eyes glare at Cinder while she talks to Salem. He quickly ceases though when he notices Salem beginning to turn towards him.

"Arthur," Salem began as she turns towards him, using his first name definitely meant she wanted him to do something essential for her, which in term made him stand at proper attention to his Queen.

Watts smiles as he expected some kind of praise or appreciation for the Leonardo hook up. He gives a bow of his head to her as he replies, "Yes my Lady?"

Placing a hand on Cinders backside, Salem lightly pushes her towards him. "Will you take Cinder out into Mistral to get her something to eat of her choice while I discuss with Lionheart about his new job position?" Salem asks, but it came out as more of command while Cinder slowly walks towards him seeming a bit nervous about stepping away from Salem and towards him.

Watts wanted to protest the command instantly but bit back the bitter reply as his hands grip tightly into a fist behind his back. He couldn't believe that he was literally a babysitter now as he fought back the anger growing inside him. "Of course, my Lady it will be a pleasure," Watts responds through gritted teeth.

Seeing his reaction, Salem's eyes glowed red as she glared towards him, causing him to clutch his head in pain, after all, how could he forget about the parasite that was implanted in his head when he first started serving Salem. "See to it that you Do, Arthur. After all, you wouldn't want to mess up like last time now do you?"

Her glare lessens, and the pain starts to lighten up while Watts give a nod of his head in understanding and begins to lead Cinder away from Haven Academy and down into the city. Mistral after dark was quite a different site from what it was during the day as the shadier side of the population came out. Several women could be seen standing around talking with men while other men were dealing in dark alleyways and at the edge of the walkways. A few people were eyeing Watts and Cinder as they made their way through the city with Cinder dismissing one restaurant after another.

'Brat is so damn stuck up she apparently thinks she only deserves the best instead of the trash heap she came from,' he thought with a sneer while walking a few steps behind her.

'Ḁ̵̙̾͛͂̔͊̔ ̳̼͔͖͐ͩ́̀͝g̰̞͙̠̗̳͒ë̤̗̝ͨ̓̈́͋̂ņ̩̳̘̭̼̠̄̈́ͤ̊͐́̒i̴̇ͭ͊̈́ũ̜̩̭̳̥͚̏̆ͮ̃̃s͖͓͍̺͇͌ͧͭͫͯ̇ͯ͝ ̣̱̹͈ͫ̓l͕̫͚̞̻̎̎̓̐͛͗̕į̼̜̪k̢̺ė̹̙̙̼̼͙̒ͅ ͕̲͔͖̝̥y̵͓̤͋͌ơ̱̻͇ͦͣͣ̀͌͋͋u̘͚̦ṛ̫̬̬͈̉̕ͅs̆ͪ͗̅̓͏e̫̖l̷͍͉ͭ͛̎f̧̎ ̴̠̀̌̂̑̚t̳̰̫̜̯͛͂̑u̧̫͍̯̇̍ͭ̽ͣr̻͉͉ͫ͊ͪͭ̒̚̚n̝͍̼̮͔̪̯ͬ̈ͦͥe̩̟͕͈d̷̖̺ͦ ̹͙̿b̶̜͙̟̖͐ͧ̔ͤ͊ͪ̊a̧͖̱͙͎̗͛ͮb̡̔ͥ̓ͦ̅̾̂y̑ͮ̽ͦ̿͛͡s̨̬̞̣ͩi̪͉̼͆̆̿t͈̹̙͓͍̰̮͊̎̾ͮ͝t̖̳͎̜̪̱͙̉e̗̰͇̭͖̲͍r̭̣̟̬͖͒ͯͯͦͯ̽,̖̼͉͕̙ ̧̯͔͓͕y̜̟̭̣̺̻o̰͈͙̟͇̼u̞̯̝͉̣̼ ̡͉̘͓̉͊̽̉̆s͓̭̻̱̝̄ͧh̬͎̦̞̄̀ő̯̩̹͋͆ǖ̪̦̥̚ͅl̠̥͓̳̮̀̔ͭd͎̯̦́͊ͪ̿̓͟n̻̫̼ͫ̆͟'̾̅͆ͯͮ͏̱̗͔̰t̹͈͜ ̡̮͉̯͚̝͈̜b͍̗̦̙̂ͨ͟e̼͔͓̘̳̫̺ ̵͇̟̫̪͓̠͔͌̌̑͐̃d̷̗͍̞̖̱̝̙o̩̞̎͑̎i͎̪͇̘ͩ͂ͅn̠̜͔̫͘g̷̪͈͒͊̽̌ͪ ̤͎͎͑́̾̒͛ͫ̚s̠̘̣ͯͭ̐̈́ͨ͡l̞̘̮̂͒̉̊̄a̡̩̣v̸̗̈́̄e͌̅ ̡̝̼̩̙̘̂͋ŵ͖̰̲͓͕ͨ̇͑̈ͭ͐ỏͮ͒͟r̬̮̰̼͓͇ͪ̋k̰̙̮̰̠̼̜̃̃ͭ̚͘!̶͈̽̓̂ͣͨ ̬̮͖̫̯̘ͨ͆̆̍ͅ
́̒͞P̸͉̝̜ę͇͓̣͈̲̱͈̑͊̔r̜̥ͯ͗̑h̬̖͕͎̟̮͆͌̌ͨͭ̍̀ͅą̝̜̱̝̗ͣp̂̆̀̚ṡ̏ͮ̈͛͒̅҉̩̲͙ ̬͕̞̍̍ͅy̶̹̳̳͈̠̙ͩ̊ͥ̐ͪͧ̅o̅̌̅͏uͯ̓͏͎̻͎͖͔͙̝ ͗ͩ͌͌̏ͥs͚ͥͤͅh̝̳̲̫̤ͦ͒̉ͦͭ̃̍ō͔̜͈̗̇ͬ̿ͨu͏̞͉l̼̞̝̜͑ͨ̾̊d̟́͂̅͐̅̿͞ ̰̾̀ͫͭͧ͛̂j͈̺̙͉̜͕ȗ͚͕̳̠̤ͣ͆͂͐̾̓s̪̠̰̜̩̹̈́ͯͤͩͅt̷͕̳́̄͂̾̐ ̨͇͇̺͇͎̀ͧ̐̌̉ͫl̵̪̻͖e̎ͫ̔̂t̫̦̤̺̯̰ t̮͍̬̾̆͗̅̀h͔͔̤͍̘̣̳̑̋̿͊̈́́ē͕͚̑ ̴̘͎̩̺̖̭͑̉̓̈́ͮ̆̐c̴̹̳ͦͪ̅̃͗ͯi̯̞͕͚̘̭̓̎͛̐̂͐t̺̫̥̞͔̣̽͐́ͅy̨̅ͦ̿ ̟͓̹̃͋͌ͨ͋̅ͯt̙͚̅̐a̩̳̯̫̗̜̝͛ͯ̍ͣ̌͢k̃͏̹̥̦̰͉̝e̫̭̯̝͊͛͑ͨ̆͑̂ ̬͖̣̱̻̭͒̾́h̬͇͓͇̬͙̐͑ͣͪ́eͨ͌r͉̱̥̣̦̩͇̿ ͍ͪ͐̑͌ͦͫͪͅḇ̮͚̭̫̣ͥ͆͑͋a͓̺͓͇̦͓̣ͨ̈̌̄͂͟c̴̱͎̱͙̦̙k͚͗͐͌ͪͬͬͪ~͈̖̜̄̒̓̅̀'

Watts glares at her before turning to look at some of the people who were keeping an eye on Cinder and started to further behind her putting more and more space between him and Cinder until she was out of sight entirely from him. "That should be the end of that," he comments before he walks away once more already coming up with a story.


"She looks perfect for the picking," a man stated with an evil grin on his face but was missing several teeth. "After the earlier failure, we need someone to bring back now to finish out the slave auction."

The other men gave a nod of their heads in agreement while looking at Cinder as she looks around calling out for Watts. After the earlier debacle of failing to capture the kids earlier and getting themselves beaten up by that random guy. The four of them quickly came up onto her even as she cries out for help but no one was going to help her out as the four men knock her out with one of their semblances and carry her off. On one of the men's arms had a red tattoo of an eight-finger hand with inscriptions scribble throughout it could be seen that made every person step out of the way and provide the slavers a path.

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