Chapter 1: A New World

"This sucks." A young trainer says as she looks out of the cave entrance she's in to the stormy sky above before turning to the yellow mouse perched on her right shoulder. "Looks like the storms not going to let up see. You okay, Éclair?"

"Pika." The Pokémon nods.

The trainer nods before looking back out again. "Still, this storm really came out of nowhere, huh? It was all sunny a minute ago. It was a good thing we found this cave before getting soaked." She turns back to her partner. "Looks like we'll be camping here."

"Chu." Éclair nods before her head shots up and turns towards the deeper end of the cave. "Pi? Pika!"

After hearing the call, the trainer turns to her. "Éclair? What is it?" The Pokémon didn't reply as she jumps down from her perch and bolts inside the cave. "Hey! Éclair!"

The girl gets her satchel bag and a large oval case before she chases after the electric mouse with the difficulty since she's in a cave with limited visibility. She then sees two feet in front of her and catches up with the Pikachu who is staring in awe at something.

"What's gotten into you, Éclair?" The girl asks as she picks up the mouse before looking at the direction she's staring at. A large open space with strange circle on the ground with marking on it and glowing crystals decorating the wall. "What is this…?"

"Pi." The mouse tilts her head as her owner gets closer to the circle and kneels to touch it as she puts down Éclair.

"It doesn't look like someone made it… but this pattern kind of reminds me of one of those ancient ceremonial markings…"

"Pika!" The girl turns to her Pikachu to find her at the innermost circle. "Pika! Pika chu!"

"What is it?" The girl asks as she runs over to where Éclair is but when she steps into the inner circle, the circle begins to glow causing the trainer to stop her track. "Wha-What's going on?!"

"Pika!" Éclair immediately jumps into her trainer's arms just as the two circles shine brightly, blinding both trainer and Pokémon.

It is nighttime at the kingdom of Ylisse. But the silence of the night was broken by a large thud that awoken a young man who was asleep in a forest clearing. He has dark blue hair that matches his dark blue clothing, a ragged white cape, a large piece of shoulder armor on his left arm and a bear shoulder with a tear drop looking design on his right. He also had a white belt held a sheathed sword.

After hearing him wake up a young girl who was asleep next to him. She has a blond hair done in pigtails, wore a yellow dress and brown corset over some sort of bell shaped cage with a staff right beside her.

"What's wrong, big brother?" She asks with a yawn.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up, but… Something is amiss." he answers.

"Define 'something'." She asks a bit frightened.

"Not sure. I think I'll have a look around."

"Not alone you won't! I'm coming too!"

Smiling, the man thanks his sister.

The two then investigate the forest to see what was wrong, leaving their other two companions behind asleep.

"It sure is dark… and quiet. Where the birds go…?" The girl asks nervously.

"Something is wrong here…" The man said as he scanned the area especially wary since he heard rumors going about on unusual creatures that have spotted around Ylisse.

Suddenly, a large tremor shook from beneath them.

"Ahh! Chrome!"

"Gods, what-what is this madness?! Lissa, stay close!" Chrom commands her. Then they notice as the earthquake continues the trees start to topple over. "Lissa, run."


"I mean it! Go!" He exclaims as he pushes her ahead of him. They took off just when a large portion of the ground was raised in behind them and making lava burst from the ground. Chunks of molten rocks flew from the cracks and as they land in the trees it set nearly the whole forest ablaze, leaving Chrom and Lissa to run for their lives.


Away from the burning forest, a young teenage girl and a strange creature lying on the ground. The creature is a yellow mouse with red cheeks and a lightning bolt shaped tail with a V-shaped notch at the end of it, which looks like the top of the heart. The girl has shoulder-length, brown hair and wears a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt, gray pleated kilt skirt, and gray riding boots. She also wears a moon-shaped pendant with a colorful stone at the crescent side and by the girl side is a black satchel bag and a large oval case.

The ears of the yellow mouse twitches and it opens its eyes upon at the girl causing it to call the girl.

"Pika! Pika chu! Pika pika!"

The girl opens her eyes and moves them at the yellow mouse.

"Éclair…" She calls as she sits up.

"Pika!" Éclair cries out as she hugs her trainer, happy to see her safe.

"But, where are we?" The trainer asks when a blob of light coming from her pocket, revealing a large mountain cat with white fur white contrasts with its black-blue face, sharp claws and short triangular tail. Its most noticeable feature a sickle like horn coming out of the right side of its face.

"Sol." The Pokémon says.

"What's wrong, Kuro?" The girl asks.

"Sol absol." Kuro points to where to blaze is at causing the trainer to stand up.

"The forest is in fire!" She exclaims and turns to her Pokémon. "Let's go, Kuro!"

"Sol." Kuro nods its head and the girl mounts onto its back with Éclair before it runs towards the burning forest.

Entering the forest, they are approaching a small cliff when a young man and girl jump from it causing Kuro to skid the ground to stop.

"Are you two okay?" The girl asks.

"Yeah. But right now, we need to get out of here." Chrom says before he and Lissa run off with Kuro behind them. When they are a good distance from the fire, Chrom notice the stranger and her animals following them.

"Now that we're… relatively safe. Who might you be miss…?" He asks her as she demounts from Kuro's back with Éclair on her shoulder.

"I'm Reina and this is-"

"Chrom, what is that?!" Lissa asks pointing at the sky before Reina could finish. Everyone look the sky to see a light coming from the sky. Turning into a portal surrounded by Zodiac symbols that opened like an eye.

Suddenly, four humanoid figures came through the portal and fell to the trees below. They stand up from the fall, seemingly unharmed, with their eerie red eyes glowing through the darkness.

"Lissa, you and Reina better stand back." he orders as he unsheathes his sword, the Falchion.

The two girls did as they were told as Kuro stayed close with Éclair beside it to protect them as well.

The four creatures lurch even closer, breathing a purple miasma from their gaping mouths. Three of the zombies, one carrying an axe and the other two swords, suddenly dash towards Chrom and the strange animals. Chrom manage to get out their path and give the axe wielding one a quick slash across its body, but instead of it falling defeat, it turns its neck in a bone crushing fashion to look at Chrom and swings its axe at him again. Luckily, Chrom blocks it and gave to zombie a strong push to the ground, then stabbing its back with his sword causing it to disappear in a cloud of smoke.

While trying to regain his composure, he sees the yellow mouse blasting a zombie with what looked like multiple spheres of thunder magic, (Eletro Ball) and the large mountain cat sends dark energy from its mouth (Dark Pulse) blasting the other.

Then a scream of terror catching the three their attention.

"Lissa!" Chrom calls out.

Lissa and Reina had their backs against a boulder as they faced another zombie. Lissa holds out her staff trying to provide some sort of protection with Reina.

Seeing their trainer in danger, Éclair and Kuro rush as fast as they could to get them.

Just when the zombie raised its axe on them, another figure came through the portal. But this one was human, wearing regal looking blue clothing with a blue cape that was dark red on the inside of it and a sword strapped to his side. He has short blue pair with a gold headband on top and wearing a blue butterfly-shaped mask. He lands on the ground just in time to block the axe from the girls.

As he was straining from the sheer weight of the blow he turned to Chrom. "Help!"

"…Right!" Chrom responds breaking out of his stupor as he charges for the zombie. Getting distracted from the battle cry, the masked swordsman pushes its weight of him as he and Chrom manage to slash it in perfect sync, turning it to smoke.

Lissa lowers her staff in relief as Reina calms down but still being cautious with this new character that showed up.

As the stranger withdraws his sword Chrom walks up to him. "Quite an entrance. What's your name?"

He says nothing as he turns his head towards Chrom.

Milord! Milady! Are you hurt?!" Called out a male's voice as a heavily armored man with brown hair riding an armored horse came through the trees, along with a young woman with a long dark purple robe, her long white hair done into two pigtails.

"Frederick! Robin!" Lissa calls out relieved to see them.

"Are such horrific creatures commonplace in these lands?" Robin asks as she sees more of the undead falling through the portal.

"They're not from Ylisse, I can promise you that." Chrom responds.

"No one is injured, then? Than the gods…" Fredrick sighs in relief.

"Thank the masked man who saved me! If it wasn't for min I'd be-" Lissa elated but pauses when she realized the aforementioned stranger wasn't around. "Hey, where did he go?"

"We can worry about him later, after we put these… things… to the blade." Fredrick says as he lowers his spear. "Eyes open now. We know nothing about this enemy."

"Right." Chrom agrees, readying the Falchion in his hand.

"Wait! What about Reina?" Lissa suddenly asks.

"Reina?" Robin repeats the name.

They hear Reina's clearing her throat getting their attention with Éclair and Kuro remains by her side protectively. Robin looks at the Pokémon with awe while Fredrick had a surprised look on his face before the former regained his composure.

"As much as we want to question you about your… companions… we have a situation to deal with. If you want to steer clear of harm perhaps you should stay behind us as much as you can. At least until these monsters are defeated, is that all right?" Robin explains to her hoping she was fine with the idea.

Reina puts her finger on her chin to think about this before speaking. "I was thinking of helping you guys."

"Excuse me, but what do you mean?" Frederick asks.

Reina puts down her case and opens is revealing a bow with a quiver full of arrows as she straps the quiver on her back and holds the bow.

"I may not look like it, but I pretty good at archery." She says.

"Then welcome aboard." Chrom says.

"Milord, is that wise?" Frederick asks.

"Yes. Is that all right, Reina?"

"I can assure you that my skills will not be useless on the battle field." Reina says.

After that, the Shepherds plus Reina and her Pokémon charge over to the zombie, cutting down as many of them as they could and later reinforcements come in the form of a female cavalier with short red hair and an archer with long powder blue hair.

As Reina continues firing arrows at the zombie army, one of the zombies tries to attack her from behind when, "Thunderbolt." She says and suddenly, Éclair appears behind her trainer's back and use the said move, blasting the electricity at the zombie into smithereens. "Good job." Reina says as she turns around to her Pikachu.

"Pikachu." She replies.

In the corner of her eye, Reina spots that Chrom is having trouble with the leader of the zombies.

"Kuro!" She calls out and the Absol rushes to where Chrom is as Reina sets an arrow on her bow before shooting it at the zombie leader's right shoulder, giving Chrom a chance to strike with Kuro as it creates a purple energy on its horn also striking the leader; causing the zombie to disintegrate into smoke.

Chrom sheathes his sword and looks at Kuro. "Thank you."

"Sol." Kuro says.

"It's seems all the creatures were vanquished. This young man took care of the rest." Frederick says as the masked stranger from earlier walks up to them.

"Um, I never got to thank you… for before. So… thank you. You were very brave…" Lissa says sheepishly.

"Chrom steps towards the individual. "You saved my sister's life. My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?"

After a moment of silence, he finally answers. "You may call me Marth."

That mane caught him by surprise. "Marth? After the heroic king of old? Well you certainly fought like hero. We're did you learn the way of the sword?"

"I am not here to talk about me. The world teeters to a brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned." He says ominously as he walks off.

"Huh? The what's teetering where now? Hey wait!"

"Chrom's brow furrows on how Marth left things. "Not one for conversation is he?"

"Perhaps. But because of his steel, it would not be the last we hear of him. I suggest we head back, I fear for the capital." Frederick says but not before looking towards their other new arrival. "But first… can you tell me who you are and how are your… pets… capable of such abilities.

"Like I said before. My name is Reina. This is Éclair and this is Kuro." She says as Éclair climbs onto her shoulder and Kuro walks to her side.

"Pika Pikachu." Éclair greets.

"Absol." Kuro also greets.

"So cute!" Lissa says referring to Éclair and pets her.

"Cha~" Éclair enjoys the feeling and snuggles closer to her hand.

"The two are part of my Pokémon team." Reina says.

"…Pokémon?" Chrom repeats the term.

Reina blinks her eyes at the confused expressions. "Is this your first time hearing the term?" She asks.

"Yeah. So those Magical Creatures are called Pokémon…" Chrom says in wonder. "Can you tell us more about them?"

"Sure. There are many types of Pokémon where I came from. And each Pokémon can be one or two types. Even now, professors are researching the Pokémon's abilities and forms." Reina explains and points at Éclair. "For instance, Éclair is a Pikachu, an Electric-type Pokémon." Then points at Kuro. "And Kuro is an Absol, a Dark-type Pokémon."

"Chrom, the creature sightings all over Ylisse. Could they be these Pokémon things?" Lissa asks.

"It's possible…" Chrom trails off before turning back to Reina. "If I may ask, where are you from?"

"Hiwamaki City (Fortree City)."

"Um… I apologize but I have never heard of… Hiwamaki City."

"Eh…?" Reina says before she and Éclair blink their eyes a few times. "E–H!? There's no way you haven't heard it!"

"We are telling the truth. We didn't hear any place that called that name." Lissa says.

"No way…" Reina trails off and sinks to the ground. "Where in the world is this place…"

"You're in the Halidom of Ylisse; more specifically near the capital of Ylisstol. Does that help?" Chrom questions back only to have Reina shake her head in response.

"All I remember is that we were sheltering a cave from the rain and the stumble on markings on the ground and here we are in a burning forest with zombies!" Reina says and scratches her head in frustration. "Now how can I go back?!"

Chrom scratches his chin in deep thought as this situation reminds him of Robin's without the amnesia. He couldn't leave her in an unfamiliar area, especially with these brigand attacks that have been happening lately.

"How about staying with us. At least until you can figure out a way back." He offers her.

"Is that wise Milord? For all we know she's the cause of these sightings." Frederick suggests.

"I can hear you." Reina says with a deadpanned look. "I'm just a person who like to travel around. There's no way I can do that."

The knight sighs. "Very well. But I have my eye on you."

"Now that settled. Let's head back to Ylisstol." Chrom announced to the others.

Reina stands back up and gets a red and white ball from her belt, enlarging it and points it at Kuro. "Kuro, return."

Kuro envelops in red light from the ball and gets sucks into the ball along with the red light.

"What was that?!" The red-haired rider exclaims.

"This is a Pokéball. It's used to carry Pokémon for long periods of time without hurting the Pokémon." Reina explains.

"Incredible… but…" Lissa wonders as she eyed on the ball curiously.

"Like I said before, the Pokémon don't get hurt while they're in here. Unless they don't like tight spaces…"

"What about that one?" Lissa points at Éclair.

"Actually, Éclair doesn't like to be in the Pokéball." Reina says in a matter of fact.

"Reina, when you said 'types' earlier, what do you mean by that?" Robin asks.



As the sun rises on their way to Ylisstol, Reina explains the basics of Pokémon to the group, who introduces themselves as the Shepherds as the reinforcements from earlier introduced themselves as Sully and Virion. The tells then everything from the 18 types, abilities, battle capabilities, etc. She even showed them her Pokémon Zukan that was an encyclopedia for the different species she encountered though they did get a bit spooked around the country by the talking box. However, Reina was surprised when Chrom told her that there have been Pokémon sightings around the country for the past two weeks but no one had any explanation for it.

"So around where you lived, there are these Pokémon all around?" Frederick asks.

"Yeah. Both Pokémon and humans are cooperating each other even now. But there are still some secrets in the Pokémon that we don't know about. That's why there are researchers to figure that out." Reina explains.

"You must really like Pokémon." Chrom says.

"That's right. Ever since I was little, I want to start traveling and get Pokémon all around."

"Pika chu." Éclair calls as she digs through Reina's bag and takes out a sketchbook out and hands it to Lissa who is walking next to the trainer.

"Éclair!" She scolds as blushes with embarrassment but Lissa is already looking at it.

"Wow, these are really pretty pictures, Reina!" She complements as she looks through sketches of Pokémon and sceneries. Soon enough everyone was peeking at her sketches.

"These are amazing. You're a really talented artist!" Robin praises as well only for Reina to look down as her face is all red.

"Well here we are everyone." Chrom announces suddenly as they arrived at large town with many people already going about their day.

"So this is Ylisstol, capital of Ylisse… I've never seen so many people!" Robin exclaims in surprise.

"It appears the capitol has been spared the chaos we've encountered, thank the gods." Frederick says in relief.

"Well that's a relief!" Lissa agrees.

"Look! The Exalt has come to see us!" Exclaimed an elderly villager.

Everyone turn to see a blond woman with long green robes walk amongst the people, surrounded by guards mounting on pegasi as the woman seems to radiate a calming aura.

"The Exalt? She's your ruler, yes?" Robin inquires while Reina blinks at the unfamiliar word.

"Exalt? Is she like a queen?" She asks.

Frederick nods. "Yes. Her name is Emmeryn."

"Is it safe for her to be amongst commoners like this?" Robin asks.

"The Exalt is a symbol of peace, Ylisse's most prized quality. Long ago, at the dawn of our age, the fell dragon tried to destroy the world. But the first Exalt joined forces with the divine dragon and laid the beast low. Exalt Emmeryn reminds us of all of the peace we fought for then." Frederick explains which Chrom continued.

"With Plegia poking at our borders, the people need her. She's a calming presence, when some might otherwise call for war."

Robin then had a smile of her own. "Then the people are lucky to have her."

"Yep! She's also the greatest big sister anyone could ask for!" Lissa cheers.

"Hmm. That's great." Reina says and realizes something. "Eh?"

"Sister?!" Robin continues for Reina. "Wouldn't that make you and Chrom-?"

"The prince and princess of the kingdom? Yes. You remember Chrom's name but not this?" Frederick humors as he let out a little chuckle.

"But you said you were 'Shepherds'!" Reina points out.

"And so we are. In a manner of speaking. We just have a LOT of sheep." Chrom says.

"C-Chrom… I mean Prince Chrom! Sire! Forgive my dreadful manners!" Robin fumbles with her words as she did an awkward bow. Reina did the same with Éclair.

"Just Chrom is fine. I was never one for formalities."

"The prince and princess… That explains why Frederick tolerates all the teasing, eh?" Robin says.

"Indeed. Oh, the sacrifices I make for the good of the realm…" Frederick sighs.

"It looks like Emm is returning to the palace. Would you like to meet her?" Chrom invites.

Both Robin and Reina timidly nod and with that they made their way to the castle.