Ahem Hello,this is my first story on fanfiction,even though i have been here for a while.
now uh...bare with me that my writing isn't the best,so if you critic my work,then please be nice about it. i don't mind advice as long as you are nice about it,thank you ^w^

ok so this is gonna be a MALExMALE shipping story...so if you don't like that kind of thing i highly suggest you turn back.

pairing: Withered Foxy X Toy Bonnie (Tonnie) maybe a little hint of mangle x toy bonnie (tonnie)

well i hope you guys will enjoy this story, have fun reading!

(by the way some things in this story are highly unrealistic for robots,but i had to change things to make it work better for the story, i mean robots cant actually feel or anything,so just bare with it,its fanfiction,you can write anything,just imagine that its magic or something haha)

Five nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon.

Another day ended in success for the new Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria,the kids really loved the new toy Animatronics. it was now closing time for the night and the employees left the building for tonight and went home to enjoy the rest of there night's. in a few minutes the night guard would come to work his shift...

Tochia (Toy Chica) yawned tiredly and stretched ''Boy what a day...i'm beat...''

Teddy (Toy Freddy) slowly nodded in agreement.''Yeah...same here''

Tonnie was messing around with his guitar,sort of playing a soft tune on his guitar,looking a little bored but calm ''...''

''Welp i think i'm gonna turn in for the night,goodnight boys'' Tochia said as she went into rest mode.

Teddy yawned tiredly and sighed ''Actually that ain't a bad idea,i think ill go to sleep as well...'' Teddy then went into rest mode as well.

Tonnie's ears and eyes lowered a little as he too was getting tired. Tonnie yawned and put down his guitar and stood up,he wasn't ready to be tired yet,so he decided to stay up a little longer. he walked off stage and went to go see how mangle was doing in kid's cove.

Tonnie looked around the corner into kid's cove.''Mangle?...you alright,i came to check on you.''

he said quietly as he walked into the semi-dark kids cove area. and then he heard the noise of mangle's radio static and turned to the source of the noise.

''Mangle?...'' Tonnie walked closer to where the static was coming from.

Mangle then spoke up ''Aye...ahoy thar lad...i'm doin' alright i guess,how are ye? sorry i didn' respond at first''

Tonnie looked at mangle with a sympathetic look on his face ''I'm doing fine,just tired,but mangle are you sure you are alright? you look kind of sad...is the kids taking you apart getting to be too much for you? i cant begin to imagine how rough that must be for you everyday... if there is anything wrong you can tell me,you know you can always talk to me when you need someone. ''

Tonnie said with a slight reassuring smile on his face as he sat down next to Mangle.

Mangle looked up at him and gave a slight sad looking smile and then she looked down ''Well...''

Tonnie's ears perked up as he was ready to listen closely,Tonnie always made sure he listened closely whenever his friends were talking to him about there problems.

Mangle shifted a little to get more comfortable ''Yer right lad...that's wha''s botherin' me...i'm jus' scared...i know ye may be wonderin' right now why i ain't repaired this time...well i o'er heard th' employees talk'n...'n it seems they decided t' give up on me, they be tired o' repairin' me everyday...''

Her eyes teared up a bit as she said that last bit.

Tonnie looked at mangle with worry and sympathy and he understood why she was afraid,he may not know what it's like for her,but he understood why she was afraid anyway. he saw that she had a expression of fear and sadness on her face.

''Mangle i... i'm so sorry...i know why you are so afraid, you don't need to tell me more,i understand. i wish there was something i could do to help you...mangle ill be here for you if you need me,just know you can always count on me!''

Tonnie said as he pointed at him self with a reassuring tone in his voice. ''But mangle you're right i was wondering why you weren't repaired this time...honestly its so cruel of them to give up on you like that! Mangle just know that i wont give up on you,you're my best friend in this whole wide world and i will help you get through this somehow!''

Tonnie said with emotion,his eyes sort of shining.

Mangle sadly smiled at him with her eyes shining as well. (*cough*cough*ahem*cough*tears*cough* )

(authors note: boy this got emotional haha...)

Tonnie pulled mangle closer to him in a slight hug as they sat next to each other and leaned there heads on each other as Tonnie stayed with mangle for a while and they fell asleep... little did they know that the night guard saw everything that happened.

-time skip-

Tonnie's eyes fluttered open as he sat up slightly and looked around the room trying to focus his tired eyes,he rubbed one of his eyes with his hands and then he looked at mangle next to him still sleeping,he smiled at her

''Hopefully you will be alright... i really hope they haven't completely given up on you'' he whispered trying to not wake her up.

Tonnie slowly moved so he wouldn't wake mangle up and he gently moved her head so it wouldn't fall down on the floor and wake her up and then he gently let go of her head and let it rest on the floor.

He looked at her as she slept peacefully ''Sleep well mangle...'' he whispered.

Tonnie walked out of kid's cove and looked at one of the clocks on the wall,it said ''5:00 am'' on the clock.

Tonnie looked around and saw that Tochia and teddy were still asleep on stage.

Tonnie guessed he was the only one awake and walked towards the hallway and peeked around the corner and saw the night guard straight ahead. ''Oh i guess i'm not the only one still awake...i forgot the night guard was here tonight.''

Tonnie thought in his head. ''Hmm...''

Tonnie got a mischievous smile on his face and decided that he would try to scare the night guard.

Tonnie went into one of the party rooms and opened one of the vents to crawl inside,he did it as quietly as possible,surprisingly the night guard didn't hear him crawling in the vents like he usually does.

''This is gonna be great,he didn't even hear me get in the room!''

Tonnie thought to himself as he snickered really quietly and slowly Snuck up on the night guard.

The night guard sensed someone behind him and he turned around to see a blue Animatronic bunny leaping at him and screeching at the same time,the night guard screamed and fell back in his chair cause of Tonnie leaping at him.

Tonnie got up and laughed uncontrollably and held his stomach as he tried to catch his breath. the night guard still knocked down to the floor still shocked and afraid from the unexpected guest,still wide eyed with shock on his face ''...''

Tonnie stopped laughing and looked at the night guard.

Tonnie knelt down next to him ''Uh hello you alright?... sorry that i scared you,i couldn't help myself'' he said with a wide smile on his face.

The Night guard shook his head and sat up shakily,still shaken from the shock.

Tonnie frowned when he didn't reply ''Oh well whatever,i'm gonna go now''

Tonnie walked away from the office and had a bored expression on his face.

He was walking down the hall when he saw a door that said ''Parts and Service''

''Hmm...i don't think iv'e been to this part of this pizzeria yet,i don't recognize this door?''

Tonnie said as he moved closer to the door,curious he slowly opened the door and peeked inside,it was dark but a bit of dim light shone through the room. He opened the door more widely, the light from the hall provided extra light,so he saw more clearly and he was shocked to see what was in the room.

He put a hand to his mouth with wide eyes as he looked around the room,what he saw was some old withered looking Animatronics.

Tonnie looked to see a chicken with its jaw broken and its hands gone, and a withered looking bear with some imperfections on his frame laying on the floor.

He then saw a lavender colored rabbit sitting up against the wall,his face and one arm gone.

Tonnie thought he looked a little creepy,but felt sorry for the Animatronics in the room.

And then Tonnie noticed there was a part of the room he didn't notice,he walked around the bear that was laying on the floor, he turned the corner and then he saw,a withered looking fox sitting up against the wall same as the rabbit was.

The fox looked pretty beat just like the others.

Tonnie looked at him sympathetically and slowly walked towards the fox,wondering if any of these Animatronics were still active.

Tonnie knelt down in front of the fox,observing him,trying to find a sign of life.

He grabbed the fox's only hand that wasn't a hook,trying to see if he'd wake up from the contact.

''What even happened to them?...did anyone else know about this?...''

Tonnie had many thoughts going through his head all at once.

After a minute of observing the fox,Tonnie let go of the fox's only hand,getting ready to stand up and check the others when suddenly the fox's eyes shot open and grabbed Tonnie by the wrist.

Tonnie flinched startled,not expecting this.

Tonnie looked at the fox with a nervous expression on his face.

The fox spoke up with a sort of scratchy worn out voice ''Wha' are ye doin!? 'n who are ye?''

Tonnie gulped with nervousness ''I-i...''

''Speak lad,don't stutter it...i don't 'ave patience t' deal wit' beatin' around th' bush,now speak'' Foxy said with impatience.

Tonnie sighed ''My name is Toy Bonnie,but everyone just calls me Tonnie''

''And for what i'm doing here,i happened to come across this room and i was curious what was inside,so i went in...sorry for disturbing you...i just wondered if you guys were still active and maybe if you were alright?, you looked pretty run down...''

Tonnie said as he finished with a sigh of nervousness.

The fox eyed him to see if he was telling the truth.

Foxy searched Tonnie's eyes and didn't see any signs of lying in his eyes at all.

The fox closed his eyes for a moment and let go of Tonnie's wrist.

After a moment,Foxy opened his eyes and looked at Tonnie again.

''Th' name be Foxy Th' Pirate Fox,but jus' call me Foxy...'' He smiled lightly.

''...Tonnie be a cute name by th' way.'' Foxy said smirking.

Tonnie's eyes widened a little and a slight tint of red appeared on his cheeks,making his already rosy cheeks even redder then they usually were.

Foxy looked amused at the expression on Tonnie's face.

Tonnie blinked and scratched the back of his head ''Uhhh...thanks...'' he said Sheepishly.

Foxy chuckled a little ''No problem lad...ye know its been a while since iv'e really Talked teh anyone,me mateys haven't said anythin' since we got here,i fear th' worst fer them...its been really lonesome in here...i'm glad i finally get t' talk teh another soul again though''

Tonnie felt bad for him,he kind of wished he would of been here sooner, so he wouldn't have had to been lonely this whole time.

Tonnie suddenly spoke up after a few seconds of silence ''Well you don't have to feel lonely anymore,i can come in here and talk to you every night if you want. i think i'd like to know you better''

Tonnie said with a smile on his face.

Foxy looked at him with a bit of surprise ''Really ye'd do that fer me? aft we only jus' met''


Foxy looked down tiredly ''Aye...thank ye lad.''

Tonnie smiled at him and nodded. ''So what happened to you guys?...if you don't mind me asking. if it's to much to ask,then you don't have to tell me''

Foxy looked up at Tonnie ''No 'tis fine lad,ill tell ye all about it''

-time skip-

'' 'n that's pretty much how we ended up here...'' Foxy said as he finished his story.

''Oh...i'm so sorry,its our fault your like this,i had no idea that us being built would effect someone's life like this'' Tonnie said guilty.

''No lad,'tis alright,it wasn't yer fault,ye scallywags didn' 'ave a choice'' Foxy said trying to reassure the blue bunny.

Tonnie looked down ''Still...if it wasn't for us your friends would be okay...we don't even know if they are active...''

Silence washed over the whole room for a good few seconds until Foxy broke the silence

''I know lad i know. But like i said afore,it wasn't yer choice t' do this,don't beat yerself up o'er it so hard,its nah like...ye tried t' hurt them...i miss them dearly i do,but if they really are gone,then i'm sure they be somewhere better,wherever that would be. at least they wouldna 'ave t' suffer no more''

Tonnie still felt bad,but he decided not to keep pressing on with it,in case it annoyed Foxy.

''Yeah...if they are gone,then at least they wont be suffering anymore...i guess that makes it a little better...''

Foxy nodded slowly ''Besides if yer here,then 'twill be easier t' cope wit' this,yer already helpin' me out,i appreciate it lad.''

Tonnie smiled slightly ''Glad i could be of some help''

Foxy also smiled at him slightly ''Ye know,we may 'ave only known each other fer some minutes,but i can truly see that ye are a good bunny lad''

Tonnie felt flattered at the compliment and smiled more widely. ''Thanks Foxy,i think you seem like a good fox as well.''

Foxy smiled more at the compliment.

Tonnie then turned to look at the time on the clock on the wall. ''5:56 am...Hey Foxy ill have to go now,but i promise ill come talk to you later,goodnight'' Tonnie said as he got up and started to walk out the door.

''Aye goodnight lad...'' Foxy said as he closed his eyes.

Tonnie was looking at foxy and then he closed the door...his heart skipped a beat as he left the hallway area to go back to stage.

To be continued...